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Is the order Team Rabbits?

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Kei always knew when she was hungry. Her extra-perceptive hearing could notice things before anyone else picked up on them. Her own body was always the first thing she noticed, and right now, her stomach was growling. Team Rabbits had just been briefed on their latest mission, which was set to happen in a few days, and she was exhausted. She needed her comfort food. So once again, Kei took to the kitchens.

The kitchens were meant to serve the entire mothership, so the utensils were designed with baking large portions in mind. Kei always intended to serve the entire six person squad, but none of them could stomach her sweets except for her. It went well beyond sweetened, into being molasses in pastry form. Everything was caramelized. That’s how she had always liked it, and she could never get anyone else to try it.

Not even Tamaki.

“Sorry, Kei. I have to keep my figure looking awesome for when I get a boyfriend. You enjoy your sugar cake!” she’d say, and then go running off for the nearest Adonis she could find.

So that’s where Kei found herself once again. Sitting in her bedroom with a cake meant to serve an entire team, plus the pit crews, that she was going to have to eat herself. Her pilot suit was skintight, as long as she could still fit inside it, it was okay to indulge a little. She had put a lot of elbow grease, but mostly sugar, into this cake, and she was going to eat it all if she wanted to.

Kei carved herself a slice. The cake had purple and pink frosting around the edges, with red, blue and yellow lettering in the middle. She wasn’t very good with decorating, mostly sticking on whatever decorations she thought looked the most delicious. She would often sneak samples from the icing bag instead of using it to decorate the cake. The looks weren’t important, the taste was.

Eating very carefully with her fork, Kei cut up the slice of cake piece by piece, until she had swallowed it all. It was cloyingly sweet, only fit for her palette. Kei heard her stomach rumbling again. She opened her clothes and patted her belly, stroking around her navel. She looked down and spoke to her stomach, doing so because no one else was around. “There’s a lot more cake. You’ll be full soon.”

Her second slice was twice as big as the first. Kei savored the frosting, and took her time with the spongy, moist cake within. Her plate had been emptied once again, and Kei looked down at her waistline. Her panties were starting to feel a little tight. Kei lowered them to her ankles, looking at the purple lace. She kicked them off her feet, and opened up the front of her pajamas. Her belly was already starting to peek through, its roundness outsizing Kei’s bust.

Kei kept going, only taking breaks occasionally for a glass of milk to wash it down. The entire large cake was gone, with only crumbs left behind. Her belly had swollen up. Kei placed her finger in her belly button, jiggling her stomach around. Unless she was eating cake, her body was slender. This was a welcome change for her. While she wasn’t as voluptuous as Tamaki, it was kind of pleasant to know what it felt like to have some meat on her body.

She grabbed the sides of her stomach, continuing to shake it. All that cake was rolling around inside there. Yet, Kei still felt like she had room for more. She wanted to go back to the kitchens and prepare another cake just for herself. A somewhat smaller one. She wasn’t sure how much more her stomach could take. It wasn’t very often that she pushed it to the limits like this.

Kei left her room, walking through the halls of the Godinion. When she passed by Izuru’s room, she felt the tension in her stomach start to become too much. Her stomach was gurgling loudly, echoing through the small space in the hallway. She wanted to sit down. Izuru was in his room, drawing in his sketchbook. Kei had never been inside his room all that much. The first thing she noticed was a collection of hero figures, including a blue samurai with the kanji for “water” on his face.

“Kei?” asked Izuru, who had been drawing in his sketchbook. “What is it?”

Kei tried to pull her outfit down. She felt the cold breeze running through her legs, and remembered that she had taken off her panties. She couldn’t completely hide her waist due to her bloated, stuffed belly. Her clothes had grown too tight around her body, in front of the person she cared for.

“It’s nothing,” said Kei. “I was just... going for a snack.”

Her stomach growled again. Izuru invited her in. While he couldn’t express his feelings out loud, seeing Kei in a human moment like this only made her look cuter. “If you want to lie down, my bed’s open.”

“Are you trying to flirt with me?” asked Kei.

