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drop dead, gorgeous

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At first team UA was trying to hide it but it got to the point where it became way too tedious that they manage to slip sometimes.

“Kaminari, a shadow just passed by – pfft,”

They’re all in the living room with their portable set up, everyone sitting on the couch and a few on the floor. It’s game night for their group. Team UA usually does streams like this at least twice a month. Today they’re playing some sort of card game due to popular demand. Last time it was Code Names and this one, Mafia or so it’s called, is trendy nowadays so they’re giving it a go. So far so good, chat seems to like it as well. It’s a bit nerve-wracking to play but yeah…

“What shadow?” at least Kirishima is trying to pass it off, looking behind his back. “There’s no shadow.”

“They’re asking what shadow – pftt –“

Meanwhile, Katsuki is silent and leaning back on his seat, red eyes glaring at the others because don’t you fucking dare. Mina most especially. She looks like she’s about to explode with her lips pursed and entire body shaking. The fact that she’s holding in her laughter just makes it seem more suspicious. Also, Sero… SERO STOP FUCKING LOOKING AT THE GUY STANDING BEHIND THE CAMERA! Maybe it’s because of the lighting but yes, a shadow did pass by from the front.


Stream Chat:

>> ghost sighting?
>> Share house is haunted confirmed!!!??
>> Tokoyami-kun?
>> Why does Pinky look red wwww
>> I didn’t see a shadow????

The best course of action would’ve been not to address the passing comment but this is team UA, what do you expect? Their eyes always somehow manage to catch the most ridiculous comments. Kaminari is not sure what went through his head at that time but their leader is not amused. Katsuki looks pissed. He’s holding up that card like it’s his middle finger, aura so dark Mina has to hide her face with a pillow.



>> Vote Kaminari out!!!!
>> i’m still confused, why are they acting like that?
>> why does baku look like that?????

Behind the scenes Izuku just awkwardly laughs. He wanted to stand up and go to the bathroom but it looks like that wouldn’t be happening anytime soon – not with his figure overshadowing team UA. Nn, he should just remain seated until the stream ends. Katsuki doesn’t seem too fond of answering questions. He’s glaring and glaring. The blonde has become less uptight about his identity nowadays but perhaps revealing it still a bit too much.

Izuku himself doesn’t mind but yeah…

“Gambatte,” the officer mouths when their eyes meet, Katsuki grimacing before he huffs and looks away.


>> Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh
>> baku????
>> *confused fish noises*
>> why is captain acting like a tsudere kareshi?
>> What the – Why is everybody laughing?

And then –

>> Is Deku standing behind the camera?

No one comments and it sends the entire internet spiraling.



PROOF WHY DEKU IS REAL (with evidence)
[ Video uploaded to HeroTube ]
1,729,950 views                       212k       10k           Share
Uploaded –  July 18, 20XX    •    2:19 
go watch the original stream and check for yourself: herotube.bkDKml


pretty stranger • 2 days ago
I SAW THAT SHADOW ON 00:32 TOOO!!!! AHHHH! I’m so glad that Deku is with them. It must be really fun hngghhh. It’s sad that we don’t get to see his face but it’s totally fine! I’m surprised that you actually managed to spot the other times he made his presence well known on stream. Baku was really panicking www. Thanks for the disclaimer at the end too! It’s totally their choice!
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The Coconut Is A Giant Nut • 2 days ago
i’m squirming because i respect them but i’m very nosy so i also want to know.
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Juuden_27 • 2 days ago
Bakugo made it totally obvious with the heart eyes wwww
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MILKYYY CHOCO • 2 days ago
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Go Barbara Go! • 2 days ago
super chat was going insane. too bad they didn’t fold.
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paiwillin • 2 days ago
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“Dad! I’ve leveled up!”

Eri is running around Ground Zero’s avatar, excited because she’s almost maxed.

