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The limousine was all set and waiting outside the mansion, and Jusis got in, not particularly looking forward to the long drive. His other options would've been the private airship, which would have cut down the travel time but came with dealing with the airport, or First Class seats on a train, but the latter tended to come with assorted nobles wanting to talk to him. The car it was; a good option for someone preferring to travel privately.

A long drive did give a chance to look through some papers he would have to check before Heimdallr; from what he remembered, this trip would include a few parties, a couple of visits to government offices and dealing with some investment matters that required his presence. The latter he expected to go smoothly thanks to the fact that Francis, who was driving today, was going to be present; if his financial secretary didn't have the Albarea Estate investments down, nobody did.

...The government business he expected to go even better, with his chief liaison to the Imperial Government present. "Sorry I'm late," Machias, who got in the car just then, said, placing down a case filled with folders. "Seriously, what would you do if I wasn't there to keep a track of all this... Ahem, Your Grace," he caught himself. "Shall we?"

"Hmph. We should be quite fine on time, with even time for a break or two if needed," Jusis said then reached to knock on the glass separating the back of the limousine from the driver's section. "Francis, we're good to go."

With that, the car drove out of the mansion grounds and onto the streets of Bareahard. Jusis idly watched the view of the city outside as they drove through it then finally turned to the street that led them to North Kreuzen Highway. A few hours to reach Celdic, Jusis calculated, then at least another hour and a half to Heimdallr. At least there was his young advisor/secretary to keep him company, and a smirk touched his lips as he turned to look at Machias, who had now dug out a leather-bound notebook from his case.

"Should we go through the schedule?" Machias asked. Going to Heimdallr on business meant he was dressed about as sharply as expected, and Jusis admired the suit his secretary was wearing. He was more used to seeing him with just a dress shirt and a tie, but he had a jacket on this time, making him look extremely official... Or like a boring government bureaucrat, but Jusis wasn't seeing any of that. He was already busier thinking how he would remove that suit later.

Apparently his secretary wasn't about to wait for an answer. "As long as everything goes according to the plans, we'll make it to Heimdallr with plenty of time to spare. The schedule only has the opening party of the private art gallery you invested in for tonight," Machias read from the planner he was holding. "...But it can be skipped if you're too tired to go," he added. "Your Grace?"

"Hmm? Yes," Jusis replied. "We are currently off-duty and mid-travel, Regnitz," he pointed out. "You don't have to be so formal."

For a second, there was a slightly embarrassed look on Machias' face before he composed himself. "Y-your Grace. This is an official business trip," he reminded him. "And we have a good few hours here to take a look at some work. Shall I continue with the schedule? Now..."

Sometimes, or more often than not, this secretary of his had a bad habit of taking work way seriously, Jusis thought. So being off-duty tended to mean they would be free to explore the other side of their relationship, considering the handsome young chief liaison to the Imperial Government was also Jusis' lover. "Hmph. I dread these next few hours already if you're going to spend it going through duties, Regnitz," Jusis remarked. "You work too much. Relax a little."

There was an extremely unimpressed look on Machias' face. "Tomorrow, you'll be heading to the Bank of Heimdallr with Francis to see the latest investment deals. I will have all the government papers prepared before noon and will join you as you meet Baron Lindberg for lunch. Afterward, we'll be going to the City Hall to..." Perhaps Jusis should have been listening, but he had all evening to re-check his schedule, and at some point he just stopped listening and found himself too busy being captivated and staring at Machias' lips as he continued speaking.

Fascinating, and oh so delightful, and Jusis remembered watching his secretary's flushed face a couple of days ago when those lips had been around his hard-on. Quite the memory, and he found himself grinning a little. How Machias had gotten so good at giving head anyway, he wasn't sure of, but every time he did it left Jusis amazed by his skill.

"In the evening, there's the Imperial Palace cocktail party in which... you'll..." Machias raised his head from the planner and stared at Jusis. "Your Grace?"

"...Mmm?" Jusis muttered as a reply.

Machias sighed. "Your Grace. If only you were paying as much attention to work as you are to your personal little fantasy of, hell if I know," he continued, his voice dropping the official tone and sounding a bit annoyed instead. "Whatever lewd sex act you're imagining."

