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If Not You

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"M-my king?" Shang Qinghua stammers, his brain threatening to shut down. "I uh…I sort of thought that once was the plan - "

"No," Mobei Jun interrupts, looking downright smug. "This Mobei Jun studied Qinghua's notes. Then, this king went to the Violet Smoke Flower Terrace to consult their expertise in giving pleasure. They taught this king various techniques through educational demonstrations. Upon each other," he amends, seeing Shang Qinghua's expression.

Shang Qinghua gapes at Mobei Jun, his mouth opening and closing soundlessly. The Violet Smoke Flower Terrace is a famous house of pleasure run by the incubus and succubus clans of the north. His king went there?! To - for the purpose of - educational demonstrations, Shang Qinghua mouths in disbelief. Just the thought of his king sitting calmly, watching - watching, learning so that - so he could do the same to - Shang Qinghua chokes. He thinks he might pass out from how red he's turning. Also, why hadn't he thought of going to the succubi!! On second thought maybe not, they would have eaten him alive if he went by himself, but he could've gone to a human brothel for tips instead, and he didn't! He's a bad sex researcher! Why is his king so smart, and so sexy, and - 

"Were this king's preparations satisfactory?" Mobei Jun asks, still looking at him like he's a particularly tender prime rib. 

"Very," Shang Qinghua squeaks. 

"Good. This king studied diligently. There were many things to learn." He eyes Shang Qinghua appraisingly. "Once is insufficient for this king to demonstrate his competency."

Once was more than enough, my king!!! You were devastatingly competent! How many more rounds do you have planned?! This master isn't sure he has the stamina to withstand all your demonstrations!

To Shang Qinghua's disbelief and abject embarrassment, 小 Qinghua utterly betrays him and gives an interested twitch against his thigh. Thanks a lot, PIDW refractory period! 

Mobei Jun's eyes drift down and his gaze grows heavier, more interested. "Is Qinghua ready again?"

"My king!" Shang Qinghua cries, hiding his face with his forearms. "You really, um, went all out for this humble servant. You didn't have to!"

He doesn't know how else to articulate 'I thought you were just going to fuck me so that I wouldn't die but this is way more than I bargained for and it's starting to feel like a lot more than obligation sex?' 

"You were afraid," Mobei Jun says simply. "This king could not allow that to stand."

An immense emotion swells like a sudden riptide in Shang Qinghua's chest, the undertow of it threatening to pull him under. His eyes feel suspiciously hot and he breathes shakily through it, very glad that Mobei Jun can't see his face. "Thanks!" he croaks, feeling woefully inadequate. 

Mobei Jun, casually ignoring the fact that Shang Qinghua is Having a Moment, reaches out and squeezes his wrist. "Are you ready?" he asks again, patient. 

Shang Qinghua nods, and Mobei Jun rolls on top of him to tug his arms away, leaning down to kiss him. He kisses slow and languid, unhurried, using his tongue to coax Shang Qinghua into making soft, eager sounds. His hands seem to be everywhere, caressing, squeezing, his touch attentive and deliberate. Shang Qinghua does his best to kiss back, to touch back, his pulse picking up speed. He literally just finished, but little shivers of anticipation are already prickling through him at the controlled strength of Mobei Jun's hands, the heady weight of his king's hips and thighs pressing him down into the mattress. 

Mobei Jun bites at the junction of his neck and shoulder, hard enough that it will leave a mark, but not enough to break the skin. Shang Qinghua can feel the effort his king puts into making sure those oversized fangs don't cut him. He knows exactly how strong Mobei Jun is, how easily his king could manhandle him to his liking, but Mobei Jun just continues to carefully touch him like he’s got ‘Fragile! Handle with care! This side up!’ stickers plastered all over him. 

Mobei Jun nips him again, softer, before mouthing back up to catch Shang Qinghua’s bottom lip gently between his teeth. His eyes are barely open, long lashes fluttering as he leans into the kiss, deepening it with every slow drag of their mouths. His powerful hand slides up to cradle the back of Shang Qinghua’s neck, the tips of his fingernails pricking lightly behind Shang Qinghua’s ear. 

Shang Qinghua’s entire body flashes hot with desire. He appreciates the gentle handling, he really does! But it's not what he wants right now. He lunges up, catching Mobei Jun's mouth with his. Mobei Jun makes a surprised sound, but is quick to respond, kissing back readily. Shang Qinghua's head spins with the ferocity of it, the click of their teeth when they get too enthusiastic, the wet slide of Mobei Jun's tongue against his own. Yes! Yes!! More of this, please! 

"My king," he urges breathlessly between the deep, dragging kisses. He hooks an ankle around Mobei Jun's leg and tugs forward insistently. He digs his nails into Mobei Jun's wrist, wriggling and trying to coax his king's hand up into his hair. 

Mobei Jun's eyebrows tick up a fraction. His powerful hand slides up from the nape of Shang Qinghua's neck to sink dutifully into his hair instead, fingers curling into a slow fist. Shang Qinghua gasps, going cross-eyed with arousal as Mobei Jun pulls. A truly shameful noise escapes his mouth, like the discordant screech of a wild turkey! 

Mobei Jun's grip is tight enough that it yanks Shang Qinghua's head back at a sharp angle, baring his entire throat. Shang Qinghua arches his spine to try and lessen the strain, but Mobei Jun simply rests a hand over his ribs and presses down, effortlessly flattening him into the bed. Shang Qinghua makes another strangled noise, his hips jerking up of their own accord. He can feel his dick making a valiant effort to get hard again despite the limitations of his human body. This overwhelming stimulation is just too much! 小 Qinghua is a sprinter! Deadly in short bursts! Not very good with endurance events! At least give this poor servant some time to adjust, my king!

Mobei Jun, refusing to spare him a single second of mercy, mouths at his bared neck before shifting his weight forward, pinning Shang Qinghua firmly underneath him. Feeling a little desperate already, Shang Qinghua starts to rock up into the heavy, solid weight of him, wanting more, needing more. Mobei Jun indulgently allows this, moving his own hips in lazy circles until they're grinding together, slow and filthy.

"Good?" he asks, his gaze heavy, eyes half-lidded. He gives Shang Qinghua's hair a sharp tug that sends a bright shock of pleasure radiating down his spine, straight to his dick. Shang Qinghua makes a shameful sound, tossing his head and grinding up a little harder.

Why even ask, my king?! It's obviously very good?!

"Hm," Mobei Jun confirms, with a pleased little quirk to the corner of his lips. He's so smug! Truly insufferable! He leans down and catches Shang Qinghua's mouth in a long, leisurely kiss before turning his attention downward, laying diligent waste to the offered line of Shang Qinghua's neck and chest.

Shang Qinghua moans helplessly, scrabbling at Mobei Jun's arms, his shoulders, his back. He can feel the sharp prick of Mobei Jun's teeth, the slow, dragging suction of his tongue as he sucks a new bruise into the patchwork already decorating Shang Qinghua's neck. Mobei Jun's erection is pressed up against his own, the thick, hard length of his king's cock sliding deliciously along Shang Qinghua with every movement. The powerful curve of Mobei Jun's body over his makes him feel caged in, trapped and completely at Mobei Jun's mercy. The way Mobei Jun grabs his flailing hand and pins it to the bed definitely helps a lot with this impression! He can't help the way his legs fall apart in open surrender, giving up the goods immediately!

Mobei Jun makes his way back up to Shang Qinghua's mouth as they move together, branding him with fierce, claiming kisses that leave him lightheaded and gasping in their wake. He's rougher now, his mouth hard and eager, his tongue pressing deep and dragging wetly against Shang Qinghua's like he's trying to devour him whole. His grip in Shang Qinghua's hair is inexorable, turning his head like a pivot, directing him exactly where and how he wants with ruthless ease. It's all Shang Qinghua can do to kiss back, to hold his mouth open for Mobei Jun to plunder, his lips going numb from the consuming pressure of it. 

"Ah, my king, it's good, feels good," he's panting, murmuring what he can in the tiny space between each ravenous kiss. His breathing is coming all short and ragged, his head spinning. Is he hyperventilating a little? Maybe. Is his vision starting to blur slightly at the edges? Ehhh. Does he want to stop kissing Mobei Jun? No, not one bit! 

Mobei Jun pauses for a second, which makes Shang Qinghua whine sadly into his mouth and kick at him. The kick is extremely feeble, but apparently it's OOC enough that Mobei Jun stops to glare at him, scowling. The pause stretches as he blinks at Shang Qinghua's dazzled face, taking in his glassy eyes and frantic goldfish gasping. Then Mobei Jun lets go of his hair, which really makes Shang Qinghua start to whine. He was enjoying that! Don't stop, my king! 

"Breathe," Mobei Jun orders. He starts stroking Shang Qinghua's chest, his fingers cool against the overheated skin. Shang Qinghua inhales obediently, pressing greedily into the soothing touch. His entire body goes lax as he gulps air, panting raggedly like an overheated dog. Huh! So maybe he was getting close to passing out from being kissed so intensely. That would have been an exciting first! 

"More," he whispers when he's finally caught his breath, clutching at Mobei Jun's wrist. "More, my king."