Kota seems to be upset because she’s higher than him now but it can’t be helped. That quirk of his is mostly only efficient in combat unlike Eri’s which can be used for both support and damage. Watering plants don’t give that much EXP as well. Truth to be told Izuku and Katsuki tried to balance out the children’s levels to avoid issues like this but nn, they really should go on a raid soon. Kota looks like he’s about to summon a storm at this rate. They’ve never dealt with tantrums but it seems plausible.

“When’s papa getting back!?”

Again with this –

Kota always looks for Deku whenever he’s upset. Maybe it’s because his relationship level is higher with the other.

“He has work to do,” Katsuki’s casual reply as he clicks away. He’s done this multiple times already. It was worse during Izuku’s internship days. “He can’t play all the time because he has his job in the real world,” one would assume that mobs won’t know what the real world is but Kota and Eri seem to be aware. Maybe it’s because of their programming, no one knows.

“Tell him to log in!”

“He doesn’t have his PC with him!”

Team UA would be more than happy to lend him one but the guy is always out. In the first place, he came to Tokyo because of an invitation from TMPD. Imagine Katsuki’s surprise when he found out that Izuku was going to work in Tokyo. He was shocked at first before he became a bit pissed because it’s been almost half a year since you received the offer and you didn’t fucking tell me!? Now he feels embarrassed for being emotional back in December, what the hell. They were both overreacting for nothing.


Stream Chat:

>> Just let them talk to Deku!!!!
>> Does it work if you use the same mic?
>> maybe they’ll recognize him?? www

“No,” the streamer emphasizes. “You won’t be seeing him ever.”

There’s no way in hell he’s allowing Deku to do any sort of reveal.



Actually, fuck that.

He didn’t allow it, it occurred by itself.

Due to various reasons, Izuku and Katsuki did not share a room. One, it would be embarrassing with the blonde’s teammates around due to their teasing, and two, Izuku’s here for work. He has to wake up early and leave early – he can’t possibly trouble Katsuki more. There’s also the fact that his schedule is not fixed. He comes back at random times in the evenings and it would be bad to just barge in while the other is streaming. It’s convenient enough that the house is big and there’s an extra room – the one Aizawa uses when he has to stay over for an extended period of time, so it’s not that big of a deal.

That is until Izuku oversleeps during his free day.

“Kacchan,” he calls out, one hand on the door’s handle. “Kacchan, have you seen my uniform?”

He remembers being in the other’s room all night last night before he returned to his room.

It’s probably on the floor or something.

He really needs to find it because he only brought three sets of uniform shirts.


Stream Chat:

>> WASHBORD!!!!!!!!!??
>> DEKU!!!!???? DEKU!!!!!!!???

“Laundry,” Katsuki monotonously replies as he clicks away, too focused on WE. “Go get it later.”

The officer just sleepily nods, using the back of his palm to rub his eyes before he leaves saying,

“Nn, thanks…”

Click. Click.


Stream Chat:

>> !!!!!!!!!??????
>> ----- CONFIRMED

The blonde pauses when his eyes land on chat, head slowly turning around before he glares to the camera.

“Don’t clip this shit,” he warns, eyebrows twitching. “DON’T FUCKING CLIP THIS SHIT!”

They do.



Thankfully they didn’t see Deku’s face.

Because of the angle, they were only able to see from chin down.

Katsuki is not sure if that’s a blessing or a curse.



cocoa-chan @cocobuns  • 54m
why everyone should simp for deku; a thread –
[ Photo attached: BKDK fanart in a World Execute setting. ]

DENISAUR @denysaurrrr • 53m
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jade @dekusgf   • 53m
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we didn’t get a face reveal but we got something better

Kiwiiiiii @kims_art • 52m
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Drawing_naho @nahooomi_92   • 52m
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The biggest question is why does he have a lot of scars

LAVENDER @violetlilac   • 51m
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GIF attached: Shocked anime girl. ]



“What the hell!?”

Katsuki exclaims when chat asks about Izuku during one particular stream.

“He isn’t part of any shit. He’s far from that!”

