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Danganronpa - Ruins of Hope

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Chapter 1 - Part 3: Rules of the Labyrinth






Yuma: “Oh no… THREEE! Don’t worry! We’re g-getting you down now! Resist!”


Kotori: “I-I-It can’t be…! M-Mich-el is really...! NOOOOOOOOO!”


Tokunosuke: “What the hell is going on…- AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!”


Casewell: “Geez guys why are you screaming like that- AAAAHHHHH!”


Tetsuo: “The lights are back on again, what the hell are you guys screaming about… we have more important stuff to think about, like what the hell was the announcement- AAHHHHHHH-A HANGED BODY!”


Rio: “Everyone, are you okay- AAHHH! That’s Micheal!”


Droite: “Ah…! No way...”


Cathy: “Ah-AH-AHAHHH!”




Yuma: “H-Help! Someone help him!”


Droite: “There is nothing we can do now... We were too late...”


Yuma: “T-Three is suffering! W-we need to help him!!”


Rio: “I know how you’re feeling Yuma, but there is nothing we can do to bring him back... It’s best if we wait for everyone...”


Tetsuo: “Sorry Yuma… Rio is right, it’s best if we just wait for now…”


As Yuma was bashing his hands on the ground, grieving and cursing under his breath, my mind was followed by a sudden dizziness from the shock and confusion. Tears were building at each corner of my eyes, while my heart palpitated each second without stopping, and my whole existence trembled in the motion...

Nothing made sense… as if the word “sense” was disoriented, as if “sense” completely departed from our reality… What was I waiting to accomplish? What was I looking for? And most importantly... Why Michael?... It’s at the tip of tongue, but at the same time, it completely slipped my mind, without my knowledge…

And without wasting any seconds, more people rushed into the library.


Vector: “What the hell… So that’s what it’s all about, it really did happen after all…”


Durbe: “Our efforts of stopping this killing game were effortless in the end…”


Mizael: “How could we have let Monokuma have his way...!”


Kaito: “Ah! No way...”


Haruto: “AAHHH-!”


Kaito: “Haruto! You don’t have to look at this!”


Haruto: “Big brother… is Michael really…”


Kaito: “...*nod*...”


Haruto: “No…”


Kaito: “Everyone, listen! They are coming here soon… We better put ourselves together before the situation deteriorates further.”


Droite: “You mean…”


Kaito: “Yes…”


Droite: “I can’t imagine how unbearable it will be for them to witness all of this… but I think you should at least be able to talk some sense to Chris, just to make sure he doesn’t do anything reckless, and convince his family to not act in an impulse…”


Kaito: “I guess I have no choice… I’ll bring them the announcement then, before they find it on their own…”


And then with a nod, Kaito swiftly took his leave from the library.


Haruto: “Droite… Is it true? What… Monokuma said…”


Droite: “Haruto…”


Haruto: “E-Everything Monokuma said about the killer… a-and trial-”


Droite: “We’ll do our best to face the truth! We just... have to... so we cannot operate out of fear, got it? Everything is going to be alright...”


Haruto: *nod*


Alito: “W-what the hell?!”


Gilag: “Why the hell did he commit sucide?! We were about to battle against Monokuma!”


Droite: “...What suicide?...”


Alito: “Huh?”


Droite: “Look carefully, the way the twisted strings are hanging from the fan and the state his body is in, this doesn’t come off nearly as a suicide case, this is a fully planned crime scene carefully undertaken by the culprit.”


Everyone’s eyes were shot narrow at the utter of that word… “the culprit”, my heart dropped. I could not forget about the killer, it’s among us after all... I could never forget about that, I will never forgive that person! 

And just a second later, the sound of several footsteps were heard right from the corner of the door. And everyone instinctively lined up for them to move,  and Kaito trailed behind. Their eyes were immediately shifted towards the body… the eyes, narrow and firm, filled with horror, grieve, inevitable anger and despair…

Four slowly advanced forward… and when he almost reached Michel’s dangling feet, he fell to his knees, and tears were pouring down his cheeks.


Kotori: “C-can we free Michael now? It’s so sad to look at...”


Ryouga: “I think we’ve seen enough as well…”


Durbe: “Be careful, try not to destroy any important evidence…”


And then Shark, Gilag and Anna volunteered for the job. Gilag let Anna to stand on his shoulder, so she could reach Michael’s neck. Just as advised, she carefully loosened the twisted string, and freed Michael from it, who fell downwards, but was immediately captured by Shark together with Four, who landed a hand. I can’t imagine how much it hurts to see his brother like that...

Four’s fists clenched as he held his brother, who now was laid in his arms… he slowly laid him down on the floor. Tron approached from the distance, and sat next to his son, clutching tightly to his son's hand...

After a few minutes… he let it go, and rested his hand on top of his stomach…  Meanwhile Chris stood near, twitching his eyes, visibly pained at the sight. It might be just me, but after he was freed from those strings, and was surrounded by his family, an expression of peace and relief was emanated, compared to his previous state… as if he’s finally in peace with himself and no longer in pain…


And then from nowhere…


Monokuma: “What. A. Relief! Finally a murder took place before the time limit reached the end!”


Kotori: “What?! How are you still-!”


Monokuma: “Geez you guys wanted to stay stubborn until the very end! Luckily, not all of you... Ah-hahahaha!”


And after that, the expression of the Arclight family changed into a blood wrenching anger.


Vector: “So you’re saying one of us killed Michael, started this killing game, and therefore no one will be punished.”


Monokuma: “Yep! You should thank that person for saving your necks! But before that, you should find out who they are, right? That’s why you guys will have to go through a heart pounding investigation! But thaaat’s just another friendly advice, but use your time however you like! Theeen after a certain amount of time the class trial will begin!”


Yuma: “Cut the crap! You and the mastermind plotted all this to make us believe one of us killed him! When it was you!”


Monokuma: “You’re saying I violated the rules?!”


Durbe: “From the Regulation section, Rule 9 from the e-Handbook states that Monokuma will never commit murder directly…”


Anna: “But this is their own game, it’s not like the mastermind has to force these rules upon themselves to get what they want. Heck, I am sure they already took liberties with their own rules!”


Monokuma: “Listen here! I hate when people think they are entitled to throw their own accusations without anything backing them up! So if you can't keep up with any claims, then keep your mouth shut! And after using some brain cells, maybe then you can find the true killer!”


Droite: “Well, I do.”


Monokuma: “N-Nyeh! *sweats*”


Droite: “It doesn’t show an active act of murder, however it shows you and your mastermind’s involvement of luring Micheal to his death, prepared by the real culprit.”


Haruto: “Wait, does the rules say anything about the mastermind helping someone to succeed to kill?”


Monokuma: “S-Sheesh! Gimme a break! The mastermind and I cannot have any active part for someone’s murder plan! I am only the motivator! And whatever you noticed was just a small pack on the shoulder, a small gift, because it is my job, my duty as the m-motivator! I wasn’t involved at all in their method or in the actual killing… so I didn’t violate any rules!”


Kaito: “Suuure… we’ll clear this up during the trial anyway.”


Thomas: “Is the culprit… really… one of us?”


Monokuma: “Absolutely positive, I can see them clear as day!”


Gilag: “You can "see them”? well it would’ve been too easy if you could tell us who it was…”


Thomas: “Then I will, I definitely will find out!”


Kotori: “H-Huh?”


Thomas: “I will avenge my brother! They didn’t just take away his life for their own benefit, but they had the audacity to disrespect his body, and in doing so they disrespected his name, his honour and the Arclight family! The culprit messed with the wrong person!! And I will find them and avenge my brother!”


Chris: “I will not tolerate any suspicions from anyone here, I will too do everything it requires to find the killer of my brother, and give them the true taste of the power of the Arclight family!”


Tron: “You’ve made a big mistake targeting my son... And I will repay it back, rest in sure blackened.”


Yuma: “I know how angry you are... I really do! But suspecting everyone is not the right way to solve this and find the true killer! That’s just what Monokuma want-”


Thomas: “You’re just putting words in your mouth, it won’t work on us anymore! And just so you know I have my eyes on you! “Use the string to capture Monokuma” huh!?”


Yuma: “It’s not how it looks-!”


Thomas: “Forget this sh*t! Come with a better excuse in the trial!”


Chris: “Yuma, it’s not hard to understand a person’s grief. Your words must have worked before, and your logic and thinking was right at that time, but this is an entirely different situation we’re in. And my brother told me everything about your encounter with him in the Warehouse, and told me about giving you the Blue pack of strings for a good cause, the same strings hanging around Michael’s hanged body... and now, try to understand from our perspective. What would you think if you were on our shoes? I have nothing else to say.”

Four’s account” has been added to the Truth bullets section.

After stating that, he left from our sight, they probably made enough investigation on the library to draw a conclusion, and went to investigate the other rooms…


Tokunosuke: “W-What was all that?”


Kotori: “Let’s not talk about this right now, we’ll explain it to you later…”


Yuma: “But I don’t understand… The mastermind should have been captured in the library… and the killing game shouldn’t have continued, yet, Michael died instead!”


Kotori: “What if… we fell in the mastermind’s trap instead…”


Yuma: “Huh…”


Kotori: “I thought for a while that the mastermind was watching us all along…I noticed a very small security camera on the Girl’s Bathroom… It’s probable that it wasn’t just in the bathroom… but in every single room of this school…”


Yuma: “That’s important! You should have said that before we made the trap!”


Kotori: “I am sorry Yuma…”


Yuma: “Anyway, that was the only way we had to take on the mastermind…! Still we didn't manage to save Michael… The only way we can defeat them is going through the trial, so let's start the investigation-!”


Tetsuo: “I am at a complete loss, what are you even talking about?! "Take on the mastermind"?”


Ryouga: “Now I am curious of what you two have been up to as well.”


Kotori: “Alright…”

Then Yuma and I explained to everyone… We told them about the discovery we made encountering Droite in the library… the possibility of the mastermind frequently contacting the traitor among us, and the trap we set in the library to expose the mastermind only, and that someone got trapped in the trap we set since we heard the signal, so we came to the library to check, and discovered Michael’s body…


Tetsuo: “Wait! Why have you kept us in the dark? Even you Kotori!”


Cathy: “We are your friends, but you still decided to work on your own...”


Casewell: “In the end, can you really call us your friends when you're suspicious of us?”


Tokunosuke: “Yuma kept us in the dark many times before, but this time it cut deep… we could have actually been great help to you, or are you doubting our skills as well?!”


Yuma: “G-Guys! Seriously… it isn’t like that!”


Kotori: “We didn’t want everyone to panic and fight with each other-”


Casewell: “That’s just a bunch of excuses!”


Ryouga: “Then what you losers would have done if you were in their place?”


Tetsuo: “Huh?!”


Ryouga: “I’ve just seen running your mouths for a while now and talking sh*t to Yuma and Kotori, but what would you have done if you did the same thing as them?”


Tetsuo: “Well I would have told them about it-”


Kaito: “Even if you know that one of them might be working with the mastermind? And also you risk your friends to fight and accuse each other?”


Tetsuo: “I- Hmph... You got a point…”


Kotori: “We still felt really bad about it… I am telling you guys the truth!”


Yuma: “So… Can you forgive us?...”


Tetsuo: “I was mad at you two… but not that mad. I-I don’t care...”


Cathy: “I could never stay mad at Yuma!”

She didn’t say anything about me…


Casewell: “I forgive you, I understand why you would hide it from us…I guess.”


Tokunosuke: “Yeah me too...”


Rio: “You made up with each other quickly… that’s great because we should start investigating now.”


Monokuma: “H-Hold on!”


Yuma: “You again?!”


Monokuma: “Don’t rush! I have something very important to give you! The Monokuma Fiiiile! It has a detailed summary of all the info about the dead body! What would you do without the little old me?” 

And then without further notice, he disappeared.


Mizael: “Should we even trust this file in the first place?”


Kaito: “We have no other choice other than to rely on this…”


Casewell: “I mean… the content of the file looks legitimate…”


Tokunosuke: “That’s why you’ll remain gullible for the rest of your life, there is always a flip side! Monokuma might have given us wrong information so we vote for the wrong person so that everyone receives punishment, just the outcome someone like Monokuma would want!”


Kotori: “Let’s have a read to make sure…”

Monokuma File 1

Michael Arclight: Dead

The victim was Michael Arclight, the Ultimate Archeologist.

Cause of Death

The victim’s body was discovered at the first floor of the library

The estimated time of death is 21:00 

The victim’s cause of death was crushed windpipe as result of choking

The victim has a deep cut around 2.5 cm in length in the leg

The victim has a swollen bump on their head and minor bleeding

No other injuries were found

Monokuma File 1” has been added to the Truth bullets section.

Droite: “Just as I thought… it aligns.”


Kotori: “What aligns?”


Droite: “...”

She didn’t respond to me...


Kotori: “Droite, do you also believe that Yuma and I are responsible for Michael’s death?”


Droite: “I had an ominous feeling from the start, that’s why I told you not to get involved, but you didn’t listen.”


Yuma: “I am sorry Droite, I thought we could save everyone, but I failed…”


Kotori: “Yuma…”


Droite: “I don’t want to pick sides before analysing every single possibility, however so far, both you and Yuma definitely played a major role in his death, the truth will draw closer in the trial anyway, so just be prepared for your defense.”


Kotori: “I understand…”


Yuma: “So let’s begin the investigation, we’ll definitely find the killer if we work together!”


Ryouga: “We should definitely work together, we can’t investigate by ourselves…”


Tetsuo: “And why not?”


Kaito: “Because if we let the culprit work by themselves, they might try to destroy evidence.”


Rio: “So if each of us watches the other, no one will be able to tamper with the evidence.”


Anna: “That’s a genius move! Since the culprit is one of us.”


Tetsuo: “That’s a wonderful idea! Just as expected from Rio! *blush*”

Rio wasn’t even the one who suggested it… anyway. As we finished conversing, Astral, Yuma and I decided to start investigating while everyone split into groups of two and three.