Mobei Jun's eyes flash, chatoyant in the low light. He runs a thumb over Shang Qinghua's bruised lips, possessive. His voice is a rough growl, all low and sexy with a hint of carefully restrained ferocity in it that makes the small of Shang Qinghua’s back tighten up in a very exciting way. 

"Where are your supplies."

Shang Qinghua flaps a hand haphazardly at his five jars of bedside lube, which he'd had the foresight to bring out that morning. Mobei Jun eyes them, and then to Shang Qinghua's vast dismay, crawls off of him to go dig around in his discarded robes. He comes right back before Shang Qinghua can begin to complain, settling comfortably between Shang Qinghua's legs as he proudly adds a sixth jar to the nightstand. 

The new jar is noticeably bigger than its five smaller companions. It's also artfully decorated with incredibly explicit imagery of demons gleefully fucking each other. 

Shang Qinghua's eyes nearly pop right out of his head! Well! That's not very subtle or low-key! Would definitely merit an intense side-eye from the mailman and every neighbor who saw it if it was an online order wrapped in transparent plastic packaging left sitting on the doorstep. Not that that's ever happened to him! Haha! 

Also, where did Mobei Jun get this?! Did some poor demon smut merchant have to suffer a terrifying visit from the monarch of the northern lands, asking to buy lube for undisclosed but definitely NSFW reasons? Are they still alive? Did his king leave any witnesses? Is Shang Qinghua going to have to make reparations to some grieving demonic family whose only sin was selling ostentatious jars of lube to help Mobei Jun save his life? 

"My king?" he asks faintly. 

Mobei Jun smiles. Smirks, more like. "A gift from this king's instructors. Shall we put it to the test?"

Oh. Of course he got it at the brothel, on his educational weekend sex retreat. Probably as a promotional gift or something - buy one weekend sex retreat, get a size large jar of demon orgy lube free! Also, instructors? Plural?! The thing that Shang Qinghua is feeling is not jealousy. It's not

He nods and covers his eyes with the back of his wrist, blushing fit to burst as Mobei Jun reaches over him for the jar. 

The demon orgy lube makes a loud pop as the lid comes off. Shang Qinghua is too embarrassed to look, but he can hear Mobei Jun working the slippery oil over his fingers. He thinks he might combust just from listening to the slick sounds it's making. Is this how Mobei Jun felt when Shang Qinghua had to do this? If it is, he apologizes for drawing it out, he really does! He doesn't miss the irony in how he was the one begging for more, but now that it's happening, he's all freaked out over it. The anticipation is setting his teeth on edge, and his heart feels like it's going to burst out of his chest. He's nervous! He's so nervous he wants to scream! 

He jumps, startled, when Mobei Jun touches his leg, one powerful hand coming to rest heavily on the inside of Shang Qinghua's knee, easing him open. Mobei Jun's hands easily span the entire width of his thigh. He can feel the shape of his king's fingers and broad palm where they press into him, the curve of his thumb tucked under the bend of one knee. Anxiety swells in Shang Qinghua's chest like an incoming tide and he tries to breathe through it, trembling and gulping down shaking breaths as he fights the urge to clap his legs shut. 

Mobei Jun pauses. "Shang Qinghua," he says. 


The hand on his knee squeezes lightly. "Are you well." 

"Well! I'm well!"

Mobei Jun doesn't move until Shang Qinghua peeks out hesitantly at him. 

"If it's too much, then say so."

"It's not too much! I'm. I'm just embarrassed."

"Do not be embarrassed." Shang Qinghua gasps sharply as Mobei Jun curls a slick hand around his dick, giving it a slow, encouraging stroke. "This king has not even begun. Save your embarrassment for after."

Shang Qinghua laughs shakily, letting his head fall back, trying to relax. Mobei Jun keeps stroking him, a short, brisk rhythm that makes him groan and push his hips up for more. Mobei Jun calmly takes him by the hip and presses him into the bed so he can't move, the steady motion of his hand continuing unbroken. Shang Qinghua rolls his hips up nonetheless and whines helplessly. 

"My king!" he cries, feeling very pitiful. 

"Mm," Mobei Jun agrees. "Are you ready?" He lets go of Shang Qinghua's dick to slide his hand down, palming the inside of Shang Qinghua's thigh, working his way lower with each slow pass of his fingers. Shang Qinghua groans and spreads his legs a little wider. My king, if you're going to do it, just do it! The anticipation is going to kill this old man!! 

Mobei Jun snorts softly and Shang Qinghua realizes he probably said part of that out loud. He's serious though! And while you're at it, please be careful with this servant's ass, my king! Sure, cultivation exists, but it wasn't meant for healing from being clawed open like an unfortunate cat toy! 

A sudden realization strikes him on the heels of that thought. 

"My king, you - did you file your nails down?"

Mobei Jun gives him a look like he's being a little dumb. "If I didn't, it would hurt you."

"Oh, wow. Uh, my king, this servant truly appreciates - "

"Yes," Mobei Jun says imperiously. "You will." He promptly slides his finger in. 

Shang Qinghua makes a garbled sound, throwing his head back. That was fast! That was unexpected! Mobei Jun is truly a man of decisive action! 

Agh, it...feels really weird! He winces, trying to adjust to the feeling, and Mobei Jun stops instantly. 


"It's okay!" he says, squirming uncomfortably. 

"Too much?"

Shang Qinghua tries not to laugh incredulously. Too much? Too much?! If one finger is too much for him already, then he's living on borrowed time! Someone hurry and light a row of candles for his ass! Start burning the paper money already, he's a dead man walking! 

"No, my king," he says, his voice wavering as he tries to adjust. "It's just - weird. But it's fine. Uh, you can keep going."


Shang Qinghua bites his lip to forestall the moan he can feel building in his throat as Mobei Jun starts to rock his finger, working him open carefully. It’s uhhhh…….different. It’s a lot different from his own clumsy experimentation. Not as sexy as he thought it'd be, honestly speaking! A solid like...4/10, and about half of those points are from getting to watch his king's face, eyes focused, brow creased in rapt concentration. He's getting used to it though, and slowly, something starts to shift, the steady, repetitive motion sending little molten jolts up his spine, making him restless for more. His eyes flutter shut of their own accord, and when he manages to drag them open again, Mobei Jun is watching him. 

It's making him blush to be looked at so intensely. Mobei Jun studies his face with predatory focus, analyzing every expression for a hint of pain or discomfort as he works his finger in all the way to the knuckle before pulling out to oil up again. Shang Qinghua tries very hard not to make a dirty noise as Mobei Jun slides wetly back inside him, and is completely unsuccessful. Well! He might as well lean into it! He spreads his legs a little wider and hopes he looks very encouraging. 

Mobei Jun obliges, pacing up slightly and yeah, okay, yeah, it's starting to feel - not good yet, but a lot better. He can get into this! He rolls his hips down experimentally and lets out a shocked groan as a snap of unexpected pleasure coils sharply up his spine. 

Mobei Jun's eyes flicker to his mouth, then back down. He licks his lips, heat simmering in his gaze. "Another?" he asks. 

Shang Qinghua shivers all over. His king’s voice is a half-octave lower than normal, and there's this humming frequency to it that bypasses every higher order thought, going directly to his hindbrain and wringing it like a sponge. Goosebumps race across his arms and chest. His nipples and then his cock tighten in a very noticeable and totally unsubtle manner as he clenches, involuntary, around Mobei Jun's finger inside him.

"Yeah," he says faintly, hoping his voice doesn't crack. 

The delicious, dragging slide as Mobei Jun pulls free makes him cry out, a startled little sound that escapes him totally without his permission. Mobei Jun meets his wide eyes and hums, looking pleased. He adds another finger.

Shang Qinghua's mouth starts up without any conscious input from his brain, like a music box powered by ambient horny energy. "Ah, my king, your hands are so big, it's so good, oh my god, my king, it feels good, keep doing that, go a little deeper - " 

Mobei Jun looks surprised, but he obeys with alacrity, working his fingers in deep enough that Shang Qinghua has to suck in a sharp gasp to keep from crying out. The wet sounds that Mobei Jun's fingers make as he works are so dirty. It reminds Shang Qinghua of every single hentai he's ever had the dubious pleasure of watching. He understands now why the heroine is always surrounded by so many sound effects! He's trying very hard not to whimper because he really doesn’t want to contribute to the trope, but noises keep escaping him in thready little huffs as he tries to breathe past the growing pleasure. Mobei Jun's fingers are longer than his own, and thicker too. His own feeble probing could never, not in a million years, compare to being opened up slow and torturously like this by his king. 

He groans, arching up instinctively as Mobei Jun draws out halfway before plunging back in. He can feel his thighs quivering from how he's trying to hold himself open, and he covers his face preemptively to try and hide how he’s turning bright red. 

"Is it good?" Mobei Jun asks conversationally, twisting his fingers as he works them slowly in and out of Shang Qinghua's body. 

My king, are you fishing for compliments?! It's obviously good! It's very, very good! 

"Yeah," Shang Qinghua gasps, his eyes slamming shut, hips jerking to chase the sensation. "Yeah, it's - oh, yeah, please -" He wonders hazily if it'll feel like this later, what the difference will be between Mobei Jun's cock filling him up versus his fingers, and starts to whine, dangerously on edge at just the thought. 

Oh god, he can't finish yet! Not after how quickly he shot off the first time! His airplane shooting towards the sky needs to last a little longer because that first round was a really poor showing! 

