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The Quarantine Series

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Merel hated Joey. Apparently it was too hard to just have his goddamn phone on him and respond. Had he not seen the messages she’d sent him? Couldn’t he see that this was an emergency and she needed him to call her immediately? It had been 2 whole minutes, what could he possibly be doing that was more important?

Merel’s nerves and panic grew with every passing second. She kept staring at her screen, impatiently waiting for Joey’s answer. She needed her best friend more than ever, how dare he take so long to answer? This was a goddamn crisis.

Finally there was a response. No text message, instead her phone started vibrating while Joey’s name appeared on the screen. Quickly Merel reached for the device, her hurried movements failing to accept the call two times before finally succeeding.


There was no time for greetings or friendly hello’s. This was an urgent matter that needed to be solved right now.

"First of all, you need to chill." Joey answered calmly, making Merel even more impatient. How could he not see how serious this was? There was no time to chill!


"Merel calm down! She did not!"


"Look, you’re going to take a deep breath now or I will hang up on you."

No, she could not afford Joey hanging up on her. He was the only one that could help her, and if she just silently needed to breathe to get his help, that’s exactly what she would do. Surprisingly enough, it actually seemed to work.

"Alright, there you go." Joey said after a few seconds of silence. “Are you ready to stop screaming at me?”


"Good. Now Merel, think about Charlotte’s text again. What does it say?"

“‘Would you want to spend the quarantine at my place instead of at your parents? It might get lonely.’" Merel quoted the text word for word. "That means she’s asking me to live with her!"

"Just for a few weeks, you lovesick idiot! You’re not permanently moving all your stuff into her apartment."

"So you think I should do it?"

"Put it like this. Do you want to spend several weeks with or without Charlotte?"

Merel was silent. She hadn’t looked at it like that. At least once a week Merel and Charlotte met up for coffee or a movie night. None of that would be possible if she turned down Charlotte’s offer. Was she really not going to take the chance to spend several weeks with the woman she had a huge crush on?



"With Charlotte, or without Charlotte?"

Merel took another deep breath before she answered, fully aware that Joey already knew what she’d say.

"With Charlotte."

"Glad I could help."

Merel ended the call and tossed her phone next to her on the bed. Joey was right, as he always was. Her meetings with Charlotte always were the highlights of her week, and the few weeks they didn’t see each other were pretty lonely.

Spending several weeks alone with her parents, or alone with Charlotte?

Spending a few weeks with Charlotte, or without seeing Charlotte at all?

How had this been a hard choice to make at all?

Merel grabbed her phone again, now calm enough to unlock the screen on the first try. Her fingers were still slightly shaking when she typed her message. There was no way back now.

“I’ll be there at 5!”