Investigation time

As we started the investigation, we followed the group near Michael’s body.


Yuma: “Rio, Droite, what are you doing?”


Rio: “What do you think we are doing?

Then Yuma looked at his shoulders again and then pulled out an apologetic smile… geez, even Astral needs to explain that…


Yuma: “I-I only asked because the Monokuma File seems to tell everything about the autopsy…”


Rio: “Autopsy is not everything, we need to find signs of struggles.”


Kotori: “Are we checking his belongings as well?”


Rio: “I don’t think we need to go that far… Four and Ryouga already examined his belongings in front of us already… Four didn’t want someone else to be in contact with his brother's body, and I think we should respect his decision…”


Droite: “Look, he has a red line in his hands… it’s as if he held a sharp object tightly…”


Kotori: “A sharp object?...”


Droite: “It’s just a deduction, but I think it’s most probable. This is definitely a sign of struggle.”

Sign of holding a sharp object” added to the Truth bullets section.

Droite: “There is something else that I noticed and found it strange…”


Rio: “What is strange exactly?”


Droite: “We saw the twisted strings that were hanging from the fan in the rear of the library door. However, look, there is another one above the moving bookcase.”


Rio: “I see it now! We were so focused on Michael that we didn’t even notice this…! It’s also transparent! It looks like a normal snare trap like Yuma and Kotori described.”


Yuma: “That was the snare trap we created for the mastermind, but it seems like it didn’t work…”


Droite: “I am not sure, it might have not been the mastermind, but it looks like someone got trapped here… The circular knot that holds your feet tight, is ripped.”

Ripped knot” are added to the Truth bullets

Kotori: “W-what’s on here?...”


Yuma: “Huge shards of glass pieces of the light bulb, wait didn’t you clear them up?”


Kotori: “I-I sure did... Why are they still here? I wonder...”

Shards of glass” are added to the Truth bullets section.

Kotori: "Those lightbulbs took you a while to get, huh…"


Yuma: "I couldn't find them easily… I hope they don't suspect me for it…."


Kotori: "Me too… I am worried…"

"Yuma went to the warehouse again" has been added to the Truth bullets section.


Tetsuo: “Wait how many light bulbs have you brought?”


Yuma: “They were in packs of three... we used one for the trap, and there was one where Kotori accidentally broke it… so there should be only one remaining…”


Casewell: “So where is the other one?”


Kotori: “I-I just put it in the trash can…”


Casewell: “Oh. Wait, WHAAAT?! You just disposed of such important evidence in the trash can?!”


Cathy: “It’s not like Kotori could have known… there is no way she knew something tragic as this was going to happen and that would become important evidence…”


Tokunosuke: “We just gotta dig through the trash right?”


Kotori: “Yeah…”

Then we dug through the nearby trash, where I supposedly binned the shards of glasses and lightbulb.


Yuma: “Ah!”


Cathy: “Here are lots of shards of glass and a light bulb with a huge crack!”


Yuma: “And the whole blue pack is what I threw away.”

Library’s trash can” is added to the Truth bullets section.

Yuma: “Kotori! Astral found something underneath our trap.”


Kotori: “Keep it down, otherwise everyone is going to know about Astral, I am coming.”



Kotori: “This is a pink cloth… is this a kitchen cloth? How did it come here?”


Yuma: “I don’t think it’s a kitchen cloth… Three always had it on his neck… but when I saw the body, he didn’t have it…”


Kotori: “Wait! This is Michael’s?”

Jabot” has been added to the Truth bulles section.

Yuma: “Astral quite down, will ya?! I know that they can’t hear you but they can still hear me!”


Kotori: “Did you say something?”


Yuma: “Nothing, he’s just being his usual...”


Kotori: “C’mon Yuma, I think we should hear him out…”


Yuma: “Wait, you’re right!”


Kotori: “Yuma?”


Yuma: “Astral noticed that the scattered books I ordered are all messy.”


Kotori: “For the books to be this messy, someone had to stamp over the books while trying to open the hidden door, therefore activating the trap. Is it possible that Michael was the one captured by the trap? And at that moment the culprit took the chance of murdering him?...”


Yuma: “I would have never imagined things to turn out this way…”


Droite: “That’s weird…”


Yuma: “What is?”


Droite: “The other day when you met up with Chris and Michael, I overheard him talking about his favourite topics, right?”


Yuma: “Yeah…”


Droite: “And Michael was pointing towards the bookshelf containing his favourite topics as well. You were chatting with him at the opposite side of the library, while I was checking the secret moving bookcase. Each bookshelf and rows has a unique topic, which is specified in name templates too, so why is Micheal’s favourite topic’s name template on the moving bookcase now?


Rio: “Michael is interested in Archaeological topics right? I actually checked the contents of the moving bookcase, it doesn’t have anything related to archeology, it seems only the name template has been moved. But I don’t understand, this is completely attached to the shelf, how was it switched…? And what is this… hair?”


Kotori: “W-wait, the reason Michael was captured by our trap…!


Rio: “Most likely because he wanted to check the books related to archaeology… he probably noticed the name templates changed. And when he went to check the books, he stamped over the ordered books and fell on the moving bookcase, and by touching it, he triggered the bookcase to move, which subsequently activated your snare trap.”


Kotori: “N-No way-!”


Yuma: “Not only we didn’t capture the mastermind, we led Michael to encounter straight with the culprit…!”


Rio: “And I am sure at least one of us was desperate enough to give in to Monokuma. If they found someone in a vulnerable state such as Michael, it would have been very convenient for the culprit to take on the opportunity.”


Kotori: “I don’t understand… how did the culprit get the same plastic strings as ours, reached such a high fan and tied it in such a short amount of time…”


Rio: “Maybe it was done a few hours before they decided to strangle Michael with it.”


Droite: “But still, that hanging string was near the rear door, so Michael would have definitely seen it by walking past the dangling string.”

Dangling twisted plastic string” has been added to the Truth bullets section.

Ryouga: “Also why is the string twisted like that?...”


Kaito: “I think the answer lies above the fan.”


Cathy: “Then leave it to me. I’ll take a second! Also, would someone like to come with me? Since we can’t investigate by ourselves…”


Droite: “I’ll do it then.”



Cathy: “Ah!”


Droite: “I see… everything is coming together now…”


Kotori: “So what have you found out?”


Cathy: “The plastic string is tightly looped around each wing of the fan… And it’s held by a single knot...”


Kaito: “It’s held just by a simple knot? That’s impossible, Michael’s heavy body definitely would have ripped it, or alternatively the speed of the fan would have made sure the loop on the wing would fall.”


Droite: “The culprit considered those facts, that’s why they took the advantage of the fan’s design.”


Kaito: “What do you mean?”


Droite: “I am sure you look it up from here, there is a slight and small curve at the edge of the wing, which surrounds up the corners of the plastic string, which helps to resist at the high speed.”


Kaito: “…! I can see it!”

Fan’s design” has been added to the Truth bullets section.

Cathy: “And the knot seems pretty sturdy too, and it’s because at both ends of the string… have a handle!”


Rio: “A handle?...”


Droite: “It almost looks like a jump rope… after knotting the strings, they stuck the two handle together at the center of the fan.”


Kaito: “It makes sense now…”


Kotori: “Yuma, I just remembered something. I still didn’t understand what happened to Cathy when there was the blackout in the library… I didn’t get to properly ask her.”


Yuma: “Then we should do it now.”

After a few minutes, we approached Cathy, who was investigating the Game Room together with Tetsuo, Casewell and Tokunosuke. 


Kotori: “Hey there Cathy, I am sorry I couldn’t properly ask it before, are your eyes okay now?”


Cathy: “Yes, I am completely fine now, thank you for asking Kotori...”


Yuma: “Tell us what really happened…”


Cathy: “I was just walking towards the Game Room with everyone, and to do that, I had to pass by the library first… The door was open and inside the room it was pitch black, I don’t think to have seen any kind of hanging figure, even though my eyes are really sharp in the dark… but then just a few seconds later… a blinding light was shone in my eyes! You know how you feel when you have lasers shot in your eyes? That’s how I felt…!”


Yuma: “A blinding light?...”


Kotori: “Could it be… that you have nocturnal and sensitive visions like cats…?”


Cathy: “Ngh how did you know?!”


Yuma: “Wait, you can cat vision?!”


Cathy: “In reality my vision is the worst. One day I decided to create my own type of eye contacts because I was curious to envision how cats lived at night, and I am not that fond of my glasses… But it became really handy at night!”


Kotori: “But Heartland City is full of lightings and lasers…! Your eyes must be super sensitive…”


Cathy: “I wore eye contacts only when I was in need, otherwise I would just wear my glasses. I wore my eye contacts today because I couldn’t find my glasses anymore, I think I lost them!”


Kotori: “Was there anyone else entering the door while you were in pain?”


Cathy: “My eyes were really hurting and I couldn’t think of anything else, so I couldn’t see if anyone entered…”

Cathy’s account” has been added to the Truth bullets section.

Kotori: “This means before the blinding light hit Cathy, Michael and the culprit was already in the library…”


Yuma: “Since there was a blackout, it means it's been a minute since Michael has opened the door… but I don’t understand… I put a sign there and tightly locked the door, but Michael entered anyway…”


Vector: “You mean this sign.”


Yuma: “Huh?”


Vector: “It was glued to the door really well since they couldn’t rip off the paper completely… small bits of paper are attached to the door. Probably that person didn’t have time scratching it off because they were in a hurry.”


Yuma: “V-Vector! D-Don’t just rip the paper off!”


Vector: “I think it will be important evidence, maybe not pointing at the culprit, but important regardless.”

And with that, he vanished at the end of the curvy hallway…


Kotori: “W-Who took the sign off! If the sign was there, Michael wouldn’t have died! Poor Michael!”


Yuma: “Nothing worked out in the end…”

Why…? Why it had to be this way...


Kotori: “I feel like we’ve investigated enough in the library…”


Yuma: “Then how about we question others for, umm… what was the word again?”


Astral: “Do you mean “alibis” Yuma?”


Yuma: “Yes! Alibis! ”

W-wait… I am sure I could hear Astral a second ago! W-was it just my imagination of him responding that way? 


Kotori: “You’re such a clutz Yuma… Even Astral who is not even from our world has way better vocabulary than you.”


Yuma: “Well it’s not my fault that I am not an obsessed fanatic with Detective tv shows as much as you two!”


Tetsuo: “How disappointing Yuma… taking so long to remember such a simple word. And here I thought you were the leader of our Super Secret Number Card Investigation club...”


Yuma: “Give me a break guys *sigh*”


Mizael: “Yeah we have far more important matters to discuss. As I have collected as much alibis as I could before the murder occured.”


Kotori: “Was there anyone particularly suspicious or without alibis?”


Casewell: “I remember that in the Dining hall Vector clearly stated that he wanted to be left alone. To summarise, if he was alone, it definitely makes him the most suspicious!”


Mizael: “You don’t have to worry about Vector, I made sure to keep an eye for him.”


Cathy: “Are you sure that you didn’t Vector out of sight for once?”


Mizael: "Vector did exit the Game Room, however, Durbe and Shark made sure to catch up with him.”


Kaito: “So who else was in the Game Room?”


Mizael: “There were almost everyone except the Arclight family, you, your brother, Kotori, Rio and Droite.”


Durbe: “So did anyone actually get out from the Game Room at the time of the murder?”


Mizael: “Yes, the only people were Cathy and Tokunosuke.”


Cathy: “I-I just won a key and tried to use it!”


Tokunosuke: “Same for me! I got out a few minutes after Cathy, and soon as I reached in front of the library door I saw her crying her eyes out and called for help!”


Durbe: “Wait, so the people that weren’t in the Game Room, where were they?”


Kaito: “I was in my Ultimate Research Lab with Haruto, Chris, Tron and Droite. However, around a few minutes before the estimated murder time, Four and Three came by my Research Lab, that’s the last time I saw Michael.”


Yuma: “Wait! You saw Michael a few minutes before his murder?!”


Kaito: “Yes, and then Tron was talking to Michael, and straight after only he exited from my Research Lab.”


Yuma: “So only Michael left… and there was no one to help him when he triggered our trap…!”


Kaito: “But someone else also left my Research Lab, a minute later, Droite said she had to go to the restroom…”


Kotori: “Yeah, I saw her, Rio and I can attest to that.”


Kaito: “I see.”

Kaito’s account” has been added to the Truth bullets section.

Kotori: “Where else can we investigate?...”


Yuma: “That’s a good question…”


Droite: “It should be the warehouse.”


Yuma: “Huh?!”


Kaito: “You said that Four gave you a pack of strings to help with your snare trap.”


Ryouga: “But how was the same pack of strings hanging around Michael’s neck?”


Rio: “We can assume that the culprit wanted to pin the murder on you guys by using similar tools, however, we need evidence to back it up, otherwise you guys would be the most suspicious.”


Yuma: “Yeah, let’s go to the warehouse then.”


Kotori: *nod*



Kaito: “Just as I thought…”


Kotori: “What happened?”


Droite: “Look, there are empty spaces.”


Yuma: “B-but Four gave me only one!”


Kaito: “And the culprit took the other one.”

Two empty spaces on the row” has been added to the Truth bullets section.

Ryouga: “That makes me wonder, Rio, where were you during that time?”


Rio: “I was just in the Girl’s bathroom.”


Droite: “Me and Kotori can attest to that.”


Yuma: “Wait, Kotori was with you? I thought you were in class waiting for the signal of the trap, how did you hear it?”


Kotori: “Well… my hands felt itchy because of all the dust from the wooden pile, so I went to wash my hands quickly. Later in the bathroom my hair clip kinda fell off inside the vent, since the vent is connected to the library, I was lucky to hear the sound.”


Rio: “That explains your sudden call to Yuma.”


Kaito: “I was wondering about that vent, so if Kotori was there when Michael triggered the snare trap, the culprit couldn’t have used that vent to enter the library.”