He fumbles for Mobei Jun's shoulder and ends up slapping aimlessly at his king's forearm instead. "Ah, slow, my king, slow down - " Mobei Jun slows obediently, and Shang Qinghua groans, shuddering as he tries to chase the lost momentum. Wait, hold on, this was a bad idea, he didn't think this through. 

"Slow enough?"

"Agh," Shang Qinghua manages, wheezing as Mobei Jun circles his free hand around Shang Qinghua's cock and starts to pull lazily in time with the measured movement of his fingers inside. His grip is so tight, and the rhythm he sets is uncompromisingly deliberate. Shang Qinghua arcs into it, heels braced against the bed as he tries to fuck up into Mobei Jun's palm, trying to spur him faster, caught up in the exquisite agony of it. 

"Please a little faster!"

"I thought slow was romantic."

The amount of self-satisfied gloating in Mobei Jun's voice could be weaponized! Shang Qinghua sputters furiously. How dare Mobei Jun use his own words against him!! 

Mobei Jun is smirking, clearly pleased with himself as Shang Qinghua tries (fails) to prop himself up and glare. He opens his mouth, determined to give his king a piece of his mind, but Mobei Jun seizes the opportunity to lean down and kiss him instead, very effectively silencing him. 

This angle is probably awful on his king's wrist... Just as he's thinking that, Mobei Jun lifts Shang Qinghua's leg by the ankle, folding it easily against his chest to get a better position. It also pushes Mobei Jun's fingers further inside, and Shang Qinghua jerks into it with a wild cry, startling them both with how loud he is. Mobei Jun's eyes narrow, satisfied, and he starts to drive his fingers in, deep. 

With the seal broken, Shang Qinghua finds out very quickly that he can't keep his mouth shut to save his life. Sounds spill out of him for every single thing Mobei Jun does, every twist of his king's hand or thrust of his fingers pushing a corresponding cry out of him. He'd bet good money that he's providing premiere voice acting for an entire NC-17 audio drama all on his own! Even knowing that, even hearing himself whining and whimpering, he can't stop. He cries out again and again, shaking and begging as Mobei Jun works him open. He's definitely moving his hips sluttily, trying to grind down on Mobei Jun's fingers and up into his king's hand, but he can't help it, it's so good.  

Mobei Jun starts to growl softly, biting at his neck and shoulders. It should probably scare him, but it just makes him hornier. All the wiring for the things that should scare him and the things that turn him on are irrevocably tangled up in his head like a super fucked up cat's cradle! He can't even jack off if it's too warm outside nowadays! He's not exactly proud of that, but it is what it is! He tosses his head and makes some more shameful sounds, his entire body fizzing with pleasure as Mobei Jun pumps his fingers, grinding slow circles inside him. 

Mobei Jun bumps suddenly against something that makes Shang Qinghua's entire spine light up like a Christmas tree. He throws his head back and screams , his legs seizing.

G-spot, he thinks dizzily. Then he can't think at all, because Mobei Jun makes a pleased sound and starts dragging his fingers over that spot again and again, merciless. 

Shang Qinghua starts to sob, rapidly overstimulating. It's so good, but it's so much, too good, too fast - 

Mobei Jun slows down right as Shang Qinghua is about to boil over, pulling his clever fingers back and holding Shang Qinghua away from the edge. He doesn't start moving again until Shang Qinghua is coherent enough to scrape together the word "please," begging uselessly and repeating it over and over, his hips pumping urgently to try and regain the lost rhythm. 

"Not yet," Mobei Jun says, sounding terribly smug as he slides his fingers back in, adding a third. 

"Why not yet?!" Shang Qinghua wails, rocking down onto his king's hand in greedy, insistent movements, trying to coax him deeper. Instead of answering, Mobei Jun leans down. His mouth surrounds Shang Qinghua's cock and he sucks, tight, his tongue curling wetly around the head of Shang Qinghua's erection. 

Shang Qinghua screams like he's being brutally murdered! That's fine! That's okay! What's another mortifying sound on top of everything that's already come out of his mouth! 

Mobei Jun pulls off, his eyes glittering with satisfaction. "You want this?" he asks, palming Shang Qinghua to prevent him from moving. 

Shang Qinghua wants it so bad he could cry! He has begged for far less! It's a piece of cake for him to toss in a little extra supplication when his orgasm is on the line!

"Please!" he cries, squirming wretchedly in Mobei Jun's firm grip. "Please, my king, please! Yes, yes, I want it, please, it's so good, I'll do anything, anything, just please don't stop, I'll really do anything you want, I'll scream and beg and plead and cry and -"

Mobei Jun huffs, so pleased that his eyes curve up slightly. He leans down and licks Shang Qinghua back into his mouth, swallowing greedily around him, his tongue dragging a delicious line of pressure up along the underside of Shang Qinghua's dick. This time he rolls his fingers deep inside Shang Qinghua's body in accompaniment, grinding slowly into that spot inside that has Shang Qinghua turning into a quivering pile of jelly. 

Shang Qinghua sobs, curling into himself instinctively as he spasms with pleasure. He grabs at Mobei Jun's hair to try and ground himself, clenching automatically around his king's fingers to try and pull him deeper. Mobei Jun seems to really like that, because he speeds up until Shang Qinghua is mindless, speechless, completely swept up in overwhelming sensation. His brain really is melting, there's nothing in it except pleasure, trapped between Mobei Jun's mouth, his hands, his body, being taken apart so well. He just came like ten minutes ago but he can't last much longer like this, he can't, he really can't, he - 

Shang Qinghua comes with a wail, arching and throwing his head and chest back like a busty maiden, his entire body snapping into release. He didn't know that it was possible to come so hard, and it just keeps on going, pleasure pulsing out in intense, shocking waves from somewhere deep inside, where his king's fingers press indulgently into him. He thinks he cries. He thinks he astral projects out of his body. He definitely blanks out for a bit, swept along on a cool, enveloping tide.

He comes back to himself very slowly, panting like a dog and making winded little whimpering sounds with each exhale. He feels dazed and slightly scorched, his nerves raw and oversensitive, still jangling with residual aftershocks of pleasure. Mobei Jun is wiping his mouth with the back of one hand and watching him again with that soft half-lidded gaze, smug contentment radiating from him in palpable waves. 

Shang Qinghua swallows and tries to remember how to be human again. "Holy shit, my king," he says feebly, flopping a hand out to rest it daringly against Mobei Jun's chest. His voice comes out hoarse and his throat is a little sore, like he'd been shouting, or screaming.   

"It was good?" Mobei Jun asks, preening slightly, the corner of his mouth curving up all smuglike. Obviously fishing for compliments!'s good to indulge this spoiled master once in a while. This is one of Mobei Jun's charm points, after all! 

Shang Qinghua nods, patting his king's oversized pec fondly, feeling deep-fried and slightly uncoordinated. "My king, are you sure this is the first time you've done this?"

Mobei Jun scowls, offended. "Of course." 

"My king is the most talented. Unparalleled. A true prodigy. This servant lies in awe of your skills, my king. Also, if you don't put it in me soon I think I'm going to fall asleep."

Ah. Uh. He hadn't meant to say that last part out loud. Where is his inhibition? Oh right, it's gone, burned away by an orgasm so powerful that it took all of Shang Qinghua's situational awareness with it. Shang Qinghua waves bye bye to his dignity.  

Mobei Jun snorts softly. His erection is still. Just there. Right there! Why is he spending so much time and attention on blowing Shang Qinghua to pieces and not taking care of himself? It's not fair! Shang Qinghua reaches for his king's enormous dick with all the coordination he can muster. 

"My king," he insists, pulling sloppily at him. 

Mobei Jun lazily slaps his hand away which, okay fair, that probably wasn't very enjoyable for him. He runs his thumb along Shang Qinghua's cheek, brushing away the last of his tears. "Do not fall asleep," he commands as Shang Qinghua yawns hugely. 

Shang Qinghua fails to stifle his slightly hysterical giggle. He's so hopped up on post-orgasm endorphins right now that his actions feel like they have no consequences! So he might as well say what he wants! 

"Even if I'm asleep, my king can still put it in me," he says, encouraging. "This servant will just take a little nap -"

"No," Mobei Jun growls, gripping Shang Qinghua by the waist and pulling him closer. He straddles him and leans down to start kissing him again, mouth hot and demanding. "Stay awake, Qinghua."

Shang Qinghua makes a weak, breathy laugh into Mobei Jun's mouth, doing his best to kiss back. "I dunno if I can stay awake long enough to get it up again, my king."

Mobei Jun snorts softly. "This king will see to that." He bites lightly at Shang Qinghua's lower lip before reaching for the big jar of demon orgy lube. 

Shang Qinghua watches with an excessive amount of fondness as Mobei Jun starts to coat the fingers of his right hand with a generous amount of the thick liquid. His king is so beautiful, his face so concentrated, his gaze clear and intent. Shang Qinghua could spend hours looking at him, admiring the elegant bridge of his nose, the sharp angle of his jawline, the noble shape of his demon mark, his cruel and lordly eyes with their long dark lashes...

Mobei Jun, noticing his attention drifting, clicks his tongue, annoyed. He taps his fingers against Shang Qinghua's cheek, directing his sleepy gaze up. "Watch," he commands, sitting up tall on his knees. 

