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Adore You

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By: Double Trouble   

The Rebellion, one of the most talked about bands of the past two years, have since come forward about the lip syncing allegations that former journalist, Horde Prime, has made against the band one week ago. 

The Rebellion consisted of four members: Glimmer, Scorpia, Catra, and Adora. Three of the four play the various instruments seen on stage, however one of these girls also happened to be the backup vocalist for lead singer, Glimmer. 

The allegation made against the girls was that Adora, the backup, has been singing the high notes for their most notable song: Bad Romance. The band’s manager has gotten back to us with a statement to defend herself and her girls against Horde Prime’s words:

“This is the only instance where the girls have ever lip sang,” Shadow Weaver told us. “Glimmer is a very talented individual, but for this certain song, Adora was the only one who could hit those notes. They never liked it, and I’m deeply sorry for all the fans we’ve hurt since this has come out."

Unfortunately, we’ve also heard back from the guitarist. Her news was not as optimistic as the manager’s. 

“We came together and decided we didn’t want to make music anymore,” Scorpia says. “There’s a lot of stuff that went down backstage and behind the scenes, and maybe one day we’ll tell the rest of the story. For now, we want to leave it at that. We love the fans and their endless support, but we know we can’t keep going after something like this.”

Boys Night Out manager, Entrapta, has almost come forward with a statement of her own: “Horde Prime did not get this information ethically. He got it by tricking one of the girl’s into an interview, drugging her, and getting into her phone and sending himself all evidence of lip syncing.”

Authorities have been called, and this is not the first set of performers this has happened to. Other members of various bands have spoken out against Horde Prime and his way of manipulating situations to get his story. 

[Photographed on the left: Horde Prime being escorted out of his home by the authorities]

We can reassure the world of Hollywood and paparazzi that he won’t be bothering any performers anytime soon! 

With the unfortunate news of The Rebellion disbanding, there’s still one question fans have been dying to know since the beginning of the band’s formation: Are Catra and Adora, the bass and drum players, dating?  

The question goes unanswered, but photographed on the right is a photo of the two girls walking down a sidewalk in Los Angeles while holding hands. They’ve been seen in public before, but they sport bright smiles and loving faces. Are the two dating? Here’s what Adora had to say:

“All I’m going to tell you is that we’re in a much better position now than we ever were when the band was together. I love her very much, and I’ll let you guys decide what that means.”

We wish the girls good luck on whatever their next journey may be. 


Adora put her phone down on the pillow next to her, a smile creeping up on her face. Double Trouble’s article could’ve gone in a completely different direction. It could’ve focused on the fact that they lied to their fans and addressed every single rumor that’s ever come near the band. 

But it didn’t. It was very kind, and she couldn’t help but laugh a bit about the quote they used from her interview. She had a feeling it was going to be one of her last interviews for a while, so she decided to be as vague and mysterious as possible. Her and Catra have been trending for the past two hours now, but for once, she couldn’t find a complaint. 

She lied on her side, facing the door to watch when Catra walked in with a glass of water. “Hey, guess what?”

Catra stood in the doorway, raising the glass to her lips to think about her answer. She lowered it, a mischievous glint in her eyes. “Glimmer and Bow announced their relationship?”

Adora scoffed, but only playfully. “One of them has to ask the other out first. No, come look.” She sat up, moving to sit against the headboard. She unlocked her phone, traveling back to the webpage with the article. “Double Trouble wrote a really nice article. They even used my quote about you.”

Catra sat down next to her, setting the water on the nightstand. “Wait, so that’s why my name has been all over Twitter?”

Instead of answering, she passed her phone to Catra to read. She decided to get comfortable, laying down against the pillows and throwing an arm on top of her eyes. She felt Catra’s hand on her wrist, their legs intertwined at the edge of the bed. She’s never been one to fall asleep at random times, but she's pretty close to knocking out any second now.  

Catra moved her arm from her eyes, and the smile crept back onto Adora’s face. She leaned against the headboard, a finger tracing the pattern on Adora’s palm. “We can always count on Double Trouble to respectfully report about us.”

“The only media outlet I’ve ever trusted.” 

Catra nodded her head at the small clock they had on the wall. They’d bought it yesterday for no reason besides being able to make purchases on their own. It wasn’t necessarily an act of rebellion anymore, but it still made them feel a little better after all the chaos and mayhem. 

“It’s kind of late.”

It’s three in the morning. “Kind of?”

Catra lied down next to her. “We’ve stayed up much later these past couple of days.” She wasn’t wrong. Catra dug her nose into her neck, tickling the spot right above her collarbone. “What’s wrong? You’re all red.”

She hadn’t even realized her face flushing up. She moved her head to where she was facing Catra, swatting her lightly on the shoulder. “I think you know why.”

“I do.”