That made Jusis laugh aloud. "Oh?" He mused. "And what brought you to the conclusion that I'm thinking of something lascivious all of a sudden?"

Oh how he loved that hint of a flush on Machias' face. "Because I know you well enough, Your Grace, and you have that particular look in your eyes," Machias replied, fixing his glasses. Half scolding him and still sounding annoyed, but there was that hint of embarrassment as well, and Jusis couldn't help but feel a little aroused by the sight. "Whatever it is that you're thinking of, I'm pretty sure I don't want to know."

"Do you not, now?" Jusis asked. "And here I didn't even get to the good part yet," he continued. "As I'm sure you have noticed during the times we have used this car, it offers quite the luxury. So I was thinking..." He looked straight into Machias' eyes, finding a hint of alertness in them. "Comfortable seats. I could have you on your back on the longer seat you're sitting on. Perhaps draw one leg up to the backrest and..."

The look on Machias' face slowly turned mortified. "Or I could simply have you kneeling against the seat and take you from behind," Jusis continued. "Or have you sit on the edge of the seat spreading your legs and take you like that. The possibilities are endless to be honest."

"Language, Your Grace," Machias hissed. "I-I... said I..." He stammered, his face gaining quite a deep hue of red. "Don't want to know." Oh he absolutely wanted to know, Jusis knew. The hidden need in those green eyes betrayed him so badly, and if that wasn't enough, it was starting to seem his perfectly tailored suit pants were awfully restricting all of a sudden.

"Or we could go back to the beginning where you started to call me out for my indecent thoughts," Jusis said with a smirk, casually undoing a few buttons of his coat and finding Machias' eyes following his every move. He then leaned closer to the side and reached his glove-covered hand to caress Machias' face. "It was about you, on your knees," he added, and he could see Machias swallow slowly. "Would you like that?"

Machias closed his eyes for a second and pressed his face against Jusis' touch then nodded his head just slightly. "F-fine," he muttered, his words barely audible. "We're off duty, starting now, until Heimdallr." He cleared his throat and blinked, staring at the curtain that covered the glass between the back of the limousine and the driver's seat. "B-but Francis is..."

"Francis has served the Albarea family for decades and has seen worse," Jusis said. "And he knows... enough. About us. I'm sure you've worked with him long enough to know he's one hundred percent professional."

Was his cute young secretary really so horny that this was all it took to convince him, Jusis didn't know, but he had Machias kneeling on the car floor a couple of seconds later, already undoing Jusis' pants.

All the possible ideas of how he could have taken Machias here had gotten Jusis incredibly hard, and the feeling of Machias' fingers on his erection was quite pleasant. Machias worked a bit to get the whole length out then leaned in to take the tip in his mouth, and a bit of an involuntary gasp left Jusis' lips. Barely at it and so good already; exactly how had Machias gotten this skilled? Maybe he had been practicing in secret, though the plain idea of Machias using a toy or some food item to practice just made Jusis get harder.

Machias made a soft sound then took more into his mouth, sucking softly and using his tongue, and Jusis took a few deep breaths. "A very good boy..." He said, petting Machias' hair a little. "Now, how should I actually take you," Jusis wondered aloud. "All of the options I brought up are quite delightful, but perhaps I should reward you with something good, like a seat on my lap."

From the way Machias froze for a second before he continued, Jusis could tell his idea was approved. "Hmm. How about you stop for a second," he then said, gently pulling Machias' head up. "Take off the jacket. I'm noticing it seems to limit you a little. Also..." Machias looked up and nodded a little then set to work on taking off his jacket, placing it neatly on the seat on the side then removed his tie as well. By the time he turned back, Jusis was holding a small bottle he had picked up from his coat pocket. Maybe it said something about him to be this prepared, but he also knew himself better by now - carrying a bit of lubricant came in handy when he never knew exactly where he found himself wanting to get his hands on his secretary.

"Take off your pants," he ordered, offering the bottle to Machias. "And prepare yourself while you continue."

The extremely mortified look on Machias' face was quite worth it; he averted his gaze and looked away in an attempt to look dignified while there was clear want in his eyes. He did as ordered, though, and undid his pants - and Jusis took a moment to admire how Machias' underwear completely failed to hide how hard he was - then took off his shoes and removed his pants, placing them next to his jacket on the seat. The underwear followed, and Jusis couldn't keep the grin off his face. "I-is this good?" Machias asked as he took the small lubricant bottle from Jusis' hand.

