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Win had never been more terrified in his life before he heard Del shouting out at the pool while they all changed. “SOMEBODY HELP! HE’S DROWNING!”

He and the other guys all looked up and, in an instant, took off running. When they got out to the pool, the sight that met him made his blood run cold. “TEAM!” he shouted, shoving past them to run to the far side of the pool faster.

Pharm was in the water, hanging onto one of the starting blocks, trying his hardest to hold Team’s head out of the water while Del held onto his wrist on the block, helping him not slip under from Team’s weight. “Shit, Team!” Win jumped into the water and took Team from Pharm, hoisting him against his chest so he could hold him out of the water without struggling like Pharm did. Pruk and Mew reached down and grabbed Team’s arms, pulling him out of the water with ease. Dean hauled Pharm out of the water all on his own, catching him as his legs gave out from the inevitable strain of trying to keep a man as big as Team’s head above water.

“Move!” Win hoisted himself out of the water and crawled to Team’s side. “Baby,” he whimpered, leaning down to see if he was breathing. He wasn’t. “Fuck, no,” he rasped out, and immediately got into position to do CPR. “Someone get ready to take over,” he warned them, and Pruk got to the other side of Team. “One, two, three, four,” he counted under his breath, and he could vaguely hear Dean asking what happened.

Pharm was crying, hard. “I fell in and- and Team jumped in cause he knows I can’t swim, but he- he hit his head trying to lift me out of the water!” He clung to Dean, sobbing. “Teeaaam. I tried, P’Dean, but I can’t really swim! I could barely keep my head out of the water until I got him to the edge!”

“I know you did,” Dean comforted, and Win just sat back on his knees, panting as he let Pruk take over.

“Dean, we might need you,” Win rasped out.

Dean left Pharm with Del and went over to get ready to take over for Pruk. “How long?” he asked, immediately going into professional mode.

“Time to check again,” Win said, his heart breaking the longer Team didn’t respond.

Dean let Pruk finish his two breaths of air and then leaned down, checking his pulse and breathing. “Shit.” He took over and started counting and Win just pushed his hair out of his face, fighting tears as Team’s lips started to turn blue.

“Come on, Baby. Come on-“ As if he could hear him, Dean was on his last five compressions when Team spluttered and coughed. “Yes!” Win immediately helped tip him on his side, watching with hope as he coughed up a lot of water. “Good, Baby. You’re going to be okay.”

But when Team stopped choking and coughing and started to take ragged breaths, he took his hand off the back of Team’s head and saw the blood there. “Fuck,” Dean said, and Win pushed through Team’s hair to find a deep gash to the back of it.

“We’ve got to get an ambulance. We can’t move him,” Win said, carefully propping his leg along Team’s back and holding his head to keep from moving his neck and spine any more than they already had.

“I’ll be right back,” Dean said, already running to check if Del had called one, the rushing outside to lead them in when they got there.

Win held Team without moving him and stroked his wrist. “It’s going to be okay, Baby. I’ve got you. I’m not going anywhere. Hia is here,” he whispered, hoping like hell that his boyfriend was going to be alright.


Dean held Pharm, still in his wet clothes, at the waiting room at the hospital as he cried. “I’ve never been more scared,” Pharm whispered. “Well, you know,” he muttered, and Dean understood. He didn’t need to elaborate. “I slipped just walking with Del, and she tried to grab my wrist, but I fell onto the edge and slid into the water and kind of drifted too far to reach the side, I guess.” He sniffled. “I was panicking because I can’t really swim. You know that. I just- started flailing, trying to get to the side and not go under. Team saw me and ran and dove in. He got me to the starting block, and tried to lifted me out of the water, but he hit his head on the bar on the block, and slipped under the water. I had to hang on to the bar and- and try to pull him back up. I got my arm around his back and I kicked so hard and pulled on the bar, but I could barely get his head out of the water at all.”

Dean rubbed his hip comfortingly. “You did your best, okay? You tried your hardest. That was very brave of you when you were already so scared.”

Pharm looked up at him with those heartbreaking, tear-filled eyes. “What if my best friend dies?” he whispered. “I was clumsy and he- he could die.”

“Shhhh,” Dean said, rubbing his hip. “You can’t know that. We don’t know anything. He might have woken up and is just getting stitched up and treated for the broken ribs.”

Pharm’s eyes widened. “Broken ribs?”

Dean winced. “Yeah, CPR sometimes breaks ribs. I felt at least one of his crack. Or maybe it was the cartilage in his sternum. He’ll be in pain for a while when he wakes up, but the alternative is brain damage from the lack of oxygen for too long.” He didn’t have the heart to tell Pharm that a blow to the head combined with lack of oxygen for nearly three minutes could absolutely cause brain damage still.

“How do you all know CPR?” Pharm asked, and Dean smiled faintly.

“We’re swimmers. Not all of the team is trained, but we have to be sure at least some of us can help if someone drowns. Me, Win, and Pruk are the senior swimmers so we all had to be certified. Mew can also do it, but that’s because he’s a medical student.”

“Pharm?!” Manaow came rushing around a corner, and Del slammed into her when she stopped. “Pharm are you alright?” she asked. She rushed over and held out a bag. “Here, Del and I got you and P’Dean some dry clothes.

“And we grabbed Win’s stuff from his locker,” Pruk said, coming around the corner behind them. “How is he?” he asked.

Dean shrugged. “We haven’t heard anything. Win is off trying to fight a doctor I think for updates,” he said, rolling his eyes.

“Can you blame him?” Manaow asked, shrugging. “I’m gonna go join him,” she said, and Pruk sighed and grabbed her wrist, stopping her. “Oi! Phi!” She pouted up at him. “Team is my best friend!”

“And you’re going to get kicked out so you can’t see him after all,” Pruk said simply. “We have to just wait, okay?”

She sighed but nodded, pouting dramatically.

Dean took the bag of clothes and gently took Pharm’s hand. “Come on. Let’s go find somewhere to change.”

Pharm nodded, and they left to go find a bathroom or something so they could get out of their wet clothes before they caught a cold.


Win sat outside Team’s room – the closest they would let him get – and he stroked the hidden tattoo he had on his inner thigh through his swim trunks. He got it the first time he and Team said, ‘I love you’. It was just WT, nothing too official, but it said enough. Nobody had ever loved Win before. Of all the people Win had slept with, the ones he had used and the ones who used him, nobody ever loved him the way Team did. Team was his heart and his soul. Team was his everything. His eyes stung with unshed tears because Team was his future.

