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True love surviving throughout the snow journey

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In Snowy Schitt's Creek as it is winter time.

Somewhere there is an apartment building. One of its door openings is revealing Patrick in his warm handsome outfit who is pulling his silver suitcase behind him out of his door which he closed it before walking to his car.

Patrick quickly got into his car to drive off to Stevie's motel to pick up David and his suitcases after putting his own suitcase in the backseat.

After a few minutes of driving, He finally drove up to Stevie's motel to see David Rose, his boyfriend dressing up very warm in his cute black and white striped sweaters and comfy looking black pant, is waiting outside by his motel room's door with surprisingly two suitcases instead of a couple suitcases he usually brings to their times off together, next to him.

David quickly stands up straight as seeing his boyfriend, Patrick driving up to him. He quickly grabs his suitcases and drags them to Patrick's car; opening the back door to put his suitcases next to Patrick's suitcase before sitting up in front with Patrick who quickly kisses David as he just got into his seat, lovely before said.

"Hello David. How was your morning, Sweety-pie?"

Patrick smirks lightly at David as he just gives him a pet name. David quickly had a horror expression on his face before changing into a frown face to say.

"Oh my god! Patrick! Just No. No. Never call me that again or else I will storm back to my room and stay there for the rest of my vacation time instead of spending it with you."

Patrick just chuckles lightly at David's reactions before quickly kissing him once again to calm him down before slowly driving out of Stevie's motel parking lot onto the road to their vacation time together

David watches his boyfriend, that he can't believe that he has for a couple months and even survived together throughout the barbecue event with Rachel who is Patrick's ex-fiance; very lovely for a couple moments before quickly looking away; hoping Patrick didn't see that, looking at outside scenes of the car instead.

Patrick did see that but didn't comment on it because he knew that would make David feel embarrassed or overwhelmed about it. So instead, he just secretly smiles about it to himself while keeping force on driving his car on the road; trying to not get them to crash since the roads are very slippy today.

Patrick's car drives on the road; passing couple places which are Twyla's Cafe, their store, town hall, bob's garage and finally lastly, Schitt's Creek big sign.

They are actually leaving Schitt's Creek. While our boys are driving to their good vacation times together.. 

But they didn't know that there would be trouble coming into them very soon..

That seemed to be lasting throughout the rest of their vacation times together for a few weeks..

To be continued...