Adora sighed, her eyes slightly dropping. A yawn escaped Catra’s lips, though she tried to cover it up with her hand. It’ll take a while to get rid of the habits Shadow Weaver drilled into them, but it’ll happen eventually.

“Are you happy that Horde Prime’s gone?” 

Adora’s been waiting for his arrest ever since she found out he’s the one responsible for her random fainting spells. “Of course. But there’s other things I’m much happier about now.”

Catra’s small smile and soft chuckle had Adora craving to hear that sound again. She swung her legs over Catra’s, waiting for her to comfortably press her face into Adora’s chest. When she did, Adora’s fingers settled on her waist, right where her sleep shirt exposed a sliver of her skin. It’s become her favorite thing to touch nowadays, wanting her hands on her at all times just because she can. 

“Your hands feel nice.”

Adora went higher, ever so slightly. If she squinted enough, she could see the dark spot she left on Catra’s collar bone last night, hardly visible anymore. She was right when she said the marks would look good on her. 

Her other hand traced the spot peeking out from the edge of her shirt. She heard a sigh of frustration from Catra. “This looks nice.”

“What? Do you want a matching one?” Catra teased, her lips finding her neck. 

Adora shook her head. “Maybe later. I am pretty tired right now. I just wanted to stay up to see when Double Trouble uploaded their article.” Catra pouted, and Adora flicked her on the nose. “We can do whatever you want in the morning.”

Catra raised an eyebrow, throwing her head back onto the pillow underneath her. “Whatever?”

“At this point, it’s going to be morning by the time we go to sleep.”

“Fine…” Catra settled back into Adora’s chest. “But aren’t we meeting everyone tomorrow?”

“We’ll find time,” she reassured. “I promise.”  

“I’m holding you to that,” Catra mumbled against her. “As long as we get to kiss for a very long time, I’m cool with it.”

It still boggled her mind to hear something like that come from Catra. 

Adora angled her head down, lifting Catra’s chin with her thumb and pressing their lips together. Her eyes slipped shut, and she didn’t have to open them to know that Catra had closed hers too. She knew she enjoyed these moments where only the two of them existed just as much as she did. 

Unfortunately, the lack of sleep (especially from these past couple nights) were starting to catch up to her. Adora had to pull away first, pressing her face down into the mattress to yawn into it. She heard Catra’s low laugh, a familiar hand rubbing circles on her back. 

“You are so tired,” Catra commented. “C’mon, let’s just go to sleep.”

Adora nodded in agreement, moving her phone from the bed to the nightstand. She left it on vibrate before turning away from it, the view of Catra’s half asleep form much more pleasant than anything her phone could show. 

“Do we need an alarm?” Catra asked. “I can’t remember what time we said we were going to meet everyone at.”

“I think we’re fine. Even if we’re late, it’s not like they can do anything without us.”

“Scorpia does wake up at seven in the morning, and she might get Glimmer up with her.”

Adora threw an arm on Catra’s waist, the other sliding underneath the pillow. “There’s no way we’re waking up any earlier than ten tomorrow.”

Catra’s leg bumped against hers. “You owe me that promise now.”

Adora’s eyes were already slipping close, but she wanted to stay awake for a couple minutes more. Catra noticed her fighting off sleep and brushed a hand behind her ear, toying with a strand of hair that had fallen out of her ponytail. 

“The earlier we fall asleep, the earlier we’ll wake up.”

“That’s the kind of stuff you tell a kid who’s over excited to go to Disneyland and refuses to listen to their parents.”

“Yeah, and you’re an adult. That should tell you everything.”

Adora chuckled, her tiredness finally getting the best of her. She closed her eyes, that feeling of slowly slipping away hitting her square in the chest. The relaxation had settled over her, though she was all too aware of Catra’s nails scratching her scalp, holding her head in place for Catra to stay as close to her as possible. 

She rested her chin on the top of Catra’s hair, the tickling sensation on her nose hardly bothering her. A random memory of sharing a hotel room with only one bed and having to fight over the blanket the entire night popped into her head. At least they’re a little more coordinated now, although they did have a debate the other night about who gets to sleep on the left side. 

Catra totally won that one. Adora couldn’t resist the puppy dog eyes she flashed.

Right as her tiredness started overtaking her, Catra’s low whisper drew her back into alertness. “Do you think we’ll stay here forever?”

Adora yawned. “What do you mean? I’d love to stay like this forever.”

Catra chuckled, but Adora could tell that she was holding back. “No, I mean…. Do you think we’ll stay in Los Angeles forever?”

She considered for a moment. The city gave her some good memories, but there’s plenty of awful ones that she still carries with her. The only reason she stayed in Los Angeles is because of the band, and there’s none of that anymore. “I haven’t really thought about it.”

“I’m just saying because… There’s nothing really keeping us here, right? We can leave at any time if we really want to.”

She considered for a moment. “New York was nice.”