He already had a ring and everything.

”Hiaaaa,” Team whined, shoving ineffectively at Win’s chest. “Not tonight. I’m trying to study.”

Win grinned, crawling over him and looking down. “Oh? What if I want to study anatomy?” he asked, putting his hand on Team’s hip.

“You don’t take anatomy! Team argued, pouting up at him.

Win was just teasing. He knew Team was on a scholarship and had to study hard. He just wanted to watch him blush and pout for a few minutes before he left him alone. “Mmmm, but wouldn’t you like to?” he asked, sneaking his fingertips under Team’s shirt. “I know you’re really stressed out about exams. I could… help you,” Win said, easing his hand higher.

Team’s cheeks were so pretty always, but flushed bright red, nothing compared. “H-Hia, I-“ Team swallowed hard. “Hia,” he sighed when Win’s hand stuttered across his ribs. “Hia,” he whimpered. “I need- I have to st-study. I-“

“Ah, I know.” Win pulled his hand away and smirked at the disappointment on Team’s face. He leaned down and kissed him gently, a kiss of love, not lust. “I’ll leave you alone to study. I want my baby to get top of the class.”

He started to climb off of Team and, to his surprise, Team’s hand reached out and grabbed his forearm. He looked back down at him and Team licked his lips. “Can you come back and hug me to sleep?” he asked, always vulnerable in that moment. “Two hours. I just- I need to sleep well and you’re distracting but you make me sleep.”

Win’s heart melted. “Of course, Baby.” He leaned down and kissed him, with just a little bit of tongue this time. “I’ll be back at bedtime.”

“Okay. Thank you,” Team said cutely, and Win shook his head.

“Never thank me for loving you.”

Win let his tears fall because what if this morning was the last time he would wake up with his baby in his arms? What if he would never hold him again?


None of them had ever met Team’s family, so when the doctor led a tall man with Team’s build – though his face looked nothing like him – to the room, Win stood up. “Are you Team’s father?” he asked eagerly. “Did they tell you anything? Is he okay?”

The man’s stern expression turned to him and he looked him up and down. “Are you one of his teammates?”

“Yes, I’m the vice-president. My name is Win, Sir.”

The man nodded. “Good. I’ll be speaking with you and your president when they tell me what’s happened to my son,” he said, and Win’s heart sank when he realized that they were the ones he was blaming for the accident.


“Is one of you Nong Pharm?” They all looked up when they saw a woman in a nurse’s uniform standing there. “The patient is asking after his friend Pharm and someone named Manaow.”

“That’s us,” Pharm said, jumping to his feet. He grabbed Manaow’s hand and they followed her, staying right on her heels. When they were led around a corner, they saw Win pacing. “P’Win? Have you seen him?”

Win looked up, eyes bloodshot, and he shook his head. “No. Why. Are you-“

“You can join us,” the nurse said with a sigh. “Four at a time is allowed and you don’t seem likely to give up.”

They all went in and Pharm instantly rushed to Team’s side. Team looked pale and gray, but he was awake, and his head was wrapped in a bandage. “Pharm? Are you okay? The doctor said you fell in the pool and when I jumped in to get you, I hit my head.”

Pharm moved to hug him gently. “Am I alright?! Team, you drowned! You drowned saving me. Thank you, and are you alright?!” he asked.

Team shrugged. “I think so? My chest hurts and my head hurts.” He frowned. “What happened? I can’t remember it at all.”

“Probably the smack to the head,” Manaow said, sighing. “Team, you’re a good friend, you know? Poor Del was barely able to keep Pharm from being dragged under while he tried to hold you up.”

“Del?” Team blinked and looked between them. “Who is Del?”

They all stilled. “What’s this?” the man at his side, clearly his father asked. “Explain,” he said, looking at Pharm and Manaow.

Manaow frowned. “Uh… Del? P’Dean’s sister? Our friend?”

“We’re friends with P’Dean’s sister?” Team asked, looking confused. “But… I just met P’Dean? Right?”

Pharm saw Win pale and sway some. “Wait. T-Team? You know who I am, right?” he asked.

Team nodded, frowning. “You’re my senior on the swim team.”

Pharm glanced at Team’s dad, hoping he wasn’t about to really screw up. “But Team. What else is he to you?”

Team tilted his head. “I don’t know. I noticed we live in the same dorm? Neighbors?”

Win swayed and fell into the chair behind him and started crying. “No, please no.”

“Team.” Manaow grabbed his hand. “How old are you?”

“Seventeen,” he answered, and Pharm gasped, putting a hand to his lips.

Team’s father’s eyes widened. “Son, you’re nineteen,” he said. “You’re a second-year.”

Team looked shocked, paling rapidly. “W-what?!”

“Team,” Pharm whispered, through tears. “Team, our first week of school was over a year and a half ago.”

The nurse immediately grabbed his chart. “I need you all out immediately. We’re going to have to do tests right away. I’ll inform the doctor of signs of retrograde amnesia and we will start our tests as soon as possible.”


Dean was immediately alarmed when they all came walking out and Win, flirty, playful Win, was silently crying and walking at a quick pace, looking entirely out of it as he rushed past them. Pharm was crying into Manaow’s shoulder and she, too was crying as she held him up. “No,” Del whispered, and Pruk looked at Dean worriedly.

“Manaow?” he asked gently, and she let go of Pharm and crashed into her boyfriend’s chest.

“P’Dean,” Pharm sobbed. “He doesn’t remember! He can’t remember anything since our first week! He doesn’t remember past trying out for the swim team and making the cut!”

Dean’s heart dropped. “Oh God.” He looked the way Win went. “So he doesn’t remember Win-“

“No,” Pharm whimpered. He clung to Dean. “What if they can’t fix him? What if he- what if he- what if he doesn’t know anything? He’ll have to start school over again. And- and what about P’Win? Team needs him! He’s helped Team so much and he loves P’Win!”

“You should check on him, Dean.” Pruk smiled sadly. “You know how volatile he gets.”

Manaow nodded, holding her hand out for Pharm. He kissed Dean’s cheek and then stepped over to hold her hand, head bowed.

Dean sighed and nodded. “I’ll go catch him before he can do anything stupid.”

However, he knew he was a little late when he got outside just in time to see a black motorcycle speeding off at high speed.