He starts to lube himself up with no trace of shame. It's incredibly hot watching his king slick himself up, his hand moving unhurriedly along the hard length of his cock, his godly thighs spread wide, his entire body on display astride Shang Qinghua. Mobei Jun is truly a one-man visual feast! A full gourmet experience! An all-you-can-eat buffet!! And Shang Qinghua is starving.

He can't look away. He thinks he's drooling, but he can't manage to pick his jaw up off the floor long enough to stop. His mouth floods wetly in shameful anticipation and he distinctly feels a drop of sweat trail down his neck as Mobei Jun palms himself showily, working his hand methodically over the head of his cock. 

Hot! It's so hot!! All of Shang Qinghua's previous sleepiness has been blasted into orbit by the sheer narrative power of so much concentrated sex appeal!

"Is Qinghua enjoying what he sees?" Mobei Jun's eyes are hazy and half-lidded. He's watching Shang Qinghua too, his gaze heavy and wanting. 

Shang Qinghua shuts his mouth with a snap and nods very quickly. He starts running his hands along the powerful line of Mobei Jun's spread thighs up to his waist, encouraging, reverent. Mobei Jun's gaze gets heavier and he starts to growl, a low vibrato hovering at a frequency so low that it's barely audible but rumbles through Shang Qinghua's bones. Shang Qinghua feels his dick give a tired, interested twitch and he covers his face, wildly embarrassed. 小 Qinghua, please restrain yourself! Allow this old man to retain some dignity! 

Mobei Jun knocks his hand aside. "Watch," he says again, pupils slitted. He drags his hand slowly along the heavy length of his erection, twisting his wrist as he goes. It must feel really good, because his mouth falls open, his eyelashes fluttering as he tries to keep his eyes open. His hips thrust forward jerkily into his own hand, like he can't help himself. God, that's just, unbelievably fucking hot. Shang Qinghua's sweaty hands curl into fists on Mobei Jun's thighs. It's really a struggle not to reach out and touch his king right now! 

"As if this servant could look away," he mumbles weakly, red-faced. 

Mobei Jun makes direct eye contact with him. His pupils dilate visibly and he starts to pant a little, his gaze going hungry and slightly off center as he speeds up. The sheer lust in his expression has goosebumps shivering to life across Shang Qinghua's arms, his mouth going very dry. His dick twitches again, now fully interested in the proceedings. Mobei Jun practically purrs with satisfaction, pulling a little faster, his eyes drifting shut, head tipping back to show the graceful, unguarded line of his throat. Oh god, he's doing this on purpose, isn't he?  

Shang Qinghua wants to touch him so badly. He wants to hear Mobei Jun moan raggedly with Shang Qinghua's hands wrapped around his dick. The thought of Mobei Jun getting off all over his chest and stomach is suddenly too much to handle. Shang Qinghua reaches out, his horny instincts overriding all thoughts of self preservation!

Mobei Jun nonchalantly smacks his eager fingers away, the rhythmic motion of his hand not ceasing for a second. "Watch," he orders, voice steely. His left hand comes to rest heavily on the center of Shang Qinghua's chest, pressing him back down. 

"My king," Shang Qinghua says plaintively, squeezing at Mobei Jun's golden thighs. "My king, my king, ah, this isn't fair, you can't just make me watch and not let me contribute? This servant has hands for a reason! My king, please let me touch you!"

A small smile quirks the corner of Mobei Jun's mouth upward. "Be still, Shang Qinghua. This king is the one assisting you today."

Shang Qinghua flops bitterly back against the cushions, denied and feeling very unfairly dismissed. "My king, it seems like the only person you're assisting right now is yourself!" he blurts out, before clapping his hand over his mouth, wide-eyed with horror. Oh shit! He really needs to get his brain-to-mouth filter working again!

The steady movement of Mobei Jun's hand on his dick stops. "Is that so," he asks silkily. 

"Kidding!" Shang Qinghua shouts, hastily patting Mobei Jun's leg to placate him. "This - this humble servant was simply kidding - mmph - !"

Mobei Jun kisses him, fierce, ruthless, dragging Shang Qinghua down the bed towards him. "Allow this king to correct that then," he growls, shoving Shang Qinghua's legs apart, pushing them up to get a good angle. Shang Qinghua yelps, the sound quickly melting into a moan as Mobei Jun wraps a hand around his cock, pumping him back to hardness. He whimpers into Mobei Jun's mouth, squirming as his king works two fingers back inside, quickly moving up to three. 

Oh, he's serious this time, his long fingers flexing deep inside Shang Qinghua's body to make room for that terrifying heavenly pillar of his. Shang Qinghua moans, unable to do anything but lick into Mobei Jun's mouth and spread his legs as his king's fingers work him wide open. His head is tilted back like an offering as they kiss, his hands moving aimlessly over Mobei Jun's chest and shoulders. Seized by sudden inspiration, he reaches up and wraps his arms around Mobei Jun's neck to hold him close, as possessive as a lover.

Is this wildly presumptuous? Yes. Is Mobei Jun stopping him? No. So... so he's just going to keep on doing it! 

The corded muscles of Mobei Jun's neck and shoulders bunch and relax under his hands. He allows Shang Qinghua to touch him, to squeeze at his neck and yank his hair and dig his nails into the skin of his back, submitting willingly, tamed. Shang Qinghua's heart threatens to beat out of his chest at this blasphemous thought, and he has to break the kiss to gasp, shuddering at his own daring. 

Mobei Jun takes the opportunity to slide out before easing back inside him with four slippery fingers. The girth of Mobei Jun's bunched fingers is - it's a lot, but it's manageable. Shang Qinghua thinks he can take more. He knows he can take more. He's just about to say so when Mobei Jun brushes up against something white-hot brilliant inside him, making his entire body jolt. Whatever Shang Qinghua was about to say melts into an incredibly obscene sound that oozes all slow and yearning out of him like a string of warm honey. Mobei Jun practically purrs with satisfaction, curling his tongue around Shang Qinghua's like he's trying to swallow his moan, but he doesn't linger, continuing to work Shang Qinghua open with single-minded diligence. His fingers make obscene, wet schlorping sounds as he works them in and out, pushing deeper with every thrust. 

How is Mobei Jun so good at this? He's so good at kissing, his mouth pursed and sweet one moment, open and hungry the next, claiming every one of Shang Qinghua's breathless sounds with complete confidence. He's so good at touching, his big hands wringing pleasure out of Shang Qinghua everywhere they touch, every way they touch. It turns his brain to mush, melts him down into warm golden light, tenderly refined until only pleasure remains. 

Shang Qinghua tries to clamp his legs around Mobei Jun's arm and trap him and his godly fingers as deep inside as possible. It doesn't work too well because Mobei Jun has him sort of folded up like a taco shell, his legs pushed up against his own chest. He still tries his best, digging his dangling ankles into Mobei Jun's broad back. Mobei Jun responds by kissing him ferociously and plunging his fingers in like he's trying to mine Shang Qinghua's ass for hidden treasure!

My king, please! Do you have a permit for this excavation?! There are no power-ups to be found here no matter how deep you dig! 

He must make a protesting sound, because Mobei Jun pauses for a second before reluctantly extracting his fingers. Shang Qinghua cries out, a distraught, hitching little noise, clenching tightly around him as he slides free, trying to hold him in.

Don't go, my king! That's not what this servant meant! Come back! You can keep digging if you want!!

He clutches at Mobei Jun's shoulders, slapping him feebly and grinding his hips up desperately, making incoherent little wails as he tries to unliquify his brain and get it back into working order to convey what he wants. It's difficult. He feels so cavernous, aching, empty

Mobei Jun eyes him dubiously, his movements stilling as he graciously allows himself to be lightly pummeled. 


Shang Qinghua freezes. He takes stock of himself, all scrounched up like an accordion, assaulting Mobei Jun's shoulders with wordless animal sounds while demon orgy lube oozes out of him in a lukewarm snail trail. He opens his mouth, shuts it. He covers his face with his arms as he feels himself turn bright red all the way down to his neck. 

What the hell is he doing?! This isn't sexy at all! What if Mobei Jun is weirded out? What if he wants to stop?! Get ahold of yourself, Shang Qinghua! This isn't the Discovery Channel Safari Special! You're not some waifu who loses all available IQ and devolves into ah-ah-ah just because of some extremely good sex!

"Shang Qinghua," Mobei Jun says. His hand comes to rest on Shang Qinghua's heaving chest, stroking lightly. "Should this king stop?" 


Fuck!!!!! It really was too unsexy for Mobei Jun to bear! Desperation has never been a great look on him! 

"No!!!" Shang Qinghua shouts, grabbing at Mobei Jun, panicked. Mobei Jun's fingers contract, startled, and Shang Qinghua guiltily lowers the volume. "I mean um, no, my king, I don't want to stop! Let's please uhhh, not stop? Haha!" He clutches pleadingly at Mobei Jun's arms. 

"You seem…" Mobei Jun pauses diplomatically. "Distressed," he finally concludes. 

"I'm not! I'm not! It's fine, my king, I'm totally fine, I'm - hhhaha, I'm just embarrassed!"