“I just want you to come in,” said Izuru.

Kei entered his room and lay down on his bed. She spread her legs, allowing herself some room to breathe. She never considered that she was giving Izuru a full view of her loins, which were already slightly aroused. She wasn’t sure why. It could be from a full stomach, or it could be Izuru being nice to her. Either way, she was starting to feel a little lustful in his presence, surrounded by his smell on his bed.

“Are you feeling okay?” asked Izuru. “Your stomach’s looking... healthy.”

“It wouldn’t be this way if everyone ate my cakes,” said Kei. “But now I’m feeling kinda sick. Izuru, can you rub my belly? But don’t look between my legs. We’re not that close, yet.”

“I didn’t even notice,” said Izuru.

Kei unbuttoned her top, letting her pudgy belly hang out. She was still wearing her bra, so Izuru couldn’t see her nipples. Not that her breasts were very big. Yet, the faint pink edges of her areolae were visible inside her bra, having grown erect in the cold interior of the ship, and her own latent arousal.

“How big a cake did you make?” asked Izuru.

“It was supposed to be for everybody. If nobody was going to eat it, I didn’t want to let it go to waste. It’s too sweet even for Rin,” said Kei. “I probably look awful, in front of you with this big belly.”

“I think it’s kinda cute,” said Izuru.

“Cute?” said Kei, blushing. “How?”

“The gap between your slender body and your stuffed belly is very... artistically pleasing. It’s a side of you I don’t see too often.” He leaned down, hearing Kei’s stomach rumbling from the cake stuffed inside. “Where do you want me to rub?”

“Above the navel’s fine,” said Kei. “Start in the center.”

Izuru massaged Kei’s belly. It felt very different, compared to her slender frame. The added weight and stretchiness of her stuffed stomach felt like a warm pillow. He could almost hear the cake inside her, making its way out. Kei began to feel more relaxed, her body easing down in tension as her stomach was helped along by Izuru’s hand.

“That feels good,” said Kei. “Keep doing that.”

Izuru ran his hand down the sides of Kei’s stomach, before moving back up to her navel. As he continued stroking her belly, he moved closer and closer to her breasts. Compared to Tamaki, Kei’s were perfectly average sized. Yet her bra concealed them, keeping her hardening nipples out of the reach of Izuru’s hands.

“Don’t go near my breasts,” said Kei. “We’re not that close yet.”

“Your belly already feels pretty close,” said Izuru. “It’s really warm.”

As Izuru rubbed Kei’s belly, something in his pants began to stir. The sight of a woman with a swollen stomach looked fertile and pregnant, more healthy and womanly than he imagined. His cock became erect, making a visible bulge in his trousers. Kei felt it pressing into her ass, able to make out the shape of the tip as it stretched the waistband of his underwear. She turned around, face bright red with embarrassment, and stuttered out a question.

“Izuru...” she inquired. “What is that poking me in the butt?”

“That’s my penis. Sorry, I couldn’t help it. Your stomach is just too sexy,” said Izuru.

“It’s only fair for you to show me,” said Kei. “I let you see my fat, overstuffed belly. You let me see your hard cock.”

Kei turned around and unbuckled, unzipped and yanked down his pants. He was wearing a pair of red boxers with the design of a sword on fire. The symbol of all heroes. She couldn’t believe he had such lame underwear, but even more than that, she couldn’t believe she was looking at a man’s dick of her own volition. She had been curious ever since seeing the porn video, but the real thing was completely different.

“Why is it so hard?” Kei asked.

“Natural body phenomena?” said Izuru.

“I think I’m supposed to stroke it,” said Kei. She held his dick between her fingers, trying not to grip it any harder than a man would. She knew from the times Izuru had been hit in the balls that it hurt down there. As she touched it, feeling it respond to her touch, slowly becoming harder yet remaining pliable, her nipples began to itch against her bra. She reached behind her back and unhooked it, letting her average bust be revealed. She turned to Izuru. “You take off your shirt, too!”