Win stormed into his room and tugged at his hair, fighting the overwhelming panic as he thought about the last year and a half. He had never been more scared in his life. Nothing had ever hurt more than Team not recognizing him when he looked into his eyes. “FUCK!” He roared and grabbed his desk chair, throwing it across the room. He burst into tears as he started throwing shit everywhere. He didn’t really care he was trashing his own room, because it hurt and he was scared and he was so confused and his heart was fucking breaking.

He kept going until arms grabbed him from behind and he fought just as long as it took for Dean to say, “Win. Stop.”

And then he just collapsed. He gave ragged sobs, dragging Dean down to the floor with him. “Team doesn’t know me,” he growled out. “Dean, he doesn’t- he doesn’t know me.”

“I know. They told me.” Dean held him while he broke down and Win wished it was a whole different set of arms wrapped around him. “Win, we don’t know if this is that bad yet. It’s probably temporary. It’s-“

“Fuck you.” Win wrenched from Dean and dug into the pocket of his jeans, fighting with the damp denim to drag out a now-ruined ring box. He turned around and held it in Dean’s face. Dean looked at it, his eyes widening, and a shaky hand to pluck it from his fingers. Win’s let his head hang and more tears fall when he heard the creak of the box opening.

“Shit, Win.”

“Next fucking week,” he whispered. He lifted his eyes and saw Dean holding the silver band in his fingers. “I was- I was taking him to the resort. I had it all planned. Everything. Next week,” he rasped out, hitting himself in the chest with a closed fist. “Do you know how scared I am?” His face crumpled. “I can’t lose him, Dean. I just- I just-“ He whimpered, letting his head hang again. “Dean. You know. I know you understand. I don’t know what happened but I know-“

“Yes. I do.” Dean put a hand on his shoulder and he could feel Dean’s hand trembling. “I can’t tell you the whole story, but I’ve looked Pharm in the eyes when he held a gun under his own chin.” Win’s head snapped up, because what?! Dean held his gaze, eyes tearful. “I know,” he stressed.

Dean took his hand and put the ring into it, curling his fingers around it. “Trust that he loves you.”

“He doesn’t know me,” Win whispered.

Dean tilted his head. “Trust that I know what I’m saying when I say he will still feel it even before he remembers you.” Win looked him in his eyes. He knew something went down about Dean and Pharm given that Dean somehow knew Pharm before he ever spoke to him. He wasn’t sure what the fuck that was about, but he figured he could trust Dean to know what he was talking about.

“If I lose him, I won’t survive, Dean.” Win shook his head. “He’s the first person to ever want me.”

“I know,” Dean said, nodding slowly. “But it just happened. Wait and give it time.”

Win hung his head and nodded, raising his hand to his mouth to kiss the ring on his palm. “My baby,” he whispered, clutching his fist again and holding it to his chest. “I’ll calm down and- and go back later. His dad seems like he’s going to blame the swim team so you need to go warn our supervisors.”

Dean looked alarmed. “Shit. Yeah. Will you be okay now?”

Win nodded, looking down at Team’s engagement ring. “Yeah. I’m- I’m gonna be okay.”

Dean rubbed his shoulder before he got up to leave, shutting the door behind him as he went.


Team was sick of being poked and prodded. He really didn’t like them sticking him in machines that were loud and claustrophobic either. When they finally let him go back to his hospital room and just rest, he was surprised to see the first person to knock on the door was the blonde swimmer, P’Win he remembered. “Hey, Team,” he said gently. He smiled warmly, which was surprising since Team thought he was kind of a bully, always teasing him during tryouts. “How are you feeling?”

Team frowned. “P’Win?” he asked, only to tilt his head when P’Win flinched. “Phi?”

“Hia,” Win said, his voice sounding a little tight. He came and sat beside Team’s bed in the chair. “You call me Hia.”

Team nodded. “Oh. Okay, Hia. I don’t remember.”

Win looked so hurt that Team was confused. “I know, you don’t,” he said softly. His hand flinched like he wanted to reach out and Team was so, so confused. “Have they found anything out?”

“I don’t know,” Team said. “My dad says that they have to study all the results and stuff.” He sighed. “I hope they figure it out. I can’t believe I’m nineteen,” he stressed. “I missed… all of that?” Team was upset at that. He couldn’t understand how so much of his life was gone. “I don’t know how close Pharm and Manaow are to me now. I guess we’re best friends? And Pharm is dating P’Dean, I think Manaow said.”

Win nodded. “Yeah. They are.” He chuckled wetly. “I need to talk to you, okay?” Team nodded. “Team.” Win hesitantly reached for his hand and Team gasped when Win took it, lacing their fingers together. “Baby, so are we,” he whispered, tears in his eyes. “Team, we’ve been together officially for a year now. And we were hooking up for a while before I convinced you I really cared about you and it wasn’t just sex.”

Team stared at him in shock. “I’ve had sex?!” he blurted out, and Win, to his surprise, let out a wet snort.

“About a week after what you remember, Baby,” he said. He stroked Team’s knuckles and Team was so, so confused. “When we went on a training trip to make you new team members swim in the ocean, we were at my family’s resort, and I thought you were cute so I got us a room alone together just in case you seemed interested.” Win smiled and leaned his head on the railing of the bed. “Lucky for me, you were.” Team couldn’t believe he would do that with someone he barely knew. Win grinned. “I can see your face and I know what you’re thinking.” He kissed Team’s hand, and Team flinched, which made Win’s smile fall. “Sorry. If you don’t want to hear, I’m- I understand. I know it has to be a lot.”

Team looked away but then shook his head, blushing as he looked away from Win. “I want to know.”

“It’s adorable,” Win whispered. “You were watching porn and got turned on and when I offered to help you out, I guess you were horny enough to accept.” Team felt Win’s thumb still stroking his hand even if he couldn’t look, his cheeks were so hot. “We hooked up for a few months, because I didn’t think you really cared about me. And I think you were too shy to trust my feelings.”

“So. We’ve been together all this time?” Team asked.

“Yes.” Win’s voice sounded desperate and Team was very uncomfortable. “I know this is a lot to put on you, Baby-“ Team tugged his hand loose at that, and then he felt bad when Win’s voice hitched. “Sorry. Team.” Team snuck a glance and saw the pain in Win’s face as he looked down at his own empty hand. “I just didn’t want to lie to you. I couldn’t make everybody else lie to you, too. I understand this is so much to think about. But I want you know that I love you. So much.” Team looked at the downcast face of the man who claimed was his boyfriend. “I’ll leave you alone now. I just- I need you to know I’m here for you. I’m going to be at your side. Whatever happens, I won’t- I won’t leave you to suffer through this alone.” Team’s breath hitched when Win looked up and his eyes were full of tears. “I won’t ever leave you, Team. I promised you I would always be there for you. And I will be.” He smiled wetly. “Goodbye, Baby- Team,” he corrected. “I’ll be back soon. I just want to let you think right now, okay?”