Mobei Jun shakes his head disapprovingly. "There is nothing to be ashamed of." He leans up and catches Shang Qinghua's mouth in his before Shang Qinghua has a chance to parse that. He kisses slowly, almost hesitant, his hand moving along Shang Qinghua's chest in soothing motions. "Say something if it's too much," he mutters, tweaking Shang Qinghua's nipple vengefully, sounding vaguely peeved. 

"It's good, it's good, it's fine, it's not too much!" Shang Qinghua says hastily, looping his heavy arms back around Mobei Jun's neck to reel him in again. Mobei Jun still doesn't say anything to stop him. In fact, he makes an approving rumble into Shang Qinghua's mouth and allows it, pressing close to nose at Shang Qinghua's jaw. So what if this intimacy is fake! Beggars can't be choosers! He'll take what he can get! 

He tugs at Mobei Jun's arm, trying to direct him back to what he was doing before. Can we get back to the main course, my king? Preferably before you change your mind? 

Mobei Jun makes a considering noise. He lets Shang Qinghua drag his wrist down, groping nicely along Shang Qinghua's body down to his inner thigh. Then, he…takes his hand away? No, my king! You were doing so well! 

He's immediately mollified as Mobei Jun moves to straddle him instead, shifting so that he can rock against Shang Qinghua, letting their cocks drag together with each thrust, and oh, that's…oh. Shang Qinghua's head falls back and he groans, low and messy. Mobei Jun is all oiled up from getting ready to put it in, and the slick drag of skin on skin is heavenly. Mobei Jun adds his hand, holding them together easily, and Shang Qinghua moans, guttural, his eyes rolling back, his entire body arching into it. "Oh, god, oh fuck, that's good," he gasps. 

"Mm," Mobei Jun agrees. He starts to pump them slowly, his hips moving in short counterthrusts so they slide together wetly with each movement.

Okay! Not exactly what he had in mind, but this is fine! More than fine, actually! 

"Please," Shang Qinghua gasps, scrabbling at the back of Mobei Jun's neck to urge him on. Mobei Jun's hand tightens around them, pacing up until Shang Qinghua is arcing up into it, keening softly and rolling his hips up for more. Mobei Jun hums, satisfied, his eyes heavy and half-lidded as he studies Shang Qinghua's blissful face. He dips his head and Shang Qinghua's mouth falls open for him in anticipation as he sways up towards Mobei Jun to meet his king's frost-cool kiss. seeking it as a frostflower seeks the fresh-falling snow. The kiss is so deep, ferocious and tender at the same time, holding a bite to it like frostburn, leaving his lips numb and trembling.

It's good, it's so fucking good. Mobei Jun's hand is so firm around them, holding them together so tightly. The heavy length of his erection drags deliciously against Shang Qinghua's own with each sinuous motion he makes. Anticipatory heat pools slow and heavy between Shang Qinghua's hips, setting his thighs trembling, sending delicious flickers of pleasure coiling up his spine.

There's only one problem. 

So the thing is, Shang Qinghua really, really doesn't want to stop, but if they keep on going like this, he's gonna come again, and no joke, he's actually going to fall asleep if that happens! Maybe it'd be a bonus to be asleep when Mobei Jun puts it in, but he doesn't think his king will let him get away with that. Feeling extremely regretful and slightly cheated, he slaps reluctantly at Mobei Jun's shoulders to catch his attention. 

"My king, wait, wait, I want - I'm ready, I'm ready, my king, you can put it in - " 

Mobei Jun stills, his hand still curled tightly around them. Shang Qinghua whines at the sudden loss of action. “My king,” he pleads, rocking helplessly up into him. “My king, just do it already!” 

"You're sure?"

"Yes, my king, please, this servant is ready."

Mobei Jun stares at him intently in slightly worrisome silence. Why isn't he putting it in?! 

"Qinghua. You will voice your discomfort if it becomes too much. Do you understand?" His voice leaves no room for compromise. This is an order, not a request. Shamefully, Shang Qinghua gets a little harder. He nods hastily, flushing. Mobei Jun pinches his cheek, waiting.  

"Yes! Yes, I will! I'll say stop! I'll shout and scream and hit! Don't think I won't!"

Mobei Jun actually smiles at that, amused. "Good," he says approvingly, sitting back and wiping his hand clean with Shang Qinghua's discarded sleeping robe. 

Shang Qinghua takes the moment to catch his breath. Now that it’s actually happening, he feels a little thread of anxiety curling to life in his belly. He tries not to look at Mobei Jun’s erection, which suddenly looks about three times larger than before. Really though, how is it all going to fit…? He shakes his head, pushing away the apprehension. It’s fine! Don’t worry! He’s definitely still extremely into it! 

He sucks in a startled breath as Mobei Jun sits up, looming as he angles Shang Qinghua easily into position, settling him on top of a stack of cushions, his big hands curled around the backs of Shang Qinghua's knees to hold him open.

He starts to tremble a little, equal parts anticipation and nerves as Mobei Jun looks at him from between his legs. It's actually real now, it's really gonna happen. He can feel the waiting pressure of his king's dick resting against his ass, lined up and ready to pop his poor chrysanthemum like a balloon. 小 Qinghua gives an eager twitch at the thought and he flushes, covering his face. Mobei Jun is watching!! Give a man a little plausible deniability here! 

Mobei Jun tugs his obscuring hand away. "Qinghua," he says quietly, watching Shang Qinghua's face. Waiting on his permission.  

Shang Qinghua nods quickly. "Yes, my king," he whispers. His hips roll once, seeking. Mobei Jun leans down and cradles his face for a moment before kissing him. Slowly, he starts to push in. 

Even though he was expecting it, Shang Qinghua still makes a...sound. A weird sound. Loud. He can't help it! It's big! It's so big!! It's really fucking big!!!

Mobei Jun stops, and Shang Qinghua pants raggedly into his mouth, trembling. "It's fine," he manages breathlessly, trying to laugh. He's not scared! It's fine! 

Mobei Jun runs a hand along his chest, soothing, repetitive. He doesn't move further, his cool lips resting lightly against Shang Qinghua's mouth. "Be calm," he says. "Are you ready?"

Shang Qinghua takes a deep breath and tries to relax. He nods, and Mobei Jun kisses him again. All this kissing is really nice, actually. Shang Qinghua tries to let himself sink into it, closing his eyes, letting his king guide his mouth. He still whimpers as Mobei Jun starts to move again.

Who's empty?! Who's cavernous?! What was he thinking earlier?! It won't fit! There's just no way it can fit! 

Mobei Jun's hand slides into his own, linking their fingers together. Shang Qinghua grasps him tightly, grateful beyond words to have something to hang onto to ground himself. He doesn't need to worry about breaking his king's fingers with his pitiful grip strength, so maybe he holds on as tight as he can and squeezes his king's hand like it's a chilly stress ball. He's under a lot of stress right now, okay?!

Everything in him is attuned to the way Mobei Jun feels, the thickness of him, the intensity of the stretch around him. He's so big. Shang Qinghua can barely breathe through it, gasping unevenly against Mobei Jun's mouth and dimly aware that he's shaking like a leaf. All he can do is clutch weakly at Mobei Jun and make embarrassing noises, completely overcome. 

Mobei Jun moves so slowly, giving him time to adjust. He's starting to pant, little growls escaping him. His hips move in tiny motions, pushing deeper a millimeter at a time, slow, so slow. He's watching Shang Qinghua's face intently now. 

"Qinghua," he says, his voice rough. 

Shang Qinghua nods jerkily to prompt Mobei Jun to keep going, his gasping breaths going ragged and shallow. His legs are already spread as wide as they can go and it still doesn't feel like it's enough! How big is his king?! Is there more? He's still going?! 

Endure! Endure, Shang Qinghua!! Your life is at stake here! 

After what seems like an interminable amount of time, Mobei Jun finally grunts, settling flush against him. God, finally! 

"Are you in?" Shang Qinghua gasps. 


"You're supposed to say 'I'm in."

"I'm in."

Shang Qinghua laughs helplessly. Overwhelmed tears trickle down his face as he breathes, unsteady, trembling with laughter and strain. He can feel Mobei Jun shaking with the effort it takes to stay still inside him, and the thought that his king could just decide to start going at it like he's at a rodeo drives a terrible, undeniable little whimper of fear out of him. He'll break in half if that happens! He'll die! He really will! 

Mobei Jun lets his face loll against Shang Qinghua's shoulder, panting heavily. "Qinghua," he says, slurred and wavering. 

"Please wait, my king." His voice comes out all thin and forced, wobbling tremulously like a sob. How embarrassing…

Mobei Jun seems to pull himself together abruptly. He cups Shang Qinghua's face carefully, brushing away the tear tracks. A visible crease forms between his brows and tension tightens the corners of his eyes and mouth. He looks so angry! No, not angry. He looks...worried.  

"Is it too much."

Is it too much?! What kind of question is that?! Of course it's too much!!

"No, no, just, just give me a second." Shang Qinghua breathes in shakily, trying his best to relax, concentrating on the measured strength of his king's fingers curled around his hand and the way Mobei Jun mouths softly at him, like he's afraid that if he kisses Shang Qinghua too hard right now, he'll shatter him like a poorly made porcelain vase. Shang Qinghua sort of resents that! This servant took your daily beatings for years on end, my king! Obviously this master is made out of the indestructible plastic used in baby toys! 