That must have been the turning point because he immediately reveals, “Deku’s a fucking cop.”

And perhaps that was the better choice, the false rumors immediately trashed.



Izuku is confused.

“I think the bedroom’s big enough?”

They’re currently in a café sitting next to each other, a bunch of fliers and brochures on the table along with their drinks. Katsuki also has his phone out, scrolling down a website all the while grimacing. Other people wouldn’t be able to tell what expression he has on because of the mask covering his face but Izuku is way too familiar with this. It’s obvious with how the blonde’s eyebrows knit together and how his eyes narrow ever so sharply.

Did I do something wrong? the officer asks himself. What did I do wrong?

And then he starts to recall what happened throughout the day attempting to figure it out.

It’s not the flashing chat issue because they’ve already settled that last week. It was a whirlwind, a thunderstorm – thankfully Izuku has a lot of patience and self-control for the both of them. A few assuring words here and there and Katsuki seemed to recover fast. He did bring it up from time to time though, always pissed whenever someone tags him on Izuku’s shirtless photo on Twitter. At least now he wouldn’t have to sneak around the blonde’s room whenever he needs something.

Other than that hmm… They ate breakfast then went out to look for apartments. Katsuki insisted that they should just find one online but Izuku thinks that those are way too expensive. His salary is not that low but he wants to save up during his first year. A bunch of people told him that agencies have cheaper options for a one-bedroom apartment as well.

“What about my streaming gear?”

“Ehh? You’re bringing your streaming gear?” the PC, monitor, mic, lights, and all of that?

“Hah? I’m a streamer! Of course I will!”

And Izuku at this point is just way too lost so he asks, “Ehh? But why? Are you going to stream in my apartment?”


Hmm? he tilts his head to the side because Katsuki seems to be shaking in anger.

It’s the Pomeranian look again.


“Kacchan?” Izuku exclaims, panicking when the blonde stands up and heads to the door. “Where are you going – Kacchan!?” as he tidies up, immediately following the other out of the café.

What is it!?



“The bedroom is not big enough!”

“It’s fine if it’s over your budget. We have super chat!”

“What an ugly kitchen,”

“Not that one. There’s no security,”




“Of course I was just joking!”

No, he totally forgot.

Izuku is trying to smile as he pats Katsuki’s head, pulling him in closer for a hug. He can practically feel the other pouting against his shoulder, the both of them standing at the bus stop. After thinking about it for a while the officer realized what he missed and yes, it’s a pretty big mistake on his part. There’s also the fact that the blonde has been hinting about it since January so nn… he’d rather not think about that. Izuku’s usually not this dense and inattentive but he really doesn’t have any excuse.

He can feel himself sweating.


“You weren’t fucking joking. Stop lying,”

“It… It really was just a joke!” Izuku gulps when he looks down and sees Katsuki’s glare.

Red is pretty but it’s very scary sometimes…

“Really?” the streamer asks again, his grip on the officer’s arm tightening. For some reason, Izuku can feel some sort of pressure sink in, much worse compared to the times he was faced with a bunch of criminals. Katsuki would probably do well with interrogation. That look he has on his face is no joke. Izuku is a trained combat specialist, you know! “You swear on your mother? You’re sure it was just a joke?”

If you say it like that… Kuhh!

“What... How? How should I make it up to you?”

Yeah, let’s just do that. No entirely admitting the mistake and just jumping straight to the consequences.

It’s better this way.

Katsuki remains silent for a moment, staring up at the other before he grins.

“Kacchan, what are you planning?”

He looks smug, a bit too pleased for Izuku’s liking.


A few days later they sign their new apartment’s lease.



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Deku’s real identity @reddit.Nl/IOknak



“Kacchan,” Izuku frowns, not liking what he was hearing from Aizawa.

“What’s this Reddit post about?”

Ahh… the thing that’s been going around since last year?

“You see…”


Katsuki grimaces, watching the other pick up the phone.

“An unknown number?”

That’s a story for another day.