The two of them were now sitting topless across from each other on the bed, the lingering sugary smell of cakes still permeating the room. Kei loved touching Izuru’s dick, but she wasn’t satisfied with that. Even with all the cake she had stuffed into her stomach, she heard it growling, hungry for something else.

“If I remember that video... I think I’m supposed to lick it and... suck it,” said Kei. “Is it okay if I do that?”

“Sure,” said Izuru.

Kei changed her position, Izuru watched in amazement as her stuffed belly changed shape when squishing against the bed, spreading out from the sides into a pair of love handles. Kei licked along the shaft, having already pulled down Izuru’s foreskin and exposed his bright red glans. It was a vibrant color, full of a liveliness that was unexpected here in the depths of space. The taste of his dick was strange, somewhat sweaty and salty, but she wanted to have more of it.

“Every time I touch it, it twitches,” said Kei. Izuru couldn’t respond. He had been staring at her nipples. There was something about a woman’s nipples that fascinated him. Even when perched atop mounds like Kei’s that were little more than a handful, they seemed different. They were a perfectly suckable shade of pink. Kei’s warm and wet mouth enveloped Izuru’s cockhead, taking him by surprise.

Kei sucked on his shaft, making loud slurping noises. When her head went down far enough, her chin brushed against his balls. They were covered in fine hair that tickled her a bit. Neither of the two pilots said a word to each other. Izuru couldn’t recall the last time he felt this good. Kei had started to forget about her aching, taut belly, and was more focused on drawing out whatever had made Izuru’s dick swell up so much.

She took his dick out of her mouth, and playfully licked along the shaft. She teased the underside of his glans with her tongue. Izuru’s dick grew hotter to the touch, throbbing and dripping with precum. He had been trying to hold out and let Kei explore his body, but there was only so much he could take. He wanted to cum, badly. Izuru moved his waist about, putting his dick back into Kei’s mouth just as he felt his balls start to tense up.

“Kei, I’m going to....!” said Izuru.

A hot load shot into Kei’s mouth. It was sticky and salty. Kei didn’t indulge in salty things that much, but something about this coming from Izuru made her keep it in her mouth, sucking and slurping away until she had covered her tongue with semen. Kei swallowed it, adding a little drop more to her already full belly. When she swallowed, her body felt hot. She removed her panties, and presented Izuru with a look at her pussy, wet and aroused, eager to go to the next step.

“You let out a lot,” said Kei. “It got me feeling eager, too. Can you get it hard again... and put it in me? It might help burn off these calories.”

The smell and sight of Kei’s pussy, aroused and wet, got Izuru hard again. He got on his knees, grabbing onto Kei’s waist. He gently moved his hands around her body, once again grabbing onto the temporary set of love handles created by her sweets-stuffed belly. Kei moaned as Izuru’s warm hands pinched her stomach. Her pussy puckered in anticipation, eager for Izuru to go inside her. He held his shaft in his fingers, aiming the head at Kei’s wet slit.

“Kei, I’m going in,” said Izuru.

His glans spread open her lower lips, breaking through Kei’s hymen with ease. Kei was so wet that aside from a small wince, it didn’t hurt at all. She felt Izuru’s hard cock going deeper inside her, until its entire length had been swallowed up by her pussy. She felt the tingling spreading upwards from her pussy, making her clit hard and her nipples even harder. Her stomach let out a low growl, making her blush bright red.

“Sorry about that,” said Kei.

“I think it’s cute,” Izuru said. “I’m going to start moving.”

“Just... be gentle,” said Kei. “I don’t want my crotch to hurt when we have to board my AHSMB.”

“Okay,” said Izuru.

Izuru started slowly. Kei’s wet, warm folds wrapped around his dick, squeezing it at the perfect spot. Her tightness was even tighter than usual, the pressure from her overly-full stomach pushing down on Izuru’s cock. He saw his dick emerge from Kei’s pussy, coated in her pussy juices, and easily slid back in. His hips beat against Kei’s ass, and she let out a cute moan. It felt so good.

“You can go faster,” said Kei.