Still, the delicate handling is uh, greatly appreciated. Maybe, just maybe, he was feeling slightly overwhelmed, just for a few seconds. No big deal! He's calm now. Totally calm. He just needs a little more time to uh, do some breathing exercises before they continue, because it's.......big. Mobei Jun's heaven-splitting pillar is really fucking big, there's no getting around that. But hey! The worst part is over already. It's in! Now he just has to hold out til the end. Endure, Shang Qinghua! You've got this! He takes a deep breath and bears down experimentally, determined to make the best of things! 

Mobei Jun makes a broken sound against his mouth, eyes slamming shut as he groans Shang Qinghua's name. His hand spasms around Shang Qinghua's fingers, his entire body shuddering with the strain of holding himself motionless. He bites at Shang Qinghua's shoulder before visibly stopping himself. "Tight," he snarls, his voice hoarse. "It's good."

Shang Qinghua bears down again to make him groan, watching the raw desire move across his king's face. Oh, that's a good look on him. Well, any look is a good on his king's cold and imperious face, but that specific look of forcefully controlled desperation is his favorite one yet! He did that. And he can do it again! 

He does it again. Mobei Jun moans very nicely, his entire core flexing in an incredibly sexy manner as he fights to stay still. He bares his fangs, unable to do anything but bear it, shaking. Ha! Take that, my king! See how it feels! How about you endure for once! 

Mobei Jun meets his gaze and growls softly, his eyes narrowing. Shang Qinghua wipes off whatever self-satisfied expression was on his face, hurriedly replacing it with one of very appropriate respect and admiration. Mobei Jun is holding back for his sake here! Why is he going out of his way to poke this sleeping dragon? If he pokes too hard, he's the one who's gonna get skewered!! 

Okay, no joke though, it...sort of makes him feel good, that he could put that expression on Mobei Jun's face. He can make Mobei Jun feel good too. His king is really going above and beyond for him here! The least he can do is take Mobei Jun's monster cock without complaining and make it decent for both of them.

"Good," he murmurs, mustering up his resolve and squeezing Mobei Jun's hand, then his cock, making him groan. "It's good for me too, my king."

"Qinghua," Mobei Jun says again, teeth gritted. His eyes slit open, hazy, pupils dilated dark. He's practically pleading at this point! 

"You can move, my king."

Mobei Jun snarls and snaps his hips forward eagerly. The movement immediately punches out a long, whimpering moan from somewhere deep in Shang Qinghua's chest. The worry mark between Mobei Jun's brows deepens and he makes a questioning sound.

Shang Qinghua's voice is absolutely not all wispy and breathy as he gasps "It's fine, it's fine! Keep going, my king." 

Mobei Jun grunts and starts to move, rolling his hips in small circles; deep, slow grinding like he's trying to get as much contact inside as possible. Even that is enough to make Shang Qinghua go lightheaded, halfway to overwhelmed. 

"My king," he gasps, feeling like the air has been knocked clean out of him. Okay so he's sort of relieved that Mobei Jun started off slowly because he's not sure he could have handled much more than this! He can feel every single inch of Mobei Jun's cock buried inside him. Every movement sends sparks of sensation skittering through him that border on unpleasant. Even this slow, dirty grinding feels like it's sending him into shock. 

Mobei Jun mouths at him, sloppy, distracted. It must be excruciating for him to move so slowly, to pace himself to Shang Qinghua's comfort level, but he doesn't attempt to go any faster, dutifully watching Shang Qinghua's face, studying his expression for pain or distress. His eyes keep fluttering closed, and he has to drag them open every few seconds, blinking heavily as if dazed, his pupils dilating slowly as he refocuses on Shang Qinghua's face. 

He looks...wrecked. He looks as wrecked as Shang Qinghua feels. Somehow, that actually gives Shang Qinghua the strength to pull together the scattered shreds of his composure! 

"My king," he mumbles, patting Mobei Jun's perfect chest in a reassuring and slightly proprietary manner. "It's fine. It's okay." 

Mobei Jun swallows tensely. Shang Qinghua watches it travel down his throat and is seized by the urge to follow it. He reaches up and cups his hand against the soft underside of his king's throat, resting his fingers lightly against the fast-beating pulse. Mobei Jun goes very still, the small movements of his hips coming to an abrupt stop. His eyes widen perceptibly, the pupils contracting to sudden slits. His Adam's apple bobs lightly against the palm of Shang Qinghua's hand as he swallows again, thickly.

Presumptuous! Too presumptuous!! Mobei Jun's reaction doesn't seem quite normal! Shang Qinghua lets his hand fall away, already stammering a weak apology, but what can he even say? He has no excuse, he just wanted to touch on his king a little! 

He's unprepared for Mobei Jun to lean down and smash their mouths together, kissing him so urgently that it feels like he might pass out from the sheer intensity! As if that's not enough, Mobei Jun starts to move again, grinding deep in a way that has Shang Qinghua moaning stupidly into his mouth, his brain dissolving into slush. He's vaguely aware that he's being very loud, but he can't bring himself to care when Mobei Jun is kissing him so deeply that it's like he's trying to get a taste of Shang Qinghua's soul.  

My king, if this old man's immortal soul dissipates from your rough treatment, you have to take responsibility, okay? Here lies Shang Qinghua: He died before his time because Mobei Jun kissed him so hard that his soul disintegrated like a teacup dropped from the top of the Pearl Tower! 

Mobei Jun groans into his mouth, not caring one bit about Shang Qinghua's hysterical thoughts. He's dragging his tongue along Shang Qinghua's, swallowing all his muffled sounds with a frankly terrifying level of enthusiasm. Shang Qinghua closes his eyes and lets himself sink into it, digging his nails into Mobei Jun's shoulders, seeking purchase. His king's skin is far too thick to be torn by his frail human hands, but Mobei Jun still hisses with undisguised pleasure, shuddering as Shang Qinghua drags his nails down along the muscular plane of his king's back. 

Mobei Jun starts to pick up the pace, falling into an even rhythm - short, short, long, grinding in deep on the last thrust. He catches Shang Qinghua's clutching hands and tugs them up above his head, holding him down by the wrists. Shang Qinghua gasps, his entire body lighting up as he wriggles helplessly in place, pinned carefully but inexorably down. "My king," he cries in between kisses. "My king, my king, please - "

Every point of contact between them feels like a brand, Mobei Jun's powerful hands encircling both wrists, his mouth consuming him whole, the enormous weight and heft of his cock deep inside Shang Qinghua, moving steadily like the tide. Shang Qinghua feels like he could be a sacrifice on some ritualistic altar right now, his king's hands as binding as any set of manacles, held down, held open, being willingly devoured alive. 

Instead of being slightly weirded out by his newly discovered flair for dramatic cannibalistic imagery, the thought is sexy and exciting! He should definitely run with it and turn this into a oneshot! First-person POV even! Please give this humble author a little more inspiration, my king! 

He attempts to grab Mobei Jun's hands, gripping pleadingly at his king's waist with his thighs for more. Mobei Jun makes an appreciative sound which rumbles very sexily between their joined lips. He helps Shang Qinghua hook both legs around his waist, moving evenly the entire time, shifting his weight downwards to fuck Shang Qinghua into the bed. 

The new angle feels good, any lingering discomfort tipping into pleasure so quickly that Shang Qinghua lets out a startled scream, his entire body arching into it. Mobei Jun stills, his hands tightening around Shang Qinghua's wrists. "Good?" he asks, terse.

"Yeah," Shang Qinghua sobs weakly, his head lolling against his arms. "Yeah, yeah, my king, again, please, it's fine, I won't break - "

Mobei Jun doesn't need to be told twice. He grips Shang Qinghua's wrists to steady him and starts to move for real, his hips snapping forward with enough force that it shakes the bedframe, his pace as rhythmic as a metronome. All Shang Qinghua can do is gasp, sensation inundating him. Every thrust pushes a new, embarrassing noise out of him. He tries to grab at something to ground himself, his hands twisting uselessly in Mobei Jun's grip. Mobei Jun slides his hands up so they're palm to palm, fingers intertwined, letting Shang Qinghua squeeze him, vicelike, white-knuckled. 

Somehow, half out of his mind, kiss-drunk and near-delirious with pleasure, Shang Qinghua still finds the air to babble, smudging disjointed phrases across Mobei Jun's lips, raw sounds and words of encouragement spilling from him like water. It's so much, but it's good, it's good, it's so good. He didn't know anything could feel like this, he doesn't want Mobei Jun to stop, needs him to keep going and going and going and - 

Shang Qinghua cries out, his voice cracking as Mobei Jun bumps up against something that lights him up like a flare from the inside out. Mobei Jun grunts and does it again, adjusting his aim until Shang Qinghua lets out a shout of pleasure, his body jerking up uncontrollably.

Mobei Jun grunts again, satisfied this time, and really, it's incredible how much emotion he can convey through a single syllable. Who says his king is difficult to read! He's so - he's - Shang Qinghua's eyes roll back into his head and his thoughts fracture, dispersing to the four winds as Mobei Jun rocks meaningfully into him. His king's dick is way too big to be hitting the g-spot on every thrust, but Mobei Jun makes sure to grind up against it every time he pushes in and it's so good that it has Shang Qinghua babbling like a maniac and shoving his hips down for more. 

