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Danganronpa - Ruins of Hope

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Warning: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal and Danganronpa, obviously

Note: This is an AU Zexal X Danganronpa crossover. This won't be a recreation of the existing Danganronpa series and it will be a mash-up of all the Danganronpa series and Zexal and it will be fairly original, although the frustratingly similar and very inspired by Danganronpa V3 for few trials, I will try to make it more original and its own distinct story and original murder mysteries. And yes, the bear that kills away your favourite characters still exists, so sorry in advance for your loss.  Hope you enjoy!

Prologue: Ultimate Awakening


It was hollow, it was void.

There was no sense of existence, there were no thoughts, the only thing I could see was an impenetrable darkness that surrounded me. Wait, darkness?


After a while, I felt the stiffness of my body wear off, I… I could move! I felt something… it was a smooth surface, the sheer coldness gave me goosebumps, and my body jerked on its own and I sprinted my arms with as much force I had, and it was followed by screeching metallic sound.


???: “Huh?”

I looked around me in a complete daze, the small frame my body barely fitted into was a... a locker? I couldn’t process what was going on… at the same time I lost my balance and abruptly fell on the floor.


???: “Ouch!”

I started to get a hold of my arms and tried to sit up. An itching pain rushed through my legs which made me brush my bruised knees. I started to rub my ivy green hair trying to get out of this uneasy feeling, I tried to remember how I got here, but no matter what, I just couldn’t... I glanced around for a bit, I couldn’t process what I was seeing.


???: “A… a classroom?” 

A classroom, alright, but I never saw it before… and don’t remember ever seeing this room… 


???: “Where am I? What am I doing here?”

As I pounded my head with questions, a sudden sound startled me from behind which almost made me trip over for a second, then I realised the sound came from the locker next to mine. After a while the locker started shaking, it felt as if it was alive. In a frightful sight I traced back my steps and what happened next left me awestruck. A person fell out. However the moment I saw the spikey hair from behind…


???: "Yuma! Are you okay?"

As Yuma's body crashed down the floor, I held him in place, shaking his body in an attempt to bring him out of unconsciousness, which as a result made his eyes flicker. Then just like me, his eyes started to explore around the classroom, trying to process what was happening. 


Yuma: “K-Kotori… what? A classroom?... Did the lesson end already?”

Yuma questioned in a complete daze. I held my breath as much as I tried, but he was marking my patience down. He still didn’t realize the bizarre circumstances we are in, don’t remind me, I fully know sometimes he’s a total idiot. Then his eyes shifted to the ceiling, and a second later his eyes widened.


Kotori: “Yuma! We are not in a normal lesson! We just fell out of a locker! Don’t you realize that… Where are you looking? Are you even listening to me?”

Yuma looked dazzled and as if from a miracle he understood that it wasn’t normal the situation that we were in… what just happened?...

Anyhow, we sprinted out of the classroom, with the hope to understand how we got here and finally get out of this place! We ran down a long hallway, however  a surprise laid before us…


Yuma: “What’s going on!”


Kotori: “What is a giant robot like that doing in a place like this?!”


???: “Finally I found you two! You two are finally awake, I was starting to worry! And this isn’t just a huge robot, I advise you to not come closer to these machines… If you defy us, you will receive punishment, and t-there will so much g-gore, just go away!”


A squeaky and feminine voice came out of the huge pink and metallic machine, we were too caught up to think of anything so we just ran in the opposite direction. Even if the robot didn’t want us any closer to them, it followed us.


Yuma: “Kotori! There is a staircase! Over here!”

Yuma shouted at the top of his lungs. I followed him and ran down the stairs, but yet to find another one of those giant robots! It seems this one was facing the other way, we better be quick about this… 

After a while we eventually came at the end of the hallway we went into, there was one door there which seemed to be conducting to the gym, we didn’t hesitate to open, however, we saw what we never expected to see…


Durbe: “More people arrived...”


