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Charlie was livid. All she wanted was a night out by herself and maybe pick up a boring local to take her frustrations out on in bed. But no. They come strutting into the bar and claim their corner table, like some kind of twin cock blockers. She thinks that's the right term. Maybe pussy blockers? She can't escape them. If they're not hanging around the house drinking whiskey, they're at the bar drinking whiskey and intimidating the locals. At this point, she thinks she's going to have to take one of those contract jobs that Blanchard keeps offering just to get out of town and get laid! She has to get herself some random dick before she trips and falls into bed with Monroe. Or Miles. Or both. It’s been over a year since she was able to pick up a guy who was passing through town. Her fingers are getting worn out, and they really aren’t a real replacement for a good pounding.

The night drags on after they arrive. None of these locals are willing to take her home, not with "The Generals" glaring at them, so Charlie leaves shortly after Miles does with his whore of choice. She can feel Bass' eyes on her as she settles up with the bartender and leaves with a bottle, slightly drunk and as frustrated as when she walked in. She heads towards her grandfather's house, now her house, where they all live. Miles never brings his bimbo's home so she doesn't have to worry about interrupting him and Bass hasn't picked a flavor of the night yet. Hopefully she'll be able to pass out before he does. Unlike Miles, he has no trouble bringing women home, although he does keep it relatively quiet. Usually all she hears is the headboard incessantly banging against the wall. Come to think of it, she never hears anything but that. She wonders sometimes if Miles and Monroe are hooking up again, but if they are they are keeping it discreet. What she wouldn’t give to get an eyeful of that though.

As she walks past the overgrown park a few blocks from home, she sits down on one of the only two swings left in town, trying to kill a little time just in case Miles changed his mind and brought her home. Her legs push her off and she starts the swing in motion. She's only at this for a minute before the world starts to spin a little and she digs the heels of her boots into the ground. As she sits there trying to settle her stomach she hears him walk up. "Done giving a show to anyone walking by?" Bass taunts from behind her. Charlie scoffs, "It's the closest thing I'll get to any action tonight thanks to the two of you. And this skirt isn’t short enough to give much of a show." She stands and continues her walk home, stumbling just a bit. Bass' calloused hand reaches out to steady her, grabbing her upper arm firmly. She tries to pull her arm away only to find herself hauled up tight to Bass' chest. Charlie looks up at Bass with a scowl and sees his pupils dilating in his fierce blue eyes. He pulls her just a bit closer and leans down, “Short enough to get my attention. Isn’t that what you wanted Charlotte?” Charlie shivers and opens her mouth to refute him when he interrupts her, “Or is it Miles’ attention you want?” Charlie gasps quietly as his words trickle down between her thighs and harden her nipples. Bass’s hand moves from her arm to her back, his other one wrapping around her hip and landing on the top of her ass. “Or both of us,” he purrs, rubbing his chest against her breasts. Charlie’s tongue comes out and wets her lips and she watches Bass follow the motion with his eyes. “What are you talking about General Crazypants?” “You know exactly what I mean Charlotte. Walking around the house in your panties and tank tops. Keeping an eagle eye on who Miles and I bring home like a jealous girlfriend.” Charlie interjects, “Miles never brings anyone home. You got your facts wrong as usual Monroe.” Bass leans forward, his lips almost brushing hers, “That’s what he wants you to think.” Charlie steps back out of Bass’ arms and shakes her head. “I don’t know who you think you’re kidding, I’ve never seen him bring his whores home.” She turns and heads for the road, a laughing Bass quickly following her. They are almost home when he grabs her around her waist and whispers in her ear, “Want proof? I can give you proof. Follow me.”

Charlie watches him walk toward the barn and internally debates her choices for a minute before moving to follow him. He’s quietly opening the door to the barn as she catches up to him, turning to put his fingers to his lips to indicate she needs to be silent. He grabs her by the hand and pulls her toward one of the stalls close to the open area in the back. Bass pulls her in front of him and points to the right to indicate where she needs to look. Charlie follows his hand with her eyes and they land on Miles, shirtless with his back to them. He moves to the side and that's when Charlie sees her, the whore from the bar, on her knees in the straw naked. She's blindfolded and her arms are secured behind her. She's panting heavily and what look like big headphones are on her ears. Charlie is stunned as she watches Miles walk around her, grabbing at her hair. He moves in front of her and Charlie can see his hands working his belt. He pulls his hard cock out and uses his hand to lightly slap the whore in the face with his cock. She moans softly and sticks out her tongue. Miles lays the head of his cock on her tongue and she starts circling around his dark tip. Charlie watches as she tries to take him in her mouth only to be stopped by Miles' hand threaded through her hair.

Her panties are soaked and her breath is coming quickly when she feels Bass press up against her back. She feels the bulge in his pants on her lower back as his hands move around her waist. One hand moving up to her breast to play with a hard nipple and the other hand lightly covering her mouth. Charlie feels his mouth at her ear and jumps a little when he whispers, "Told you so. I swear he ties them up like that just to torment me. He knows how much I miss his cock in my mouth." Charlie moans and leans back toward him. "There's nothing hotter than Miles grabbing your hair while you swallow his cock. I bet that's what you want too." Charlie shakes her head no unconvincingly. Bass' hand moves down from her breast to her hip to slide up under her dress. His thick fingers move toward her sopping panties burying two deep inside her. "Or is this all for me? I think you want us both, you want nothing more than to be tied to my bed with Miles down your throat as I fuck your wet pussy." She shudders around his fingers as she watches Miles' cock piston in and out of the whores mouth. She sees his legs tense and heard him loudly moan while he pulls out and comes all over her face, "Oh fuck Charlie, that's a good girl," at the same time that Bass rubs his thumb over her clit. She bites down on Bass' hand over her mouth while her juices soak his other hand as she comes at the same time.

Her breathing is slowing and her head resting against the wood of the stall when she hears Miles call out, "Take her to the house Bass, I'll be there in a few." Charlie's eyes fly open and she sees Bass' roguish grin as he licks his fingers clean. "Sure thing Miles, any preference?" "Tied down, bent over the foot of my bed." Charlie's mouth opens but no words come out as Bass lifts her over his shoulder. His long legs eat up the short distance to the house while Charlie is stunned into silence. He carries her through the kitchen to Miles' bedroom on the main floor. He sets her on her feet and covers her mouth with his. Bass pushes her up against the wall while his mouth devours hers. His tongue forces its way in while his hands grab the back of her thighs and lifts her up to pin her against the wall. She can feel his cock like an iron bar thrusting into her drenched panties. Bass lifts his mouth from hers and grabs her chin, "You ok with this, with us?” Charlie smiles and nods her head, “I will literally shoot you if you stop Monroe.” Bass laughs and then groans as she writhes down on him.