Team nodded, biting his lip. “Alright, Hia. Bye,” he said, and Win got up and turned away. Team watched the way he wiped at his face as he hesitated at the door, and Team was confused because Win looked so upset, but Team didn’t… get it. He didn’t understand what they were. He didn’t understand what he was supposed to feel. When the door shut, he looked back at his hand that Win had kissed, and his breath hitched in confusion.


After four more days in the hospital, they decided that Team’s best bet at getting his memories back was to return to his normal routine. He couldn’t swim with his head injury and stitches, but other than that, they wanted him to go home and try to get back to a normal schedule. His teachers were aware that he was missing a year’s worth of studies, so they were allowing him to focus on trying to just go to class and learn what he could and not focus on exams. He could take them all later if it proved his memory wasn’t going to come back and he had to re-take his first year of courses. The University said it was only temporary and that he had a month to either start to get his memories back or they would have to have him start taking his first-year courses over at the end of the quarter. Team was scared of that. He was on a scholarship.

The hardest part was trying to reconnect with Pharm and Manaow. They grew close fast, but he didn’t have a year and a half of memories built with them. He didn’t remember Del at all. And P’Pruk was apparently Manaow’s boyfriend now, and P’Alex was Del’s when he remembered P’Alex hitting on Pharm.

“Have you talked things through with Win?” Manaow asked innocently one day and he forced a smile.

“Um. He told me we’re, uh, dating. I don’t really… know what to say about that.” He made a face. “I don’t remember even being friends.”

“Don’t worry,” Pharm said, rubbing his wrist. “He loves you. He’ll be fine waiting on you guys getting close again. You guys are so cute together, even if you hid it for so long,” he said, rolling his eyes. “We were very confused when you had been dating for four months before you told us anything.”

Team blurted it out, he couldn’t help it. “I thought he said we were sleeping together for three months before we became official?”

Del and Pharm dropped their forks, but Dean just choked on his rice a bit. “Um. Most of us didn’t know that part. I did, but you guys told them you were dating in secret four months, not one and three casual.” Team felt his face turn bright red.


“It’s okay!” Pharm quickly held his hand. “It’s okay, Team.” He smiled brightly. “He really helped you come out of your shell, so it’s all good! However you got together it’s a good thing.”

Del looked around. “Where is P’Win anyways? He’s always at lunch.”

Dean cleared his throat uncomfortably. “He’s, uh. He’s swimming. He said he didn’t want to intrude while we help get Team accustomed to our lunch group.”

Team could see the looks they all exchanged and he just sighed, looking down at his plate. He knew they had to think it was weird that he and his boyfriend weren’t talking, but Team didn’t know what to do there. He obviously couldn’t just start telling a total stranger ‘I love you’ and holding hands or God forbid kissing him. He knew it wasn’t fair to P’Win- to Hia- to treat him like a stranger when he loved him. And he could tell looking at him that the man really did love him. The pain in his eyes was very obvious.

But Team didn’t remember ever kissing anybody and apparently he ended up being a total slut who just let a guy on the swim team he had known for a week take his virginity. Who did that? And what kind of guy went from ‘want some help with that?’ to being in love with him? He didn’t understand and he felt nothing for Win, and it was just the worst part of all his relationships missing.

“I guess that means you’re not going on your trip next week, are you?” Team looked up from his thoughts at Pruk.


Pruk nodded. “Win asked if you guys could take off the break week next week from training. Something about going to the beach.”

Team blushed. “I don’t- I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

“Ow. We didn’t know,” Pharm said, smiling sadly. “If you don’t think that’s a good idea, that’s fine. But maybe a week together alone would be good for you? You being with him all day might help bring back some memories.”

Team bit his lip because that wasn’t the worst possible outcome. He just didn’t know how safe he felt alone on a trip with someone who expected sex from him, at least before a few days ago, when he really, really didn’t want to have sex with him. “I’ll see,” he muttered, and they must have all shared looks while he looked down at the table because suddenly the conversation topic changed abruptly.


The last thing Win expected when he came out of the water, an hour after practice had ended and he just wasn’t ready to go back to his lonely room, was to wipe his hair out of his eyes, take off his goggles, and look up to see Team sitting on the starting block. Win lit up for a second. “Team!” he said, before suddenly it hit him again that this wasn’t his Team. Not really. “Um. Hi.”

Team had his knees pulled up to his chest as he looked down at Win. “Hia? P’Pruk said that- that I was supposed to go on a trip with you next week.”

Win’s heart sank and he smiled sadly. “Yeah. But it’s fine. It’s my family’s resort so I’m not losing any money.” He propped his arms on the side of the pool and rested his chin there. “I know you won’t feel comfortable. Honestly, I had sort of forgot,” he confessed. “I was so worried about you and then I’m… dealing with it all.” He sighed and shook his head. “Don’t worry, Team. Just focus on getting better, okay?”

“I want to go.” Win’s eyes widened in shock, and Team looked so scared but so determined, which was one hundred percent his Team after all. “Hia, I don’t remember you that way,” he said, and oh how that one hurt every time. “But I- I see that- that.” He swallowed hard. “You look at me like P’Dean looks at Pharm, and Pharm caught me all up on their love story.” Win smiled hesitantly. “I want- I want to try,” Team all but whispered. “I want to try and remember. If you love me the way Dean loves Pharm, I must love you, too, right? Something made me love you. I don’t want to- to just ignore it. It’s not fair to you to make you lose me just because I don’t remember it.”

Win pulled himself out of the pool and sat beside Team, smiling at him with nothing but pure love for the perfect boy beside him. “Baby, I will do anything. I’ll woo you all over again. I’ll start from the very beginning if it means I won’t lose you.” He swallowed around the lump in his throat. “You don’t know this, you can’t, but I- I never felt wanted. I never felt like anybody would ever want me.” He carefully reached out and touched Team’s soft cheek with his wet fingertips. “But you made me realize I’m not worthless. I’ve never-“ His breath hitched and he felt so embarrassed, because this wasn’t the Team who was used to his vulnerable side, but it was still his baby’s face. “I never loved anybody and then you came along and I just can’t imagine my life without you, okay?”