Tetsuo: “Kotori is here! And there is-”


Cathy: “Yuma!”


Anna: “Wait, Yuma and Kotori are here too?”


Alito: “Well duh!”


Kaito: “It took you long, we were waiting for you guys.”


Yuma: “Waiting for us…”


Ryouga: “After seeing the line of people here, it was obvious who was going to arrive...”


Kotori: “You guys know what is happening, right? We were chased by those robots just now! And for some reason… I just can’t remember how I got here...”


Chris: “I see… is the same for everybody apparently. They must be still prowling around.”


Mizael: “Wait, everybody has amnesia?...”


Haruto: “I don’t know what’s going on, but that sure seems to be the work of a familiar person here…”


Tron: “I sure hope you’re not referring to me, Haruto.”


Droite: “I gotta agree with Haruto with this one.”


Tron: “You too! I’m being ganged up on again! I thought we left the past behind, it breaks my heart to pieces…”


Thomas: “Whoever did it sure had the balls to even dare to mess with our heads! They really asked for my fanservice this time. Well, I’ll show 'em!”


Droite: “I don’t think it’ll be that easy… other than our lost memories, we have also lost our decks.”

As she stated those words, a mass panicked expression started to form on each person. I quickly checked my own box too.


Yuma: “It’s empty! All of my cards are gone! Even my number cards! This is really bad!”

Everyone looked as if they were obliterated. There were different reactions from everyone.


Vector: “I don’t like what’s happening, not one bit.”


Gilag: “ “You don’t like”! Not only they had the balls to kidnap us and take away our memories of it but they had stolen our decks too! I am gonna gush out their guts for sure for getting their hands on my deck!”


Alito: “I hope that person and I never cross paths, for their sake…”


Rio: “This is too much! They didn’t even take an affront face to face duel with us to collect our decks, they rather preferred to do it when we were most vulnerable.”


Ryouga: “That’s because they're a bunch of cowards!”


Tokunosuke: “H-How dare they steal my deck! AAAAHHHH I worked so hard to build them!”


Casewell: “You mean by using your cheap tricks?...”


Tokonuske: “Hey hey, let’s not talk about that in public…”

Everybody started gibbering and cursing under their breaths, it was getting out of our hands. So I yelled.


Kotori: “Everybody! Calm down!”

As I yelled those words, everybody’s eyes shifted towards me…


Durbe: “I know this situation is very aggravating for you, but you have to understand that we have lost something very valuable to us-”


Kotori: “No, I understand what you are going through, but we can’t handle things like this! We have to be more logical and find a way to get them back! First we gotta think!”


Cathy: “It’s easy for you to say!”


Thomas: “And it’s just a waste of time-”


Kaito: “No, Kotori is right, first we have to ask ourselves why they would steal our decks?”


Thomas: “Again, what’s the point-”


Chris: “You mean what is the intention behind, right Kaito?”


Thomas: “C’mon it’s obvious, they obviously took mine because my deck is of a Champion, and so awesome that they can’t ever build in their lifetime! 


Rio: “No one asked about your opinion…”


Thomas: “Don’t be so cold, your decks are strong too that’s why they took it, with few exceptions of course...”

As he mocked around those words, he glanced at my friends, *sigh*


Tetsuo: “Don’t think we didn’t notice your glance Four!


Droite: “Our decks being strong is just one reason, however, the person wouldn’t have gained profit from stealing all of our decks.”


Michael: “Would you mind elaborating on the point? Sorry, the situation itself is very confusing...”


Droite: “Not at all. I’ll explain using Kaito’s deck as an example, it can’t be used by anyone else other than himself because of the Photon Transformation, so it would be useless to steal his deck, so Four’s point doesn’t really validate. As he also hinted, there are different levels of each deck, mine is very tricky to use too and only I can use it the proper way, and I am sure everyone has their own strategy and tricks, also stealing every single deck and making it into a single deck is just preposterous.”