Ryouga: “Yeah, that seems so.”

Rio’s account” has been added to the Truth bullets section.

Vent” has been added to the Truth bullets section.


Ding dong bing bong


Monokuma: “Alright! It’s time for what you’ve all been waiting for! A heart pounding class trial! Please assemble in front of the statue of Divine Judgment on the fountain in the courtyard. Don’t keep me waitiiiing, see you all there!”


And without another word, everyone just followed the instructions and walked towards the courtyard, reached the fountain with the statue, and met up with everyone.

 The Arclight family… they stood so distantly from the others, and lined close to each other, without any expression on their face.


Tetsuo: “So where is the class trial? Is it going to be here?”


Durbe: “I kind of envisioned the class trial to be more… refined.”


And then a second later, the statue of Monokuma with the name of “Divine Judgment” shoved the concrete gavel, and disappeared beneath the water. And then… there the water in the fountain disappeared with the statue! Soon a metallic door revealed itself.


Haruto: “That looks like an old elevator...”


Droite: “This elevator is not old, the one at Heartland Tower is the one advanced. They are still used within the court. It seems not everything is up to the same technicality level of Dr Faker’s tower...” 


Kaito: “You could say that…”


Gilag: “On earth, one place is so different from the other, we didn’t have that problem in the Barian World.”


Alito: “I will never understand this ‘inequality’ thing on earth, just stop being selfish and use that damn money to good use and problem solved.”


Ryouga: “Tch. *laughs*”

Right then a road to the elevator ascended from the beneath. And the Arclight family soon took their march without hesitation.


Kotori: “I guess it’s inviting us in… we can’t run away…”


Tokunosuke: “I-I-I don’t wanna get in, it gives me willies!”


Casewell: “But we have no other choice… and we need to do it for Michael, he became our friend too you know.”


Cathy: "I guess we have to give our best, everyone's life is at stake…"


And soon, everyone reached the elevator, which slowly started to descend down.



Vector: “It’s going pretty far down…”


Durbe: “I don’t think I've ever seen such an elaborate setup…”


Kotori: “Yuma...”

As I stood in the elevator, my body suddenly felt frozen and my composure started to fall apart. Instinctively, I reached for Yuma’s hands...


Yuma: “K-Kotori...”

He felt my quivering hands, he tightened his palms to calm me down. I tried to take a deep breath, but my anxiety remained...


Kotori: “I am scared… to learn the truth, to face the person that caused so much pain for everyone… the person that we called a friend...”


Yuma: “Everyone is scared to face the cold truth, you’re not alone in this. But I know that I can’t look all moppy in front of everyone when everyone is trying to do their best to go against Monokuma, and giving their all for Michael.”


Kotori: “Y-You’re right, we’ll find the mastermind and Michael’s killer! And no matter how cold the truth can be, we must face it at all costs, for the sake of everyone. And if you are stuck, borrow the strength from everyone, and together, reach the truth.”


Yuma: *nod*

After a minute, we finally reached towards our destination and exited the elevator.

In front of us, there were 22 podiums allocated each with our name, and from nowhere Monokuma and his Monokubs appeared. He cosily sat on his chair, while his cubs stood on their cushions.


Monotaro: “Yay! Finally the most awaited class trial! Our hard work finally paid off!”




Monosuke: “Even if we are still mere apprentices, our harbouring strength will put ourselves into pop’s shoes in no time.”


Monophanie: “T-That is too much responsibility… I wish I was as admirable as daddy, but I cannot hold g-gory stuff and v-violence, huh... I feel like I am gonna puke… Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”


Monokid: “Hell yeah! I should be the one controlling these punkasses and send these tributes to the arena to fight in a life-death game where they’ll go in a killing-spree and make the killings faster!!!”


Monokuma: “N-N-Nyeh! My own little cubs are already p-plotting against their own father for their promotion! Arghhh this gives me so much despairrr, but it feels so good at the same time…!”


Mizael: “I think you picked the worst time for your comedic charades.”


Thomas: “Stop wasting my time! Start this damn trial already!!”


Monokuma: “Alright, alright! Sheesh I never ever saw someone to want a class trial this bad! You Arclights must feel pretty confident about who is the blackened, puhuhuhu! Please stand the podiums with your name on it, and let the class trial finally commence!”


???: "Where am I… pon... AAHHHHH! Why am I tied up and suspended in the air-pon?!"


Kotori: "P-Ponta!"


Gilag: "Ponta! What are you doing here?!"


Ponta: "I was exploring around and suddenly… I am here now!"


Monokuma: "Ah-hahahaha! If your master gets executed, you will befall to the same fate as him!"


Ponta: "I-I won't allow that! Somebody help me!"


Gilag: "It's fine Ponta, I won't allow anything to happen to you! I'll free you when the trial is over!


As Monokuma gave us the instruction, we stealthily headed towards our respective podiums. And then the realisation hit me, and again, an image of Michael's dangling body came to my mind.

I clenched my eyes shut and held myself tight, but no matter what, I couldn't get it out of my mind, that image... will haunt me wherever I'll go next, it will be forever printed inside my head until I am no longer alive…

I'll never be fully prepared to face the truth, but I give everything in this class trial for Michael's sake...


Class trial In session

Monokuma: “Now! Let’s begin with a basic explanation of the class trial! During the trial you will present your argument of who the culprit is, and vote for the blackened, in other words “whodunnit.” If you vote correctly, only the blackened will be punished. But if you pick the wrong person, I’ll punish everyone besides the blackened, who will go scot free, will graduate and receive their deck, with their family members receiving the same award! If they have it. Also, if you refuse to vote, it will result in your death, so you better vote for someone! Now let’s get on board with this exciting trial!”


Ryouga: “I think most of us have never been on a trial and don’t know what to do, although we should’ve been in one long time ago…”


Alito: “So that’s how you decide who is a criminal or not on earth… I have no idea where to start. Honestly, this is so complicated and unreliable, in the Barian world we had a crystal glass where we could see everything, problem solved.”


Durbe: “Not “everything”, otherwise we would have known Vector’s misdeeds long ago…”


Vector: “I think you guys are getting out of focus, isn’t that right Four?”


Thomas: “Shut your mouths already! I already know the killer who murdered my brother!”



Monokuma: “Wha- wha- wha-”


Monotaro: “H-He already knows?!”


Monophanie: “B-But they just got in and there wasn’t a single debate!”


Monokuma: “T-This would be the fastest ever class trial!”


Thomas: “There is only one person that could have done this, and I’ll expose you now so you better be prepared!!”


Non-stop Debate Start!


Truth bullets:

- Monokuma File 1

- Ripped knot

- Two empty space in the row


Thomas: “Yesterday, I went to the warehouse to check out some stuff, when suddenly I encountered Yuma and Kotori, searching for tools.”


Ryouga: “Yeah, Yuma told us, you had your eyes on the package of plastic strings, and they asked to give one because it would help them to create the trap.”


Thomas: “I gave him one pack , and entrusted that to Yuma so he would succeed in his plan of capturing Monokuma or whatever trap they set for the mastermind, the same strings that were hanging around Michael’s neck!! Yuma has been using the snare trap as an excuse to murder my brother!”


Tetsuo: “H-Hold on! Yuma is not that type of person that would be able to murder someone!”


Vector: “Emotions shouldn’t get in the way in a trial, do you have any proof that Yuma didn’t?”


Tetsuo: “I- ah- dammit!”


Kaito: “What if the culprit simply took another one to pin the murder on him?”


Thomas: “There couldn’t be someone else, it was only me, Yuma and Kotori! And that should be enough to conclude Yuma killed my brother !


X (from zeXal) Counter:

Two empty space in the row


Kotori: “Wait! Four, you just said that you gave Yuma one pack, and I was there to watch, and nobody else was there to see the shelf full of those packs at that time.”


Thomas: “Yes, what about it?”


Kotori: “Then how come there are two empty spaces on the row in the shelf? You gave us only one, right? Then there should have been only one empty space, and the prime suspect would’ve been the one person who had the strings.”


Yuma: “Oh yeah that’s right!”


Droite: “However, since there are two empty spaces, this raises another possibility other than Yuma.”


Chris: “This doesn’t change anything!”


Yuma: “What…”


Chris: “After my brother left the warehouse, Yuma could have simply returned, and taken another one.”


Kotori: “W-wait! That’s impossible! Because Yuma and I were together the entire time, and if he left to take another pack, I would have noticed!”


Cathy: “Is just as Kotori said! Yuma could never murder a friend, he’s not that kind of person, I believe in him!”


Anna: “I believe in him too!”


Yuma: “T-Thank you-”


Anna: “Besides, is Yuma even smart enough to commit murder?”


Yuma: “I- ah.”


Casewell: “I completely agree with Anna.”


Ryouga: “This stupid fool can’t even solve a simple math problem, let alone make an intricating murder scene.”


Kaito: “I can hardly suspect Yuma of murder…”


Alito: “Yuma is not a scumbag, I believe in him.”


Kotori: “I firmly believe in Yuma, I was with him all the time, I know he didn’t do it.”


Vector: “You guys are all operating out of emotion, but this game is about suspicion. Remember what happened with the Rei Shingetsu incident? How about Yuma learned from my tricks and used your perception of him to use against his advantage?”


Yuma: “V-Vector?...”


Vector: “I am sorry Yuma, but I will doubt you until I can have faith in your testimony, evidence, is everything, and until anyone can prove your innocence, you can’t change my mind.”


Yuma: “...”


Vector: "Kotori, I have a question for you, were you and Yuma together the whole time, wasn't there a brief moment where he could have gone to the warehouse?"


Kotori: "We weren't together the whole time, but…"

If I say Yuma went to the warehouse, people are going to suspect him even more, but I know Yuma didn't do it.


Non-stop Debate Start!

Truth bullets

- Fan's design

- Shards of glass

- Yuma went to the warehouse again


Vector: "Kotori, are you sure Yuma didn't leave for a brief period of time?"


Ryouga: "There is no other possibility other than if he did, huh… Kotori, everything depends on your testimony now."


Thomas: "If Yuma did, it's settled that he's the culprit! "


Yuma went to the warehouse again -> Yuma didn't go to the warehouse again


Turn this lie into the truth!


Kotori: "Yuma never went to the warehouse again! I am telling you the truth! He couldn't have gotten another pack!"


Vector: "Hmmm, if you say so…"


Casewell: “Hey, so if Four gave Yuma one pack, and there was no one else there at the time, so the one other person that could have taken the second pack was… Four!”


Kotori: “Huh!”


Chris: “...?”


Tron: “Huh?”


Thomas: “What did you just say…?


Ryouga: “Casewell, you know what you’re saying, right?”


Tetsuo: “I agree with Casewell, I don’t think it’s impossible at all for Four to murder his brother to get out of this place!”


Non-stop Debate Start!


Truth bullets:

- Kaito’s account

- Shard of glass

- Jabot


Thomas: “What the hell did you even dare to say punk?!”


Tetsuo: “Don’t think that I don’t remember that day when you treated us, your ex-fans as garbage and broke Casewell’s arm! You even dared to almost burn Rio to death and set Ryouga up to disqualify him! A sick twisted person like you wouldn’t have any problems killing their own brother like that!”


Casewell: “And also before Yuma came, you were already looking at those packs, this makes you even more suspicious than Yuma can ever be!”


Thomas: “Dumbheads like you would never understand! My family means everything to me! I didn’t take those strings because I have better ones in my own Ultimate Research Lab. And even if you assume I did take one, I never wouldn't have been able to set it up because Yuma and Kotori would see me if I entered the library!"


Ryouga: “But Yuma and Kotori finished their trap hours before Michael's estimated time of death… this should be enough time for the culprit to enter the library and prepare for the murder weapon and everything…”


Durbe: “So the people who don't have an alibi at that time, are the suspects.”


Haruto: “Then I don’t think Four stepped into the library at all !”


Agree Counter:

Kaito’s account


Kotori: “I don’t think Four went to the library either, right Kaito?”


Kaito: “Yeah, around 10 minutes before the announcement, Michael and Thomas passed by my Research Lab, where there was me, Haruto, Chris, Tron, Droite and these two. After a few minutes later, only Michael headed out. And that’s the last time we’ve seen him.”


Tron: “...I see. I knew it… everything is… my fault.”


Chris: “Father what are you saying?”


Tron: “If I haven’t told Michael to go to the library… none of this would have happened…”




Tron: “…”


Anna: “I-It’s not like he knew what was gonna happen, so calm down.”


Alito: “But why would you send Michael to the library in a time like that, it’s kind of sus you know.”


Tron: “...”


Ryouga: “That’s a good question, why have you told him to go to the library?”


Tron: “...”


Rio: “So?-”


Tron: “I cannot say it… here.”


Gilag: “And why not? This is a trial so we need to get to the bottom of every mystery-”


Chris: “If he cannot say it, he must have a good reason, I suggest not to pressure him.”


Vector: “But why? Just a moment ago, you wanted to know Michael’s killer so bad and won’t tolerate any suspicions of anyone, and if Tron doesn’t say anything, he's gonna be the prime suspect, what about now?"


Chris: "Don't make me repeat myself."


Vector: "Just because it came to your father, you’re gonna stay silent, huh?”


Why can't Tron say it?… I am sure he has a good reason. I should be careful at connecting the dots…!

  • Because Tron is the culprit
  • Because of Monokuma →
  • Because that was Michael’s last wish

That has to be!


Kotori: “Mr Byron… the reason why you can’t say it here is… because of Monokuma, right?”


Tron: “Huh!”


Monokuma: “Say whaaaat.”


Droite: “It’s fine, then I’ll do it.”


Tron: “What do you think-”


Droite: “I heard Tron ordering Michael to find which bookcase had the hidden door, my bad for not telling which bookcase it was…”


Monokuma: “Hhmmmm!”


Tron: “Ah-!”


Droite: “I was the first one to find it, and of course I didn’t know what to do to see what’s inside the hidden door. So I told everything I discovered to Kaito, right?”


