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drop dead, gorgeous

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Izuku blinks, fingers rapidly tapping on the keyboard, mouse gliding against the desk.

It's seven am on a Saturday morning and here he is sitting in front of the computer, his companion cursing at him loudly, headphones blaring at his ears. It's so loud he slightly flinches, panicking as he tries to chain his moves and overthrow the monster rampaging in front of his avatar. He doesn't have a lot of mana left, not much HP either. It also doesn't help how they’ve ran out of potions due to the dungeon mission they did previously.


Usually, other players would join parties to defeat this particular boss. It was that strong.

Izuku might be able to find one but his partner… well, due to his colorful language and a rather extreme personality; he doesn’t get along with others. Groups most especially, it wasn’t his forte. He's extremely strong and skilled but he isn't really cooperative. Izuku as wellhe is too much of a pushover to refuse the duo invites so before he knew it he had been favored and couldn’t leave.

“I’m so sorry, Kacchan!”


“When…When’s your CC up?”


Izuku sweatdrops as he observes the other charge, waiting for the countdown to proceed before running towards the enemy. His final attack was ready and his partner was about to execute. If they do this well then they might win the game.

Wait for the right timing, wait for the right timing, wait for the right timing—


“Full Cowling!” his avatar, a hero named Deku shouts, green electricity running through his entire body. His partner’s explosion has the monster stunned for approximately four seconds, enough to chain fourteen combos one after the other. “Delaware Smash!”

“Stun Grenade!”

“Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!” the enemy lets out one last cry before it goes down.

Izuku’s eyes widen and he gets up from his seat, his chair clattering and moving back.

Did… Did they just win!? They really won! Just the two of them against the ultimate boss and —



New Record Set by
King Explosion Murder and Deku.
Time: 00:16:24:06

“Good job, Kacchan!”

Izuku beams, sitting down and leaning back his seat before they loot the treasure box that appears as a reward right after. It only takes a few minutes before their names appear on the game forums and other players start to congratulate them. A job well done indeed.



World Execute.

It is the most sensational and long-awaited game of the decade.

A 3D online fantasy MMORPG that features action-oriented combat in an alternate universe modeled after modern society. There are country servers and upon avatar automation, each and every player is granted a quirk: Emitter, Transformation, or Mutant; either of the three in random.

You can choose to become a civilian — there are many missions to play and you can build your own career like a Slice of Life game. Or you can be someone important — enter a prestigious school and become a doctor or the next Prime Minister by boosting your intelligence. There are monsters all over the place, to raise levels, provide materials, and serve as bosses. Dungeons also exist for players to discover rare items and explore.

You can get married, divorce and have children as well! It’s the very reason why female consumers are attracted. Marriage gives the players a 10% loot bonus additional and many in-game benefits like clothing and weapons that are only limited for couples.

Upon its initial release, World Execute garnered about 2 million downloads worldwide.




Your husband King Explosion Murder is online.

Izuku doesn't notice the chatbox that shows up at the edge of his screen, too busy grinding and raising his level on a solo intermediate mission. He has to defeat a monster called Gorgon Snake. A sly enemy with high agility and accuracy stats thus quite difficult to land hits on. The chatbox continues to resound, messages flooding at a rapid pace. He doesn't even need to see the name to realize who that player is. There could only be one person.


When the mission finally ends, he clicks on the box and is welcomed by a dozen messages.

King Explosion Murder:

>> it’s 11 PM why are you still up?
>> are you grinding again shitty deku?
>> what a nerd.
>> let’s go on to musutafu field together.
>> i want a slime to make my raincoat.

Izuku scrolls down, in the middle of typing before another ping is heard.

>> open mic rn!!
>> come here! I wanna dungeon.

Your husband King Explosion Murder is requesting a call.

It takes a moment for him to activate his mic, the sign lighting up blue when he's allowed the access. There's a muffled sound on the other side of the line and some sort of mumbling saying shitty headset keeps getting tangled. It’s been about a year and a half since Izuku started to play the game. It’s also been more than a year since he met the other, the two of them teaming up as a duo and getting married for extra EXP and probability rates.

“WHY ARE YOU STILL AWAKE YOU NERD!?” came the voice from the other side of the line. Thankfully, Izuku had already lowered the volume settings expecting this to happen. “Come with me. We’re going slime hunting since you don’t seem to be doing anything useful.”