Michael: “Basically it wouldn’t benefit them to steal our decks for the purpose of making them stronger, so there has to be another reason that might explain the situation we are in.”


Thomas: “Then what is that half-assed reason?”


Droite: “I think they simply took so we don’t have anything to defend ourselves with.”


Haruto: “Defend ourselves?... Why would we need to defend ourselves?”


Droite: “Well, just a few minutes ago we were just running away from those robots. They even threatened us and said something along the line of ‘punishing us if we defied them’.”


Kaito: “I agree. Also, I’ve been analysing the walls of the school for a while… it seems to be made of certain materials that only gives access to the person controlling it and not us, we are surrounded from every path, so we can’t use our deck to find a way out.”

Kaito spoke those words intently with a concerned face, I think Yuma and I never saw Kaito like this… he always knew there was always away. He had an odd look of familiarity… which means he knows what to do! Well, he is into this sort of technology stuff after all, so I am sure he can definitely do something about it. We need to have hope!


Tron: “So they wanted to trap us here all vulnerable.”


Kotori: "Well, Kaito totally looks like he’s familiar around these things! I am sure you can do something about it! We can’t just give up from our kidnapper now, I am sure we’ll get out soon!"


Kaito: “I am sorry but everyone needs to keep their expectations low, for now, it’s far more… complicated, but I can definitely find a way and work on it.”


Michael: “They have also taken the number cards, it’s not looking good for us.”


Yuma: “The Numeron-code! We need to get them back otherwise the whole universe will be in danger. We have to find the person who stole them!”


Vector: “Do you think it will be that easy, Yuma? If they took away our numbers with such ease, without any difficulty like activating the Arclight family’s crest, I believe we are dealing with a worthy opponent.”


Casewell: “I have a very bad feeling about this…”


Cathy: “Don’t tell me… My cats are home all alone, I have to get out as soon as possible and feed them.”


Rio: “Cathy, your cats are the least of our concerns right now…”


Cathy: “Huh? How dare you!-”


Kotori: “Enough guys!"


???: “This conversation of theirs is going for a while now… It’s time that we intervene!

As we heard those words, five giant robots popped up from nowhere and surrounded us.


Haruto: “It’s them again!”


Anna: “ARRRGHHH they took my cannon away! Otherwise, I would have blown them to pieces!”


???: “Kyahahaha! Thanks for bearing with us!”


Casewell: “More of those robot monsters are here!”


??? (yellow) : “These are not monsters! They’re Exisals ! They are highly mobile, bipedal weapons platforms.”


Kaito: “Weapons?...”


Exisals (blue): “Hell yeah! If one of you bastards does even think about going against us we’ll just stamp on your bodies until all your guts are splattered like when we force out maionese out of the bottle!”


Exisals (pink): “Please don’t compare g-gruesome stuff with food… It takes away all my appetite…”


Exisals (red): “It’s their fault after all, they have been so mean to us…”


Exisal (pink): “Maybe it’s because we look scary in these, I think we should reveal ourselves!”


Exisal (red): “Great idea! Get readyyyyy!”

After the… Exisal said that, five little stuffed bears came out from it. All of them were half white and half coloured, at one side they looked so adorable, and the other half…

The red one called himself to be Monotaro… The pink one with stripes called herself Monophanie, so cute! The yellow with tiger stripes called himself Monosuke. The green one that seemed to be made out of metal can call himself Monodam, and finally that blue one with stars printed in the eyes and… chest hair?… Called himself Monokid...


“Rise and shine, ursine! With our powers combined, we are the Monokubs!”


We remained still for a couple of minutes… what was just going on?


Yuma: “First we have dogs that can duel, talking racoons and now we have talking and moving stuffed bears?"


Cathy: “Hey I am not responsible for this… I only train cats.”


Gilag: "Neither am I…"


Chris: “It looks like it has an intelligent AI, and it also seems to be very humane, I am actually very curious about the AI inserted in those… things.”