“It was… Maybe we could go there.”

“I’ll go anywhere as long as I get to have you there.” Adora’s yawn was much louder this time, earning another hearty laugh from the beautiful girl next to her. “Alright, I’m about to knock out. We’ll continue this in the morning.”

“Okay, fair. Goodnight,” Catra said, her voice worn from the hour. “I love you.”

Adora held her tighter, ignoring the awkward way their knees clanged together. This whole thing is still going to take a little getting used to. She wasn’t super used to sleeping in the same bed with anyone, but she’s willing to take the time to get used to it. 

“I love you too.”

When she drifted off into sleep, she found herself back on a tropical beach. She wasn’t in the sand this time, but sitting on the edge of the pier. She felt a pair of familiar arms wrap around her shoulders, and she didn’t mind being in the location of her nightmares for once. Her daydreams made up for it.  




“Well…” Glimmer dumped a pile of random junk onto the table. “This is everything.”

Over the years, the amount of belongings they’d left at the studio had accumulated. They didn’t necessarily mean to leave beanies and hoodies and other stuff, but it just happened. It’s not like they ever went back for it, but if they had to clear out, then it was worth getting some of it back. They noticed that the lack of Shadow Weaver’s items meant she’d already been here. 

Adora picked out a green pullover that she wore when she was sick once during a recording session. She’d recorded her vocals a week before, and her only job was to play her bass for the instrumental. Although it had been absolutely freezing at her house, she started sweating buckets and coughing all over the place.

Taking off the pullover didn’t help, only working to have her shivering on a barstool. She pulled it out of the pile as Scorpia ransacked the heap, tossing aside one of Catra’s blankets and Glimmer’s old Hunger Games book she was reading during a session that Shadow Weaver took away. 

“Are you really still looking for those headphones?” Catra asked her with a raised eyebrow. 

Scorpia sighed when she got to the bottom of the pile and didn’t find her black headphones that she swore she left in the studio one day and never saw again. “I know they're here!”

Glimmer shook her head, exasperatingly grabbing her book off the floor. “You know damn well you left them at the airport when we were coming back from Arizona.”

It’s been a little over a year since Scorpia lost those headphones. They’d gone from the airport after a performance straight to the studio, and by the time they were released, Scorpia realized she didn’t have her favorite pair of headphones anymore. She swears on her life that they were still at the studio, but she’d been wearing them at the gate before boarding and Adora doesn’t remember seeing them after that.

“I never got to finish this book,” Glimmer commented as Scorpia continued filing through the mound. “I was only like... halfway through. I’ll probably restart the series one of these days if we’re going to have infinite time on our hands.”

“Why didn’t you just buy a new book?” Catra asked. 

Glimmer considered that for a moment. “Huh… I don’t know. I never got around to it. I was only on the second one anyways. It probably is time for a reread.”

“I liked the second one the most,” Adora inputted. “It was the most entertaining for me.”

“You guys read?” Catra smirked. “I don’t think I’ve touched a book that wasn’t filled with sheet music since this band started. The time hasn’t been there.”

No wonder Catra hid the songs in her bookshelf. If nobody was even thinking about searching in there, they were never going to be found. 

She turned to see Scorpia, sitting defeated at the end of the table. “Well, the headphones aren’t here.”

“I told you-”

“Are you sure you looked everywhere?”

Glimmer scoffed. “I’ve been here with Bow since six in the morning because neither of us could sleep, and we went through everything here. I assure you that there’s nothing we didn’t find.”

“So how long did you spend searching?”

“About…” Glimmer paused. “Four hours? This studio is huge and we’ve lost a lot of shit over the years. We went out for breakfast after and I dropped him off at his house, and I guess that’s when Shadow Weaver came and grabbed her stuff.”

Scorpia started mumbling under her breath about her headphones, but Adora smiled when she saw Catra with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. 

“I can’t believe I’m barely finding this again...” Her nail toyed with the tag. “I haven’t seen this blanket in so long.”

“Oh, I remember that one!” Scorpia pointed to it. “Wasn’t it from that one time we were in the parking garage until five in the morning because Shadow Weaver wanted us to brainstorm song lyrics but we couldn’t leave or go back into the studio?”

“Yeah! And we grabbed the blanket from my car and sat huddled in the trunk for warmth.”

Adora has a distinct memory of having to cuddle close to Catra, their shoulders bumping and their breaths creating fog in the air. The most vivid moment from that night was Catra ducking underneath the blanket, Adora diving in after her and their faces inches apart as they were hidden from their other bandmates. 

If she tried hard enough, she could probably come up with over a thousand of small gestures or instants where they could’ve done something about the unspoken thing between them and didn’t. All it took was a trip to New York, an argument that went too far, and five minutes where everything around them disappeared. 

