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The Hunted Hybrids Book: 1

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It was one against three… well… two and a half because one of the Icewings had one of his wings gone.
There wasn’t any hope of me winning.
I shouldn’t have just charged in, and I obviously shouldn’t have told Midnight to run away, what if she bumps into another group of IceWings? Surely there wouldn’t be one that is half dead and one with only one wing. She’d be dead in seconds. In fact, she could be on the verge of dying right now, but she was on the run longer than I had been, I’ll assume she knows how to fight.
I got myself into this, and now I have to get out of it. The only problems were the IceWings.
“Well, she escaped,” Snowstorm gritted his teeth. “At least we have someone else to bring to Queen Glacier.”
He flicked his tail, and immediately, both of the Icewings ran towards me, talons outstretched.
I was surprised to see one of them opening his mouth, didn’t he learn anything? Maybe I should go for him last.
I dodged both of their claws, raked one in the face and clawed another one in the underbelly.
I stepped in front of Snowstorm who was still looking at Crystal in shock as her whole body twitched and she coughed smoke out.
He stood up and brought his claws to my face. I leaped out of the way, lashing out with my tail.
“Maybe we could have an agreement,” he snarled.
“Oh yeah? What agreement?”
“Since you destroyed my wing,” he winced at the sight of that, “Then how about you give me something in return.”
“And what’s that going to be?”
“How about a wing...for your life!?” he snarled as he darted forward, ready to claw at me and pin me down.
But then, all of a sudden, he stopped. I saw ice climbing up his body, his whole body was twitching violently before he fell down.
Right behind him was Midnight.
“Midnight!” he said. “You… came back?”
“You think I’d just leave you here with three IceWings?” she asked.
“Um… yes?”
She rolled her eyes, “I guess you have no clue what loyalty is.”
“No time for chit chat,” I said, turning towards the other IceWings who were still hurt.
I stood in front of them. “Should we kill them?”
They both yelped in alarm. “Please don’t!!” one who had his face bleeding. “You killed our commander! We’re useless! It’s no use killing us!”
I considered that for a moment, though, it could be just so they could survive and tell Queen Glacier.
I looked at Midnight who looked ready to kill.
“I don’t think so,” I said. “I know what you’re planning.”
“No! Please!” the other one cried. “Please! We won’t tell anyone!”
“Can we just kill them and be done with it?” Midnight asked, impatiently. “We don’t have all day.”
“I swear to the moons that we won’t tell anyone!” he pleaded. “We’ll just make up a story!”
“Okay fine, let’s-”
All of a sudden, probably a dragon that was black and had giant wings swooped in out of nowhere. After the figure was far away, I realized both of the dragons had their eyes scratched. They weren't dead but they were screaming.
“Woah,” Midnight rubbed her eyes. “Three moons, what happened? Did you kill them?”
“I was going to ask the same,” I stared into the sky.
“What was that?!” she asked.
“Come on, we shouldn’t waste time,” I flew into the sky. “Let’s see who that was.”
I could still see it, though for some reason he or she was very fast.
Maybe she or he is a SkyWing, I thought. Maybe that’s why it's so fast
“Can you slow down?!” Midnight asked. “Like, what if it’s an enemy? Don’t we not want to get into any more battles? Aren’t we supposed to be hidden? Hey! Hello?!”
“Shush!” I yelled. “I want to see how it was so fast and silent!”
“Ugh! Seriously? Can we at least rest for a bit?!”
“No!” I said, “We can’t lose it!”
“Why does it even matter?!”
When I was just going to snap back at her, the dragon swooped down.
“Well, I guess we can rest now,” I said, landing back on the ground.
“Finally,” She rested her wings. “Now, can we not follow that thing?”
“No, we’re still going to follow it.”
“Why, what’s so important about it?”
“The fact that it was so fast and silent?”
“The reason why it was so silent is because you weren’t paying attention.”
“It’s not like you were either!” I snapped. “Now stop whining about this, either you stay here or follow me. I don’t care which you choose.”
“Just saying, this is not very smart!”
“So are you staying or coming?”
“I’m staying.”
“Alright then,” I said as I walked away from her.
As I sneaked closer, I realized how odd it looked. Oh, and I almost forgot, that dragon is a she.
She was just lying on the ground, probably, maybe snoring, she had black scales and I couldn’t exactly see her face at this angle.
She must be a NightWing, I thought.
That’s when I noticed her wings looked oddly different from a normal NightWing wings. It was… bigger.
A SkyWing? How?
I was coming closer when she suddenly moved.
I stopped, and saw as she turned her head around to face me.
Her eyes widened, and my eyes did too. She stepped back and opened her wings to fly away.
“Wait!” I said,
She growled and lashed out her tail, probably a warning, and then, she started flying away. Though I could clearly see fear on her face.
“Aw, come on,” I said. She doesn’t seem like a threat though, she just ran away.
“Don’t worry, I got this!” Midnight suddenly flew past me.
“Wait, Midnight?” I yelled at the air.
I guess I’ll have to follow them too.
I began chasing after them.
She was very fast, which probably meant she was a SkyWing, but I saw her scales.
