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we’re winning ‘til the curtain’s coming down

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“And that concludes today’s agenda,” Chikage announced with practiced ease, stacking some files on top of the meeting table. “Any questions?”

Out of every person in the executive committee of his department, none bothered to offer up any suggestions nor personal outtakes for his proposed budget plan. The bespectacled man sighed. 

As Itaru had once told him in passing, Chikage was so good at doing his job that others who stood on the same hierarchical ground simply let him lay all the foundations. Of course, he knew that much, but not even the rookies from the Organization were so easy to wag their tails. Perhaps it was their own way of currying his favor? He was more than aware of the hold he had on this company and the influence he could induce to the higher ups, but that didn’t mean everything he did was perfect, god damn it. 

“Alright. Adjourned.” 

Men and women who he was certain were at least a decade older than him murmured their collective farewells, gathering documents, gadgets, and whatever else they deemed important to carry for today’s meeting. The conference hall was filled with a flurry of hushed conversations as his colleagues saw themselves out of the door—a fleeting mention of lunch reminding Chikage that he’d scheduled a date today. 

He leaned back on his chair with a dwindling sigh, checking his watch for the time. Though it was half past noon, he was dreadfully certain you’d show up late either way. From what he’d gleaned from the bulletin board in the lobby, your department had a big deadline scheduled today, as well. If he knew anyone else who didn’t cut any corners with the work given to them, that would certainly be you. And while not everyone could enjoy the privilege of being spared Utsuki Chikage’s utmost patience, he'd make a few exceptions here and there. 

When he ambled back to his office after dropping by Itaru’s cubicle (to make sure he wasn’t slacking off work to rank on Idolmaster again), he caught sight of you squeezing past a packed elevator. Chikage halted his strides, arching a sly brow when he noticed the plastic bag that crinkled in your fingers. Observant as ever, you flicked your gaze to the other side of the hall where he stood, nearly beaming.  

You were wearing that white body-con dress today—the one that accentuated the curve of your hips in all the right places. Far too tempting to wear in a place where so many eyes could steal their own hungry glances at you (much like what he was doing now) but Chikage knew better than to police your decisions. 

“Good afternoon, Utsuki-san,” you lilted once you were close enough, the ruby red of your lips distracting him from the way you twirled a finger around his necktie. “You looking for someone?” 

“No one in particular.”

Snickering, one of your perfectly winged eyes dropped into a wink. “Hmm, let’s say I believe you~”

He simpered, resuming the trip back to his office without a proper response. Though you lagged a few steps behind him, Chikage kept his eyes forward.

“Do you have a concussion or something, (Surname)?” he asked, scanning the card in his wallet on the reader installed in his door. “I thought the world would end first before you had the decency to be punctual.”

You giggled spitefully, the smirk curling on your face meant to taunt. “What ever do you mean? I’d never waste a fellow department head’s time like that.” 

Chikage left the blatant lie hanging in the air as he stepped aside to grant you entrance. The click of your heels outside was muffled by the carpeting of his office—one of the many mundane things his sharp senses could pick up on. Another was that oh-so curious quirk of your mouth that you didn’t seem to have any plan on putting away. He knew from that sordid expression alone that you were feeling a little bit naughty today.

As he made the motions to shut the door, Chikage didn’t miss the curious glances that were thrown in the direction of his office but he paid them no mind. He was accustomed to being the hot topic of gossip circulating around the workplace. What they didn’t know was that all their suspicions were actually correct. 

The lock clicked in place once he pushed the door shut—the beeps that followed after ringing loudly in his ears. Finally alone (with you).

“You like your curry extra spicy, no?” you asked, already placing the convenience store budget meals on his desk. “Hm. Although, I’m not kissing you at all if you eat that before we—”

“Who said anything about eating first?” He was suddenly behind you, large hands resting on your hips as he nipped at the shell of your ear. An involuntary shudder racked your body, prompting Chikage to bow his lips into a self-satisfied smirk. 

You feigned offense, turning around to pout at him. At the same time, you’d used the leverage to grind your ass against the growing hardness in his trousers. “I went all the way to finish work early so I could treat you, and you waste my effort like this? You wound me, Utsuki-san.” 

Chikage let out a breathless chuckle, turning you around so your body was facing him. He pressed his knee against the table to pry your legs apart, stretching the fitted fabric of your dress even further. Those cerulean eyes of his didn’t miss a beat—gaze raking at the way the hem hiked up your thighs.

“Please,” he scoffed, nuzzling the crook of your neck with his nose. “We both know you’re plotting something, (Surname). There’s no use squandering our time.” 

You snorted, baring your neck even further as you threaded your fingers in his soft hair. “So forward. I take it that you’re frustrated?” 

