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Sold For Ten Million Dollars

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Trixie's POV

"Milk, don't tell me that you're having your meeting with HER." Milk followed my sight and looked towards the girl that I am looking at. We stopped at the door first, she's waiting for me to walk inside first.

"Oh yeah.. She's finally here." She nodded, not knowing that THAT girl hates me. "Her name is Alaska. Her sister is the owner of the other company which is our opponent."

She's talking about Katya's company. I am so sure of that. I can never be wrong about that.

"I-is that the c-company of Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova?" Tell me that I'm wrong. Please Milk.

"Yep, the arrogant Katya Zamo. Trixie? Are you okay? You've lost blood in your mouth." Milk said and I just looked at her.

"U-ummm. B-because.." Say something Trixie!!!

I just faced the other way. I'm going to stay in the car. Yeah, that way, Alaska will never gonna see me. I looked at the sky, it's about to rain. The clouds are gray.

"Trix!! Wait, what happen--" Milk stopped and that's when I knew that she's here.


I heard Alaska got out of the restaurant.

"Oh, miss Alaska. I was just about to enter."

I faced them slowly. My heart pounding so fast and so hard, I don't know why I am so nervous.

"YOU?!" Alaska pointed her finger towards me.

"You know her?" Milk asked, clearly confused.

"U-ummmm.. Y-y'know... B-because..." Why don't you just eat me now earth?

"You're stabbing my sister on the back!! She just went to work and now you're sticking to all the rich person that you see?" What? What did she say?

"Wait Ms. Alaska you're misinter--" She didn't let Milk finish and she look towards me.

I don't know what to do. Guilt is already eating me.

"Shut up Ms. Donigan! This slut here.. is an opportunist!! You better not go anywhere near her.." she stepped a little bit closer while me, I can't even produce a single sentence.

"This will go staright to my sister bitch! And I'm gonna make sure that Katya will kick you out of her life. Once and for all!!" She said to me as if she's talking to a dirty whore.

"W-wait. Alaska, you're wrong. I'm working for Milk. I'm not doing anything wrong!!" This bitch! She's gonna say a lot of bullshit and wrong information to Katya.

"That's what they all say..." She smirked then walked away.

'this will go straight to my sister.'

Everything that she says just kept on repeating itself on my head.

I didn't even realize that a lot of tears are flowing down to my face.

No! No, I shouldn't be crying! I can do this.

"Trixie." Milk tried talking to me but I can't talk. I can't even say a single word.


Why did it have to come to this? Why is everything suddenly falling apart? I didn't know that Milk's company is the opponent of Katya's. I didn't know that Alaska will look at me more differently after this.

I don't know anymore!

I'm not perfect! I can't do what Alaska wants me to do. I can't be what Alaska wants me to be. I hate this.

"Sssshhhhhh.. Trixie.. It's okay." Milk rubbed my back trying to calm me down. But even though how much she try to rub my back, I will never calm down.

"Trixie!!" I heard Milk called me when I instantly ran away from her, I want to get out of here! I wanna see Katya.


"Trixie!!" I still ran, but why does Milk still follow me? Isn't it enough that she basically saw me already being an emotional wreck awhile ago!? Fuck this life!!

"Trixie!!" Then rain started pouring down.

But I still ran, I don't know where to go as long as its towards Katya. I ran as fast as I can.





Lights made its way through my eyes and my eyes widened.

It's like oxygen made its way out of my body. I stopped then a car almost inches away from me made its way in front of me. I didn't even realize that I was about to cross the street.

I thought I was gonna die.

"Trixie?! Are you out of your fucking mind?! That car almost hit you!!!" Milk held my shoulder and let me face her. She's shouting at me but I can't hear her. I just want to do one thing and that's to see Katya.

"Trixie!!! Are you listening to me?!"

Katya? Don't listen to Alaska.. I'll see you. I'm coming there. Please. Hold on ba--

I can't see my surroundings. It's turning black, everything is turning black.

"Trixie? What is happening?! Trixie!!"


Then everything went black.