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Sold For Ten Million Dollars

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Trixie's POV

"I'm going to fucking kill you Jinkx!!" I shouted as I tried to move in this tiny cocktail dress. A little move and I'm sure everything that shouldn't be seen will be exposed.

I can't believe my mother actually did sell me. At a black market where girl dances and men gives them money, I can't believe that I'm about to do what that girl in the stage is doing in just a matter of minutes.

"Jinkx please, I can't do this." I sobbed as I tried to lower down the super short cocktail dress that I'm wearing.

"I'm sorry Trixie, i have to do this to you. Mom said that if I don't oblige to David then she'll kick me out." Jinkx said.

"Fuck you then, aren't you sad that your fucking little sister is about to please old rich men just for money?! You're only thinking about yourself you douche. I hate you!" I spat as tears run down my face.

My name is Trixie Mattel and I am about to be auctioned.

"Hey, Jinkx, is Ally ready? There are a lot of rich men waiting outside." David said and smirked at me.

"Nice dress Trix." He said and I lowered down my dress again.

"You better take off that smirk off your face or I'll beat the fuck out of you." I said as I tried to walk with my five inch heels. I know I'm tiny but damn, I don't need to wear 5 FUCKING INCHES HEELS. This will sore later I swear.

I walked out the door and David grabbed my hand and spun me around.

"You don't get to talk to me that way." David said.

"You're not the boss of me, I can say whatever I want to say so fuck off." I said and suddenly, I felt a hand down my pussy and I smacked it away.

"WHAT THE FUCK?! CAN YOU PLEASE NOT TOUCH ME?!" I said and David just smiled at me.

"Oh don't be a pussy Trixie. Your virginity will lose with some random stranger so it's best if you just give it to me." David said and I flared up.

You better go to the hospital after this.

I kneed his member and he held it with dear life.

"Owwww..... Fuuuuuck!!! Trixie you piece of -- UGHHHHH." He groaned then grabbed my hair.

"L-Let m-me go!" I said and he just kept pulling my hair and pushed me to the ground.

I closed my eyes ready to be raped by this douche until I heard someone pushing him away from me.

"Stop messing with the girl!" He glared.

I stood up quickly and I saw the man holding David by the collar.

"I-im sorry sir." Will said and he let him go. He scurried off the hall and I just stood there. Waiting for him to face me.

Once he faced me, I almost dropped my mouth by how wonderful he looks like. Oh wait, he has boobs. What? He's a girl? But I don't care actually. All i did was stare at her/him.

"T-thank you." I managed to say after 5 minutes of just staring.

"Next time you're planning to sell yourself, at least know how to fight!" He/She spat out and all my fantasies about her/him was gone and I became mad.

"Excuse me SIR OR MA'AM, if you're regretting on rescuing me then I'm sorry for disturbing you!" I shouted at him and he just chuckled. What? Is this bitch bipolar?

"You're saying it as if you're a virgin. And I'm a she okay?" She said and I looked at her, blood boiling because of what she said. I'm a virgin!

I did to her what I did to Will a few minutes ago and I actually felt penis. So she's one of those girl who has a penis. Okay, well good then.

"Ow!! What was that for?!" She said while holding down her member.

"That's for disrespecting me! You don't know me and you don't know what I've been through! You have no right to say shit about me and fuck you, I AM A VIRGIN!" I said and walked away.


10 minutes has passed and it's my turn.

My life is about to end. I'm about to cry but no, I have to be strong. If my mom sold me, then it should be my motivation to be strong. Just think of it as a singing competition. Okay Trixie? Okay. Good.

"Every auction, we always want to satisfy our customer. So ladies and gentleman, tonight our eye candy is a 19 year old woman with a wild persona and sizzling hot stamina, Trixie Matte;!"

Someone pushed me to walk into the stage and I was stunned because of how many people are in here. The light is too bright making my shiny cocktail dress shine more. I don't know what to cover first, my face or my body.

I heard someone whistle while I'm walking to the center stage.



"FUCK OFF!!" I said. I didn't finish high school and started college just to be catcalled by random strangers. But I have to do this. Because my mom actually sold me.

"Any message to our bidders, Trixie?" Michelle, the host said and I just rolled my eyes at her.

"Fierce, eh?" Michelle said to the mic and I saw people smiling at me.

"So Trixie, first, show them what you've got. While she's showing her 'talent' we will start the bidding." Michelle said and sexy music started playing and I was left alone on stage.

I started sexy dancing and they watched my every move.

"100,000 dollars!" Someone shouted. Fuck this is it. I continued dancing and they continued the bidding.

"300,000 dollars!"

"500,000 dollars!" Fuck please don't make it a million. Don't make it a million.

Well I don't want it to reach a million because if the bid continues on million and I am not sold yet, they want me to strip.

"1,000,000 dollars!" An old man said. FUCK.

"NICE!! Trixie, you need to strip." Michelle said and every one howled.

"Anyway, going once going twice." I was about to take my clothes off when someone shouted. Someone familiar.

"Stop!" The girl I kicked awhile ago said and walked towards the stage. She was smiling at me the whole time with 5 guys behind her. Each with 4 briefcase.

"10 million dollars. Cash. And no, you will not strip." She said and my mouth hung open. What?! She's gonna spend 10 MILLION DOLLARS JUST FOR ME?! I can't believe this.

"Wow, any higher bids?" Michelle questioned and I just looked at her. She motioned for the five guys to lay and open the briefcase and she just watched me, still smiling.

No one dared to top the bid.

So that means.


I'm speechless. And dead.