“Can’t I miss the feeling of somebody being a thorn on my side?” 

“And here I thought you weren’t a masochist,” you sighed dramatically, hoisting yourself up a little so you were seated on his desk. Taking advantage of the newfound leeway, you hooked one leg around his hips, bringing his groin closer to the apex of your thighs. “Were your colleagues being kiss-asses again?” 

He groaned, raising his head just to show you the way he rolled his eyes. “Don’t even get me started on that.”

You eyed the corner of the ceiling, humming thoughtfully. “It’s kind of inevitable, you know? Just this morning, one of the new recruits in our division bought me coffee even if I didn’t tell him to. But hey, it’s not like we didn’t grovel at our superiors’ feet when we were new, right?” 

Chikage wanted to tell you that, no, he never once licked the boots of his higher ups, but he didn’t really want to ruin the mood. Instead, he pressed his chapped lips against your awaiting mouth, feeling you grin against him. 

Brows raised, Chikage pulled away, inquiring confusion in his eyes. “What?” 

“I’m just wondering,” you supplied, eyes crinkling with mischief. 


A chuckle rumbled low in your chest as your hands curled around his necktie once more, yanking him forward with oppressive force. Chikage grunted in surprise, not appreciative of the suspicions you were planting in his head, but the way your breasts pressed up against his lean torso effectively killed his doubts.

“If you’d let me tie you up~”

Something about the shamelessness in your tone sent a jolt of heat coiling in his gut, and what the hell? Did he really just react like that to the thought of relinquishing control over to you? Not that it hadn’t happened before (you were ridiculously persistent), but Chikage wasn’t about to admit that at the expense of his pride—even if you did look devilishly tempting in that dress of yours.  

Speaking of which, he’d traded the admonishment lodged in his throat for trailing his fingers up your thighs; a last second ploy to get you to just forget about that silly little idea of yours. For a moment, Chikage was fooled into thinking that he’d gained the upper hand when you surrendered your grip on his tie—bracing both of your palms on his desk as he inched his way closer and closer.

But it was glaringly obvious that you didn’t miss the way his jaw dropped when he realized that there was nothing between his fingers and your sopping heat.

“You went commando while wearing this slutty fit?” he hissed.

To his irritation, your smugness rivalled his own—unrelenting even in the face of his fury. That was one of the many things about you that spurred him on, he thought. 

No one could quite keep him on his toes like you did. 

“What’re you gonna do about it?” you challenged. 

Had it been any other person, he would have pushed them down and rutted himself on his own desk until his frustration was spent, but this was you he was talking about. Chikage knew better than most that in a battle of riling the other up, he would inevitably lose to his own impatience—the bulge in his own trousers being a testament to that. 

Even if surrendering himself to you would pain him the same way if he’d swallowed a knife, he found himself loosening his tie with an embittered sigh. The wicked grin on your lips only scaled wider when he yanked one of your arms to place the silken fabric in your hand.

“Just this once,” he spoke, sounding all kinds of defeated. 

The gloating look in your eyes prompted him to take back what he just said, but Chikage held his tongue—finding himself getting even more aroused when you forcibly pushed him off. 

“Sit on your chair like the good boy that you are, then.”

Great. He was demoted from ‘fellow department head’ to ‘good boy’. Fucking delightful. 

But despite his petulant thoughts, however, Chikage unhurriedly got to his swivelling seat—relieving himself off the stuffiness of his coat as he took a seat. The press of the upholstery beneath his thighs hotter than he remembered. Maybe it was because you set his body on fire with the slightest impish behavior you’d showcased, but he couldn’t spare it another thought when you made your way behind him. 

“Care to give me your hands?” you purred in his ear, and Chikage was all too willing to coil his arms behind him in spite of the uncomfortable strain. He’d been tied up in worse ways when he slipped up in missions in the past, but he wasn’t about to tell you that.

The smooth caress of the silk against his wrists was deceiving. He almost thought they wouldn’t chafe his skin as badly as rope, but you knew how to tie your knots. Chikage couldn’t even move his hands when you reappeared before him, a crooked smile resting on your face. 

“I wonder what your colleagues will think of you now,” you giggled as you kicked off your heels. Lowering yourself to your knees, you took your sweet time undoing his belt. “The terrifying Utsuki-san, all tied up in his office. That’d make good PR, don’t you think?” 

“In what way would this debauchery boost our image?” he groaned as you unzipped his trousers, tugging his underwear down. 

You brought out his engorged cock with careful hands, those skilled fingers pumping him earnestly and he couldn’t even do a thing about it. Leaning forward, you gave the underside of his shaft some experimental kitty licks, dragging your gaze to meet his with a tentative wink. 