Mobei Jun is so big, it feels like he goes on forever, the long dragging slide when he pulls out, the electrifying friction when he pushes back in making Shang Qinghua's brain stutter and short-circuit every single time. His own body clutches tightly around Mobei Jun's cock, trying to hold him inside, greedy for everything his king has to give him. He feels so open, so debauched, the sound of his high, frantic panting and keening like the death whines of an animal being eaten alive. Please make sure to eat up, my king! Don't leave anything behind. Leftovers go bad in the fridge quicker than you think! 

He squeezes Mobei Jun's hands, encouraging him, mindlessly trying to match him every place they touch. Held down like this, it's so easy to let himself be swept away by his king's irresistible strength. Time and sensation blur, melting together like gold in a crucible, reforming into something warm and radiant. An enormous feeling swells within him like a vast wave, racing inevitably towards the shore. 

Mobei Jun's hand slips between them and he curls his fingers around Shang Qinghua's dick, stroking steadily in time with the movement of his hips. Shang Qinghua sobs, seizing up around the bright shock of pleasure. He can feel his entire body tightening with anticipatory pressure, his spine arcing taut like a bow slowly being drawn. 

"My king!" he sobs, clutching desperately at him. "Ahh, my king, I'm - I can't -"

"Qinghua," Mobei Jun says. He's watching Shang Qinghua's face with intent, covetous eyes, as if he's trying to memorize his expression. Shang Qinghua would be mortified by that if he had any spare brainpower available, but his entire body is boiling over like 200 mentos dropped in a 1-liter Coke bottle, and he doesn't have anything left to spare on modulating whatever ugly sex face he's making. Mobei Jun's hand tightens around Shang Qinghua's dick and he pulls, dragging up, his grip so tight and relentless and so, so perfect -

"Come," he says, commanding. 

Shang Qinghua thinks he screams. His orgasm slams into him with ruthless intensity, stripping him of every single thought as he shakes apart around it, curling inward around the incandescent supernova flare of pleasure as it thunders through him, every piece of him spooling loose in its wake, unraveling at the seams. 

Mobei Jun covers Shang Qinghua's shuddering body with his own, snarling softly into his neck, thrumming with satisfaction. He never stops moving, fucking Shang Qinghua steadily through it, his hips moving in small, circling thrusts like he's trying to imprint the shape of himself inside Shang Qinghua's body. 

 When Shang Qinghua finally comes down, wheezing and shaking and barely coherent, he feels like he's been thoroughly scrambled and then hastily reassembled into something only vaguely resembling a human. Shivery aftershocks still course through him, raw sensation just on the good side of overwhelming. His legs are thrown wide open like the gates of hell but he doesn't think he has the strength to close them, long shudders coursing through his thighs like reverberations after a bell has been rung. 

Mobei Jun is holding him, one arm coiled around Shang Qinghua's waist, the other wrapped around his shoulders. It's…really nice. His tight grip is so comforting, a grounding element in the staticky wake of afterglow. Shang Qinghua can close his eyes and press his face into Mobei Jun's cool shoulder, breathing through the tremors until the tension in his body melts away. 

"My king," he mumbles, when he feels a bit more like a person again, groping at Mobei Jun and feeling pleasantly blurred and kind of crispy around the edges. 

"Qinghua," Mobei Jun replies, his voice slightly strained. He's still buried deep inside Shang Qinghua, his hips moving occasionally in tiny, helpless motions. He still hasn't finished yet. That's not good! His king needs to finish. He needs to finish inside! Shang Qinghua swallows his drool and starts pulling all the scrambled pieces of himself back together. 

"My king, you can keep going," he says hoarsely. He tries to link his noodle arms around Mobei Jun's neck, but can't manage enough strength to keep them up, too tired and overwrought. He circles his hands around Mobei Jun's waist instead, squeezing weakly. "It's fine. You need to finish."

He was sort of kidding earlier when he said Mobei Jun could just keep going while he took a little nap, but at this rate, that's exactly what will end up happening! Curse you, demonic stamina! Curse you and your stupid author too! 

"You're not hurt?" Mobei Jun asks him, shifting back slightly so he can swipe away the mess on Shang Qinghua's belly with his much-abused inner robe. Shang Qinghua makes a face. Those stains are never going to come out, my king...we don't have high-efficiency detergent here! We don't have bleach! Use your own inner robe! 

"Qinghua," Mobei Jun repeats, hovering over him. Why is he so impatient! This master is busy condemning your sins against the laundry! 

"I'm fine, my king, I'm fine. I'm really at your mercy now, my king." He sighs and rubs his sweaty forehead against Mobei Jun's cool neck. He'll probably regret being disrespectful later, but right now he's still feeling slightly brittle and he wants affection! "I can feel your heartbeat inside me like this," he confesses, clenching a little around Mobei Jun's dick. "It feels good."

Mobei Jun makes a sound. He tosses the crumpled robe aside and tugs Shang Qinghua closer, rocking deep into him. Shang Qinghua winces, his entire body still alight with flickering residual sparks of pleasure. 

Mobei Jun stops almost immediately. "It's too much," he says, staring accusingly at Shang Qinghua as if he's cockblocking him on purpose.

"No, no, it's fine, it's good, it's - "

Mobei Jun's eyes narrow dangerously. He pinches the thin skin above Shang Qinghua's hipbone, making him yelp in indignation. Why is he being so mean! 

"Do not lie." Mobei Jun's voice is so full of censure, like Shang Qinghua has personally disappointed him in the worst way possible. Shang Qinghua deflates slightly in the face of Mobei Jun's displeased glare. Why is he being so serious about this? It was just a little white lie! 

"It's - ah, it's just...this one is still a little sensitive - but in a good way!" he blurts hastily, grabbing his king's wrists and snapping his legs closed around Mobei Jun's waist as Mobei Jun makes an extremely alarming attempt at pulling out. "No, my king! Don't go! You have to finish for the cure to work! You have to come before this humble servant falls asleep!"

Mobei Jun snorts. He trails a hand over Shang Qinghua's jaw like a warning. "Say something next time," he orders. 

"I will! Didn't I say I'd hit and shout?" 

The corner of Mobei Jun's mouth curls into a private little smile before he bends down to kiss Shang Qinghua. He starts to move again, slow and steady, and yes, it's very considerate, and yes, Shang Qinghua is still a little oversensitive, but that doesn't mean he's going to break into a million pieces! No need for the kid gloves, my king! This servant can take a little more than this. In fact, he wants more! Because above anything else, he wants to go to sleep!

What? He's exhausted! He's poisoned and weak and all wrung out from three (3) consecutive lifechanging orgasms! He needs some significant alone time to process this, preferably through a series of increasingly dirty dreams! Please, my king, this servant is pleading! This servant is begging you! Feel free to come anytime! In fact, do you need some encouragement? A little bit of spicy pep talk? This servant is willing, if it means he gets to go to bed! 

Shang Qinghua swallows and grips at Mobei Jun's forearms, digging his nails into the muscle and dragging down. "Harder," he murmurs. "Feels good. Give me more, my king. Use me to finish, let me feel you inside me. Take me, my king, make me yours." 

He still has enough awareness left to flush as he realizes what kind of sloppy drivel just came out of his mouth. Yikes! He's written better prose while slamming out a 10k update with a 90 minute deadline, running on two hours of sleep and four cans of high-octane energy drink! Sleepytime brain, you're a fucking traitor! That's your idea of dirty talk?! What a letdown! What a flop! …Unless? 

Mobei Jun's eyes go wide, his mouth falling slack, his pupils dilating into a dark, reflective disc as he stares at Shang Qinghua for one breathless moment. "Yes," he agrees, voice hoarse, before he lunges in to kiss him, hungry, desperate, savage. Shang Qinghua mumbles a few fragmented words of support, head spinning as he's swept up on the forceful tide of that kiss.

Yes! Yes!! Haha, he can't believe that worked! Just keep up the momentum, my king, you'll be done in no time! 

He thinks that maybe it worked a little too well when Mobei Jun grabs him, lifting him by the hips as easily as if he weighs no more than a pillow. The only places where Shang Qinghua is touching the bed are his shoulders and the back of his head, his weight supported wholly in his king's arms. Mobei Jun pulls out almost all the way, then slams back in, hard enough that the whole bed rattles, the frame creaking ominously. Shang Qinghua's eyes roll back as he lets out a garbled scream. Is this what it means to be suffering from success?! 

Encouraged by Shang Qinghua's moaning, Mobei Jun grips him a little more securely, locking an arm under him to hold him in place, his hips moving greedily as he murmurs hissed words in the demon language. Shang Qinghua can feel his entire body wobbling unflatteringly with each one of Mobei Jun's deep thrusts. This immediately reminds him of bad titty jiggle physics and has to stifle a hysterical bout of laughter before it can escape, thinking of how incredibly unsexy he must look right now. No flowery halo for him to prevent the dreaded downward-angle double chin!

Mobei Jun doesn't seem to mind though, going by the strained, slightly constipated look of arousal (?) on his face. His king looks so good like this, bent over him as he works, his biceps looking very big indeed as he effortlessly cradles Shang Qinghua's entire body weight in one arm like he's nothing but a body pillow. Mobei Jun could make anything look good, even bad titty jiggle physics. His pecs could definitely support at least a bit of wobble, right? Ridiculously, his dick gives an interested twitch at this thought. Ha! How optimistic!