Izuru picked up the pace. He rubbed his hands across Kei’s belly, while moving his other one up to her breasts. He pinched down on Kei’s nipples, rubbing the hard pink tip between his digits. Kei got wetter and tighter as he played with her chest, which only made him go faster. The sound of flesh beating against flesh filled the room. While the walls were metal, they didn’t offer much in the way of soundproofing. Fortunately, everyone around them was elsewhere on the ship at the moment.

“I thought this was perverted... but it feels so good!” said Kei. “Izuru, I think I love sex!”

“I love it, too,” he said. “You’re really tight and sticky. What did you do to get like this?”

“I don’t know!” said Kei. “Don’t get me pregnant. I’m not being taken out of action because of your careless dick!”

“I’ll try!” said Izuru.

He moved his hands towards Kei’s ass. Each of her white cheeks had a nice springiness to it, with plenty of soft flesh for his hands to grab onto. Holding tightly onto Kei’s butt, he watched in amazement as his dick went in and out of her, the squelching, squishing sounds growing louder each time. His dick was throbbing, still remembering how pleasant it had been inside Kei’s mouth. He was even more sensitive now, and couldn’t hold out for much longer.

“I’m gonna cum!” said Izuru. “Kei, I can’t pull out! Can I do it inside you?”

“I think it’s okay for today...” said Kei. “Hurry up! I feel it too...”

Izuru’s balls drained themselves inside Kei, firing off ropes of sticky, white spooge into her dripping pussy. It overflowed out of her slit and back onto his dick, dripping onto the bed sheets. Kei came moments later, her pussy tensing up before calming back down. The two of them were sweating all over, each of them clinging tightly to each others’ sticky skin. As they sunk into the afterglow, Kei’s stomach growled again.

“Want to make a cake to celebrate our first time?” said Kei.

“I want to take a shower first,” said Izuru.

“Meet me in the kitchen after,” said Kei.

As Kei and Izuru headed towards the showers, they encountered an equally sweaty Tamaki. She noticed drops of cum falling down Kei’s thighs, and gave her a look. “What have you been doing?”

“I can ask you the same thing!” said Kei.

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Tamaki had been looking for so long she was no longer sure whether it was love or lust she sought. She really should have had a boyfriend by now, she thought. After all, she was a shortstack, and men loved that sort of body type. Something about her was making them ignore her advances, no matter how much she tried to show off her assets. She had even gone so far as to rub ice on her nipples to make them stiff, that they showed through her clothes no matter what she was wearing. It did nothing to change her situation. She had no other choice but to give into her lust first. If her horniess went down, she might have a clearer mind.

She wandered the halls of the base, looking for men who were available. She saw Ataru in the armory, examining the wide variety of laser weaponry the MJP had acquired. He had been working on a custom project of his own. An attempt to create a modern day bayonet by making a gun barrel out of the handle of an old anchor. When Ataru was engrossed in his weaponry, nothing could shake him from his passions. Tamaki thought it was worth a shot. If she couldn’t get with Ataru, she could always get one of the muscleheads in his pit crew to give her body a closer inspection.

Tamaki approached the lab, dressed in only her pilot suit, with nothing underneath. Her nipples were brushing against the material, making her arousal very obvious. She was going to have to clean this when she was done. Her hand had kept wandering down to her pussy, teasing it and keeping it wet for when she finally got Ataru to have sex with her. Her eyes trailed downward, looking between his legs. There was a noticeable bulge in his pants that she had not been expecting. The girth of it was rather large, but it also seemed... cylindrical.

“Is that a gun or your pocket, or are you really happy to see me?” asked Tamaki. “Look at me! I’m the cutest and sexiest member of Team Rabbits, don’t you want to do something with this smoking hot bod?”

“Sorry, Tamaki. I’ve been working on this new weaponry for a while now. You can hang around in the armory if you want, but that doesn’t really seem like your thing...” said Ataru.

Tamaki was impatient. She went under the table and found Ataru’s belt. She removed it and yanked down his shorts, pulling his boxers off at the same time. Ataru was already half-hard, the excitement from working with his guns having increased blood flow all over his body. Even at half-mast, Tamaki could tell that he wasn’t just a pretty face. This was a generous endowment, the kind of cock she had always wanted to plow her silly.