Kaito: “Y-Yeah, we worked together the whole day to find access to the door, but I needed more help, and so I asked Chris and Tron to help us. And… both of us forgot… to tell which bookcase it was, so Tron thought we only knew there was a hidden door in the library, but he didn’t think that Droite first handedly witnessed it from the library… so he thought to send Michael to check it, which is normal since opening the hidden door meant going to the mastermind’s lair before the time limit expired.”


Tron: “...Yeah, t-that’s how it went pretty much.”


Monokuma: “Hmmmm, is that it? I thought it would be more interesting than that! I knew about this already!”


Durbe: “You already knew about this?”


Rio: “Could it be there are hidden cameras for you to spy on our every move?”


Monokuma: “I don’t need cheap hidden cameras! I can close my eyes and still can see everything!”

What a liar...


Monophanie: “Daddy! We can’t close our eyes, our design is meant to be similar to a stuffed animal so we weren’t given that function!”


Monotaro: “That function wasn’t given to father because he has to keep his eyes open all the time to stay alert! He doesn’t have time to rest. He’s so hardworking, he tries to provide for us and spoil us from the money gained from the despair entertainment *cries*! Father is the best!”


Monosuke: “Pops should really take a vacation and let us handle this!”


Monokuma: “Awww my cute little cubs are soooo damn cuuuute! I can’t handle all this cuteness!”


Ponta: "Nghhh! I will get my revenge-pon!"


Gilag: “I still don’t get why Tron got all worked up before, nothing happened.”


Vector: “Hahahaha! I get it now... It all comes together now!”


Mizael: “What was that just now?”


Vector: “*giggle* I am angry, that’s what’s happening, and you know the reason, right Monokuma?”


Monokuma: “*sweats* I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Tetsuo: “W-What’s going on?! Why is Vector acting so strangely?...”


Ryouga: “Huh...”


Droite: “Let’s ignore Vector, for now… Monokuma, you didn’t like the fact Michael was in the library for the reason he was sent for, so you guided him to his death using the culprit’s fatal trap to send your message to us, is my hunch correct?”


Tron: “Huh! You mean my… Michael died because of...”


Monokuma: " *sweats* I-I didn’t do anything! Whatever happened to Michael was totally deserved! He poke his nose into things he shouldn't have! This should teach you all a lesson, ah-hahahaha!"


Tetsuo: "I am completely lost…"


Casewell: "You're telling me!"


Cathy: "My head hurts from all this!"


Droite: "In the library two specific items were moved, that clearly proves you got involved to derail the trial to the wrong direction. I discovered this after I realised you tried to cover up an important fact."


Monokuma: “*sweats* Oh yeah? Then let’s see, what did I do to cover which fact?”


What does Droite mean by that?... I have to clear it up!

  • Monokuma strangled Michael
  • Monokuma hanged Michael’s body on the fan
  • Monokuma switched the name templates →

That has to be!


Kotori: "Is Monokuma the one who switched the name templates?"


Rio: "Those were completely attached to the shelf, it can't be taken off at all. So the only logical explanation would be if Monokuma did it!"


Durbe: "But what's the point of that? Michael was searching for the hidden door, wasn't he? He didn't go there to read books."


Kaito: "It was to disguise that reason. Monokuma wanted to make sure that least amount of people would know about this hidden door, so least people would investigate it, he anticipated Yuma and Kotori to be silent about their trap since it's very incriminating evidence, but they revealed everything."


Rio: "In fact, because of the switch, I thought Michael was there to read some books, if it wasn't for Kotori and Yuma to reveal their snare trap and the hidden door, I would have never got the sequence of events of the murder."


Monokuma: "Nyeh! What are these wild accusations?! You have no proof!"


Droite: "Rio, during the investigation, didn't you say you found some hair on it?"


Rio: "More like a fur of "we know who"."


Monokuma: “Nggghh! I am getting quite irritated now. So what if I switched some topic name template in my library! It’s not my fault if your jumbled brains come up to wild conclusions! I have plenty of good reasons to cover up the hidden door, but that doesn’t show how I “guided Michael to his death”! So s-stop it with your nonsense already!”


What Droite said wasn’t nonsense… there is proof, what is the other item that was moved that guided Michael to his death?

  • Monokuma moved the bookcase
  • Monokuma opened the library door
  • Monokuma ripped off the library sign →


Kotori: “Yuma! You remember to put a sign in the library, right?”


Yuma: “Of course! Because of the snare trap we created, we didn’t want anyone else to be in the library!”


Vector: “That sign would have been the thing that could have saved Michael’s life…”


Casewell: “W-wait! I remember to see a sign there! During the day I found a key that said to unlock a book inside the library, but because it was signed by the Monokubs, I was afraid to be squashed by the Exisals if I entered the library so I didn't!”


Cathy: “But I was passing by only few minutes before the murder, I didn’t see any sign!”


Monokuma: "Ngghhhhh! You got a lot of nerve! Putting there a fake sign, of course I would remove it!”


Haruto: “But didn’t you say yourself that you cannot get involved in any of our actions?”


Tron: “I… I won’t forgive you, I will never ever forget this! You made a big mistake… I won't stop fighting until there is a cotton strand left in you!! Even if it costs my life, I'll fight you and everything you created until the very end!"


Monokuma: “Ah-hahahaha! I don't think you'll live enough to do that! Don't you think this trial is taking a completely different turn? You still haven't found the culprit.~"


Thomas: "Yeah, we still don't have a clue of who the culprit is. We haven't moved on at all."


Alito: "But we still clarified a lot of things."


Anna: "Yeah, I was super confused before as to why Michael would go there and be in that state… now I am completely sure that this is murder in cold blood set by Monokuma!"


Monokuma: "...!"


Rio: "So we established that everyone in Kaito's Ultimate Computist Lab. Me, Droite and Kotori were in the restroom, so we also have an alibi."


Ryouga: "What about the people in the Game Room?"


Mizael: "Three people got out, Cathy, Tokunosuke and Yuma for a brief amount of minutes. So the only one who doesn't have an alibi at that time is Vector!"


Vector: "I was just in the dining to have what I thought was going to be my last dinner, that's it."


Ryouga: "As if, I passed by the Dining hall, I saw Vector there, and then when I opened the door guess who I saw him with? You were talking to Monokuma about something, weren't you."


Durbe: "I was with Shark at that time, the door was partially open but I can confirm what he saw."


Vector: "Ops, I guess I've been caught, this means I have an alibi, right?"


Ryouga: "Argh!-"


Tokunosuke: "Then everyone has an alibi… I knew it! It wasn't one of us, it was all Monokuma's doing!"


Cathy: "That can't be… I know one of us murdered Michael!"


Durbe: "You two exited the Game Room at that time after all…"


Tokunosuke & Cathy: "Eeeeeh!"


Tokunosuke: "W-Wait! S-Shark! When you saw Vector, how long was that?"


Shark: "It has to be at least around 10 minutes…"


Durbe: "I noticed the clock on the Dining hall, it said 20:46, precisely 14 minutes, so Shark's assertion is correct."


Tokunosuke: "That's it! 14 minutes would have been more than plenty for Vector to murder Michael! Monokuma told him everything about Yuma's method of the snare trap so Vector went to the warehouse and got the pack! And since Monokuma didn't like whatever Michael was doing he used Vector as a hit man to do his bidding!"


Vector: "What?!"


Casewell: "That's awesome Tokunosuke! You actually solved the case!"


Tokunosuke: "Well I am the "Ultimate Crime Detector" after all!"


Cathy: "And not to mention Shark and Durbe were out the exact amount of time!"


Rio: "But their alibis are backed…!"


Alito: "But we cannot ignore the fact one of them might be lying for each other, they are buddy buddy after all, honestly if Gilag was in trouble, I would back him up and try to defend him…"


Thomas: "I am not gonna lie, this definitely makes you look like potential suspects, Vector alone to do all the work seems less plausible at that time range, but with two people it wouldn't have been a problem! I I don't think Shark would defend Durbe, because of Rio, but Durbe might be the one defending Shark so he and Rio can escape." 


Rio: "Ah!"


Ryouga: "..."


Durbe: "You're free to think that, I don't blame you, but I will give my rebuttal and then it shall be clear."


Mass Panic Debate


X Counter:

Cathy's account

That's wrong!


Kotori: "Hey Tokunosuke, Cathy said a laser light was shot in her eyes, this means there was already someone in the library, and it wasn't completely dark for them."


Cathy: "Wait, but Tokunosuke came after me, and by that time, the person inside the library did already shoot my eyes with laser lights."


Kotori: "That's not what I am trying to say…"


Durbe: "You meant that the library wasn't "pitch black" as Tokunosuke described."


Tokunosuke: "B-But I am 100% sure it was! There wasn't any kind of light when I saw the library!"


Anna: "Then why didn't they shoot laser light at you to keep you away?"


Haruto: "But why would a culprit use a lame laser light to keep witnesses away? It worked on Cathy only because she had those Night vision contacts that made her eyes sensitive."


Kaito: "So this means a normal eyesight could have handled a little light."


Droite: "I think the entire premise of the argument is wrong, I don't think the lights were used to keep people away, but the opposite."


Rio: "What?!"


Yuma: "The opposite? What do you mean by that?"


Droite: "...I didn't think it was going to be this complicated to actually explain it. It will all be clear after we unravel the method used by the killer to commit this murder and the sequence of events."

Yeah, we need to look into the method to clear any suspicions and doubts against Yuma.


Non-stop debate Start!

Truth bullets:

- Monokuma File 1

- Ripped knot

- Rio's account

- Shard of glass


Mizael: "The method and order of events you say? Michael entered the library because Tron ordered him to check the bookcase with the hidden door."


Yuma: "Then he was captured by the snare trap that we prepared for the mastermind…”


Anna: “And the mastermind probably sent the culprit to strangle Michael in his state because he was trying to find the hidden door to end the killing… Poor Michael he didn’t deserve this!”


Tetsuo: “Since Michael went alone in the library, he couldn’t escape the trap and this gave killer plenty of opportunity to murder Michael!”


Cathy: “And then they shoot a laser light on my eyes to prevent me from seeing what was going on!”

There is something wrong with their statements… What Tetsuo said… could Michael really not escape?


X Counter: 

Ripped knot


Kotori: “Umm, Tetsuo, I don’t think it went that way…”


Tetsuo: “Huh?!”


Kotori: “I remember that there was a ripped knot on the floor … which means he freed himself from the trap!”



Ryouga: “If you can’t handle this! Then don’t get involved!”


Kotori: “Huh?!”


Ryouga: “It’s obvious he didn’t free himself from the trap! That ripped knot doesn’t prove anything!”


Rebuttal Showdown -Truth cross blade-


Truth cross blades:

- Dangling string plastic

- Jabot 

- Shards of glass

- Blue plastic


Ryouga: “The reason why there was a ripped knot is… because the culprit freed Michael after finishing strangling him! Michael didn’t free himself on his own, he was alone in the library… He couldn’t even see his knot in that position!”



Kotori: “But why would the culprit rip the knot? They could have just disentangled it…”


Ryouga: “Remember that the culprit was in a hurry, ripping it altogether would be the quickest way than disentangling it. Also, Michael didn’t have anything to rip the knot, what other explanation do you need?”



- Shards of glass

I’ll cut your words!


Kotori: “No, Michael definitely had something to use to rip the knot and free himself from the trap!


Ryouga: “And what was that exactly?”


Kotori: “The shards of glass , there were two huge sharp cracks of glass near the trap, even if the strings are sturdy, they weren’t enough for sharp edges, Michael in his upside down position, he would have definitely seen them and used them to free himself!”


Thomas: “That seems something he would do. He’s not gonna just stay like a rat in a cage, he’ll break the entire cage for ya.”


Chris: “If he saw those shards of glass, he would have definitely used it to free himself from the snare trap.”


Ryouga: “I guess I got it all wrong then. Just forget what I said and move along.”


Tetsuo: “You didn’t even apologise to Kotori!”


Kotori: “S-Shark doesn’t need to apologise! He was just trying to do the right thing.”


Thomas: "But I don't understand something… Why were there pieces of glass shards underneath your snare trap anyway?"


Vector: "It's almost like an invitation to free from the trap, almost as if left on purpose…"


Haruto: "This trap was supposed to be for the mastermind… yet there were shards of glass conveniently left for them to escape..."


Kotori: "I-I can explain! So I was taking one lamp out of the pack, and it just slipped from my hand! But I cleaned them up."


What proves that you cleaned the shards of glass?

Truth bullets

Library's trash can


Kotori: "See? The culprit probably put it there so that Michael would try to flee and then they could apprehend him."


Tetsuo: "Hmmm, that's weird…"


Kotori: "Is there something wrong Tetsuo?"


Tetsuo: "I just found a completely horizontal cut blue plastic found sticking out the wooden pile, but the trash can shows a blue pack diagonally ripped open!"


Yuma: "I opened that one!"


Kotori: "So as imagined, the second one must have been used to hang Michael from the fan..."


Rio: "The wooden piles are not really spacious, it would require a great balance to undermine something like this in such pressure…"


Kotori: "..."


Thomas: “Well, if the culprit lowered my brother's guard down, handling the heaviness of taking a life would have been a piece of cake. But… still! It isn’t easy to turn Michael's back around the corner and back stab, he’s fully trained in combat! If he freed himself, it is difficult to think that Michael just got strangled from behind without struggling.” 


Vector: “But what if… it was someone he trusted?”


Thomas: “Huh?!”


Vector: “Let’s look at it this way. After he was freed from the snare trap, the culprit, who is someone that Michael trust entered the library to murder him. For someone he trust immensely, it would have been way easier for them to commit murder.”


Tron: “Someone Michael trusted…”


Vector: “Kotori, may I ask you something?”


Kotori: “Yeah, sure…”


Vector: “What did you use as your signal if someone got into your trap?”


Kotori: “Ummm…”


  • By the sound of the wooden piles →
  • Electrical signal
  • Blackout

This has to be it!