"Excellent," Jusis murmured. "Do go on."

Machias nodded again and opened the bottle, pouring some of the contents on his right hand fingers. He then leaned down and wrapped his left hand fingers around the base of Jusis' hard-on before he took the tip in his mouth again, sucking on it slowly as he spread his legs a little and stuck his right hand behind himself. The shirt covered the view a little, and Jusis reached to pull the hem up, finding that Machias had stuck his fingers against his ass and was now slowly adding the lubricant on himself. "Hmph, quite lovely..." He noted.

Perhaps having something in his mouth at the same time made it feel somehow better, Jusis guessed; Machias was now sucking on him quite eagerly and taking him deep in his mouth. Ah yes, that sight Jusis remembered from some days back, with Machias' face so completely flushed as he kept moving his head and sucking. So very needy, Jusis figured, and an amazing sight. Machias was trying to stick his fingers inside himself now, rubbing them against his ass and squirming, making a few muffled sounds against Jusis' erection as he continued.

The car had quite the high quality suspension, and Francis was an experienced driver which made it all too easy to forget they were in a car and on the road. As the car took a slightly sharper turn, though, Machias' balance faltered and he slipped away from what he was doing, ending up with his face against Jusis' lap. "Agh... I..." He caught Jusis' knees with both hands and tried to reposition himself.

"It's fine," Jusis said, putting his hands on Machias' shoulders and supporting him. "We're not in a hurry." Machias took a few deep breaths and nodded, though his embarrassed expression when he looked up told another story. Those green eyes had that craving in them, and he licked on Jusis' erection with quite the enthusiasm. Perhaps they weren't in a hurry, or perhaps they were. "Here, use a bit more," Jusis offered the lubricant bottle to Machias again, who paused what he was doing for a moment and offered his right hand for Jusis to add more lube on. "Be thorough with it."

Sometimes, Jusis had to wonder how Machias seemed to have no idea how delightful he looked. So eager for more; Machias took as much of Jusis' hard-on as he could in his mouth again and sucked deep, at the same time obediently returning his right hand where it had been rubbing more of the lubricant on himself. Desperate to have something inside, Jusis thought as he watched him touch himself.

Just watching his needy secretary go at it would've been enough to keep Jusis entertained for a good while, but Machias was sucking on him, and damned if he wasn't doing great work. Jusis found he had to force himself to calm his breathing and actually struggle to keep his eyes open; there existed a need to just lean his head back and enjoy it, but Goddess if he was going to miss a second of the sight in front of him. He stroked Machias' hair with his right hand, idly petting his shoulder with the other.

A moment later, it appeared Machias had to pause to catch his breath; or maybe he was just getting too overwhelmed by his preparation attempts. His right hand was still against his ass and he most definitely was fingering himself, and Jusis' eyes followed every move. "That greedy already?" He remarked, and Machias shot a glare at him, as if he managed to look too angry with a flushed face and that pure lust in his eyes.

"Says... the one with those indecent fantasies," Machias muttered. "...Just..." He probably did realize how he looked to at least some degree, because he averted his eyes and bit his lip.

Jusis smirked and leaned down a little to catch Machias by the waist then pulled him to straddle his knees. "Fantasies?" He mused. "I believe I used the word possibilities, and in the end it doesn't look as if you're completely against those ideas?" He raised his hands to undo Machias' shirt buttons, and if what his secretary now unclearly mumbled under his breath had been an attempt to call him a debaucherous noble, the insult might've had some truth to it.

More than some truth; with the shirt open and Machias sitting on his lap, so painfully hard and embarrassed, with his smooth skin just begging to be touched, Jusis had to concede that he was feeling more than a little lecherous. He pulled the shirt down Machias' arms, leaving him sitting there naked and exposed. "...What a sight..." He murmured, running his glove-covered hand over Machias' chest.

The car shook a little just then; they had probably reached one of the many bridges over the rivers, and Machias lost balance again and ended up with his body against Jusis'. Considering he was on his lap, their erections rubbed against each other, and the sound that left Machias' lips was delectable. Jusis took a second to compose himself then ran his hands over Machias' naked back, tracing his skin and causing him to squirm.