Monotaro: “ “Those things” why are you trash talking to us as if we are just some human garbage!”


Monosuke: " *whisper* Monotaro you're not human so you're not a human garbage to begin with!"


Monotaro: "That's right! Yay!"


Monokid: "Hell yeah! I am from the depths of the hellish garbage of the garbage land and going to destroy the world with garbage!"


Monosuke: " *sigh* This is even worse…"


Monophanie: "I am sure it was the reference of Dr Faker's method to annihilate the Astral world, I feel so sorry for those innocent souls…"


Monodam: "You shouldn't feel sorry, you know that it was to save his poor little son. We should all-get-along just like they did."


Monotaro: "Do you think father would do the same for us?"


Haruto: "Hey! How come this story is brought up again! Don't even dare to say a word about it! Just shut up!"


Kotori: "Did you just say "father"?..."


???: "Awww my cute little cubs, I would do greater and moooore ."

The voice seemed like an echo ringing through the whole gym; quickly we turned where the voice originated from, and then from the pedestal a burning light came from the stage-as if from magic, a half black and a half white bear teleported here.


Alito: "Another bear! Gilag, are these things related to Ponta or something?!"


Gilag: "Who the f*ck knows! Ponta is sleeping right now!"


???: "I am not related at all to that filthy racoon! And I am not just ANY bear! I am the god of this new world, and the Headmaster of this Ultimate Academy! I am the one, the onlyyy, MONOKUMA! HAHAHA!"


Monotaro: "Another epic entrance!"


Monosuke: "Pops just know how to keep the tension."


Monokid: "Go go Papakuma!"


Monophanie: "Daddy is always so cool, those lightings enhanced his coolness to a whole new level."


Dumon: "Monokuma?…"


Vector: " "god of this new world" ... Tch"


Ryouga: "Great, another one of those idiots…"


Rio: "No Ryouga… this one looks different, I feel a very dangerous aura coming from it…"


Ryouga: "Huh?..."


Droite: "And those Monokubs referred to him as father.''


Casewell: "I-Isn't the boss battle supposed to appear after we beat the first levels?"


Monokuma: "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! You guys are too chatty! Now, let’s get back to business, shall we?”


Chris: “Before you say anything, I have a question. Is the person who created you guys and controls you the responsible who orchestrated this whole thing?


Monokuma: “Puhuhuhu, who knows?”


Chris: “I am going to take it as a yes.”


Monokuma: “Think what you want I don’t give a damn! Let’s get back to business, shall we?! Now there is something important I have to tell you guys *giggles*


Dumon: “Don’t keep us waiting then…”


Monokuma: “As you must have realized every path of this school is blocked, and there is just no way you can get out by hopelessly trying to destroy the walls, not even using the cards from your deck because I confiscated them!”


Anna: “ “Confiscated”? Confiscated my ass! Those decks belonged to us, and there is no way you had the right, even the authority to even touch them with your dirty little paws!”


Monokuma: “Listen here, lady! I am the headmaster of this Ultimate Academy! And as long as you are here all under my territory, each of you bastards will follow the regulations under the school’s circumspect!”


Vector: “Are we sure this is just a school? It’s a rather peculiar choice to kidnap us here...”

Not a school? This place definitely looks like a school, so what does he mean by that?


Kotori: “By the looks of it seems one.”


Vector: “You’re right, but I have a feeling there are more dangerous places than just a normal school would have…”


Mizael: “What is the meaning of this Vector?”


Vector: “Nothing in particular, just a gut feeling, that’s all.”

Vector quickly left the topic with an eerie atmosphere… What is it with him?


Kotori: “This is a school alright, but aren’t some of us too old to attend school?...”


Monokuma: “This isn’t just some normal school as the carrot guy guessed, this is a school for ultimates, even old people have been a student to such a school to cultivate their talents in their field to become more successful!”


Tron: “Yeah I saw very rare schools like that, but I don’t remember to enrol here. I already have an important job.”