“Hi, Kacchan,” the fifteen-year-old awkwardly laughs, glancing at the map on the right-hand edge of his screen. He clicks on the red dot that indicates the other's position, the screen loading as he warps to where his partner is. “I’ll accompany you but I don’t think I can play for long. I have to go to sleep soon.”

When the screen finishes loading he's standing next to King Explosion Murder’s peculiar avatar.

“What the hell? You’re confusing… dammit,”

“Nn,” at times like these he had learned that it was better to just agree. “We’ll be moving houses tomorrow so I might not be online for a while.”

“How long’s a while?”

“About three days? I have to help mom and she’s the only one who knows how to set up the pc,”

There's silence on the other side of the line before their avatars start to run around, Izuku following suit.

“Whatever. Just make sure to return for the next event. I have four gacha tickets,”

Izuku blinks before a smile appears on his face, “Yes, Kacchan.”



“We… We can’t bring the pc with us mom?”

Behind them, the moving company is packing their furniture into boxes and loading them onto the back of their truck. Their apartment isn’t that big so it’ll only take a few hours, or so they said. Their things are expected to arrive at their new house by tomorrow morning. Both of them on the other hand have a train to catch after this. Inko just needs to supervise the workers a bit to make sure that everything goes well before they leave.

“I’m sorry, Izuku. I’ll buy you a new one when we get to Fukuoka okay?” she knows that it's necessary for school and all. Her son most especially; spends quite a lot of time in front of the screen. "Please be patient for a bit."

Unfortunately, the reason why they couldn’t bring the pc this time was because it was getting sold. It was a dinosaur anyway, an old model Inko bought for her work five years ago. It operates well and had up-to-date software but the monitor quality is extremely bad and the keyboard is stiff hard. Since they're going to move and had the budget, she figured that it would be better to just buy a new one.

“Midoriya-san, can you please tell us which ones you don’t want us to pack?”

“Ah, yes! Coming!”

Inko turns towards the worker who is holding a box while Izuku watches her back retreat.

Just like that, eight years had passed.



“You used to play World Execute?”

Shinsou narrows his eyes at his friend who is awkwardly laughing and scratching a finger against a freckled cheek.

“I used to eight years ago,” he started when he was fourteen and played for about a year and a half. It wasn’t a long time compared to others but he almost managed to max out his level and set a few records here and there. “We moved to Fukuoka so we couldn’t bring my pc. Mom brought me a laptop but I can’t really play it there,” true, it was an MMORPG type of game so it needed a big screen and a separate keyboard. A laptop simply won’t do.

“Hmm…” Shinsou remains silent for a while before continuing. “Were you good at it?”

“I was average at it…”

Shinsou scoffs, not believing that statement for even a bit. This guy was a hard worker, a diligent and resolute one on top of that. At the age of fifteen, he's sure that Midoriya Izuku was most likely grinding away for items and levels. He just seems like that type of person. Then again he’s not really that shocked anymore. His classmate is good at everything — studying, practical tests, talking to other people, and getting on their good side… Izuku being good at games is just a no-brainer. He also got to experience his prowess at a Mario Cart tournament so...


“That somehow pisses me off,”

Good guys trying to be humble that is. Sorry, he isn’t like that.

If their other classmates knew about this they’d most likely use it as a reason so get closer. Izuku might continue to deny but he was quite popular at their campus. He even made it to the secret list of Top 10 Hot Guys You’d Want To Date; a poll available for only females. He had good muscles and an attractive face, quite tall as well. Personality-wise Izuku was a gentleman, kind, and very sweet.

He was also at Criminology. Who wouldn’t want a hot police officer as a boyfriend?

Shinsou feels angry at the fact that he can’t get jealous. It's one of those ohh yeah, these people are lucky kind of situation. Izuku was perfect. He was so perfect that Shinsou couldn’t even bitch about it.


“Sorry. Didn’t mean to make you upset,”

See? What did he say?

“Do you still remember your account?”

“I have the same username and password everywhere so…”

A yes, definitely a yes, “Great, you’ll be coming with me to the computer café later.”



It was Izuku’s first time at a computer café.

Contrary to what he had expected, the place is well-kept and very clean. There are expensive-looking computers with glowing neon CPUs under the table. The mouse and keyboards look very costly as well — the type he’d seen gamers use online. He should’ve expected this much at least.