“You know the ugly red jacket that Adora lost, but for some reason she likes it so much that she bought an identical one that she keeps in her car?” Catra grabbed something with the tip of her  hand, lifting it for everyone else to see. “I just found the original.”

She didn’t even remember leaving this jacket at the studio. She reached forward, seizing it by the sleeve before Glimmer could try and grab it. Everyone but her hated this godforsaken red jacket just because it’s all she wanted to wear for a couple months, and she was sure one of them had stolen it from her and never admitted it.  

“Okay, be honest here.” Adora stared down each of them individually. “Which one of you took it and left it here thinking we were never going to see it again?”

Glimmer raised her hand immediately. “To be fair, I wasn’t expecting you to buy another one. I thought that by leaving it on the roof of the parking garage that we would’ve rid the world of the stupid red jacket, but Adora over here didn’t understand that! Security must’ve found it.”

“We were so close to getting rid of it…” Scorpia saluted Glimmer in a mock fashion. “We thank you for trying, but your efforts were futile.”

“There've been many futile efforts to keep us away from the stuff that interests us for the sake of avoiding distractions,” Catra pointed out, her nose wrinkling is disgust. “Good fucking riddance to Shadow Weaver. We’re all glad you aren’t here.” 

“Amen to that,” Scorpia agreed, lifting a random piece of tableware in the air. No one had any clue who that had belonged to. “I’ve already reached out to my moms and we’re working on filing a restraining order against lots of people we’ve met.”

“Lucky for us, we all have one against Horde Prime now that he’s in prison and the court has a reason to give us one.” Adora couldn’t explain the relief that flooded her when she’d gotten that filed. He might be in prison, but he’s also a very rich man who could probably get out if he wanted to. At least she knows there’s no possible way for him to hurt her. 

“I wonder if we’ll still be chased down the streets when we walk outside and stuff.” Catra drew the blanket over herself tighter. 

“In a year's time, no one’s going to remember who we are,” Scorpia pointed out. “We’ll probably be spotted for a while in the beginning. It’ll get better eventually.”

Good. Adora could handle her relationship being public, but she didn’t exactly want pictures of her every single time she went out with Catra. There’s no stopping paparazzi, but it’d be nice to have it limited. 

“I might be in this world for a little while longer…” Glimmer smiles cheekily, her face dusted with a light rosy tint. “Bow finally asked me on a proper date after we get done here.”

Adora’s heart swelled with excitement on Glimmer’s behalf. They’d really hit it off instantly, and it gives her hope going forward that they could recover from this. Glimmer’s always been one of her biggest supporters (and instigators) for her relationship, and she’s more than happy to return the same energy. 

“I thought that happened a while back,” Scorpia laughs. “Considering the fact that when I went over on Tuesday and he’s the one who answered the door-”

“Anyways! We’re going on an official date and-” She cut herself off, staring at her phone as it lit up with a message. “He’s outside?”

Scorpia’s eyes went wide as Glimmer started grabbing her stuff off the table. “Wait! You drove me here!” 

Glimmer stared back playfully, her intentions clear in her smirk. “You’re better off driving with Catra and Adora. I’m terrible at the wheel, remember?” She gathered the last of her things, the book stacked at the very top. “I guess I’ll see you guys later. Are we still down for tomorrow, Adora?”

She flashed her a thumbs up, having been looking forward to these plans since they made them. “Go! He’s waiting for you!” 

Glimmer took one last look at the studio. They were coming back to lock up in a couple days, but Adora understood the nostalgic pain of it all. She waved goodbye, running out the door to go meet Bow. 

“We’re taking the next step, aren’t we?” Catra mumbled to no one in particular. “We should probably start heading home.”

Scorpia watched as they picked up various jackets and hoodies, along with Glimmer’s old retainer that she’d left behind. This wasn’t the last time they’d be here, or even that they’d all be together, but that pang in her chest hit her all the same. 

They stood by the door, a mess of junk in their hands as they prepared to head out. Catra randomly cursed out, her hand on the door handle. “Didn’t Glimmer have the keys?” 

Scorpia came to the realization before Adora did. “We gave them to her because she wanted to come early and we forgot to ask for them back.”

Adora groaned, but then found that she didn’t really care. “At least we’re not the ones getting sued if someone breaks in and steals our shit.” 

Catra’s smile brightened. “I like what you're thinking. Let’s get out of here.”

Scorpia took the lead, walking in front of them with a baseball cap she had found. They left too many of their possessions in the studio, and it’s a miracle that Glimmer managed to find them all.  

“We’re parked out front,” Catra instructed when Scorpia started towards the parking garage. 

“Obviously…” Scorpia shrugged it off. “Just remembering when you and Adora argued in the stairwell that one time.”

Adora nearly slipped on the marble flooring of the lobby. “How’d you know about that?”

“When you’re yelling in an echoey stairwell when the building is almost completely empty, your voices are going to carry over just a bit.”