“It’ll let everyone know that you’re just as human as the rest of us, of course.” 

Chikage let out a strangled noise when you unabashedly took him in the wet cavern of your mouth, bobbing your head up and down with reckless abandon. He focused all his energy in planting his feet on the floor so the wheels of his chair wouldn’t veer him away from your pretty red lips, but the involuntary spasms that jostled his arms threw his priorities into a haze. God, he just wanted to twine his fingers in your hair as he fucked your mouth. 

What you couldn’t reach with your mouth, you made up for with nimble fingers—hands toying with his cock in a way that was worse than any mind-breaking he’d ever been subjected to. 

(Or maybe it was because he was so fond of you that the sensation was magnified?) 

You knew how to switch things up, too. Each time you thought he was starting to relax in his seat, you’d shift the angle of your face so that the head repeatedly tapped the back of your throat. Chikage was already writhing from his restricted position, gritting his teeth so hard, his jaw began to ache. But before you could haul him up to the pinnacle of his release, you detached your mouth from his shaft with a sickening pop. He hadn’t noticed them earlier, but a trail of moisture streamed from your eyes—one that you hastily wiped with the back of your hand as you spared him a throaty chuckle.

“I abhor women,” he whispered hoarsely, feeling his heart thrum violently as the pleasure dimmed into a faint buzz at the base of his skull.“The damn vixens that you are…” 

“Aw, don’t talk to the person who just sucked you off like that.” You pouted, climbing on top of his lap as you slotted your legs on the spaces underneath his chair handles. Tugging your dress upward, you bared the sight of your unclothed cunt to his greedy eyes, sliding your wet slit up and down his throbbing cock.

With another smug laugh, you leaned closer to his ear. 

“I’ll make you feel better in a moment.”

Chikage tasted salt and sweat in your kiss as your tongue mapped the inside of his mouth. A couple of your unrestrained mewls were muffled by his lips as you placed your hands on his shoulders, rolling your hips to encourage more friction. Though he’d wanted nothing more but to angle his hips better so he could just shove it up your wet hole, Chikage still had some straws of self-restraint to grab onto. (Not that him losing control would make any difference.) 

“You’re quite the lucky one, Utsuki-san,” you breathed against his mouth—the heady look clouding your gaze making his cock twitch with anticipation. 

“Why’s that?” he wondered, darting his tongue to swipe it on your bottom lip.

Your hand reached in the middle of your thighs, reaching down to angle his length against your entrance. Chikage fought against the urge to tug against his restraints out of the fear of tearing one of his good ties, but he nearly did just that when you bottomed out on top of him. 

“Christ,” you moaned, tilting your head up to the ceiling when you felt him throb within your walls. Whatever comeback you had melted on your tongue. “Does getting tied up turn you on that much?” 

“You’re going to regret asking that.”

Letting out a few airy laughs, you lifted yourself up—Chikage feeling every inch of his cock drag up your tight cunt—only to pummel yourself downward, hardly giving him time to breathe. The lewd squelch of flesh resonated in the room, coupled with the quiet moans and whimpers that spilled from your sinful lips. Chikage drew all of his attention to the way you squeezed yourself against his cock, as if wanting to milk his release right then and there. His thighs were beginning to cramp up from anchoring himself to his sanity alone, too. But when he trailed his eyes back to the fucked-out expression you wore on your face, he found himself enjoying this just as much as you did.

“The hell are you so fucking big for?” you mewled. “You can’t be a huge dick both literally and figuratively—that’s not fair.”

“Being tied up like this is hardly fair, too, but I’m not complaining,” he growled, finally managing the strength to meet your downward thrusts with some of his own. Admittedly, he’d never been so grateful for all the endurance training he’d suffered more than he was now.

“H-Hah, Utsuki-san…” Your voice failed you, feeling a trail of saliva dribbling on the corner of your mouth. You’d thought you would get the upper hand by restraining him like you just did, but the roguish glint behind his glasses told you otherwise. 

“Not as much as a wise-ass now, are you, (Surname)?” he taunted.

You didn’t even have it in you to dish out some stilted response in return, too preoccupied with chasing the light that burned in the back of your eyelids. He filled you up so good. It was like he’d molded your cunt into the shape of his cock, sliding in and out of your wetness with embarrassing ease. 

But you were not going to let him have the last laugh. 

“I don’t know about that, Utsuki-san,” you laughed breathlessly, lacing your fingers behind his neck as you smashed your lips together.

One thing that you’d noticed about Chikage was that he liked kissing you more than he’d willingly let on. The groan that reverberated low in his chest all the more confirmed your suspicions, and that would be the trump card you’d use against one of the men you despised the most. You fellated his tongue with the same fervor you’d done with his cock, and you practically felt the sinew of his thighs shifting beneath you. 