Midnight was flying remarkably fast. Still, the SkyWing was faster.
Suddenly, maybe SkyWing turned around, and stared at Midnight. Midnight stared back.
My instincts came flooding in, my dad’s voice struck me like lightning.
Don’t take pity on anything or anyone! Strike it! Kill it! Show no fear! His voice rang in my head.
So that’s what happened. I shot upwards, flying above both of them and dove down, shooting towards the maybe SkyWing. I saw her yelp in alarm as I came shooting down above her. I saw Midnight yell something I didn’t hear.
I pinned her down to the ground, pinning her wings down and lifted my tail, I snarled at her.
She gasped and looked at me with frightened eyes.
“Who are you!?” I asked. She has no skills, she didn’t even try dodging my attack.
The SkyWings only winced and I saw I was slightly digging my claws into her wings.
“Permafrost!” I heard Midnight yell. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!”
“Saving your life,” I growled.
“Saving my life?!” She asked. “We were having a great conversation!”
I frowned. “Conversation?” I echoed.
“Yes!” She snapped. “Do you always approach dragons this way?!”
“Says the one who did the same to me,” I muttered.
“That was the only time I did it!” She said, then realized. “Wait, actually, I only do that to IceWings.”
“Exactly,” I said.
“Well, she is not trying to kill us,” she said. “So can you get off her, so I can at least talk to her?”
Seriously? You were just talking about how we should stay hidden, I thought.
“Well, she is trying to stay hidden too!” She said,
I stared at her, “Did you just read my mind?”
“Yes,” she lowered her voice. “I should’ve told you earlier.”
“Yeah you should’ve!” I snapped. Then I started thinking about how much she fished from my mind.
“I’m sorry, I only figured it out now,” she said. “I don’t know why, maybe because I am part NightWing.”
“Not me though,” the SkyWing suddenly said. “Also, weren’t you supposed to get off me?”
“Oh yeah, right,” I said.
She stood up, spreading her wings. I saw some silvery scales beside her eyes, just like Midnight.
“Hold on,” I said. “So NightWing powers are real?”
“Well…” the SkyWing said. “Not really…”
“But, you guys have them,”
“Others don't,” she said.
“Also,” Midnight said. “I didn’t catch your name.”
The SkyWing stared at Midnight and she said, “Cool, nice name.”
“Ahem,” I said. “Did you two seriously forget about me?”
“So, Shadowsee- I mean Shadow,” she said to the SkyWing. “Isn’t a SkyWing, she is a SkyWing-NightWing hybrid.”
“Oh,” I said, even though I kind of already knew. “Huh. You kind of look like a burnt up SkyWing.”
Shadow didn’t even look close to being offended, she just stared blankly and blinked.
“Shadow, this is my sidekick, Permafrost,” Midnight said.
“Hey! I’m not a sidekick!” I protested. “You’re the sidekick!”
“Not even close,” she said.
“I’m stronger, faster, smarter and better.”
Midnight ignored me, “Anyways, would you like to join us? Since your a hybrid too? Is someone hunting you?”
“Sure, I’ll join,” she said, dodging the other questions.
“Ehem,” I said. “You seem to be avoiding the other questions which is totally not suspicious and totally safe.”
“Sorry,” Shadow said. “And yes, I’m hunted too…”
“By…?” Midnight asked, curious.
“By Burn,” she finished.
“Woah,” I said. “That must be very bad.”
“Yeah,” her wings dropped. “I just ran away from my home. Which is the Sky Kingdom, if you’re wondering. Now...I just need to go as west as I can.”
“West?” Midnight asked. “Wow, so where are you planning to go?”
“I don’t know,” she said.
“The Night Kingdom?!” Midnight suddenly said out loud and then realized I was still there.
“Hey, can you guys stop having conversations that I can’t have?” I said, “Also… the Night Kingdom? Do you seriously think they’re going to just let a hybrid just skip in. Even when one of her parents was the one who abandoned them?”
They both thought for a moment.
“I didn’t think about that,” she said. “Sorry if I don’t know much. For most of my life I was hidden away from the outside world. I didn’t know much about NightWings. I thought some dragons were nice.”
“Well turns out the NightWings aren’t the ‘some dragons were nice,’” I said.
They both stared at me.
“Uh… no offence?” I said,
“Whatever, other dragons never understand,” Midnight said.
“Also...shouldn’t we get out of here?” I asked. “We should leave. When Queen Glacier finds out some of her patrols were killed...they’ll bring reinforcements.”
“Yeah, alright,” Midnight turned to Shadow. “Maybe we can go to the Sand Kingdom.”
“Why!?” she asked, surprised. “I just said I was chased by Burn.”
“I was thinking about going to the Scorpion Den,” she said. “Like, we know most of the Scorpion Den hates Burn.”
“I guess that’ll be all right,” Shadow said, but she still looked frightened.
“Also,” Midnight added. “If she does come, we can fight her off!”
She nudged my wing. “Yeah… sure we can.” I said half-heartedly.
She gave me the ‘are you serious?’ look
“Alright, let’s go,” Shadow said.