“What’s with this magnum dick?” said Tamaki.

“Tamaki, can you keep it down? I’m trying to focus,” said Ataru.

“I want to see what you’re like fully erect,” said Tamaki. She got underneath his cock and rolled her tongue across his testicles. Izuru happily sighed as Tamaki’s warm tongue coated his balls. Hungrily, Tamaki placed his entire sack in her mouth, sucking on both of his balls like they were candy. She wanted to warm up his semen so he could give her a huge load. She wasn’t going to let her first time go to waste.

The more she licked his sack, the longer and harder his cock became. Before long, Tamaki was presented with Ataru’s fully erect dick, a rather thick member with a noticeably red glans. His cock was beating against her forehead, throbbing and dripping precum. Lines of the salty stuff rolled down her nose and onto her cheeks. It was warm and sticky, and made her panties get wet.

“I’m not letting you get away. I learned all these techniques from that video,” Tamaki said. She pulled out her generously sized breasts, with puffy pink areolae and hard tips that were even stiffer from the cold air of the armony. She picked up her breasts from the sides, trapping Ataru’s cock between her warm cleavage. The head poked through. She felt the length of his member burning hot on both of her boobs, feeling like it would leave a mark from sheer arousal.

Tamaki took a deep whiff of his cock stench. When it flooded her nostrils, she began to salivate. Tamaki opened her mouth and let out a line of saliva, making her cleavage slick and slippery. She played with her breasts, rubbing and squishing her tits against Ataru’s dick with great pleasure. The pressure of her boobs was strong. She pulled back a little, rubbing the underside of his cockhead with her hard nipples. It twitched and let out more precum, which mixed with her saliva to create something even stickier.

“You’ll be able to build a much better gun once you’ve blown your load,” said Tamaki. “You can trust me to be in charge of your dick all the time. It’s almost like having a boyfriend!”

Moving her head downward, Tamaki caught his cockhead between her lips. Having it in her mouth, Tamaki got a feel for just how thick Ataru was. He had such impressive girth and virility, and was wasting his time fiddling with guns. If he used this one, he’d be the most popular member of Team Rabbits by a long shot. Using her breasts and mouth in tandem, Ataru’s cock was approaching its limit.

“Tamaki... are you almost done down there?” asked Ataru. “This feels really good, but I can’t... focus...”

“I want your jizz! Give it all to me!” said Tamaki.

Tamaki clapped her breasts around his cock. Her big tits vibrated, the flesh rippling around Ataru’s penis. He moved his waist upward, pushing his cock into Tamaki’s mouth, but not far enough that it hit her throat. A thick load of spunk was blown into her mouth, coating her tongue, filling her cheeks, rolling down her lips and into her cleavage. Tamaki gulped down as much as she could. It was salty and slightly bitter. She thought it would taste better from how the girls in porn acted. Tamaki let Ataru’s cock, still dripping with semen, out of her mouth, and rubbed the semen into the skin of her tits.

“This does wonders for my skin,” said Tamaki. “Wonder what it’d do inside me.”

Tamaki stripped off everything but her panties, and climbed onto Ataru’s desk. She pushed away his tools and gun parts. She spread her legs, showing off the prominent wet spot on her panties. Her dark brown pubic hair was showing through the edges of the fabric, full of sweat and pheromones for the express purpose of getting a man. There was no trick in the book Tamaki wouldn’t try to get a man’s dick in her, and she had almost succeeded. She pulled aside her panties, showing Ataru her dripping pink slit.

“Ataru, how about emptying your clip into me? I’m wet and ready,” said Tamaki. “My boobs are already so sticky with cum. I want more.”

Ataru looked over at his guns. Those would still be in the armory when he came back. Yet here was Tamaki. Pouting and aroused, dripping with sweat and cum. Her breasts were bared and her body was flushed bright red. She was showing him her pussy without hesitation, eager to accept his hardening cock. He didn’t know when a chance like this would come up again. Tamaki was always looking at whatever hot guy complimented her. It was him today, but it could be someone else tomorrow, or an hour from now.