Team nodded slowly, still looking utterly confused and scared. “If you can be patient… I want to fall in love with you, too, Hia. If you made me happy, I want to feel happy. I never felt wanted before, either. It sounds really nice.”

Win beamed, nodding. “Yes. Absolutely.” He let his hand drop and backed away from him, not wanting to spook him. “If it takes another year and a half and we have to start all the way over, I want you, Baby. You’re my whole heart. I thought I was going to die when I had to do fucking CPR on you, Team,” he choked out.

Team’s eyes widened. “You were one of the ones to save me?”

“Of course,” Win said simply. “You’re the love of my life and I wasn’t letting you go without a fight.” He stood up and smiled. “If you don’t remember, my room is one floor up. If you have a nightmare, you usually come sleep with me.” He hesitated, cringing. “Not that way. Just, you don’t have nightmares if I hug you to sleep. If you’re not ready for that, that’s fine. But I just wanted to let you know, just in case.”

Team blushed but nodded. “Okay, Hia. Bye?”

“Be, Baby,” Win said, and when he turned to go back to the locker room, he felt a bigger warmth in his chest than he had since the second he saw his boyfriend unconscious in the pool last week.


“Is this the right decision?” Team looked over at Pharm and Manaow, who sat there filling him in on some of the things that had changed on campus, all while he packed.

“Is what right?” Pharm asked innocently.

Team sighed, holding up his swim trunks, and not the competition kind. “I’m going to a beach resort with my boyfriend I don’t remember who I apparently had sex with before we even knew each other. What if he expects something I don’t ever remember doing?!” he asked frantically. He threw them into the suitcase and sat on his bed, tugging at his hair. “Oiiiii!”

Pharm slid forward and rubbed his shoulders. “Hey. P’Win would never do that.” Team looked at him doubtfully. “Listen. It’s okay if you want to back out. But he would probably get you your own room and everything if you asked, right?”

Team closed his eyes, shaking his head. “I think so.” He fell back on the bed, pouting. “I hate this. I hate not knowing him. I want to try and learn more about him and, and see if I will ever love him again if my memories don’t come back,” he sighed. “He’s… hurt. It’s so obvious he misses me.”

“We all do,” Manaow said, poking him with her toes. She smiled sadly. “We went through so much that you don’t know and we can tell. We can tell you’re the shy, unsure Team that you grew out of and it hurts to see it.” She ruffled his hair. “But you’re here. You could have died, Team,” she said gently. “He would rather have to go through all of it over again, just like we would, than you not be here.”

Team sighed and looked up at the ceiling. “Do you really think he won’t try anything I don’t want?”

“Oh-ho, so you think you might want it?” Manaow teased and Pharm glared at her.


“What? He just said they had sex when they barely knew each other,” she pointed out, shrugging. “Maybe that fire will come back and you can do things in order again.”

Team flushed and threw a shirt at her. “Manaow! You’re not at all ladylike!”

“Eh, this is only new to you because you’ve lost your memory,” she said with a shrug. “Ask Pharm, this is just who I am.”

Pharm groaned and put a hand over his eyes. “Unfortunately, it’s true,”

Team actually smiled and laughed at that, because he was getting a good feeling about his new-not-new best friends and his life with them.


Win was nervous. He had booked them into a villa, on the beach, away from the main resort. The plan had been to propose after they made love and were watching the sunset from their window. Obviously that was out of question now, though he stupidly still had the ring, in a new box, tucked away in his luggage just because he had been carrying it for weeks now and felt naked without it just in case.

It wasn’t happening, but just in case.

When they got to their villa, Win looked around and hesitated. “I- um. I can sleep on the couch,” he said awkwardly.

Team looked at the bed and the couch and opened his mouth before closing it. “Hia? The bed is big,” he muttered. He looked at Win with shyness in his eyes. “We’re being boyfriends, right? You should sleep on the same bed as your boyfriend.”

Win smiled, his heart glowing with how hard Team was trying. “Baby, I will hug you in my sleep if I sleep there.”

“I want to,” Team mumbled, looking away bashfully. “I want to fall in love with you, Hia. I don’t want to go too slow about it.” Win raised an eyebrow and Team flushed bright red, eyes widening. “NOT THAT I JUST MEAN HUGGING!” He ran over to the patio door and rushed outside, not bothering to grab his bags from where he dropped them.

Win smirked and bit his lip, looking over at the bed. So it was like that, huh?


Team smiled as he sat on the beach, watching Win swimming. His tattoos were so cool, Team thought. It wasn’t hard to see why he liked him, with his cool tattoos, his handsome face, his self-assured attitude – though he was still only hearing about that since Win was cautious around him – that people admired, and his talent as a swimmer. Open-water swimming wasn’t Team’s favorite, and since he only just had his stitches taken out, he wasn’t going to join him.

When Win got tired and came walking out of the surf, Team felt a strange surge of familiarity that made his heart skip a beat. “Hia?!” he called quickly, scrambling to his feet. He rushed towards him, looking out at the point to their left, and at the trees to their right.

“Team? Baby, you okay?” Win asked as he walked towards him with more purpose.

Team felt a surge of hope. “Hia, have I been here before?” he asked, desperately hoping to see a reaction.

The one he got was a blinding smile. “Yes!” Win closed the gap, grabbing his elbows. “Baby, are you remembering something?”

Team nodded, smiling brightly, unable to help but hope that meant his memories were still there. “I remember watching you come out of the water and- and the landscape!” He pointed at the jut of land to their left in the distance. “That, and then the trees,” he said, pointing over there. He turned back to Win and laughed. “Did you bring me to this exact beach on purpose?”

To his surprise, a soaking wet Win swept him into a hug. “Oh, Baby. I hoped, I really did. I didn’t think it would work, but I hoped so much.” Team didn’t feel super comfortable being held like this, but he was too happy to care.

“The doctors said if I started remembering anything, even little stuff, it might mean my memories are still there. My brain just has to find them again,” he said, and Win let out what he could only call a ragged sob, though it was followed by laughter not tears.

“I know,” he said, pulling back to throw his arms up. “YES! MY BABY MIGHT GET HIS MEMORIES BACK!” he shouted, jumping around in delight.

Team flushed. “Hia!” He hissed at him, looking around at the people looking. “People are staring now!”