Kotori: “If the trap was successful, the body would have gone up, whereas the book would have lowered down, but first the book would bash against the wooden piles really harshly. From the class above we can hear the creaks from the library so it would have been easy to hear that sound. Then I was the only one that could hear it, Yuma was in the Game Room telling me everything that was going on."


Durbe: "So you were checking on everyone as well."


Alito: "I think you were too focused on the casinos to call that concentration…"


Yuma: "I should have done a better job than that… I really believed I had everything under control…"


Monokuma: "Well too baaaaad!~"


Vector: "Anyway, when we think about the culprit being someone Michael trusts, we also need to keep in mind that Yuma and Kotori are the only ones who could have gotten the signal."


Tron: "Wait! So you're saying that since Kotori would be upstairs giving Yuma the news, Yuma would have received the message and gone to the library?"


Yuma: "Huh!"


Gilag: "Since Yuma is the one who created the trap, he would have those advantages than the other potential suspects!"


Yuma: "Y-You've got it all wrong! That's not what happened! I am not the culprit!"

Oh no! Everyone is suspecting Yuma again! I know for sure he's not the culprit, I gotta do something!"


Non-stop Debate Start!


Truth bullets:

- Library's trash can

- Monokuma File 1

- Sign of holding a sharp object 

- Vent 


Thomas: "Michael told me that Yuma was his first ever friend, Yuma was one of the people he had trust in the most, he considered you a friend, you traitor!"


Yuma: "I swear I didn't do it! I could never do something like that! I would do anything to prevent what happened but there was just nothing that I could do!"


Vector: "Sentiment is not going to get you out of this, you need to show proof that you didn't. Show how you couldn't have done it. If you can't, everyone is gonna vote for you."


Yuma: "Show that didn't do it... I was in the Game Room the entire time. After hearing Cathy's scream headed out and Tokunosuke went to the Game Room to call for help, I couldn't have anything because I had no idea what was going on!"


Vector: "However on that time period you could have killed Michael, Cathy's was so in pain that she couldn't even tell if anyone entered the library or not."


Anna: "Wait! Michael was strangled, right? He would need to have that plastic string with him in the Game Room! We did see he didn't have it on him!"


Vector: "Because it was already in the library. I think that Yuma freed Michael from his own trap, and used the ripped strings to strangle him."


Gilag: "Wait, so Michael didn't free himself?"


Vector: " Was there any proof that he did? Yuma is the one ripping the knot and freed Michael using the shards of glass, he knew about it because he left them there while making the snare trap. Michael trusted Yuma, so it was easy to turn his guard off. Then Yuma strangled the poor unalerted Michael from behind."

Is what Vector says true? I think there is a hole somewhere between his argument, I have to find out!


X Counter: 

Sign of holding a sharp object


Kotori: “Vector, I am sure it was Michael that freed himself from the trap!”


Vector: “And where’s your proof?”


Kotori: “Michael had a red line between his palms. He tightly held to it while trying to free himself!”


Mizael: “But what difference does it make? Yuma still could have strangled Michael.”


Vector: “Now that I think about it, the ripped knot is quite too small…”


Mizael: “Huh?!”


Vector: “I was just checking how alert you guys were, but all of you are just dumbheads just as I presumed.”


Ryouga: “Speak for yourself!”


Anna: “Vector, you picked the worst to screw around! All of our lives are at stake don’t you get that?! Or you don’t care because you are the culprit!”


Vector: “Didn’t I already tell everyone, my alibi is backed by my best buds Shark and Durbe~"


Ryouga: "S-Shut up! It's disgusting to even hear that!"


Rio: "Kotori, I want to confirm one thing with you."


Kotori: "What is it?"


Rio: "Who set up the trap near the bookcase, the one on the floor."


Kotori: "It was Yuma… why?"


Rio: "Did you check that it was working?" 


Kotori: "Yes! It was, because Yuma accidently fell on the trap, and it worked perfectly."


Tetsuo: "Yuma fell on his own trap?! But this sounds like something Yuma would totally do…"


Rio: "This means later he had to re-do the knots again."


Ryouga: "What's your point?"


Rio: "I don't think Michael ever fell on that snare trap. This means Yuma could have used the full length of the plastic string to strangle him."


Kotori: "Huh?!"


Non-stop Debate Start!


Truth bullets: 

- Monokuma File 1

- Jabot

- Blue plastic

- Vent


Rio: "Michael's body would reach pretty high up, so Yuma cannot just cut the plastic string to strangle him, I am sure Michael didn't even got into the trap, because Yuma didn't set it up, so he could use it to strangle him-"


Ryouga: "Again with this story? Didn't we clear this already?!"


Rio: "Silence! Let me finish! After Yuma used that long string to strangle Michael, he tried to defend himself using the shards of glass he saw, which explains the red line in his palm. And then Yuma set up the trap to make it look like someone triggered the trap so that we think that plastic string wasn't used to strangle him..."


Droite: "Then what about the sound Kotori heard? Didn't she hear the signal when the trap was triggered?"


Rio: "This could have been easily faked by Yuma."


Cathy: "You all have been just accusing Yuma for no reason! Only because there was no one other than me when he exited the Game Room *sniffle*  I have ears you know! I heard him being worried about me!"


Casewell: "How could you hear it between your high pitched cat screams of that kind, I couldn't even hear my own voice!"


Cathy: " *Hisss* "


Rio: "Unfortunately, that's the only logical conclusion I could come with. I did not want to believe it myself, but this is the best I could. If someone can refute my logic, please come forward."


X Counter:



Kotori: "Rio, you say that Michael didn't fall in our trap, but then how do you explain the jabot we found underneath our trap."


Rio: "That was Michael's jabot?"


Droite: "I thought since Michael was upside down, Michael's jabot fell off due to gravity, but gravity alone wouldn’t be enough. The knot on his feet must be pretty high up, the struggle to reach his feet, the movement and gravity made his jabot fall off from his collar.”


Rio: “I guess that's the truth then… sorry Yuma."


Cathy: "We should seriously stop nitpicking and make Yuma look like the culprit! Michael fell into their trap and freed himself! Purriod!"


Casewell: "I am glad for Yuma but we're running out of suspects! As much I don't like to think, only Yuma could have done it…"


Tetsuo: "Casewell! You too?!"


Tokunosuke: "I-I c-can't help it as well. I am sorry Yuma!"


Yuma: "It's fine, I understand why you would think that…"

Poor Yuma… No! I can't stand around here and let this happen!


Kotori: "Yuma! You can't just say that! If we vote for you we all will be executed! I know you didn't do it!"


Yuma: "Who knows… maybe I really killed Michael… I couldn't save him…"


Kotori: "Yuma! I know you hate to suspect and doubt your friends, I know you're sick and tired, but we need to find the mastermind and the culprit for his sake!"


Yuma: "..."


Anna: "Yuma! Say something! Please!"


Tetsuo: "Everyone's gonna think you're the culprit! So say something already!"


Droite: "Yuma you have to show your rebuttal."


Kaito: "If you don't, everyone is gonna vote for you."


Ryouga: "Just defend yourself for Numeron's sake!"


Alito: "We know you didn't do it, you can definitely prove you're not the culprit because you're innocent!"


Cathy: "Yuma, I believe in you."


Durbe: "Yuma?..."


Yuma: "..."


Haruto: "Yuma… Hmph, we are kinda split now."


Monokuma: "Ho-Ho-Hold on! Did you say split?! I sure heard it!"


Ryouga: "What about it?"


Monokuma: "The Ultimate Academy is proud to present its very morphenomenal trial grounds!"


Kaito: "Morphenomenal trial grounds?... Trial grounds are gonna morph?"


Vector: "This sounds interesting."


Tron: "This sounds new to me…"


Scrum Debate


Is Yuma the culprit?


Yuma is the culprit!:











Yuma isn't the culprit!:














Thomas: "There was no one else at the warehouse other than Yuma, Kotori and me. Yuma is the only one who could have taken the second pack, leave it near the snare trap and use that one to strangle my brother!"


Anna: "You also could have taken that second pack from the warehouse, you were looking at them before anybody else."


Caswell: "In the end, everyone has an alibi, except for Yuma!"


Cathy: "Kotori and I backed up Yuma's alibi already!"


Tokunosuke: "However, Yuma is the only one who could have known about Michael's arrival, because Kotori would send the signal!"


Tetsuo: "Then that means everyone on the second floor at the top of the library are also suspects! Because there you can even hear the crackings from the wooden piles, you should hear the loud signal too!"


Rio: "Everyone on the second floor came to the library together. So it points to the people from the Game Room, and Yuma is the only one who meets every requirement that others couldn't because he created the snare trap with Kotori."


Ryouga: "Ha! Don't make me laugh, by requirement, do you also mean enough intelligence to complot all this? If he ever did something, Kotori would know it by now."


Mizael: "I was also a bit taken by the fact of Yuma as the culprit, but what if Astral was masterminding behind Yuma's actions?"


Durbe: "The subject of Astral being here with us was never brought by Yuma. If he was here we could have easily got out of this place, so I don't understand why Yuma wouldn't bring it up."


Tron: "Michael is not someone to put his guard down, unless it was someone who he trusted! Yuma is the only person Michael considered a friend, but he reduced it to shreds by using it to his advantage!”


Haruto: “Michael went to the library after you told him to go there! Yuma could have never anticipated who was arriving or even know if it was someone who trusted him to use against his advantage, because the snare trap was laid for the mastermind! Not for Michael!”


Tron: “Maybe Yuma decided to murder who ever got captured, thinking they could be the mastermind.”


Droite: “Then why bother to make a snare trap? He could have simply exposed the mastermind being Michael or clear misunderstandings, then killing them.”


Gilag: “What if he simply killed him because the time limit was going to expire?”


Alito: “Gilag! I can’t believe you would side that way! If the mastermind was captured, then the game and the time limit itself would be on hiatus! There is no need to kill them!”


Chris: “As you said, it would have been in “hiatus”, a small pause before the Exisals would have been activated to continue with the proceedings. And before that happened, he made sure to himself to murder for reassurance from anyone whoever was in the trap.”


Kaito: “Yuma couldn’t have murdered for reassurance in the first place. Remember that since Michael opened the moving bookcase, after a minute there would have a blackout for at least 5 minutes.”


Vector: “But Yuma knew about the fact there was only a 1 minute timer.”


Kotori: “Don’t you think that timer is a bit small to murder someone and suspend the body on the fan? It’s not enough time!”

This is our answer!


Kotori: “Guys! Believe me, Yuma cannot be the culprit!”


Cathy: “I said it before anybody else! *hiss*”


Thomas: “Argh! Fine… Yuma seems to be in the clear for now…”


Anna: “ “Seems to be"? He’s in the clear!”


Casewell: “But we explored every single possibility!”


Vector: “Unless we missed out something critical that was completely on the oversight, I must commend the culprit to come this far without being caught yet…”


Kotori: “There is no way, I am sure there is something else we can look into. Droite, you said something about the lights Cathy saw.”


Durbe: “You said they were not used to keep people away, but the opposite. Are you ready to tell us what you meant by that?”


Droite: “Hmmm, not yet. First, I need to reveal something, and I need Yuma to be in the clear in everyone’s list of suspects, because I firmly believe that he’s not the culprit, and the answers lay on the lights Cathy saw, that will point to the real culprit.”


Cathy: “I knew my account was going to be Yuma’s key card to the safety zone!”


Casewell: “You don’t even know what they mean...”


Tokunosuke: “But there were no lights when I saw!”


Tetsuo: “That’s a mystery we need to unravel…”


Rio: “Is the answer to the lights really going to solve all of these mysteries?”


Droite: “Definitely."


Haruto: “Wait… you said the answer lies in the lights, and it will point to the real culprit… does that mean you already know who is the culprit?”


Droite: “...Even if I told you, nobody would believe.”


Tron: “What?!”


Thomas: “If you reveal the culprit now, we can end this class trial!”


Chris: “Droite, we understand the truth will be difficult to accept, but the sooner we end all of this, the better.”


Droite: “I cannot do that until everyone is on the same page.”


Alito: “Ugh! How annoying!” 


Kotori: “So you’re going to guide us to the right answer, so everyone can be convinced…”


Droite: “Now then, as most of you might not know, after the moving bookcase is opened, after a minute there is a blackout, because the things are switched will go off, and vice versa. Now think, how could the culprit have killed Michael and suspended him on the fan within a minute?”


Tokunosuke: “The killer should have been able to see in the dark! I knew it was Cathy! Those lights weren’t there to begin with! She was just fake crying all along!”


Cathy: “ *scratches his whole face* this should teach you a lesson!”


Tetsuo: “I… I actually completely forgot about the fact Michael was hanging in mid-air from the fan…”


Kotori: “Don’t you think that Cathy alone would have difficulty at hanging his body?”


Durbe: “Then how about an accomplice?”


Kotori: “Huh?!”


Mizael: “Monokuma, what does the rules say about having an accomplice? Are both of them blackeneds?”


Monokuma: “The culprit can have accomplice if they decide to, however, only the one who does the act of killing would be blackened.”


Rio: “There isn’t much benefit for the accomplice in this case since they will be executed too.”


Tokunosuke: “But we didn’t know this until Monokuma told us! It’s decided! Yuma and Cathy complot all this after Cathy threatened Yuma!”


Cathy: “ *hiss* I would never threaten Yuma!”


Droite: “I don’t think it that way at all, I agree with the initial assertion by Kotori that Michael freed himself. Now this leaves us with one question, if the snare trap’s strings are high up, what was Michael killed with? Unless we can’t answer that question, we cannot move forward.”


Non-stop Debate Start!


Truth bullets

- Vent

- Dangling twisted plastic string

- Library’s trash can

- Blue plastic

Gilag: “What else could Michael be killed with? The only thing I can think of is the strings used for the snare trap! But that couldn’t be used because it was hanging high up.”