Monokuma: “Who cares about your job! As the headmaster of this school, I am proud to announce that the killing game semester starts from today! I want you students with your Ultimate-level talents to participate in a killing game!


Did I just hear it right? “Killing game”... as those words spouted out from his mouth, so casually, so carefree… I tried to give a meaning to those words, but I couldn’t…


Yuma: “What do you mean by killing game! What game is that!”


Tokonuske: “Maybe it’s the name of a board game or card games, right?”


Monokuma: “HAHAHAHA! Let me clear this once and for all the troglodytes over here, make sure to open your ears wide! When I said "killing game", I meant murdering each other!”

As he clarified his words, my heart started to ache and fear devoured my chest. Everyone shot the bear laying before us with a cold gaze, but I felt weak.


Kotori: “What?! Killing game… us?”


Ryouga: “What kind of joke is this?!”


Rio: “This doesn’t seem like some kind of a joke…”


Dumon: “What the hell… Why would we ever agree to participate in a killing game?!”


Monokuma: “Huh? You guys don’t wanna do it?”


Yuma: “Of course we will never do it, why would friends ever kill each other?!”


Monokuma: “Who said you guys are friends?”


Yuma: “Huh?”


Monokuma: “Whatever you guys had is in the past now, here you guys are enemies to kill each other!”

Enemies?... We’re enemies?... What is he saying?…


Vector: “The situation escalated real fast…”


Droite: “So this was the reason for everything we just went through…”


Haruto: “Everything we went through? The kidnapping, our stolen memories and decks and trapping us here to force us to kill each other?... To kill our friends and loved ones? How come no one came to rescue us! Maybe… I am sure father has sent a force trying to break into here to save us! Right big brother?”


Kaito: "…"


Tron: "*sigh* So it’s what I thought…”


Haruto: “Big brother?”


Kaito: “I am sure father is, but whatever happens, I’ll be always there to protect you, so don’t worry about it, alright?”


Haruto: “Big brother…”


Gilag: “You don’t know who you’re messing with plush doll!”

As he finished his sentence, he lifted the struggling bear up.


Monokuma: “Just what do you think you’re doing! Attacking the headmaster is absolutely prohibited! You’re going against the school regulations!” 


Gilag: “Shut your freakin mouth! I don’t give a damn!”

Monokuma became still as if it was shut off, but then his red eye started beeping, and the beeping became faster and faster.


Alito: “Throw it! Now!”

Gilag obeyed Alito instantly and threw Monokuma.  He threw him towards the wall, I was sure it was done on purpose. Monokuma exploded in a thousand pieces, the impact didn’t destroy the wall, but Monokuma was reduced to dust, wait, is this really the end of the killing game? I felt relief across my body. What was the mastermind thinking? Was it that easy?


Tetsuo: “Is that demonic doll gone now? This means there will be no more of that killing game, right?”


Monokuma: “Not at all!”


Tetsuo: “AAHHH!”


Anna: “W-Wait, didn’t that thing just get blown away right now? Dammit it has spares too! How about we destroy each of them until there is no more of it?”


Monokuma: “Just try to put your hands on me and you’ll regret it! For your information, I own many clones of myself, it’ll take you a lot of time to annihilate me without every single one of you guys dying.”


Anna: “Argh!”


Vector: “So how does this killing game works anyway? Do we have weapons to kill someone?”


Ryouga: “Same old Vector, huh? You haven’t changed your ways at all… Yuma was wrong, which I knew all along of course.”


Yuma: "Shark…"


Vector: “Hmph, think what you want, but this prologue couldn’t go any slower because of you dumbasses, so I am doing a favour.”


Monokuma: “I am with Shark, what barbaric display are you having on your mind? Did this really bring back and fire up your murderous fiend? Well you couldn’t be more wrong. At this Ultimate Academy the killing game is quite a refined and sophisticated experience!”


Rio: “Sophisticated experience?”