Win put his hands in his hair and bit his lip, looking so vibrant with delight. “I don’t care. You don’t understand, Baby. You don’t understand how little hope I had,” he said, coming to smile at him from up close again. “You don’t understand how much I love you, Team.”

Team smiled and didn’t reply, because it was true. “I’m starting to get an idea,” he said softly and Win positively melted.

“Come on, Baby. I know you’re probably hungry. Let’s get you out of this hot sun,” he said, and Team nodded, putting his hands in his pockets as they turned to head back up the beach towards the resort.


Win kept his eyes on Team as they went to familiar places. They hadn’t gone out much during their training trip, but he tried to take the same walking routes and to the same corner stores when they were stopping for a snack while sight-seeing. Throughout the week, Team only recognized one more thing, a bar the team had went to on the last night to get drinks, but it was more than enough to see that Team had memories that could be re-found.

“Hia?” Win looked over at where Team was sitting on the terrace while Win washed dishes from dinner just inside the open door.

Team looked back at him. “Did we stay in a room that looked at the sea like this?” he asked, and Win’s heart warmed.

He put his dishes down and walked out to railing to lean on it beside him. “Why? Think you remember standing on a terrace with me?”

Team frowned. “No? I just- I feel like I remember watching the ocean at night with you. Did we walk on the beach maybe?”

Win smirked, taking the risk to lean their arms together. “We had sex,” he whispered in his ear teasingly.

Team gaped. “On the BEACH?!” he asked, utterly scandalized.

Win snickered and nodded. “It was our last night at the beach. We went walking because we had fallen asleep together and I woke up and you were gone. When I found you, you were struggling to sleep. I didn’t know about your nightmares before that. But you were upset, and I went down on you to cheer you up.” Team looked mortified and Win snickered. “Yeah you were just as scandalized. But when we first started hooking up, you were too horny to say no once you learned how I could make you feel good.”

“Am- was I still like that?” Team asked, blushing so adorably.

Win shook his head, admiring Team’s profile. “No. Once we started to fall for one another, I didn’t want to risk people seeing my baby like that.” He went for the risk and reached out to tuck Team’s hair behind his ear. Team looked at him with wide eyes and Win smiled gently. “I’m not ashamed of you at all, but I want our intimate love to be for us. I don’t want to risk anybody seeing you when you feel good ever again.”

Team searched his eyes. “You really want me forever, don’t you, Hia?” he asked, seeming nervous but warm.

“I love you with my whole heart, Team.” Win held his gaze, taking in the way his pretty eyes reflected the setting sun. “If I have to win your heart all over again, I’m willing to do that. You have to remember that. I’ll say it however often I have to until you accept me.” He swallowed hard. “Or tell me you can never love me back,” he added almost breathlessly, the very thought painful.

Team searched his eyes for a long time before he licked his lips and exhaled shakily. “Hia? I don’t remember my first kiss because it was with you.” Win’s heart caught in his throat. “Will you- will you kiss me just like you did at first?”

Win nodded weakly. “Yeah, baby,” he said, and he gently brushed Team’s hair out of his face before leaning in and, with a slight hesitation, pressing their lips together. Their first kiss wasn’t hesitant and chaste, but it was gentle and he made sure to try and imitate that gentle, cautious caressing of lips that would leave team breathless but not scare him away.

Amazingly, Team kissed back, clearly following muscle memory, so it wasn’t as fumbling as the first time. When they pulled apart, Win opened his eyes and saw Team gazing at him in wonder. “Hia… I know that,” he whispered. His eyes watered. “Hia, I don’t remember, but I- it feels familiar. I know that kiss.”

Win smiled and nodded. “Oh Baby, I’m so happy to hear that.” To his surprise, Team slid his arms around Win’s middle and he laid his head on Win’s shoulder. Win closed his eyes and held him close, closed his eyes, tucking his face into Team’s ocean-salt scented hair. He held him close and prayed. He wasn’t the most devout person, but he prayed so hard that he was getting his baby back.


Team had noticed Win getting sneaky. He wouldn’t tell him where he was, and he wouldn’t let him look at his phone anymore. He took it to Pharm and Manaow and voiced his fears.

“Is he cheating on me?” Pharm and Manaow shared a look and sighed.

“Team, he loves you.” Pharm shook his head. “You guys are so happy.”

Manaow nodded. “And if he does cheat on you, we’ll kill him,” she said simply.

Team tried to ignore it, but some nights, Win would get out of bed and take his phone into the bathroom and speak too low for him to hear. And he was very sneaky about his bag. When Team went to get a bag of Lays, Win would stop him and dig it out for him.

Eventually he waited until Win left one night, and since he went on foot, Team followed him. He followed him until he saw him go into a café. He walked up to the window and peeked in. He could see Win’s back to him, but across from him was a boy. A pretty boy. One with big eyes and a bright smile.

Team’s heart tried to deny everything on his walk back home, but he knew that tomorrow, after swim practice, he would have to confront Win and tackle whatever this was that was going on.

“Baby? Baby?! Team!” Team jerked away, sitting up. Win sat up beside him, resting on his elbows. “Team?”

Team looked at him in horror and disgust and backed away. “You were cheating on me?!” he spat.

Win’s eyes went wide. “What?! Team, no! That’s not a memory, that’s a nightmare-“

“No fucking way, I know what that was,” Team said, getting out of bed. “Holy shit, I was falling for you, asshole!” he spat, going to get his suitcase. “You kissed me and I felt- I felt it in here!” He hit himself in the chest. “You had me convinced before everything went wrong that you loved me, and then you’ve been telling me you’ll wait forever, but you didn’t even wait for me before I got amnesia!”

It hurt. It hurt more than he understood. He was barely feeling anything for Win. It shouldn’t hurt so bad to think he’d been cheated on, but it did. It hurt more than he could understand.

“Team. I never cheated on you,” Win stressed. Win got up and followed him, and Team could almost believe his desperate face if he didn’t know what he dreamed was a memory. “Baby, please-“

“I’m not your baby,” Team snapped. He turned and pointed at him. “You started sneaking around! You stopped letting me touch your phone and you were skittish about your bag. And you kept taking calls late at night and- and hid in the bathroom!” he accused.

“Team, it’s not what you think,” Win pleaded. “Baby, please, trust me. It’s not-“

“I followed you,” Team whispered. “I followed you to a café. You were meeting another boy. After I had gone to sleep.” He sniffled. “Hia, you left me sleeping and- and went to see another boy.” He let out a weak sob. “I loved you. I know that now. I felt- I felt so betrayed. I was going to clear it up after swim club. It must have been the day I hit my head and drowned.”