Catra pushed the door open. The three of them spilled out into the parking lot, a look of dread on her face. “That wasn’t even the worst argument, but this is still mortifying.” 

Adora sighed. She never accounted for mistakes like that. “And we still got sent to New York alone.” 

“What happened there?” Scorpia stood by the car door as Catra unlocked it and got in the driver’s seat. “You guys came back different and we never got an explanation.”

Adora hopped in the passenger seat, Scorpia following suit in the back. “There’s a story behind all this and it’s not as bad as it sounds, I swear.” 

Catra started backing out of the parking lot. “I threw a cup full of ice at her.”

Well, that’s one way to start. “Catra!”

“Start with the worse, progress into the better.”

Adora rolled her eyes, leaning back against the seat. In the rearview mirror, she could see Scorpia’s confused expression sprinkled with interest. “Come to think of it, that probably was the worst of it.”

“What about the part where I told you I hated you?”

Scorpia was seriously bewildered by now. “Huh?”

“Oh, come on! You heard us on the stairwell. Everyone should’ve known that something like this was going to happen.”

“It was expected, but-”

Adora put a hand up to cut her off. “That’s the worst part. Don’t worry, the story is much longer than that.”  

Catra smirked. The longer part of the story may be one of the best parts. “We didn’t really talk at the airport. I pretended to be asleep for a good portion of the plane but I was secretly watching The Greatest Showman with her. But then she played Cast Away on a plane and even I can’t handle that, so then I actually went to sleep.”

“I don’t know why a plane would have Cast Away from the movies you can choose from in the first place…” Adora mumbled. “Don’t worry, the plane anxiety isn’t super high for me in situations like that. I was more nervous about getting Catra to talk to me.”

“And she tried! She tried very hard, but I was being stupid and I don’t like to admit when I’ve gone too far, so I didn’t. We did the business stuff Shadow Weaver needed, and Adora was fed up with me.” 

She nodded in agreement. “I made us start piling out all our problems right then and there. Granted, things escalated when I got a cup thrown at me. But…”

“I kissed her, we made out, it went on for a while until we got a noise complaint. It was pretty awesome, looking back on it.”

Adora looked back, expecting to see Scorpia on the floor with confusement. Instead, she got a cheeky grin that her friend doesn’t usually sport. “You don’t seem that surprised to hear about this.”

Scorpia shrugged. “I guess I’m not. We all suspected something was up when you left barely being able to look at each other and came back acting all weird.”

“You’ve been all giddy lately too,” Catra teased. “What’s happening with that girl back in your hometown?” 

Scorpia’s blush didn’t hide the innocent look she plastered on. “I just recently reconnected with her. It was an impulse thing, but I like where it’s going so far.” She pointedly tapped Adora on the shoulder. “Her name is Perfuma, so no, I am not secretly in love with Catra.”

Adora groaned, though she couldn’t contain a laugh that came straight from her chest. “Classic case of overthinking, I’m sorry.”

“I think Catra’s case was worse, considering Glimmer and Bow were just waiting for the day they could finally make things official.” 

“In my defense,” Catra cut in. “Jealousy was very mean to me.”

“Amen to that,” Adora agreed. “Perfuma? What’s she like?”

Scorpia reclined in her seat. “She’s one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever met, and as soon as I move back, I’m going to tell her that. I was always kind of into her when we were kids, but the reconnection really brought old feelings back to the surface.”

“Have you seen her lately?”

“I’ve snuck out a couple times, but nothing too crazy. She’s a gardener and enjoys the country life. I think I’d be down for something peaceful like that.”

Catra turned into Scorpia’s street. “Yeah, I want to get out of here too. I fucking love this city, and it loves me too…”

“But…” Adora waited. She’s reminded of Catra bringing up the topic of moving last night, and the serious undertone of her voice that seeped through her tiredness. 

“I want to get away for awhile.”

Catra parked in Scorpia’s driveway, looking back at their friend with hope in her eyes. They were free to do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. If they wanted to leave Los Angeles and start again in a rural area like Scorpia, then they most definitely could. Or, they could go to a more urban setting like Catra mentioned. 

Scorpia cracked the door open, but before she went out, she threw an arm around both of their shoulders. “I’ll see you guys later.”

“We love you!” Adora called out as Scorpia climbed out of the car. Scorpia waved at them from her door, and Catra waited until she was inside to begin pulling out of the driveway. 

Catra turned to her as best she could. “So I’ve been thinking…”

Adora stopped her there, putting a hand up to cut her off. “I get it. Staying here after everything feels wrong in a way.”

Her eyes lit up. “I was born and raised here and I’ve only ever left for the band stuff.”

“Getting away might be good for us. All the bad shit happened here. I’d be down for leaving for a bit so we could be us again. We’d just need to prepare a little more.”

