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I Lie In Your Charms

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Remus moved into the house near Hogsmeade in August of that year, and the two of them spent the entire month renovating and getting Teddy settled before Remus returned to Hogwarts for the next school semester. Andromeda was a little weary about relinquishing Teddy into Severus’s care, but eventually came around to the idea. She even eventually suggested she take her grandson for sleepovers on Fridays, but Remus had the feeling from the smirk on her face that it was a mutually beneficial move. 


Remus was nervous about going back to be a teacher and leaving Severus with his son. He knew that he was much more comfortable since that first weekend they all spent together, but he would always feel like he was imposing on someone else’s good graces. Severus didn’t seem to care about his concerns, and in fact, took them as a sort of challenge. Soon, Remus would come home to find Severus attempting to cook dinner with a toddler that was trying to get into everything. He’d started walking sometime in August, and now was not only swift, but also tall enough to reach things he previously couldn’t. 


So Remus would come home and spend some time with his son while Severus had some time to himself, and then they’d all sit down and eat dinner together. In the evenings, it was Remus who would get his son ready for bed and tuck him in, but Severus would always wander in when it was time for a book, and to kiss Edward goodnight. 


Remus found this was his favourite part of his day. They’d settle Teddy and then sit down on the couch and talk about their days; he’d hear about how Draco was getting along, and Remus would talk about his students. Some days, Harry came by to drag Draco away for lunch, and other days he’d drop by Hogwarts and talk to Remus about his plans for the future. It turned out that Harry quite liked teaching, which was something he’d learned during his time in the D.A. 


Except Harry didn’t end up teaching at Hogwarts, or even teaching Defence. No, he ended up teaching magical children in a school set up by Draco’s mother. It was a wonderful way to help children transition into the wizarding world before the culture shock of Hogwarts, and orphans were given a chance to feel safe and create friendships long before their acceptance letters. It didn’t focus on anything but basic writing and conceptual skills, but it helped the children to feel less isolated. Before, they’d been taught by their parents, tutors, or in muggle grade schools. 


Everyone knew that Narcissa brought Harry on board to try and bridge the gap between her and her son, but the end result was better than anyone could have anticipated. The partnership between Narcissa and Harry in building the school was exactly the right balance; muggle-raised and pure-blood. They each took from their own experiences and made a school that tended to all the children’s needs. They accepted ages six to ten, and made sure to reach out to muggle parents personally so they could explain things and offer their help, even if they decided to keep their children in muggle schools until Hogwarts. 


It also fixed a broken bridge between Andromeda and Narcissa, as they named the school after Nymphadora. 


The school was up and running in less than a year, with Harry offering up Grimmauld Place as a boarding house for the orphans who had lost their parents during the war. It was because of this, that they found out about the existence of a young orphan named Delphini, who was dropped off on their doorstep in the middle of the night. She was almost two, by their guess, and barely spoke at all. Still, she clung to Harry when he came to see her, and eventually was adopted by Harry and Draco. The two men had quite a surprise when the first full sentence she said was in parseltongue to a small garden snake in their backyard.


Narcissa watched her grow and wondered, but she could never quite confirm. Bellatrix had been secretive in the last two years of the war, often running off for long periods of time. 


Still, Deni Potter grew up to be loved and exceptionally bright. Her silvery platinum hair made people assume she was Draco’s by genetics, which she grew to enjoy, despite the fact that she was told she’d originally been adopted. Draco often said she took after the better parent anyways, since she was eventually sorted into Slytherin and became quite the mischievous little troublemaker- much to her Uncle Remus’s chagrin. She was often the person to try out the newest Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes on her classmates, but was fiercely protective of any of the other students that came from The Nymphadora Home, since she often helped Harry there during the summers.


Teddy, meanwhile, grew up to be gentle and kind like his dad, but also a bit of a blunt know-it-all like his father. He surpassed expectations in potions, herbology, and charms, but didn’t much care for Defense. Remus was pleased by this, however, because he liked living in a world where Defense was a class that could be taken for granted. Teddy founded a study group that had students from all houses, and ended up deciding to teach like his godfather and dad. He was often found in his cheerful black and yellow robes chastising Delphini in the aftermath of one of her pranks, who pretended to ignore him as he told her she shouldn’t harass other students.


She proceeded to be even more sneaky about it, and Teddy eventually admitted defeat; especially since she wasn’t really picking on anyone in particular, and it was supposed to be all in good fun.


Remus asked Severus to marry him in April; twelve months after they ‘officially’ started dating, although neither of them were keeping track. They were married in a quiet ceremony in October of that year, with only a few important people in attendance. Minerva officiated the ceremony, and after they were legally married, teared up and hugged the both of them. They didn’t have a reception, but did take a week off of their respective jobs to travel a bit and enjoy some time away by themselves.


Severus opened an apothecary after Draco took over the head potioneer position at St. Mungos, that was by appointment only. Yet he didn’t restrict his services to the wealthy. He often brewed for both schools on a contract basis, and only accepted money that people could afford, even if it barely covered the cost of making the potion. By his second year in business, he needed a clerk to take care of the bookings and clients. Somehow this ended up with him hiring Sophie Roper (a Hufflepuff- Merlin forbid), who even helped him brew simple things from time to time. 


Remus and Severus ended up perfecting the Lunar Theriac, which Draco took all the credit for naming and wouldn’t let them forget it. Because of this, Remus was often seen patrolling the grounds of Hogwarts at night on the full moon. Eventually students would approach him willingly and those especially mischievous made a game of trying to avoid his astute sense of smell as they wandered outside after curfew. Remus found this horrifying the first few times, and when he tried to warn them of how dangerous that was, they laughed him off. 


When Teddy was sorted, Severus attended the entrance ceremony and actually looked relieved he was put into Hufflepuff. When Remus intertwined their fingers and leaned over to comment on this, Severus scoffed. 


“Imagine having two impulsive Gryffindors? At least he’ll have some sense.”


Harry and Draco were married at twenty-three and eventually had another little girl who was a great deal younger than their eldest by five years. Delphini was wary of the idea at first, but warmed up to the new child when they placed her in her arms and told her she was a big sister. She was due to start at The Nymphadora Home the next school year with Harry, and in the meantime would stay home with Draco who took a paternity leave from St. Mungos. She ended up helping to name Iris (after a nebula, but also a nod to the fact that Harry and Draco’s mothers were both flower names).


This was all in the future, of course, and no one would be any the wiser until the events took place in their natural progression. The only one who had any inkling to what would happen turned out to be Luna Lovegood, but she had the sense to keep it to herself and watch it unfold with a knowing smile on her face. Godmother to Deni Luna Potter, she showered her in the affection that she deserved, and told her secrets that she didn’t share with many other people. The first of which was the fact that she’d seen many futures in her visions over the years. 


But this one was her favourite.