Monokuma: “Yes, because the killings are followed by class trials.”


Monokubs: “Okie dokie! Let us explain!”


Monophanie: “Alright, if one of you bastards kill someone, you all take part in a class trial.”


Monotaro: “The class trial is where the blackened killer faces off against their spotless classmates.”


Monosuke: “Is where you argue and debate who the blackened is. After a thorough debate, it’s Voting Time! And if the majority of you vote correctly…”


Monokid: “Then only the blackened will receive punishment and get f*cking wrecked! Haha the best part! After the blackened has been punished, you b*ches and hoes will be f*cking living together as normal!


Monosuke: “But if you maggots vote for the wrong person in the class trial, the blackened will scot-free, will graduate and will get their deck back, and all the spotless students get punished instead, and these are the rules of the class trial. And for you that idiots are wondering what the punishment entails, it's an execution, simply put.”


Monokuma: “The point is, it’s not enough to kill someone, you also have to survive the class trial.”


Chris: “The rules are awfully a reflection of the real world.”


Thomas: “Tch, who’s gonna participate in this?”


Monokuma: “Nyeh?”


Thomas: “A brainless robot like you wouldn’t understand the power of family and friendship! Not everyone here is friends, sure, but if I really killed someone for freedom, what kind of freedom is it with my family being murdered?! And if you haven’t noticed, everyone here has someone important to them that they won’t risk for the world!”


Monokuma: “Now that you mention it, there are quite many of you that have relatives, so let’s fix that shall we?! Let me introduce you to the first motive!”


Thomas: “What?!”


Monokuma: “If the blackened survive the trial, not only will they be freed, get to graduate and receive their deck back, but also their whole family will receive the same reward. Puhuhu, I am sure this appeals to some of you now, right, riiiiight?”


Ryouga: “Damn you!”


Kaito: “Arrgh!”


Yuma: “Stop toying with us, stop toying with my friends!”

Yuma let out a desperate scream... Monokuma saw right through our weakness. It hurt seeing everyone like this… I clenched my palm and hardened them.


Kotori: “We will never succumb to you Monokuma! You ignored the other part of what Four said, we have the power of friendship, and by that we are also family, we don’t need to be related by blood to be one, we won’t kill each other, no matter what you do, no matter what motives, rewards, gifts you give, it’s something you can’t break, we won’t kill each other!”


Vector: “That’s very brave of you to say, but it's best if we stop arguing back and forth with Monokuma, who knows what other deadly perks he has in his sleeves, I am saying that for your own good of course.”


Monokuma: “No no, let her keep talking, I welcome her resistance! The defiant spirit is very important to the killing game! Because it’s fun to watch the defiant ones eventually snap, and get their hands dirty...”


Kotori: “What?... I would never do that!”


Monokuma: “I saw this happening so many times and every time it’s so entertaining! It never gets old! And as the headmaster, it’s my job to force you to participate. Ahahahaha!”


Monokubs: “Kyahahahaha!”


I stood here… staggered in this awful feeling. Nothing made sense... why, I just kept asking why, but I couldn’t find any logical answers. Friends forced to kill each other? How can this situation be so twisted? Who is responsible for such a cruel thing? I had so many questions pondering in my mind, and then the fear of death finally struck me. I looked around, and everyone was staring at everyone, fear struck them all, and a tense atmosphere arose. Then everyone started to fear each other, this is not what it is supposed to be like… this is not… this is… is that fear that I am feeling?


END Prologue

A huge shoutout to sioninel a Tumblr friend who contributed and helped a lot with the progression of the story because I was stuck in so many parts, and with his help, we cleared so many bundles in the story

I made fan arts of Zexal cast in Danganronpa style

Here is Kaito Tenjo

Here is Chris Arclight

Here is Thomas Arclight and Durbe

Here is Rio Kamishiro and Casewell Francis

Here is Ryouga Kamishiro

There will be edits of when I will add more characters