“Twenty-four and twenty-three where — ah,”

Their seats are next to each other and Shinsou is glad to see that nobody else is around.

“Hurry up! Hurry up!” he looks excited. He’s never had a friend to play the game with before. World Execute was very popular but Shinsou wasn’t friendly. “Wow, you even type slow,” after seeing how the other took at least three seconds with each key, the mouse slowly hovering around the screen.

By the time Izuku had finished signing in; Shinsou’s screen had already completed loading sending him to Hosu City which was the JP Server’s main respawning point. His avatar is an assassin type, purple hair but with cat accessories and all. Yes, that was the account he spent countless sleepless nights on.

“Umm… That’s quite cute,”

“Shut up, Midoriya,”

Him liking cute things and cats was still taboo. Please do not mention it casually.

“Shinsou-kun,” Izuku calls out, eyes focused on the screen as he clicks accept, accept, accept, and more update requests. It looks like the username and password are correct but the account is quite outdated and old. “It says to update.”

“You really haven’t played in eight years,” Shinsou sighs after seeing the number of patches that need to be installed in Izuku’s account. There are at least twenty. Usually one wouldn’t even take a minute but with that much… “You have to wait an hour and a half for everything to finish,” it wasn’t a calculation; it was clearly written on the screen.

“Ghnn… I’ll just watch you for now,”

“Sure, why not,” Shinsou says, avatar moving around the city. “Which server do you play on anyway?”



“AP Shot!”

Ground Zero shouts; the ULT cut scene showing up before the attack full blasts at the enemy.


“Nice team!”

“Nice! Nice!”

“Easy win —“

“Don’t say that!”

Bakugo Katsuki, age twenty-three is a professional World Execute player under UA. He has been playing for almost ten years now, his account maxed out and his avatar decked with epic custom items. He isn’t really a team player – more of a soloist – but they had to recruit him since the guy was freaking strong. The competition earlier was fierce, the other top team: Shiketsu, losing with 3-4.

“Nice Kill, bro!” Kaminari grins at Katsuki, giving him a thumbs-up before he takes off his headphones. “I died during the last minute. It’s a good thing you played as Dealer.”

“It wasn’t just during the last minute, Kami. You have 8 deaths!” Mina laughs with her arms around her stomach, leaning back her seat from too much laughter. “I only have 2 deaths. I won our bet! How’s that!?” against Shiketsu that is a rather good feat. Her character, Alien Queen, is a fighter with low defense stats after all.

“You gotta admit that we won the clash because of my epic CC though,”

“Worked because I didn’t let their assassin come close,” Sero points out, arms crossed above his chest and nodding his head.

He was the one who trapped the other team’s dealer, immobilizing him so that he couldn’t join the crowd for a few seconds to deal damage. It was a good decision on his part since that battle made them catch up 3-3. It was nerve-wracking, really.

“Good job team!” Kirishima, red-headed and tank player exclaims. He doesn't have a lot to boast since his avatar doesn't have strong attack stats nor did he have a lot of kills. Instead, he's the one who goes at the front and ganks all the damage for his teammates. “I can’t believe we won the finals. It was a close one.”


Present Mic is on the stage speaking as an MC for the audience and for those who watched the online stream. The tournament is held in a very big hall, both teams sitting on two different booths. The game is displayed on an enormous screen from two different perspectives. It wasn’t like the players had time to look up and watch anyway. They needed to focus on the game.

Live Stream Chat:

>> Congrats UA! Clap! Clap! Clap!
>> Kaminari’s stun was soooo late during the first match LOL
>> UA’s lucky that Inasa wasn’t around this time HAHAHA
>> Nice Kill Alien Queen! Stan Pinky!
>> Team leader Bakugo tho wwwwwwwww

“Geez, can’t you be a bit happier?” Kaminari tells their teammate Katsuki, leaning over his chair since they sat next to each other. “It’s ten million yen, bro. We get two million individually.” It's good that they won but if they lost then he would’ve surely been bitter. They lost last year so this in a way was good redemption. It was also the final tournament of the season.

“Shut up. Let’s just get out of here already,” Katsuki says, taking off his headphones. “They’re so fucking loud,” the crowd which was cheering and Present Mic, that is.

“We still need to get our award—”


“Take pictures as a team you know—“

“As the leader, you need to give the speech after—“


Your husband Deku is online.

The system’s announcement prompts on Katsuki’s screen.