Alito: “I also cannot think of anything. Maybe the culprit hid the second pack somewhere after Yuma and Kotori left, and used that to strangle Michael!”


Vector: “Maybe it was the strings that were used to hang Michael’s body on the fan . It was all twisted and was tightened on his neck.”


Agree Counter:

Dangling strings


Kotori: “I think it was the twisted strings that killed Michael.”


Tron: “Wait! That was near the rear corner of the door! Michael would have definitely seen it if he was past it.”


Droite: “But what if it wasn’t there when Michael entered the library?”


Chris: “So you’re saying that it was hidden somewhere within the time the library wasn’t occupied. And then the culprit snuck upon Michael and strangled him using that plastic string, only to pin the murder on the ones who created the snare trap.”


Droite: “Not exactly… You’ll have a hard time believing what I am going to say, but… I don’t think the culprit saw Michael’s face, or was even in contact with him, while strangling him to death…”


Thomas: “Huh!?”


Ryouga: “What?! If you’re physically strangling someone, you have to be both in contact and see their face!”


Kaito: “Is it what I am thinking? Did the culprit use the hidden door’s system in their method?”


Tron: “Hidden door’s system? You mean the 5 minutes blackout and the things that are turned off, turns on and vice versa?! Wait… don’t tell me.”


Vector: “Now I get it… Imagine if the plastic string was a jumping rope that was hanging from the fan in a U-shape after knotting the two handles together at each wing of the fan. If the fans were off, and they turned on at high speed during the blackout, if Michael was between the strings, which would have passed through his neck, it would start to twist, and eventually hang him up.”


Tetsuo: “Wait wait what?!”


Casewell: “T-To summarise, he was killed by a fan?!”


Tokunosuke: “And the culprit hid the strings on the fan after Yuma and Kotori left?!”


Vector: “Exactly.”


Tron: "That's just impossible! Michael's body with the speed of the fan would make the strings fall out of the wings! The culprit could not have the reassurance of that!"


Kotori: "The culprit definitely knew their trick around that."


What did the culprit take advantage of the fan?

Spot the selection

Kotori: "There is a slight and small curve at the edge of the wing, which surrounds up the corners of the plastic string, that would have helped to resist the high speed."


Tron: “I see your reasoning now. But the culprit couldn’t have known Michael’s height!”


Rio: “But everyone’s information is on the D-Pad… so they could have known.”


Vector: “The culprit didn’t need to know his height. The bottom bit of the string was almost touching the floor, it would pass through your body up to your chin, where it would get stuck. Which in turn will start to twist the string because of its circular movement. The fan would have been at such a high speed that not even Michael’s reflex would have been quick enough.”


Thomas: “B-But if Michael was captured by the snare trap, he would have been near the bookcase! Why would he move from that area to the fatal trap on the rear corner?! They are clearly at the opposite sides of the library!”


Vector: “Maybe something attracted him there? Droite, you said the lights weren’t used to keep people away, but the opposite, to attract whoever fell on the snare trap. If I were Michael, I would have immediately left the library, however, how could I have left in such a dark room? Obviously if the light shined the door for me, I would have gladly past through the door, meaning pass underneath the fatal trap.”


Tetsuo: “Wait, the culprit couldn’t have simply anticipated for him to leave the library! That doesn’t make any sense, even if there was a light or whatever, I would have simply stayed calm where I was until the light returned!”


Non-stop Debate Start!

- Rio’s account

- Fan’s design

- Vent

- Monokuma File 1


Tetsuo: “Michael could have just stayed in the dark waiting for the light to come back! He didn’t have any reason to rush !


Casewell: “But maybe he was in a rush to tell his father about the bookcase with the hidden door, he completed the task already.”


Tokunosuke: “I don’t know, if the light really made him go near the entrance, shouldn’t he have seen the trap?”


Kaito: “Not if it was above the fan, the light would’ve scattered by the movement of the wings of the fan. If it illuminated the entrance, the culprit knew that he would have been in a rush to get out.


Agree Counter: 

Monokuma File 1


Kotori: “The Monokuma File 1 shows that Michael had other injuries, a deep cut of 2.5cm in length on his feet.”


Anna: “And a huge swollen bump on his head with minor bleeding, I saw it with my own eyes, the file isn’t lying!”


Tokunosuke: “If someone would have these injuries, they would be in a rush to get out, Michael even possibly knew then someone was after his life after the culprit injured him!”


Droite: “It wasn't the culprit injuring him directly, when Michael tried to rip the knot with that huge crack of glass, he must have created that deep cut while struggling to rip that sturdy plastic string. The bump would have been caused by falling from that height when hitting the floor. There must have been some few little pieces of the glass underneath where his head layed, which must have caused that minor bleeding.”


Tetsuo: “So that’s why he was in a rush to get out.”


Chris: “Even if all of this seems plausible, the culprit needed to organise the strings on the fan while Michael was still freeing himself on the trap, therefore they had to know the precise time Michael was gonna trigger the snare trap of Yuma and Kotori’s. This alters Yuma’s alibi, the entire premise of the argument has changed, before we thought that Michael’s body was hanged, which required two people, however we now know Michael simply had to head out to the rear corner to get to the entrance, and the fan would do the work.”


Alito: “But that would mean Yuma had set all up on the fan in front of Kotori’s eyes…”


Kotori: “That can't be! Because only I worked on the wooden piles! If Yuma did something, I would have noticed!”


Rio: “Guys, we can’t jump to conclusions yet, we still haven’t solved the mystery being the lights, how did they set it up?”


Droite: “Now that you understand the method used to kill Michael, I can finally explain the lights. Monokuma?”


Monokuma: “Yeah yeah here it is!”

At that moment Monokuma brought the long string that was still twisted. And Monophanie handed it to Droite.


Droite: “As you can see there are two handles at the top of the fan stuck together like this. That’s why it didn’t fall easily at the speed of the fan. Now, this handle would look normal, however, see that red line on the handle?”


Rio: “Inside the line… There is an LED sewn there!”


Kotori: “I had them on my shoes when I was little, it would give out a vibrant pink light whenever I walked.” 


Droite: “In fact, when it picks out movement, it gives out light.”


Tetsuo: “So that’s what it was?!”


Casewell: “That was really clever from the culprit…”


Thomas: “Wait, can I see how it works?”


Kotori: “Droite, could you pass that? I can show it to everyone how it works!”


Droite: “Sure, but this is pretty long, I can just take off the handles and attach them with each other.”


Anna: “Wait; I thought they went together with the string… Don’t tell they are just detachable metal sticks?!”


Cathy: “The culprit must have detached the metal sticks, and attach them with the plastic strings! It wasn’t a plastic jumping rope!”


And then I swirled the metal sticks and a light emanated. 


Droite: “Now you can imagine the series of events.”


Kaito: “ After the blackout, he couldn’t see anything in the dark, so the fans turned on, and the handles detected movement and the wings of the fan scattered the light and illuminated the door. Since he had injuries to treat, he rushed outside, however that fata trap caught him.”


Kotori: “And after 5 minutes, the fans stopped moving, and it was dark again.”


Droite: “It takes a few more seconds for the fan to be completely firm when it turns off. When the fan is completely still, that’s when the light comes back.”


Tokunosuke: “So that’s why it was all dark when I saw it! I was just there for a second and went back to the Game Room to call the others!”


Chris: “But how does this determine the culprit?...”


Yuma: “I-I uh… That can’t be...”


Kotori: “Yuma, is there something wrong?”


Yuma: “I-I… I saw those metal sticks! I definitely saw them before!”


Droite: “Just as I thought…”


Anna: “That’s strange, I searched the warehouse top to bottom but still have a clue of where they come from…”


Kotori: “Yuma… tell us what you think, where did you see them?”


Yuma: “I...”


Kotori: “Yuma!”


Tetsuo: “K-Kotori, Yuma might have just mistaken… don’t get angry at him.”


Kotori: “Yuma…!”

I have to help Yuma to face the truth… otherwise he’s not gonna be able to go forward!


Hangman’s Gambit

P_M _ _M  S_IC_ _ 


O, T, P, S, K  (Before scrolling, you can give your answer in the comments, if you want to)


That has to be it!

Kotori: “Yuma… you already realised who the culprit is, right? Because only one person could have taken that metal stick and set it up on the fan… isn’t that right, Yuma?”


Yuma: “...”



Kotori: “The culprit of this incident is…” (Pick your answer in the comments, if you want to)



Kotori: Well, this is as far it goes for me.

 I’m sorry... Michael. 

I’m sorry... everyone.

I am sorry... Yuma. 

You and Astral already realised it as the trial went ahead, right? You can’t stay silent like that. 

Otherwise everyone is going to be executed, and I can’t let that happen.

I don’t think everyone is ready to face the truth... I know it’s a selfish request, but I am leaving all up to you, to show everyone the truth. That’s my last wish, and I am leaving to you two...


Yuma: ..! I know what you want me to do but... It isn’t fair! It’s just not fair... 


Astral: Yuma… 


Yuma: Alright, I’ll do it, I’ll do my best to carry your wish within me!

Yuma: “Kotori…"


Kotori: "..."


Yuma: " the culprit.”

And everyone’s eyes looked at me as if I was some kind lunatic...


Tetsuo: “HUH?!”


Casewell: “Wha-wha-wha-wha”


Tokunosuke: “K-K-Kotori?!?!”


Cathy: “Y-Yuma, are you okay?”


Ryouga: “Did the trial make you go THAT crazy?”


Haruto: “Who wouldn’t after seeing your friend like that….”


Kaito: “Yuma… are you completely sure of what you’re saying?”


Durbe: “But, Yuma seems serious…”


Mizael: “It seems Michael’s death affected him a bit too much…”


Thomas: “Ah…”


Chris: “...”


Tron: “...”


Rio: “Yuma… this not the time to joke around. I understand if you’re trying to light up the mood, but you chose the wrong time-”


Yuma: “I am not joking around… Ngh! *sniffle*”


Astral: “I know this is hard for you, but we have to go through with it, Kotori entrusted her wish to you, if you need any help, I am here for you.”


Yuma: *nod*


Kotori: “Yuma...”


Yuma: “K-Kotori...”


Kotori: “I am scared… to learn the truth, to face the person that caused so much pain for everyone… the person that we called a friend...”


Yuma: “Everyone is scared to face the cold truth, you’re not alone in this. But I know that I can’t look all moppy in front of everyone, when everyone is trying to do their best to go against Monokuma, and giving their all for Michael.”


Kotori: “Y-You’re right, we’ll find Michael’s killer! And no matter how cold the truth can be, we must face it at all costs, for the sake of everyone. And if you are stuck, borrow the strength from everyone, and together, reach the truth.”


Yuma: *nod*

Kotori: “Yuma…”


Tetsuo: “What the hell are you saying! Pull yourself together!”


Yuma: “Those aren’t metal sticks, those are pom pom sticks. It was from the Ultimate Cheerleader lab.”

And then everyone’s face was completely pale, it was a complete bolt of shock. 


Tetsuo: “W-What if it is?! Anyone could’ve gone to the Ultimate Cheerleader lab!”


Monotaro: “Nah-ah! The key card to enter is with the owners of the labs! So unless they purposefully left it open, which isn’t the case here, no one could have entered!”


Anna: “Now I remember… I saw her swirling it on the way to the dormitory… but those had pom poms on it...”


Tetsuo: “T-Then the real culprit stole Kotori’s key card when they weren’t looking!”


Kotori: “I had my key card on me the whole time…”


Tetsuo: “Y-You’re not admitting to actually doing it, right?!”

Kotori: “*giggle* Of course not! I was with Yuma the entire time! If I’ve done anything, he would have definitely seen it. And I was in the second floor bathroom when Michael died. No matter how you look at it Yuma, I couldn’t have killed Michael.”


Anna: “That’s right… Kotori being the culprit is out question!”


Alito: “That should have been obvious from the start!”


Ryouga: “Yuma… what’s gotten into you, you actually accused Kotori?!”


Astral: “Yuma… she wants you to convince everyone that she did it.”


Yuma: “*whisper* I know I know…”


Tetsuo: “I refuse to let you go off the hawk Yuma! Don’t worry Kotori, I will clear your name in an instant!”


Non-stop Debate Start!


Truth bullets


-Blue Plastic

-Four's account

-Library's trash can


Tetsuo: "The plastic strings from hanging on the fan were from the second pack, righ? Four gave it to Yuma, not to Kotori! "


Thomas: "Yeah, that's right…"


Casewell: "And Kotori couldn't have come to the warehouse later on because she was with you the entire time!"


Durbe: “It would have required a lot of stealthiness to do something without notice…”


Tokunosuke: “How would she have done it without you noticing?”


Astral: “Yuma, listen carefully to each argument to find the contradiction.”


X Counter

Four’s account


Yuma: “I know it’s hard to face the truth, I don’t want to accept it either, but I am completely sure that Kotori is the only person who could have done this. Recall what Four said, that me, him and Kotori were the only ones in the warehouse, and no one else would have known about what I obtained, except for Kotori. Before our eyes, she could have taken another one the exact moment Four was handing one to me…”


Thomas: “Ah!...”


Yuma: “When we were working on the trap… Kotori decided to work on the wooden piles… Ngh!”


Kotori: “Yuma… Tell me then, when I would have been able set up the strings on the metal sticks, and set it up on the fan without you noticing?”


Tetsuo: “Yeah! You guys were together the entire time!”


No, we weren't together the entire time, but when did she do it?

  • When I was in in the Game Room
  • When I went to the warehouse →
  • When I was knotting the string

That has to be it!


Yuma: “To tell the truth, Kotori and I weren’t together the whole time, in between our set of traps, I went to the warehouse for a second time to get a pack of light bulbs and walkie talkies, it took me at least around 20 minutes. It was really hard to find them.”


Rio: “20 minutes should have been more than plenty to set it up on each wing of the fan…”


Tetsuo: “Wait! Since the Kotori supposedly hid the strings on the fan, after hearing Michael trigger the snare trap, she had to come to the library to pull out the strings so it was hanging in the air! And she had to pass through you!”