Shang Qinghua tightens his legs around Mobei Jun’s waist, doing his best to hold on despite the very strong urge to go limp and play dead. That won’t be of much use here since Mobei Jun will just wait for him to wake up and they’ll have to go another 3+ rounds! He really might die from sheer exertion if that happens! Also, where is Mobei Jun getting all this energy from? Don’t his knees hurt?! 

As if in time with his thoughts, Mobei Jun shifts positions, sitting back and pulling Shang Qinghua up with him. The change in position drags a weak cry out of him as he clings on for dear life, arms shaking with the effort. He feels so floppy, his body weak and threatening to collapse, but Mobei Jun's powerful arm coils tight against his spine, bracing him upright, holding him close with reassuring strength. He shifts underneath Shang Qinghua, adjusting their positions and allowing Shang Qinghua to slump pathetically across his chest, taking the strain off of him. 

Shang Qinghua flushes deeply as Mobei Jun pulls him closer, rocking up into him and snarling softly, rapt. His king’s arms encircle him, holding him tight in what is essentially an embrace. Mobei Jun is basically hugging him and letting Shang Qinghua ride him! What’s with this position?! What’s with this level of intimacy?! It’s weird! It’s too much!! 

It's...oh, it's extremely good, actually. He feels so full like this, gravity working to drop his body down onto every one of Mobei Jun's thrusts. His dick is trapped between them in the best way, rubbing up against Mobei Jun's stomach and sending shocks of pleasure fizzling through him with each movement.  His entire body lights up at the exciting friction of new angles being hit as Mobei Jun moves, deep inside him. It's good, ah, it's so good. He links his rubbery arms around Mobei Jun's broad chest, burying his face into his king's neck as he does his best to grind down, circling his hips, chasing more. Mobei Jun responds beautifully, holding him in place and pounding up eagerly into him, bouncing Shang Qinghua a little in his lap. He sinks his hand into Shang Qinghua's hair, pulling taut, the tension sending sparks of pleasure cascading down Shang Qinghua's spine. 

Shang Qinghua thinks he starts to whimper. It's so much, it's so intense, but it's not bad, he's not scared or hurting. He tries to touch Mobei Jun's face, wanting to stroke his king's flushed cheek and tell him he's doing great, but his arms are too weak to manage it, and the only thing that comes out of his mouth are more embarrassing sounds.

His orgasm catches him by surprise, cresting slow and peaking softly before melting through him in intense, pulsing waves of sensation. All he can do is moan and clench his legs around Mobei Jun's powerful waist as it floods through him, leaving him shaking and unmoored in its wake. Whimpering, he tries to clutch at Mobei Jun to ground himself, but his arms are too weak, his entire body limp and unresponsive and overworked. Mobei Jun, who might be a mind reader, nestles closer to allow Shang Qinghua to hold him, his powerful arms circling tight around Shang Qinghua's waist, holding him back.  

"My king," Shang Qinghua manages, before Mobei Jun kisses him fiercely, almost bruising. He's murmuring into Shang Qinghua's mouth as he continues to move. Shang Qinghua thinks he hears his name in the unfamiliar syllables. "Yeah," he agrees hazily. "Yes, my king. It's good. Please."

Mobei Jun snarls and holds him tighter, possessive. He's panting harshly, moving fast now as he gets closer. He presses his face into Shang Qinghua's neck, whining, his rhythm stuttering, the movement of his hips going all jerky and uncoordinated. He's close. Just a little more, to push him over the edge. 

Hold out until the end, Shang Qinghua! You're no quitter! 

Shang Qinghua dredges up the last of his effort and locks his shaking legs around Mobei Jun's waist. "It's good," he murmurs hoarsely. "It's good, my king, you're doing so good. Can feel you in me, so big, so good - you move like you were made for this, my king." He sighs, resting a trembling hand on the nape of Mobei Jun's neck, scraping lightly with his fingernails. "My king, my king. Mobei. Mobei Jun."

Mobei Jun groans, a wild, guttural sound boiling up from deep in his throat. He buries his face against the crook of Shang Qinghua's neck and comes apart, his hips snapping greedily, his entire body shuddering as he finally finishes, deep inside Shang Qinghua's body. 

Shang Qinghua drifts blissfully, uncaring of how gross he feels, all sweaty and rumpled and stained. Not even the faraway chiming of multiple System notifications can rouse him. That's for future-Qinghua to deal with! 

He thinks he feels Mobei Jun wiping him off, the way you wipe down a tabletop at a restaurant after the customers have left. He fights the urge to giggle. His king? Doing cleanup duty? Too strange! Must be an illusion. A nice illusion. Mobei Jun's hands are careful, his touch light. 

He's well on the way to falling asleep, but Mobei Jun, sadistic and heartless king that he is, starts to shake him, patting at his face and shoulders. Shang Qinghua makes a disgruntled noise and tries to slap him away. His body doesn't even attempt to move and he gives up, deciding to ignore Mobei Jun instead. 

Let a man sleep after going so many rounds, my king! 

Mobei Jun does not let him sleep, and keeps shaking him cruelly until Shang Qinghua whines and drags his eyes open. Mobei Jun's face is very close to his, but Shang Qinghua doesn't even have enough energy left in him to startle.

"Hmmng," he manages. 

"Shang Qinghua. The poison. Is it gone?"

"Huh?" Shang Qinghua squints at him before his brain sluggishly dials back online. Right, the poison. He concentrates, trying to take stock of himself. His achy lower back and achy other unspeakable areas keep distracting him and making him blush. He does not feel like he's been chainsawed in half though, so this is an overall win! 

Vaguely, he realizes that he feels - cleansed for lack of a better word. His heavy limbs feel lighter, his senses sharper, like his clogged meridians are clearing up. Success!! A Remnant of Grace plotline, finally defeated! 

"Uh...yes, my king. I think I'm cured? The numbness and tingling are gone." He flops a hand experimentally. "I still feel pretty weak though. And my spiritual energy feels really low."

Mobei Jun kisses him abruptly, filling him to the brim with qi, leaving Shang Qinghua gasping. "Uh, thank you, my king," he mumbles, slightly giddy, his body sparking with it. 

"Your core?"

Shang Qinghua concentrates. "Still there, I think?"

"You think?!"

"It's there, it's there! Just, it's hard to sense things right now. I'm still sort of deep-fried."

Mobei Jun rumbles threateningly. He calls his head healer into the room. Shang Qinghua is too tired to be embarrassed about being butt ass naked in front of her right now. He drifts back into a pleasant post-multiple-orgasm doze as she examines him, half-asleep and listening with one ear. 

The healer finds his golden core intact, his meridians in bad shape, his spiritual veins shredded like confetti, and concludes that he's not going to drop dead on the spot, foreseeing a monthlong recovery at the least. 

After the assessment, Mobei Jun dismisses her before returning to bed. He rests his hand carefully on Shang Qinghua's abdomen over the dantian, as if he's trying to sense the golden core himself. Shang Qinghua is touched by his king's obvious concern, but too tired to say so. 

You did a great job, my king! Gold star! 10/10! Fucked the poison right out of me, no need to worry anymore! 

In perfect time with his last thought, the cool weight of Mobei Jun's hand on his stomach disappears. 

Oh…right. Now that the uh, treatment has been administered, Mobei Jun will take his leave. His concern extends only so far as ensuring that his servant won't die. That makes something in Shang Qinghua's chest curl up pitifully on itself, and he doesn't know if he can keep it off his face, so he pretends very hard to be asleep. 

Mobei Jun…doesn't leave. He lies down and settles himself more comfortably on the small bed, looping an arm around Shang Qinghua's waist and pulling him close. His cool breath frosts Shang Qinghua's hair as he shifts closer. Shang Qinghua commits himself to the illusion of being deeply asleep, his heart racing. 

Isn't…isn't this cuddling?! His king is cuddling with him? Spooning with him? After sex? After multiple-orgasm sex? This…is the absolute height of indulgence, isn't it? 

Mobei Jun growls quietly, interrupting his dreamy thoughts. His hand tightens suddenly on Shang Qinghua's waist. 

"Shang Qinghua. You will never withhold crucial information about your health from this king again. Never again. Do you understand?" His filed-down claws are still sharp enough to prick dangerously at Shang Qinghua's side. 

Shang Qinghua sweats nervously, his eyes squeezed shut. Sorry, my king! Shang Qinghua is asleep! He can't answer! Leave a message at the next snore! 

Mobei Jun sighs harshly and curls tightly around him, resting his chin on top of Shang Qinghua's head. The menacing hand on Shang Qinghua's waist slides up his spine to squeeze at the nape of his neck before Mobei Jun starts channeling a small stream of spiritual energy into him. 

It's...nice. it's really, really nice. 

The cool weight of Mobei Jun's hand is so comforting, his thumb rubbing small soothing shapes into Shang Qinghua's neck. Being held close like this, pressed against his king's muscular's every bit as wonderful as Shang Qinghua has ever imagined. 

As much as he wants to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime moment, he really is completely exhausted. Three? Three and a half? rounds of XXX really takes it out of a guy! He falls asleep only moments later, lulled by the steady rise and fall of Mobei Jun's breathing, the reassuring strength of his king's arm around him.