“Have we ever been prepared for anything that we’ve ever faced?”

They weren’t exactly prepared for New York last time either. That much is obvious, considering how it’d gone. She doesn’t know much about moving, but she’s sure they could figure it out. “What would we need to do before we go?”

“An apartment, maybe?”

Adora smacked herself on the forehead. Having somewhere to live should’ve been on her priorities. “Right, right. That sounds important.”

Catra couldn’t contain her chuckle, reaching across the console to grasp at her hand. “Damn, we’re really going to do something like this…”

“If it means that we get to be happy and away from the drama and memories from Los Angeles so we could come back happier than we’ve ever been,” Adora paused, lifting Cata’s hand to plant a kiss on her knuckles. “Then yeah, we’re really going to do something like this.”

When Catra turned on the radio, it had one of their songs playing loud and clear. There’s no doubt in her mind that it’s going to announce the band breakup once it’s over, and she didn’t want to hear that. Adora switched it off, squeezing Catra’s hand tighter, and smiled.




“You’re Adora, aren’t you?”

She settled her bass on top of the counter, casting her eyes up ever so slightly. She’d caught the Guitar Center employee’s attention, and she could tell, by a small twinkle in his eyes, that he knows who she is. She glanced at his nametag, Jewelstar, and tapped her fingers on the neck of her bass. 

“Hi! Hey, yes.” Being spotted has always been a part of the job, but it still surprises her when they outright ask her instead of awkwardly staring.

“Wow… This is kind of insane,” he responded. “My younger sister loves you and she was super disappointed when she heard the news.”

She’s been involved in two different news scandals these past couple of weeks. “Which news?”

“The band breaking up. She didn’t care for the whole lip syncing thing, honestly, but she almost cried when she saw you weren’t making music anymore.” He looked down at her bass on the counter and realized what she came in for. “And now you’re here…” 

Adora knew that they’d have fans until the very end. She knew the younger ones wouldn’t understand the full weight of what they did, and she knew no one would understand why they’d use this as an out. They want to leave, and it wasn’t really a sad thing for them. 

“Yeah, I want to sell my bass,” she confirmed. “We’re moving on and I’m not going to have much use for it anymore.”

“Wow…” He whispered. “That’s pretty crazy.”

The sleek bass used to shine under the gleam of spotlights, its sound heard across thousands of people. The flickering lightbulb on the ceiling still illuminated the room, but it was only a slight glare. She found that she didn’t really care about how sparkling the light was. 

“It’s a big step, but we’re ready,” she said.  

He picked up her bass by the neck, examining the shine and color. She checked for other employees: a girl restocking a shelf, another guy standing by the ukuleles. Scorpia knows how to play one, and Adora tried it once, but she couldn’t find the enjoyment in it. 

“We could give you two hundred for the bass.” 

Her eyes widened. “What? That’s nowhere near the price I bought it for.”

“I know, but-”

“It was a hundred and fifty. I’m completely fine getting the same thing back, I swear.” 

It was actually two hundred, but she didn’t want to demand that of him. She loved this thing, she really did. But she didn’t want it anymore. No one but her should be paying the extra price for it, and the only thing that’s costing her is the nostalgia. 

“I’ve always found the bass a really depressing instrument,” he admitted as he searched for some papers. “It’s so low and only used to compliment other instruments. I don’t think I could play something that’s only ever meant for background usage.”

She grinned. “That’s the case most of the time. There’s a couple songs where you can hear me pretty clear, but it doesn’t happen very often. I like it, though. It’s a nice instrument that suits me. I’ve never heard it described as depressing before, but it’s pretty interesting.” 

“I can tell you love it. It’s not hard to see a performer’s passion when they play.”

“Did you say your sister was a fan, or you?” She teased. “Kidding. Yeah, this thing was my baby. I only ever let the girls grab it when I needed them to. They were the only ones who went near it. With all this happening, I want to move forward. I love my bass, but I feel like it’s a necessary step.” 

“Are the others selling their stuff?”

She knew Scorpia wasn’t. She wanted to keep playing, even if that meant strumming her guitar in her backyard with no one in her audience. Catra was giving her drums to a close family friend, and Glimmer doesn’t have much to sell. 

“That’s for them to decide,” Adora finally replied. Their business was theirs, and not for her to share with the employee at Guitar Center. 

“This is crazy….” He whispered as he scribbled something on various papers. He stapled them together when he was done, circling a box on the bottom. “Alright, just sign here. The bass for a hundred and fifty.”

He passed the papers to her. She grabbed a pen that lay on the counter, hesitating for only a second before pressing the tip to the paper. She signed her signature, which happened to be very different from her autograph. She hasn’t done an autograph in a while. 

Once she finished signing off the papers, she slid them across the counter. She tapped her fingers in impatience, glancing outside the door quickly. She left Glimmer standing out there all alone, and the last thing they needed right now was for somebody to notice them at a random Guitar Center. 