Non-stop Debate Start!

Truth bullets

- Rio’s account

- Vent

- Library’s trash can

- Fan’s design


Tetsuo: “Then explain Yuma! How would she have come from the second floor bathroom to the library?”


Rio: “I can attest that I saw Kotori in the bathroom with us! Droite was here too, we were together until the moment we arrived downstairs to check on Cathy, and find Michael’s body.”


Tokunosuke: “See? She has an alibi! From two people to be exact! You can’t point any accusations at Kotori!


Vector: “Looks like Kotori has a solid argument, is it even possible to break it down?


Ryouga: “If that’s the case, then there is just no room for argument, because there wasn’t a single way she could have reached the library from the bathroom. "


Astral: “Recall all the facts we’ve collected during the investigation. Use it to contradict their statements.”


X Counter:

Rio’s account


Yuma: “Rio, you say that Kotori was together with you and Droite the whole time, is this true?”


Rio: “I mean… not the whole time, but we were together the entire time in the bathroom.”


Tetsuo: “Do you even dare to challenge Rio too?!”


Yuma: “I am not challenging Rio, but need you to remember clearly, did Kotori disappear for any long amount of minutes?”


Rio: “I…”


Droite: “Yes, I remember, she went inside the vent because her hair clip slid inside the vent.”


Rio: “But how is this connected with Kotori’s alibi?!”


How does this reveal that Kotori could have in fact travelled to the library?

V_N_  C_N_ _C_I_ _ 

N, T, O, E, E, T (Before scrolling, you can give your answer in the comments, if you want to)




Yuma: “The bathroom vent is actually connected to the library, the rear corner of the library fan is 10 feet away from the vent, so Kotori actually used the excuse of the hair clip to actually go to the library.”


Tetsuo: “Whaaaat?!”


Ryouga: “Ah!”


Tetsuo: "Well how would she have known about the two vents being connected?!"


I know Kotori knew about the vent because…:

  • Because I told her
  • Because Monokuma told her 
  • Because of the D-Pad map of the school

This has to be!


Yuma: "Kotori told me that when she was in the bathroom during the day, Monokuma told her about the two vents being connected."


Monokuma: "I can attest to that!"


Tetsuo: "No way… no way that happened!"


Casewell: “Well d-do you have any proof she did? What if she didn’t lie about her hair clip falling?”


Droite: “Well… about that, I have something of my own to share… but first, Kotori, you said that you retrieved your hair clip, but was that true?”


Kotori: “I… I actually lost it on the vent… I must have pushed it with my body when I was squatting?”


Droite: “Well, I found it when I was investigating through the vent, and unfortunately, it was awfully close to the library… There is something else I found as well. Here.”


Haruto: “A yellow plastic?”


Yuma: “That yellow plastic… it comes from Kotori’s Pom Pom sticks, right? It was of colour pink and yellow…”


Ryouga: “Don’t tell me that Kotori went to the library, pulled out the strings, and took off the pom poms from the metal sticks, and came back to the bathroom as if nothing happened. Also she had to make sure of everything within a minute, this would require a good time management! How could she pull off something like that?!”


Tetsuo: “Y-Yeah! She doesn’t have a clock in her head!”


How did Kotori manage her time perfectly?

  • Because she was counting
  • Because she has a cuckoo bird clock
  • Because of the pink watch →

That has to be it!


Yuma: “Earlier today, I remember winning a pink watch in the casino, however, I gave that watch to Kotori. Using the watch she could have controlled her time management.”


Tetsuo: “Nghh! I… I won’t give up! You expect me to believe all this?! How did Kotori even reach the fan?! The vent was high up you know! Under that “a minute” pressure, any normal person would tremble and mess up a foot on the wooden pile, you know!”


However it’s different for Kotori, she could have balanced herself on the wooden piles even under that pressure because:

  • She is the Ultimate Gymnast
  • She is the Ultimate Cheerleader →
  • She is the Ultimate Sport Leader

This has to be it!


Yuma: “It wouldn't be a challenge for Kotori, because she is the Ultimate Cheerleader. *sniffle*”


Tetsuo: “I-I-I can’t… believe this…! I mean, we are talking about Kotori, you know?!”


Tokunosuke: “S-She is the most innocent in here! And you’re saying SHE strangled him to death?!”


Durbe: “So most of Kotori’s sins were done right in front of Yuma… and us...”


Yuma: “Yeah… I was with her in the warehouse, Four was there too…”

Thomas: “I see, feel free to take them as much as you want, here take it Yuma and give hell to that bear!”

As Four granted his permission, I immediately took the pack and shoved it into my fluffy, pink little backpack.


Kotori: “Thank you it will help us a lot.”

Yuma: "And in the library…"

Kotori: “Also, for the small object, we didn't get it from the warehouse yesterday, I’ll suggest it be a normal transparent light bulb since it will be less visible…”


Yuma: “That’s a great idea! I’ll try to bring some spare in case it breaks…”


Kotori: “Yeah! That would be perfect, just take your time, I’ll try to be done as soon as you come back.”


Yuma: “Alright then!”

Alright… it’s time to get to work! Even if it will be difficult… I have to do it, it's the only way to stop the mastermind and save everyone… 

I inspected the library for a bit and found a ladder conveniently placed at the opposite side of the library. I moved the ladder toward the position of my trap and reached the wooden pile. I got the things I needed out of the bag and attached the strings and knotted. My hands were a bit slippery, it was very nerve-wracking, but it would save my friends, so I hardened my palms, and got to work. Then leaving work half progressed, I came back down as I could hear Yuma's running footsteps.


Kotori: “W-wow, you took a while!”

Yuma: "And when she was in the bathroom."

Kotori: “I realised my hair clip fell inside the vent when I tried to pick up my bag!”


Rio: “Inside the vent is pretty dark, it will be difficult to get it back…”


Droite: “Unless you have a light source.”

Despite the vent being dark, I positioned myself and entered the vent. I hope the camera doesn’t capture any of this…


Kotori: “Don’t worry, I’ll just use the light of my D-Gazer!”


Rio: “Okay then, good luck!”

I struggled to squat inside the vent but I did as long it took, it couldn’t have been that far… I would retrieve it no matter what. As soon as I completed my mission, I heard a huge thundering from the vent… could it be… I heard my heart palpitate faster and faster, and my body trembling at the rush of my adrenaline. I squatted myself back into the bathroom as soon as I could. 

Tetsuo: "Kotori! Say something! T-Tell *sniffle* him that he's wrong!"


Ryouga: "I can't just believe all this… Kotori out of all people?"


Anna: "Kotori! Why aren't you saying something?! I can't believe it until I hear it from you!"


Cathy: "Yeah, s-same!"


Alito: "I just can't accept it! Why Kotori?! WHY?!"


Casewell: "No, that's just impossible! Kotori murder in cold blood?! That's not Kotori! It goes beyond the realm of any possibilities!"


Haruto: "N-No way… Kotori? She is the culprit…?"


Kaito: "Agh…!"


Mizael: "We determined our soul to find the culprit, yet, the one we never expected turns out to be one, in the end we still gave in to our bias and feelings to get in our way, and still wish not to accept, it's rather ironic."


Vector: "Argh! Even I wouldn't have expected an outcome like this…"


Droite: "I figured a long time ago, and this very reason I felt troubled and conflicted during the whole investigation. Even if my deduction led me to this conclusion, it went against the Kotori we've come to know, I didn't want it to believe in any of this…"


Thomas: "I wanted to know the true identity of the person who took away the most precious person from my life, but… I don't feel satisfied with the outcome…"


Chris: "I truly did not expect this outcome."


Tron: "Argh!"


Yuma: "*cries* It's not right… This isn't Kotori!"


Kotori: "Yuma…"


Yuma: "Murder in cold blood? This is not the Kotori I've known for so long! And I believe in that Kotori! I believe in you!"


Astral: "Yuma?..."


Kotori: "No… Yuma, why do you still believe in me? You can't do this! Why are you still looking away from the truth?!"


Yuma: "No, that's not it. My belief in the Kotori we've known so far it's gonna lead me to the truth!"


Argument Armament Start!


What are you saying?


Are you saying I am not the culprit?


Only because I don't look the part?


I am definitely the culprit!


I killed Michael!


Stop being so gullible!


You haven't changed at all…


Everyone's lives are at stake!


You can't look away from the truth!


Please, just stop!


Do you know what I was trying to do?

Kill The Mastermind

That has to be!


Yuma: "You wanted to kill the mastermind before the time limit expired… You were trying to protect us!"


Thomas: "She tried to kill the mastermind?"


Droite: "Kotori wasn't targeting Michael, he just happened to be there after Tron ordered him to come. The snare trap, the pieces of shards left, the blackout and the light from the pom pom sticks, everything was prepared for the mastermind."


Rio: "Kotori probably even refused to see the victim's face from the wooden pile, she couldn't bear the thought of taking their life…"


Yuma: "Everything is my fault, everything happened in front of my eyes, but I still refused to acknowledge anything… *sniffle* and I couldn't do anything in the end…"


Kotori: "Yuma, please don't say that… nothing is your fault! Everything is my fault! I killed him! I should be the one to blame for everything!"


Yuma: "Kotori…"


Kotori: "Yuma… Astral… could you do me one last favour for me?... Could you end all of this?"


Yuma: "Huh?"


Kotori: "Convince the others that I am the culprit, and end this… Please..."


Yuma: "Ngh! I… I will try, I'll reveal the truth and the lies."


Astral: "Kotori wants you to convince the others that she is the culprit, so refer her as one in the closing argument."


Yuma: "Alright… let's do this Astral."

Closing Argument

Yuma: "This is the truth of this case!"


Act 1

"It started the day before the murder, where Monokuma gave the second motive. The time limit added to the killing game triggered this crime."


"After the announcement, the culprit and I decided to explore the school trying to find the mastermind's lair. And this outcome was the furthest thing away from my mind."


Act 2

"After exploring so many places around the school, we had an encounter with Droite at the library, who was secretly looking into the moving case. Eventually, I accidently found out about it, and so she revealed everything about its system, and about the chance that the mastermind might be constantly in contact with one of us."


"From there, the culprit came with a plan of capturing the mastermind by using a snare trap, and that might have been the moment she planned to murder them… However, Droite gave us a warning, and looking back at it now, I wished I took that to heart."


"Later, we went to the warehouse to gather materials for the snare trap, however we found someone else there, Four, looking at blue packets containing plastic strings."


"Later we asked Four to pass one of them which he gladly gave it to me. However, the culprit snached another one without our knowledge, and put it in her backpack."


Act 3

"But before we started to create the snare trap, the culprit had the urge to go to the bathroom, where she saw Monokuma, who told her the two vents were connected. And while I was waiting, I found Tetsuo, Casewell and Flip on the second floor, so I followed them to the same classroom the culprit was supposed to wait, that's when I found you could hear even the slightest sound from the library."


"Then all of us, including the culprit, arrived at the casino, where I gave her the watch I won."


"We finally started working on the trap, the culprit was working on the wooden piles while I was working at the bottom. And then later on she pinpointed that an item was missing for the trap, a four inch object, which she decided that it should be a light bulb. So I went to the warehouse again, which must have been around 20 minutes. The culprit used that time to set the plastic strings on the fan. Although she had no trouble at standing on the wooden piles that long, as she was the Ultimate Cheerleader, I could have imagined how nervous she was, as she left a piece of evidence, the blue plastic bit of the packet, which was a horizontal cut, while I ripped it off diagonally."


"After we finished setting up the snare trap, the culprit thought of leaving huge pieces of glass from the light bulb, at the time I thought she broke it accidentally, however, it was intentional. The culprit even took half an amount and cracked another light bulb, to make it look like she binned those glass pieces."


Act 4

"After the trap was set, the culprit advised me to keep a watch in the Game Room, while she waits for the signal. Alongside the light bulbs, I also brought two walkie talkies to communicate. Then we only had to wait for the mastermind to fall in our snare trap, however the culprit had other plans."


"Four and Michael came to the Ultimate Computist lab, where Michael was ordered by Tron to find which bookcase had the hidden door on it, however he never came back... After Monokuma saw what Tron was planning to do, he ripped off the library sign and switched the topic name templates of the shelf to disguise the reason for Michael's arrival. I created it to keep people away from the trap. And unfortunately, he opened the hidden door and got captured by our trap, without a doubt as his jabot was found underneath the trap due to gravity and the movement of his body, however, he freed himself using the shard of glass that the culprit left."


"In the meantime on the second floor the culprit probably already heard the sound of the book hitting the wooden piles after Michael triggered the trap. Thinking it was the mastermind, the culprit rushed to the bathroom's vent, but unfortunately for them, Rio and Droite entered the bathroom too. So the had an idea, they took their hair clip and tossed it on the floor and slid towards the vent, to use an excuse to enter the vent, this also unknowingly created their alibi."


"This required incredible time management, but our culprit had a watch to check the time from, and within a minute she managed to walk towards the fan, pull down the strings, and take off the pom pom from the metal sticks to erase her involvement, and return back and act as nothing happened. Our culprit however left another two pieces of incriminating evidence, she must have been so nervous that she completely forgot for the reason she used as an excuse to come to the vent, the hair clip and a yellow plastic from the pom pom remained inside the vent."


Act 5

"Within that minute, Michael must have struggled to get out of the trap, as they created a deep cut on their feet, and formed a swollen bump with minor bleeding as he fell on some small pieces of glass. Then, the library must have had a blackout, but since Michael was injured, he must have been in a rush to get out. And because of the hidden door's system, the fan switched on, and the pom pom sticks detected movement, which emanated a vibrant light." 


"Unfortunately, the library's door was left half open, and by chance, Cathy passed by, and the rays of light hit her sensitive eye contacts. As the culprit safely returned to the bathroom from the vent, that must have been the moment the culprit told me about our trap being triggered."


