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the poison i need (less of inside my body)

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This is a mistake.

Liam is behind Harry, draped over his back, panting hotly in his ear. His pants are off but his t-shirt is on as though that affords him a level of dignity. Harry is starkers; he knows he has no dignity left now that he’s made the decision to get deep-dicked by Liam. It would be less terrible if he were more drunk or if this was less premeditated. Sadly, he’s sober as a newborn and everything is going according to plan.

(Not that Liam knows this. He thinks it’s pure coincidence that Harry’s caught him staring and decided to make a move. Liam is the most unobservant person Harry has ever met except for in this one crucial way. Something inside him notices – he sees -)

Harry cries out when Liam grabs Harry’s hair with his whole fist and pulls. He grinds his cock against the cleft of Harry’s ass and grabs ungracefully at his tits. A muttered stream of curses rings in Harry’s ear. It’s a little horrifying to see firsthand how Liam treats women in bed.

(It’s a little thrilling to be treated the same way.)

Liam presses his dry index finger against Harry’s unyielding hole. Jesus – straight men are impossible.

“The lube is right there, Liam,” he says, pointing at the bottle on the pillow next to him. “It will still be tight, I promise.”

Harry shivers at the sound of the cap snapping open. He closes his eyes and imagines himself getting wet as the lube drips between his cheeks.

“Thought your, erm, experience would make it a bit looser than a girl’s.”

Harry almost retorts, We both know your cock ‘slipped’ into the last girl’s – but then, fuck, Liam’s finger is in. He groans as Liam pushes in deeper, wiggling aimlessly inside his ass.

“Curve your finger up a bit,” says Harry. Liam does as he’s told, hits Harry’s prostate, and slides the rest of the way in when Harry’s body relaxes. After he slides in a second finger, Harry hears him rip a condom open with his teeth. He squirts some lube on his now-protected cock and pulls his fingers out of Harry’s ass.

“Pushing in now,” he says quietly. However, his cock stays pressed against Harry’s hole. Liam’s hand shakes on the small of his back. Hit by shyness – or gay panic.

Harry doesn’t have time for anyone else’s sexuality crisis. He’s got enough of his own, thank-you-very-much.

“It’s just like with a girl,” says Harry. “It’s exactly the same.”

“Just like a girl. Right,” says Liam. His hand stops shaking. It migrates to Harry’s hip as he pushes in. Harry gasps and presses his hard cock to his stomach. As Liam works his way in, Harry strokes the underside hard with a flat palm.

“Tell me I’m a pretty girl,” says Harry with his hand gripped tight around the head of his cock. “Tell me!”

“You’re a pretty girl,” says Liam.

He leaves behind scratch marks when he comes.