Win blinked a few times and then sniffled. “Baby, it’s not what you think. That was my brother-“

“Oh bullshit-“

“I was asking him to help me plan my proposal!” Win shouted desperately.

Team froze. He dropped the shorts he was about to put in the bag. He turned back to him, blinking. “W-what?”

Win walked over to his suitcase and dug out his toiletries bag, shaking hands unzipping it. He dug through it until he found what he wanted and he dropped the bag, letting all his toiletries spill across the floor. “Here. Team, here.” He stumbled over the luggage to get to him. He had tears on his face. “This trip was about me proposing to you.” He shoved the box at Team, who took it with weak hands. “I was never cheating on you. I was trying to plan the perfect proposal. I called it off after your accident, but we were going to get back from a romantic dinner on the sand and the room was going to be lit with candles and I was going to get on one knee, right there-“ He pointed to the spot beside the foot of the bed. “I was going to ask you to marry me.” He whimpered. “Please believe me, baby. I would never cheat on you. I was going to marry you.”

Team opened the box and gasped when he saw a simple silver band. “You- you were-“ He looked at Win, who was crying in earnest now. “Oh God, Hia.” Team closed the box and threw his arms around Win’s neck. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“I love you, Baby. And I’m so sorry if I ever made you doubt that.” He held Team close. “I’ll wait forever. I’ll propose to you in another year, when you love me again. I’ll do anything.” He sobbed into his neck. “Please don’t leave me. I was so scared you were leaving me by drowning just two weeks ago. Please, God, don’t leave me, Team. You don’t understand how much I can’t lose you.”

Team sniffled and turned his head, rocking Win some. “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry. Hia I’m sorry. I’m sure I would have believed you if you told me the truth that afternoon. I’m so sorry I hit my head.”

“Never say sorry for that.” Win pulled back and took his face in his hands. “Team, as long as I have time, I have you, then it’s fine.” Team smiled and leaned their foreheads together. Win stroked his cheeks. “Team?” Team hummed. “Did- did you mean it?”

Team frowned. “Mean what?”

Win smiled. “Are you starting to fall for me again?”

Team blushed, but bit his lip and nodded. “You make me feel good. I don’t- I don’t know any other way to say it. I feel happy. When I’m with you. And when you kissed me…” He sighed faintly. “God, it felt so right. And so good. I felt butterflies and tingles. I want to kiss you again,” he confessed.

Win laughed wetly. “You can kiss me any time you want.”

Team shakily raised the hand not still clutching the ring box and put it on the back of Win’s neck. Win swallowed visibly, and Team wasted no time. He leaned in to kiss him, and it started with just a press of lips. But then Team felt Win’s hands slide down his back, and he was suddenly very aware they were both shirtless. He pressed his chest to Win’s and moaned, allowing Win to lick into his mouth. Team gasped, but kissed back, sliding his hands into Win’s hair.

He vaguely heard the thump of the ring box hitting the floor, and hopefully they wouldn’t have trouble finding it later. After all, some day that was going to be Team’s engagement ring.

That thought sent a surge of love and affection and want through him.

“Baby, I love you,” Win moaned against his lips, and Team looked him in the eyes and gave a ragged gasp.

“Hia? Will you take me to bed?” Win raised an eyebrow and Team bit his lip. “If I never remember my first time at this same resort, I want to experience another one here.”

Win smiled the most fragile, loving smile and nodded. “Okay, Baby. Whatever you want.”


Win hadn’t planned on them having sex on this trip. He really wasn’t planning on a kiss, even. But because he was always prepared, just like with the ring that thankfully just saved his ass with that misunderstanding, so he did have condoms and lube. He had to dig them out of the mess of his toiletries bag hitting the floor, and Team laughed at him as he crawled up onto the bed to wait. “Yeah, yeah, laugh it up,” he said with a playful grin, but honestly, he was just too happy to care.

Team waited against the pillows for him with a big, happy smile. “Hia, I can’t believe this is happening,” he gushed.

Win finally got them and crawled up the bed to him. “You can’t? I wasn’t even really hoping for a kiss on this trip,” he said, crawling up to lay beside Team. He propped himself over him on one elbow and smiled down at his glowing little blush. “Are you sure?”

Team nodded, smiling shyly. “You’re making me fall for you already. It’s like my heart knows you even if my brain is only just barely getting parts of you back.” Win wanted to cry at that, because it was more than he could hope for. “I, um. I know I’m not actually a virgin, but if I don’t remember what I’m doing, please don’t judge me?”

Win shushed him, stroking his hip. “Never.” He leaned in and kissed his earlobe. “But trust me. It seems like your body remembered kissing. Just let me do the hard work and you enjoy it.” Team shuddered and he stroked his belly to make him shiver further.

Win knew what Team liked so he showed him, even if he didn’t remember it. He got on top of Team, raising his wrists to kiss them before pinning them over his head. “Hia?” Team asked, and Win licked his lips.

“You like it,” he said, shifting them to hold under one hand. He leaned down, looking him in the eyes. “You always whine, but you come harder than ever if you me be the only one touching you.” He kissed his forehead. “If it gets to be too much, you touch me, but you know after long enough that I can make you feel better if you let me take over making you feel good.”

Team’s eyes darkened, and he nodded. “Okay,” he said. “Make me feel good, Hia.” Win watched him clench his hands together and he was amazed by the trust Team had in him.

Win set to doing just that. He found every spot on Team’s torso he liked, licking and sucking at all his favorite places as he eased Team’s boxers off. He kissed his abs as he eased them far enough that Team barely realized Win almost had them off until he had to pull off and tug them down his legs and off his feet. He eased Team’s legs apart, and Team looked down at him with a heaving chest. He started at his knees and kissed up his legs. Team whined when gasped as Win sucked at his inner thighs. “So beautiful,” Win whispered against his skin. He eased his knees up, and Team didn’t stop him. Win couldn’t help but love him so much for this trust. “I’ve got you, Baby,” he said, grabbing the lube. He slicked up two fingers and went careful since he remembered that Team didn’t remember this feeling, even if his body might. “I’m going to go slow, okay?”

“Okay, Hia.” Win smirked and then mouthed as his balls as he slid first one, then two fingers into Team, knowing his body well enough to know he liked it that way. “Hia!” Team moaned, and Win slid up to lap at his cock as he fingered him open. “Mmmm, yes!” he gasped.