"Meanwhile, Michael tried to rush outside, but strings caught his body and got stuck on his throat as it was moving in a circular motion, the fan was moving so fast Michael's reflex wasn't quick enough to get off the strings from his throat. The strings started to twist, and slowly… Michael got strangled."


"And a few minutes later, everyone near the library rushed inside, I imagine the culprit hoped to find the mastermind, and everyone was safe now, but only in our horror, there was a hanged body of one of our precious friends, horribly murdered. It was a desperate attempt to be alive to see another day, and that is the truth."

"And that's the truth behind your lies, Kotori Mizuki, the Ultimate Cheerleader".

Yuma: "And this is everything that happened…"


Tetsuo: "K-Kotori… really… did it? *sniffle*"


Casewell: "*cries*"


Tokunosuke: "*cries*"

Everyone's face went pale, some people were crying their eyes out, some had a pained expression on their faces, the atmosphere was filled with gloom, and my chest felt it was going to burst out. I clenched my key as hard as I could, but no matter what, I could cope with this feeling of despair… 


Kotori: "Well done Yuma, I was hoping that you would find out."


Yuma: "Huh?"


Kotori: "You didn't run away from the truth this time… I was almost worried that you would be deceived again, and you would suffer even more from the pain I caused to everybody, but you didn't back down, your ardent kattobingu spirit flowed through even the deepest despair, and you can be reliable even without dueling. If you did that more often... you would be a pretty cool guy."

And with that, Kotori let out an apologetic smile…


Yuma: "Why Kotori…? Why are you still trying to help me grow from my past mistakes?! Why are you thinking of everyone else except yourself?! Why?!"


Kotori: "I am sorry…"


Thomas: "Ngh! Dammit…!"


Monokuma: "Are you done with your tearjerker now!? If you haven't realised yet, you still gotta vote!"


Monotaro: "Yep yep, at the end of the debate you gotta vote for someone!"


Monophanie: "Now! Cast your votes a-and s-sacrifice tha-at person to take on the all g-gory stuff for y'all!"


Monosuke: "Otherwise your fates will be tied with that person, so if you don't wanna a death warrant, you gotta vote for someone!"


Ponta: "L-Let me go now-pon!!"


Monokuma: "Ahhh, this heart-pounding excitement!"


Monokuma & Monokubs: "IIIIIT'S VOTING TIME!"


Voting Time

Kotori Mizuki


Monokuma: "Puhuhuhu, it seems the voting has finished! Who'll be chosen as the blackened!? Will you make the right choice or the dreadfully wrong one!?" 



Kotori Mizuki!


Monokuma: "Absolutely correct! You all voted correctly! The blackened who killed Michael Arclight was the Ultimate Cheerleader, Kotori Mizuki!"


Kotori: "You all voted correctly, that's great."


Tetsuo: "What?! What the hell do you mean by "great", we all voted correctly?! This is the worst outcome!"


Vector: "So you wanted to die? Don't you think being condemned to death by someone who you thought was your friend is the worst outcome?"


Tetsuo: "...!"


Tokunosuke: "W-Why did it have to be Kotori?! I w-would have been fine with it with Vector or Four!"


Casewell: "Y-You shouldn't have said that outloud…!"


Thomas: "..."


Alito: "How did it come to this?... We were all buddy buddy just this morning, and we were preaching to beat the crap out of Monokuma and the mastermind… so why?!"


Gilag: "Dammit! It's all our fault! Kotori and Yuma were one of the few people that found about the hidden door, so because we don't fight over who the traitor is, they didn't say a damn thing! If we all knew about this hidden door and everyone worked together, we could have done something! It's our fault that we were dumbheads! We expected to beat Monokuma with conventional methods that wouldn't have done sh*t! We suck up too much pride, and because of that, we let Monokuma have his way!"


Alito: "Agh! Argghhhhhhhhhh!"


Anna: "I can't believe any of this, the Kotori I've known so far, how could a person like that let murder fill her heart?"


Rio: "I cannot accept it either, until I hear it from you."


Durbe: "I cannot believe it until I hear your side of the story."


Kaito: "Why trying to kill the mastermind, you and Yuma already created a trap to capture them."


Kotori: "I… hoped that our trap was going to work… However I noticed a small security camera in the bathroom near the vent. I wanted to myself that it was only found in the bathroom, but that was less plausible, right? I truly wanted to believe that, but I just couldn't, that's when I decided to create that death trap."


Droite: "But what if the mastermind knew about that too?"


Kotori: "That's why I created that snare trap, so the mastermind wouldn't pay attention to the death trap I was creating. I… I just couldn't let the mastermind have his way… I wanted to escape with everyone." 


Vector: "But unfortunately you already lost to Monokuma the moment you had the moment you started thinking about it."


Cathy: "But if Kotori didn't do anything, w-we would have all been executed by now…


Thomas: "You didn't have to murder, you know! There are always less drastic solutions! A-And I learned that through experience… Kaito and everyone, they were working their ass off to end this stupid killing game… the you didn't have to take my brother's life to make us see another day!"


Droite: "Ah… I agree with what Four just said, but it would have required more time than expected… to end the killing game..."


Thomas: "Huh?"


Chris: "Unfortunately, it is true…"


Tron: "I am accountable for this in a way. Monokuma played us right into his hand…"


Kotori: "There is still no excuse for what I've done, I couldn't even be able to kill the mastermind, instead I killed one of our dearest friends, and one of the most important person in your life. I caused so much suffering and despair! I took an innocent life! What I did is… so unforgivable. I am just a horrible murderer! I am lowlife scumbag! *cries*"


Ryouga: "K-Kotori, c-calm down!"


Kotori: "..."


Casewell: "But I still don't understand, why make us go through this class trial?"


Kotori: "I wanted to end by confessing, however, I wanted to encourage you to move forward and cheer you on until the very end."


Yuma: "That's why you wanted me to solve the case and reveal the truth…"


Mizael: "You wanted to stay true to your Ultimate talent until the very end…"


Ryouga: "But still, you covered your tracks and everything, if you kept your mouth shut, we seriously would have voted for the wrong person!"


Kaito: "Yeah, but she didn't want Yuma to know."


Yuma: "Huh?"


Kotori: "Of course, but I didn't want everyone else to know that I murdered someone..."


Monokuma: "How long is this gonna continue for?! Let's end this boring display and make this scene more interesting! And now, the moment all you've all been waiting for!"


Monokuma & Monokubs: "It's Punishment Time!"


Anna: "P-Punishment?"


Vector: "You mean Kotori's execution?"


Tetsuo: "I'll never let this happen! Not even in a million years!"


Alito: "Now you've just asked for it! I won't leave even a cotton strand of you!"



Everyone was rushing in front of Kotori to defend her. Even the most unexpected person.


Kotori: "Four?..."


Thomas: "Tch. Even if it's you, and after all the reasons you've told, I can't still forgive you for what you did. Even when my father and Chris were away, the only person that never left my side was Michael. Despite everything, Michael was the most important person in my life, I would give up my life a thousand times for him if necessary, but I am just a useless big old brother that couldn't do anything for him in the end. But if he was still here, he would never let this happen to you, no matter what. I know that's what Michael wants. Despite all the sufferings you put him through, he would still try to protect you. SO I CAN'T STAND HERE AND LET THIS HAPPEN ON MY WATCH! If you're gonna execute Kotori, you'll have to pass through my grave!"


Monokubs: "Exisals! Assemble!"


Monokuma: "Punishment Time is a sacred segment! You're not allowed to interfere!"


Ryouga: "Ready, steady, now-!"


Kotori: "Everyone! Stop! I appreciate it, but there is no need, I will go through punishment, and atone for Michael's murder… I already prepared myself..." 


Ryouga: "Why are you giving up after putting your life on the line like this?!"


Kotori: "No, I am not giving up, because I have put my absolute faith in you guys. You guys better live!"


Monokuma: "I have a special punishment prepared for the Ultimate Cheerleader, Kotori Mizuki!"


Kotori: "Every single one of you! End this stupid killing game and get the out of this place! Okay?"


Monokuma: "Let's give it everything we've got! It's… PUNISHMENT TIME!"


Kotori: "Goodbye, everyone."



And before I could say any other word, Monokuma hit a red button with a plastic gavel...


Kotori Mizuki has been found guilty.

Time for the punishment!


(Warning: Depiction of violence - please don't read the following part if you're not mature enough)


Yuma (view, not thoughts):

As soon as Monokuma said that, I ran towards her to grab her arm, and so were our friends, but in between my eyes, a chain with a collar appeared behind her, and just when we reached her, it took her away from us, and locked her away. 

She eventually fell in a mat, pom pom with sticks were tied in both of her hands with a rope, and so were her feet. The mats then were stacked as a pyramid, it was 50ft in height! Kotori's feet were forcibly moved and she was cheerleader dancing, and she jumped up a mat, and she continued, she started to jump up and up, and her pace increased. She was thrown all kinds cans, tomatoes, and food, it eventually got to plastic bottles and rocks. And then as she reached the top, cheerleader dummies appeared. They held her and threw her up in mid air. The ropes from her hands disappeared, and so as the dummies. Kotori fell 50ft from the ground, her head facing downwards, eventually hitting the concrete, and as soon as her head cracked open, the green Monokub, Monodam tripped over and pushed Monokid, who got destroyed at the impact. Her head was smeared with pink, and the blood was still gushing out non-stop. 

Yuma: My eyes couldn't let go of the sight, my body was giving out, and I felt like losing all of my senses. Kotori, the person I have known from childhood, the person who was there to support me and encourage me at my side whenever I lost the drive, laid dead on the ground… she no longer existed in our world. I didn't know what to do other than just stare, I couldn't do anything even if I wanted to… my eyes were fixed at her final moments, I could only yell…



But nothing worked, Monokuma continued to do what he was doing, and laughed at my despair. I bashed my head, my arms, my knees, but my pleas were not heard. 

My body couldn't move after that, the powerlessness I felt… it made me even more powerless. My body was seeping into an abyss of despair, where no hope remained.

Everyone clenched their eyes shut, some of us were left scarred, forever…


Kaito: "Haruto! Don't look at this!"


Haruto: "Noooooo! Kotori!!!" 


Droite: "Agh!!"








Alito: "You…. Went too far… I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!"


Ryouga: "Monokuma crossed the line with this…!"


Durbe: "By great margin in my opinion!"




Tokunosuke: "Ah-ah-Ah-ah! K-K-Kotori!"


Casewell: "We killed her! We all did the moment we cast our vote…! Kotori was so brave, yet, I can't even move a muscle!"


Vector: "Argh! I didn't expect this at all… I thought the 

execution was simply an electric chair used for death row inmates…! I didn't quite imagine Monokuma to be this sadistic and execute her like… that. "


Rio: "Everyone! Stop!"


Tetsuo: "R-Rio…"


Rio: "I know all of us are angry, even I cannot explain the extent of my hatred towards Monokuma, but we cannot risk our life now! Kotori fought and put her life on the line so we could survive!"


Tetsuo: "T-That's right... *sniffle* We have to live for Kotori… that's the least we could for both Michael and Kotori now…"


Anna: "Agh! *cries*"


Cathy: "We have to maintain Kotori's last wish… We won't die under Monokuma now!"


Alito: "But if we don't fight Monokuma, how are we supposed to survive!"


Mizael: "Monokuma had us right where he wanted, we cannot defeat Monokuma if we can't even defy him…"


Monokid: "WHAAAAAAAAH! Monodam went f*chinking psychooooo again!"


Monophanie: "This is deja vu all over again! BLRBLRBLRBLRBLR!"


Monosuke: "I feel like I've gone through this before, what is gut feeling?"


Monokuma: "Ah… this exquisite feeling of despair! Oh yes I am so energised now!"


Rio: "Do you hate us this much?"


Monokuma: "Puhuhu maybe yes or maybe not, who can sayyy."


Chris: "You got us this time, but I'll make sure to defeat both the mastermind and you!"


Monokuma: "Yeah yeah, keep saying that yourself. You guys are focusing too much into nonsense. Maybe you should watch your back a bit more, who knows who'll be the next killer."


Tetsuo: "Shut the hell up! There is no way in hell we're gonna have another killing game!"


Monokuma: "We'll see we'll see~"

And then one by one, the Monokubs left after another.

After this growing tension, everyone started to leave one by one...




And few remained behind, gazing at my pitiful composure...


Kaito: "Hey, Yuma..."


Ryouga: "Is it okay to just leave you here-"


Yuma: "Don't worry… I'll just stay here a little longer…"


There was a short pause there.


Ryouga: "If you... need anything, we're here for you."

Kaito also carried those same looks of sympathy, but... despite their support, I couldn't think of anything else... her brutal death... the image of blood gushing out, haunted my mind.




They stood there sternly and let out a desperate sigh... despite my request, they haven't left the room until something over a minute, keeping me 


And then, they also left the room.


Astral: "Yuma, why do you want to stay here-"


Yuma: "Leave me alone Astral…"

Astral looked at me puzzled, and after a few seconds, he nodded, and entered my key.

As I saw the stage she was executed in, her memories and words started flowing through my head…




Yumaa! You overslept again!

Gosh… You are really an idiot...

You were the one stealing my lunch! So it was you all along!

*smack* Yuma! Get a hold of yourself! You can't be the first to give up!

Yuma! I believe in you! You won't leave here until he has lost the duel, clear?!

Yuma… It's no use giving up! Setting yourself limits, Yuma, that's not like you at all! Because everyone… because everyone is entrusted their hopes to you! So… So you will behave like yourself until the end, Yuma!

You guys better live!


Yuma: "I don't know what to do anymore… but… I won't give up! I will try and try again! I will always keep your words within me… I would not let your deaths be in vain, I will use that courage that you gave me when you were alive until the very end!"


???: "Yep, that's right… that's our promise…"


???: "You can do it Yuma, I'll be your sword and your shield."


??? & ???: "Goodbye…"



END Chapter 1 - Rules of the Labyrinth 


Surviving members: 19


To be continued