Although you wanted to tease from hearing him slowly lose the steady rhythm of his breathing, you wanted to get the sweet taste of release now more than ever. Dragging one hand down your feverish body, you rubbed your own clit in hurried circles, moaning aloud as you clenched your walls down on his shaft. 

“(Surname)—fuck,” Chikage grunted, and you felt his cock twitch once or twice inside you before you felt the familiar heat of his release fill you to the brim. 

The thought of Chikage’s spend inside your body was the last thing that pushed you over the edge—making you shudder relentlessly as you rode out your own orgasm. You rested your forehead against his shoulder, muffling the lewd noises you made as you but into the fabric of his clothes. 

It took you several moments before the waves of reason washed you back ashore, hearing nothing but the white noise in your ears. You took in a few shuddering breaths, too ecstatic to notice Chikage calling out your name.

He sighed, feeling the restraints you’d put him in finally loosening from all the thrashing around you made him do. Once he’d finally slipped his wrists free, he massaged them both tentatively before stroking your hair. You’d slumped yourself right on top of him immediately after, and Chikage at least had the decency to let you catch your breath.

“You’re something else, aren’t you, Utsuki-san?” you commented, voice still raspy. 

“So I’ve been told,” he said as he zipped his trousers back up. Pushing his chair back a little, Chikage then pulled open one of the drawers on his desk. “Do you have anything more to get done or is your schedule clear for the day?” 

With an unwilling groan, you got back to your feet, nearly stumbling to the floor had Chikage not circled an arm around your waist in time. The suddenness of his gesture painted your cheeks red, and he found the reaction a little odd for someone as shameless as you. 

“I have a meeting in an hour,” you said, removing his arm from your body as you steadied yourself on his desk. 

He nodded earnestly, pulling out a roll of tissues before pushing the drawer back. “Sit on the desk, will you?”

You shot him a confused stare but complied either way. 

Chikage then removed his glasses, momentarily placing them at a certain distance away from you before crouching a little. Before you could even ask what he was doing, he tore away some tissue sheets from the coil, wiping off the come stains on your thighs. The gentleness of his touches was rather foreign, prompting you to pucker your brows in disbelief.

“I’m expecting that you didn’t actually time in without any underwear,” he asked without looking up, but you were entranced by his blue eyes fluttering beneath thick lashes to respond immediately.

“Um, yeah. I mean—of course I didn’t,” you rebutted, feeling a strange warmth engulfing your chest. “I wouldn’t do something so rash for you, of all people.”

He nodded in understanding, crumpling the soiled tissues before tossing them into a nearby bin. Even if you could do it yourself, Chikage took the liberty to tug down your dress, smiling coyly at you. 

“You best get ready for that meeting, then.” 

Pouting, you turned your head to the side, eyeing the untouched food you’d bought. “You’re not even going to ask me to eat lunch with you?” 

Chikage quirked his brow as he began to put his tie back on. “I wouldn’t waste a fellow department head’s time like that.”

You let out a defeated sigh. 

As you made your way out of his door, carrying a plastic bag with one budget meal in it, Chikage called out for you once again. You whirled around, eyeing him curiously. He looked as composed as ever, sitting behind his desk like you hadn’t just ravaged him five minutes ago, but the fond glimmer in his cerulean irises hadn’t really been there before.

“You look good in a white dress.”

His words garnered the reaction he’d expected—wide eyes and flushed cheeks as you sputtered out your gratitude before you departed. You didn’t have to know that he had a different sort of white dress in mind when he’d said it. It was one of the many musings Chikage thought were better kept to himself. 

Once he was left alone in the solitude of his own office, he took his time unwrapping the food you’d gotten for him. Despite being leagues away from the director’s curry, he didn’t mind eating something you personally bought with him in mind. 

In the middle of his lunch break, however, his door was invaded with three soft knocks. Pausing for a moment, Chikage stood up to open the door, himself. 

“Senpaaai, are you going to hitch a ride with me later?” drawled Itaru from the halls without any sort of formal greeting. “The director said we had to get back to the dorms ASAP.” 

“Chigasaki, it’s rude to intrude on your superiors like that.”

He grinned lazily. “What? I knocked, didn’t I? Oh, and senpai, about the concept of rudeness…”

Chikage narrowed his eyes. “What?” 

Itaru reached for the pocket of his coat, procuring a handkerchief (that he was very certain was the director’s) before wiping the corner of his mouth with it. Chikage craned his neck in confusion. He was used to his roommate’s odd behavior, but Itaru was not one to initiate human contact like that.

“It’s also rude to present yourself with lipstick stains on your face,” he pointed out.

Tentatively, Chikage pondered about giving him a raise just to shut him up.