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The Chamber of Cumberbatch

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Cumberbatch rolled his eyes, “Is that really relevant anymore? When we last spoke, you were with Valentine, were you not?”

“Well, yes,” Tietjens admitted.

“Alright, well let it go then, yeah?” Cumberbatch was thankful the meeting was soon coming to a close.

“Conceal, don’t feel,’ Titania sang.

“No, no, no,” Rory started, “There is no place for that here,”

Everyone made their way back to their seats, in much the same formation as they had taken for the entire day as Cumberbatch started on a closing speech; the room finally captivated and listening.

“So before we disappear again for the year, thank you. Thank you for your hard work and efforts this year. I would like to set some challenges though, if I may, for the upcoming year. Sherlock, I want to see some Setlock pictures as soon as you can; getting thoroughly sick of being asked when that’s happening, so make it happen,”

“Yes, good, fine! I’m bored! John, I’m bored!” Sherlock huffed.

“Sherlock,” John tapped his leg, “That’s fine, we’ll get onto that Mr. Cumberbatch. We need some new cases anyway,”

“Khan, I want you to find us a new meeting venue, this one will be too small come next year,”

“I could ask J.J. Abrams if we could borrow the Galactic Senate Chambers,”

“The what now?” Tietjens shot him a look.

“Well, the Galactic Senate Chambers are on Coruscant, you can see them in Star Wars,”

Rory snorted, “Star Wars isn’t real,”

“Oh, yes, yes it is,” bellowed Tietjens, “Just like the neutron cream, it’s all very real” finally, his turn to hit back and he was met with stifled laughter throughout the room.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do with you two next year, really, couples counseling or something,” Cumberbatch shook his head, “Anyway, we have a lot of projects coming out soon. Alan, all the luck in the world to you; I want to see everyone supporting him and lending a hand. His story needs to be told, so if he calls you and asks for help, then you help him,”

“I’ll help you,” Hawking offered, “Just call and we will get everything done,”

“Thank you,” Turing smiled politely at the both of them.

“Classified, Smaug, Shere Khan, as none of you can hold a pen, Khan and Tietjens have volunteered to help sign some autographs for you; the two of you can hold back an hour or so with me to make sure that’s done,”

Two very distinct, audible groans could be heard at opposite sides of the room, “We have?”

“You have,” Cumberbatch said firmly.

“Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away…” Martin sang out.

“Of course! Martin! It’s our Captain’s last flight this Christmas, everyone please congratulate Martin, he’s done a wonderful job the past six years,”

Applause rang out, congratulatory handshakes and remarks coming from every corner of the room before settling down just long enough to continue.

“Rory, you’re probably good with computers. Can you get the inbox cleaned up please? We’re lagging a bit behind in that department,”

“Will do, Patrick, do you want to help?” Rory turned behind him.

“Of course, we can quiz each other while we do it,” he agreed.

“Are we getting on Facebook this year?” Rosencrantz queried with a finger in the air.

Cumberbatch groaned, “No, we are not getting on Facebook,”

“Twitter?” Luke had been quiet all afternoon, but finally made his presence felt.

“No, no Twitter either. I think we’re all busy enough without adding those distractions on top of everything. Just to finish off, I want to tell you all how much I appreciate the efforts put in by each and every one of you over the past months and years; I really wouldn’t be doing any of this without any of you. You’ve all been carefully selected and once you’re part of the family, well, you can’t get out of it. So, let’s see everyone helping out Alan, Martin, Classified and Smaug, who all have films out this Christmas, get over the festive hump. We’ve got you guys looking after emails, you lot doing autographs. I’ll give each of you a call over the next week or two for some feedback. Thank you again, and I’ll see you in the New Year,”

Cutting through the silence and signalling the end was Wallace, who let out an almighty “Booyah!”

Chairs shuffled and scratched as everyone but Khan and Tietjens scrambled for the exit.

“And don’t forget, cups, plates and rubbish all need to go in the bin, Mrs. Hudson isn’t your housekeeper!” Cumberbatch yelled over the top of everyone as the room quickly emptied.

The cello music resumed, Smaug having made off with the jaguars. Titania and Casanova flirted wildly with each other as they made their way out the door, and Cumberbatch grabbed Khan by the collar and dragged him over to the table occupied by Tietjens.

“Right, the three of us, 1000 posters. We aren’t leaving until it’s done. You complain, we’ll do 1000 more,” Cumberbatch dropped the bundle on the desk with two pens with a smile, “Now, shall we begin?”

Five minutes of silence followed, before Khan broke out, “That’s my line,”