“Let’s do this ecstatically!” said Ataru.

“More like ‘Let’s do this hard!’” said Tamaki. “You’re super stiff.”

“With a body like this in front of me, how could I not be?” said Ataru.

“Take me, you military dork!” said Tamaki.

Ataru’s entire dick was swallowed up by Tamaki in one stroke. It spread open her lower lips, his girth filling up her entire lower body. Tamaki felt it throbbing so hard that she was feeling it inside her ass. As Ataru’s dick comfortably settled inside her, her breasts bounced about, wobbling and shaking like pudding. Ataru leaned down and put his lips on Tamaki’s nipple, sucking and slurping at her hard tip with gusto.

“You’re turning me on,” said Tamaki. “How’d you know I liked having my nipples played with?”

“You don’t exactly keep your fantasies secret,” said Ataru. “And I have a great memory.”

“Looks like that paid off,” said Tamaki.

Sucking on one nipple while groping and fondling her other breast, Ataru thrust hard inside Tamaki. Every one of his strokes felt like it was thrusting her entire body. Not just her boobs, but her fat ass also shook. Sweat drenched Tamaki’s body, spreading her pheromones through the armory. The heat coming off her body almost fogged over Ataru’s glasses. He didn’t need to see Tamaki. He could feel her. Every jiggly inch of her voluptuous body was on that table before him, eagerly accepting his cock.

Tamaki didn’t hold back her moans. She wanted to go as loud as possible. To let the entire base know that she was getting laid, and loving it. Ataru’s hot cock was hugged by her warm pussy, squeezing in around his sensitive parts while his glans rubbed against her G-spot. Tamaki’s clit was so hard the outline of her nub was visible on her panties. Her voice echoed through the armory, growing louder and sending her own pleasure back to her ears.

“Ataru, let’s be lovers! Or even teammates with benefits,” said Tamaki. “I want you to keep doing me!”

“Tamaki, you know we’re fighting for our lives,” said Ataru.

“Okay, but when we have free time,” said Tamaki. “You know I get thirsty!”

Ataru moved away from Tamaki’s breasts, letting them bounce freely as his fingers sunk into her hips. Squeezing down on Tamaki’s ass, the two of them felt connected. They were sharing their heat, their passion, every motion of their young and throbbing bodies overlapping as one, rapidly approaching a climax. Ataru took off his shirt, showing Tamaki his well-toned body. For being a military nerd, he was in rather good shape.

“Holding those guns takes some real upper body strength,” said Ataru. “Looks like you need a lot of upper body strength, too.”

“You are so freaking hot,” said Tamaki. “I’m gonna cum! My pussy can’t get any wetter!”

Ataru’s piston movements grew faster and stronger. Rubbing inside Tamaki, he groaned in anticipation of orgasm. Tamaki arched her back, letting her breasts bounce. Her nipples turned into pink blurs. She came, and squirted shortly after. Some of it landed on the inside of her panties. Most of her bubbling, sticky stream landed on Ataru’s chest. Seeing him dripping with her cum turned Tamaki on even more. She had marked his body as her own, and loved it.

“This shot won’t miss!” said Ataru. “Here it... comes!”

Ataru blew his load inside Tamaki. Her pussy dripped with a second, thick load of spunk. The warmth spread up into her belly, filling with a blissful numbness. She stayed inside the armory with Ataru for a while, letting his cum and her sweat dry onto her body. She was going to take a shower, but wanted the Godinion crew to know that she and Ataru had done it hard.

As she arrived at the showers, she saw Kei, her belly bloated with sugary cake and cum dripping down her thighs. “What have you been doing?” she asked Kei.

“I can ask you the same thing!” said Kei.

“I was having sex,” the two of them said at the same time. The shower room was filled with an awkward silence as the two of them stepped in and cleaned off. They were happy for each other, but weren’t sure how to carry on the conversation from this point. In a way, the bond of Team Rabbits had grown closer.