He checked everything over in no time, opening the register and filing through the cash underneath the cash drawer. He produced the hundred and fifty dollars, handing them off to her. She knew he felt like it was too little, but Adora wasn’t going to overcharge him just because she’s the owner. She accepted the money graciously.

“Thank you,” she said, a smile on her face. She held her breath as he picked up her bass and took it to a room behind him. She assumed they had to renovate it a bit, despite her attempts at keeping it in perfect condition.  

Once her bass was gone and he gave her the receipt, she turned right around and walked out the store. She didn’t know what she’d do if she stayed any longer, and the temptation to buy it back was already overwhelming her. She probably would, given enough time left by herself, so she left as soon as she could instead. 

She swung the doors open, having entered with her most prized possession and leaving with some money in her pocket. She found Glimmer leaning against the wall, sunglasses perched high on her nose as she scrolled through her phone. 

When Glimmer saw her, she pushed off the wall and walked towards her. “How much did you get?”

“A hundred and fifty.” Adora started towards the direction of Catra’s house. She didn't feel like driving, and the Guitar Center being only a block away was a perfect walking opportunity.

“I know you paid more for that thing,” Glimmer scoffed. “They always undercharge at places like this.”

“Actually, the guy recognized me and wanted to pay me the full two hundred dollars,” she shrugged. “I felt bad. I basically asked for the hundred and fifty.”

“So…” Glimmer latched onto her arm. “How does it feel? Any different?”

They stopped at a crosswalk, waiting for a second before crossing the street. She thought she’d have some kind of pang in her chest, or a sense of loss that hurt her the whole walk home. She could still feel the dread, but it wasn’t as severe as she thought it’d be. She’s been ready to move on from this for a very long time. It wasn’t hitting her like she thought it would. 

“A bit, yeah. But not how I thought I’d feel.”

“A good difference?”

She nodded. It was definitely a good difference. “For sure. It’s just… It’s crazy to me. We started off in this amazing position, thinking we’d won life by joining this band. And now we’re… Well, not happy about losing everything we’ve worked for, but it’s for the better.”

“You got a badass girlfriend, I’ve got a boy that went on a date with me yesterday, and Scorpia’s going steady with Perfuma. I think it has been for the better.”

A relationship was never going to survive under the pressures of the contract. If this is what it took for her to pursue Catra, then yeah. This was for the better. 

“How’s it going with Bow?” Adora asked. “I want to hear about the date.”

A giddy smile spread across Glimmer’s face, and that was all Adora needed to know. “You would not believe how amazing he is when we’re not sneaking around all the time. He’s been over to my house a couple times and we’ve ordered takeout, but this was the real thing. We went to Subway, so not the most romantic, but best care scenario because it was practically empty.”

“So for your first date, you guys ate sandwiches?” 

Glimmer swatted her on the arm. “How did your first kiss with Catra go? I never heard about that.”

She’d have to explain it in detail to Glimmer later, but she’s interested in a different story today. “We were arguing in the hotel room and ended up making out in the end. It was great, she kisses exactly how you’d think she does. How was the date?” 

Glimmer rolled her eyes, but it was obvious she wanted to gush about Bow more. “We went to Subway, right, and we shared a little more about ourselves. I told him about my mom, he told me about his dads. He loves them so much, it’s adorable. He’s adorable. Adora, I’m so excited to see where this goes. I really like him and I think this is going to last.”

Adora could tell this was going in the right direction. Bow’s an amazing guy, and he offered some of the best support throughout the entire disbandment. Glimmer’s head over heels already, and that meant something.

“I know this is going to be a good thing. I know it,” Glimmer continued. “You know that feeling when you meet someone, and after getting to know them for a while, you can feel it in your bones that it’s going to work out?”

She did. “You do know I’m dating that someone right now, right?”

Glimmer scoffed at her own oblivion. “Right, right… That feeling? I’m feeling it right now. And I really like it.”

“As you should,” Adora confirmed. “I’ve had that feeling since we met, and only now are we acting on it. Fucking crazy.”

“It is crazy. I didn’t have to wait two years to date Bow. How did you and Catra handle it?”

They didn’t exactly have the patience of saints, but they somehow lasted. Her feelings never faded, only growing and eating her up as time went on. Eventually, they got to where they wanted to be. It might’ve taken ages, but it worked out in the end. It seems it always works out, considering the four of them were now on the pursuit of happiness. 

“We broke a lot of rules, to say the least,” Adora said in shortened terms. “It was necessary to get to this point, but we stood our ground against time.”

“And now you guys are going to leave for a little bit?”

“For a bit. Staying in the city isn’t the best for us, and we want to get away for awhile. It’ll be better for us, and surprisingly, we liked New York a lot.”