"Aa... ack ...Didn't you..." Machias gritted his teeth, his face against Jusis neck. "...Something about a reward?" He continued, raising his hand to adjust his glasses. "I worked hard for it, and you owe me something. Jusis."

It always brought him such joy to have Machias whisper his name like that. "Have some patience," Jusis replied, adjusting their positions a little. The unfortunate fact existed that they were in a car and without proper cleaning facilities. He searched his coat pockets for a moment then pulled out a condom. "While I would love to take you already, I do have to take responsibility here," he said. "Put this on me."

Machias blinked then took it and opened the wrapper. "I... wouldn't mind," he muttered as he lowered his face, and Jusis could feel him working to get the thing on him. Machias also picked up the lube bottle and added some of the contents on Jusis' erection. "...There."

"You wouldn't mind, but it'll also be hours before we can get to a shower," Jusis scolded him. "And you'll be getting your reward either way. Here; take it." He shifted his sitting position a little, so Machias could get onto his lap properly, and Machias glanced down once before averting his eyes yet again. He knelt on the seat though and positioned himself on Jusis' lap, taking a hold of Jusis' hard-on and pulling it against his ass.

A lovely gasp left Machias' lips as he pressed himself lower and took the tip in, and Jusis placed his hands on Machias' hips for support. The feeling was quite something, and right then Machias just pushed himself fully down, taking as much as he could inside. A bit of a masochist sometimes, this lover of his; Jusis chuckled then closed his eyes for a second and took a deep breath.

"Lean back a bit," Jusis ordered, and Machias complied, placing his hands on Jusis' knees for support. He turned his gaze away, fully aware that Jusis' order had been because he wanted to watch him. And that Jusis wasn't about to deny when he had his adorable secretary, naked on his lap, hard and wanting more. There were good reasons why he truly felt Machias turned him into one of those lascivious hedonists. "Splendid..." He raised his left hand and drew his glove-covered fingers over Machias' chest, watching as he twitched under the touch of the soft leather.

He placed his right hand on Machias' hip then pulled him against himself, and that was all it took to get Machias to start moving. He pressed himself down then moved away again, eager to take as much of Jusis' hard-on inside as he just could. "Nnnh... Mmm? Ahh..." He always made such delightful sounds, and Jusis lifted his left hand to Machias' mouth and pressed his index finger against his lips.

Machias was quick to get the idea and sucked carefully on the offered glove-covered finger, and Jusis grinned. "You truly never realize how lewd you are, Regnitz," he murmured, his right hand petting Machias' thigh. He then moved his hand a little and drew it over Machias' so-far neglected hard-on, instantly rewarded by Machias pressing his hips forward in an attempt to press against the touch.

If Machias had looked lewd before, now this was an even better sight, Jusis thought as his eyes studied every rege of his lover's naked body. Sucking on his finger and so hungrily pressing against his hand, all while riding on his lap. How Machias managed to act so modest and professional most of the time sometimes made him wonder, but it was all more rewarding to know how his lover could be. This lustful side was something only for Jusis to see, he knew.

The gaze of those beautiful green eyes was starting to look a little lost, though still so needy. Was it just youth, Jusis wondered; a bit of that, and maybe part of it was his fault for teaching his lover all about these pleasures. Now that Machias knew though, he really could get insatiable, and that he sure seemed to be, repeatedly pressing his lower body against Jusis. "How much will it take to please you, I wonder...?" Jusis questioned aloud, though there was no reply.

He removed his finger from Machias' mouth, half because it was starting to appear that he had trouble controlling his breathing, and half because Jusis had to admit watching him suck on his finger did things to him and losing self-control right now wasn't something he could afford. The good side of it was of course those precious sounds he loved hearing were clearer like this, and it did free his hand to rub over Machias' chest.

The car hit something uneven right then and shook a little, causing Machias to end up falling against Jusis again. A soft cry escaped his lips, and Jusis had to wonder if the movement had felt uncomfortable - or extra good. Probably the latter, he decided a second later as Machias leaned against his shoulder, panting heavily. They were crossing another bridge, one of the old ones with brick surface, Jusis realized as the slight movement didn't stop right away, and Machias just held onto him, his eyes closed.