“I got you Baby,” he murmured against his lower belly, nuzzling his cock as he searched for his prostate. When he eased in a third finger, he finally found the right angle, and Team cried out and whined loudly. “Right there?”

“Yes! Please,” Team whined, rocking his hips into Win’s hand. “Hia, Hia, please!”

Win climbed up and kissed him while he worked his own shorts off. He kept fucking Team with his fingers until he had to stop, swallowing Team’s pouty whine. He sat back long enough to kick his shorts off and grab the condom and lube. “I’ve got you, Baby. Just hang on for me.” He slid between his legs and eased them up. He looked into Team’s eyes. “Are you sure?” he whispered.

Team nodded. “Please,” he whimpered, and Win slid himself into place, but then looked Team in the eyes as he slid into him. He watched Team’s beautiful eyes widen and his perfect lips drop open. When he was seated inside of him, Team’s eyes fluttered and he moaned, shivering. “Oh, Hia.”

“Oh, Baby,” he moaned, because Team felt so good. He kissed him and reached up, taking Team’s obedient hands. “Hug me now, baby,” he said, and Team instantly clung to him. He started to move and Team just panted and moaned. Win buried his face in Team’s neck, because at one point he had though the might never have this again. He thought he might never hold his baby. He might never make love to his baby.

“Hia, it’s s-so good. How is it so good?” Team stuttered. “I feel you e-everywhere.” Win nipped at his throat and Team stuttered. “Oh Hia, I can’t- I need-“

“Shhhhh,” Win whispered. He kissed him, holding him close. “I’ve got my baby. I love you my baby.”

“Hia, please,” Team moaned. Win shifted to reach between them, taking Team in hand. He knew when his baby was getting close.

“I’ve got you, my baby Team.”

“Yes, yes, YES!” Team cried out, and Win groaned when Team came, tightening around him until he could only thrust a few more times and still, coming into the condom deep inside of him. “Hia, Hia, Hia,” Team chanted, shaking. Win caught his breath and kissed his shoulder, rubbing his thighs as he, too came down.

“Oh Baby. Fuck.” Win panted, stroking whatever of Team he could reach as he just basked in this loving afterglow.

“H-Hia.” He stilled when he realized Team’s shaking wasn’t from pleasure. Win pulled back and was shocked to see Team crying his eyes out. “Hia,” he sobbed.

“Fuck, Baby, what’s wrong?” Win asked, immediately afraid he had pushed him too far and hurt him. “Talk to me, Baby.”

“Hia, I love you so much.”

Win’s breath stopped.


Team was on the verge of coming when suddenly he felt an overwhelming rush of feelings and emotions and visions and he cried out in ecstasy as he felt a euphoria like he had never felt before in his entire life.

And then on his comedown, suddenly he realized something that had him suddenly unable to even function: he remembered.

He wasn’t sure what all he remembered, but he remembered Win. He remembered their first kiss. Their first touch. He remembered all the times Win confused him by teasing him and then being sweet. He remembered their trip to see the Christmas lights. He remembered their first training competition. He remembered the first time they said, ‘I love you’.

He remembered what it was like to not know who the man in his arms was, and the pain he put Win through by not knowing he was the love of his life.

“Talk to me, Baby.”

Team burst out crying even harder. “Hia, I love you so much.” He clung to him, taking Win’s face in his hands. “Hia, I remember.” He laughed through his tears. “I don’t know if I remember everything, but I remember you.” He kissed him hard, crying like he was never going to stop. “Oh God, the look on your face when I didn’t know you. Oh, Hia, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Hia, I’m here. I love you and I’m here.” He gasped suddenly and beamed. “Oh God, and you’re going to marry me?!” He hugged him tightly. “I didn’t know what you were doing but I feared the worst.”

“Oh God.” Win broke down in his arms, laying on his chest and hanging on tight. “Oh God, my baby. My baby Team.” He shifted them to lay on their sides and he clung to him, crying and laughing and kissing Team over and over and over. Team thought nothing could ever make him happier than giving Win his heart back.

“Shit.” Win scrambled up, and Team sat up and watched him. Win dropped to the floor and crawled around before he came back onto the bed. He tugged Team to his knees, and they would look ridiculous to anybody else, kneeling knee to knee on a disheveled bed, a used condom casually lying next to them, but Win’s eyes were desperate. “Team, this is the least romantic moment ever, but please, God, marry me?” he asked, showing him the ring. “Fuck, if you want a better proposal some other time, I’ll do it again, but please. I need to know you’ll never leave me.”

Team beamed and laughed and nodded. “Yes. And this is the most perfect proposal ever because I remember you,” he gushed.

Win took the ring out of the box with shaking hands and slid it onto Team’s finger, breathing out a sigh when it fit. “Oh, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” He kissed Team, and Team sank into it. “Don’t ever leave me, Team.”

“Never, Hia.” He held him close. “Not ever.


Team did not, sadly, get all his memories back at once. He still had a lot of gaps. And he was lucky he remembered enough of his first year of school that they were willing to give him a revision period and take his exams over to prove he could continue with his university career on track. He had a lot of things he had to re-learn, but most of it had come back to him. He missed a lot of events with his friends, still, but to him, the most important part was that he remembered his fiancé.

“I can’t believe TEAM is engaged before us!” Manaow whined, and Pruk looked very terrified suddenly. “You didn’t even remember who he was for two weeks!”

Win grinned, slinging an arm around Team’s shoulder as they all helped Team study. “I was already going to propose on that trip. Time doesn’t matter. My Baby does,” he said, and Team blushed but nudged him.

“We’re not getting married until I’ve graduated,” Team pointed out to Manaow.

“Yeah, by then I’ll have a decent job so I can buy us a house and give my Baby somewhere good to live and we can start a family together a few years later,” Win said. “I want at least three children, don’t you, Team?”

Team blushed. “Hia! I’m only nineteen, give me time!”

Win smiled at him and leaned in to kiss his cheek. “You’ve got all the time in the world,” he said, stroking his cheek. “As long as you spend it with me, I can wait forever.”

Team smiled back and him and rolled his eyes. “Cheesy, Hia.”

“True,” he countered, then pecked Team’s cheek before letting him go so they could get back to studying. “Come on. Calculus time, kissing time can be later.” He winked. “And a bit more than that, if you want.”

“Shut up, Hia!”

Win just smirked and shook his head fondly. Yeah, he had all the time they needed to have his baby at his side.