Glimmer grasped onto her arm as they walked into the driveway of Catra’s house. “I like it here. Bow has to stay for band stuff, and I don’t really mind it all too much. I think I’d be happy here now that we don’t have all the restrictions and rules.”

Adora led her to the door, her hand loosely gripping the doorknob. “Yeah, I think you would be too.” She turned the knob, swinging open the door to the sight of Catra on the couch. She had a cheeky grin, her laptop prepped on her lap as she caught wind of them. 

“I was just saying bye!” Glimmer waved, but stayed rooted to her spot. 

“Well, I have some very lovely news about a decision that I sporadically made that I know Adora’s going to love,” Catra announced. 

Adora raised an eyebrow, leaning on the doorway. “Yeah? Let’s hear it.”

“I bought one way plane tickets to New York for five in the morning.”

Before Adora could begin to process that, Glimmer burst into laughter. Glimmer and Catra combined truly made a chaotic pair. “You guys are crazy. I’ll go and let you guys pack then if that’s what’s happening!”

Adora watched in astonishment as Glimmer grabbed the doorknob and closed the door behind her. She chuckled for a second before remembering what Catra had said. 

“You bought one way plane tickets for five in the morning… today?” Adora asked for clarification. 

Catra’s cheeky smile returned. “Yep! I was looking, and same day flights are usually the most expensive.”

Adora waited. “But…”

“No buts. These tickets were expensive so that means we have to go.”

“Catra!” She walked over to the couch, peering over Catra’s shoulder to look at her laptop screen. Sure enough, there were two plane tickets that had already been paid for that are set for five this morning. “It’s already four!” 

“Then we better hurry up and start packing! You heard Glimmer.”

She surprised herself when a loud laugh rumbled from her chest. She ran a hand through her hair, fishing for the hair tie on her wrist to put her blonde locks in a ponytail. “You’re fucking crazy. You’re absolutely insane.”

Catra’s eyes found hers. “You still love me.”

Adora sighed. She was defeated every time by the sight of her. She could already picture it: Catra standing on the balcony of the apartment they wanted, the sunset making her skin glow more than it does. When it turns dark, she’d be brighter than any of the city lights. Adora’s heart skipped a beat just thinking about it.

“I do. But I’ll love you so much more if we had a place to sleep when we get there.”

Catra moved to a tab with hotel reservations. “We’ll stay here until we can get a lease on an apartment that’ll be easy to get out of when we want to move back here.”

“Oh my god…” Adora sat down next to her, pressing her face against Catra’s shoulder. “How did you get all of this done? We were only gone for half an hour at the max.”

“The art of moving fast, my dear.”

She couldn’t find the words to thank her, or to explain her gratitude for getting all of this done. She stuttered out syllables, but she knew Catra could understand her. “So… we leave tonight?”

“That’s the plan.” 

Adora stood, waving her hands frantically as she realized the extent of what she would have to do in the next thirteen hours. They’d have to pack, get to the airport, and make it to the gate without difficulty. And they only had thirteen hours to get everything done. 

She went to Catra’s room, considering everything they’d have to take. They could always buy stuff over there, like cleaning supplies and bed sheets. They probably only had about five or six hours to pack and use the rest of the time to drive and get there with some sense of calm. Although calm isn’t exactly the word she’d use to describe herself right now.

Catra wrapped her arms around Adora from behind as she continued to stand in silence. “We don’t have to leave the house until at least one or two, right? We could get to the airport at around three or four and be fine.”

Adora twisted in her arms, facing her until their noses were touching. The opportunity to finally clear their minds, to get away from the chaos that’s been fucking with them for years, to be together. Thirteen hours was enough time to get to where they needed to be. They did spend two years dodging each other, after all. She’s sure they could be speedy when they wanted to be. 

And that’s how they found themselves in Catra’s car at one in the morning, loading suitcases into the trunk and keeping carry-on bags in the backseat. The hazy glow of the street lights added to her adrenaline, and it only made her pick up the pace. She plopped herself in the driver’s seat, her nails running over the steering wheel. 

The last time she sat here, she stole the car and spiraled out of control. She prefers these circumstances much more. 

“So we’re telling Glimmer and Scorpia to pick up the car from the airport, right?” Catra asked, opening the door to the driver’s seat and sitting. She had her hair in a braid to one side. Catra noticed her staring and smirked, propping her feet on the dashboard. “I know you adore me, but we should probably get going.”

“Alright, Wild E. Coyote,” Adora joked.  “You’re blowing up your roadrunner here.” She put the car in reverse, pulling out to the street and pausing when she got to the edge of the driveway. 

“Are you ready?” Catra’s hand grasped hers softly. 

Adora reached across the console and kissed her for a moment before pulling away, Catra’s smile being the last thing she saw before settling her eyes back on the road. “Yeah, I’m ready.”