"Careful," Jusis whispered, tracing his left hand down Machias' side and grabbing his hips again. Machias mumbled something inaudible as a reply then fixed his position, leaning back a bit again and resuming his movements, seeming a little desperate to take more of Jusis' hard-on inside of himself. Jusis took a hold of his hips with both hands and pulled him hard against himself a few times.

"...Aah... Ah, nnn, Ju...sis..." Machias was getting more lost in it by now, Jusis figured, though it just made him want to draw it out longer. He let go off him and watched Machias gasp for breath and squirm for a while then placed his left hand against Machias' chest again, catching a nipple between his fingers and rubbing teasingly. "Agh...!"

A quick glance down reminded Jusis that while he had gotten a condom on himself, Machias was still there fully naked, and he placed his right hand over Machias' erection. Dripping a bit of precum already; if he didn't do something, he'd get him coming all over his clothes. Or maybe he should've let that happen just to have a reason to punish Machias later? The thought quite amused him, though he had to concede it would've also been partially his own fault.

Machias was more than happy to press into his touch, rubbing himself against his glove, and Jusis rewarded him by stroking him. It wasn't as if he was completely unaffected by all of it himself, in the end; he could keep himself calm, but Machias did feel hot and tight, and every time he pressed himself against Jusis was extremely pleasant. "You are such a delight, Regnitz," Jusis murmured, taking a few deep breaths. Maybe he should've stopped holding back, but keeping himself controlled until the end was so rewarding, his young lover's reactions considered.

Goddess, if he didn't sometimes want to just slam Machias down and do him hard, though. That lost look in the green eyes tempted him, and so did Machias' parted lips as he tried to desperately control his breathing and failed. Jusis raised his left hand and caught him by the hair, drawing him in for a deep kiss, and Machias made a muffled sound then just wrapped his arms around Jusis' shoulders.

The kiss got interrupted by the car speeding up and turning a little, and Jusis glanced out of the window, finding that they were passing a slower vehicle. It was doubtful that whoever was in the other car saw anything, but he still stayed put for a moment. "Tolerate it just a little longer," he whispered next to Machias' ear, and he nodded weakly.

A moment was all Jusis could take himself, and the moment he pulled Machias against himself again, he just lost it. Machias cried out softly and pressed himself against him rapidly, his movements uncontrolled and needy. Jusis gritted his teeth, finding it hard to keep his own breathing controlled. The sight of his lover looking so lost made it impossible to hold back, and he did his best to give him what he needed, stroking him firmly. This had gone on long enough that Machias was probably at his limit already, and while Jusis loved to draw it out, he did feel a need for a release himself.

He stole a kiss then pulled Machias into his embrace, holding him against himself as Machias moved a few more times, quietly repeating Jusis' name before he tensed up and came all over Jusis' glove, and Jusis smirked; this would make a fine excuse for a punishment later, though that would get to wait. Getting such intense pleasure out of his lover was extremely satisfying, and Jusis waited for him to finish then removed his glove and tossed it on the table on the side. "Good boy," he whispered, grabbing a hold of Machias' hips with both hands and pulling him hard against himself, thrusting in a few more times to claim his own release.

Quite satisfactory, and he closed his eyes for a moment and leaned back in his seat, taking a moment to catch his breath and compose himself. He opened his eyes to find Machias muttering something and leaning against his shoulder. "Too much?" He asked, raising his hand to pet Machias' hair.

"You can be quite the pervert, you know," Machias said quietly. "Told you, I know full well when you start having indecent ideas."

Jusis laughed a little. "And I know full well how much you want to try out those ideas," he remarked, taking another moment to rest then carefully pulling out. He took a handkerchief and wrapped the condom in it then discarded it to the side. "Well. We still have a couple of hours to go. Would you like to go through that schedule? Or..."

He trailed off, finding that Machias was asleep in his arms. "Or you can nap for a bit too, yes," he added, reaching to the side seat to pick up Machias' jacket and covering him with it.

It was doubtful Machias would sleep for long, and he would definitely be all embarrassed and back to strict work mode once he was awake again, but for now, Jusis was going to enjoy holding him for a moment while the car steadily made it towards Heimdallr.