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everlasting promise

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Sunlight shone through the curtains, blinding his eyes and awakening him. It’s finally Sunday. Intouch’s 24th birthday. Birthday boy himself has never been the type who would wait for his big day and expect gifts. He would rather spend his special day by spending his time with his favorite people, his family and his beloved, Korn Ariyasakul.

Just thinking about spending the whole day with his boyfriend fills his stomach with butterflies as if a zoo of them had just been released the second he thinks about Korn. He can still remember the day they asked each other out like it was yesterday when it had almost been a whole year—365 days full of kisses; 52 weeks full of cuddles; and seconds full of love. He feels like his life is complete and nothing’s going to ruin that for him.

In rolls over his bed to see the love of his life—bold statement but hey, let a man be in love—fully awake and smiling from ear to ear like a kid who just got candy after asking it for days. “Good morning, birthday boy,” Korn says.

The younger male doesn’t know whether Korn’s smile has always been this contagious or Korn has always been his source of happiness, hence the smiles every time his boyfriend suddenly pops in his brain.

“Morning, P’Korn,” In croaks. He still doesn’t know how he got this lucky to have an embodiment of a Greek god in front of him, looking at him with endearment and warmth, also smiling at him, but most importantly, call him his. As the saying goes, there are tons of other fishes in the sea, yet Korn chose him.

In will never regret going against what Somkrit and his other friends told him about his senior. They were saying that Korn was dangerous because his dad is a loan shark dealer or involved in some mafia gang shit he could care less about, that’s his dad, not Korn. The younger is also grateful for his adamant self, for even with Korn saying that In should “stop courting and bothering him,” as he would say—the latter kept on pushing until his feelings were reciprocated.

The younger man gets up so he could shower and make breakfast for the two of them. Well, he tries to as Korn wouldn’t let go of his boyfriend’s waist. If it wasn’t Korn who’s holding him back, there’s a high chance In could remove it and go on with his day just like he planned; knowing Korn inside out, In knows if he tries to wriggle or try to remove his arm with a slight force, the latter’s grip would only get tighter like a python.

“No kisses?”

God, how can a man, who is said to inherit the most feared loan shark/mafia’s money and take over his work, be this cute? Not only that but he also has the audacity to pout and give In the cutest puppy eyes he’s ever seen from the other. That’s not fair.

If he could, In would take a picture and hang it in their living room, however seeing as Korn will not budge until he gets what he wants, In can only pray to Buddha this won’t be the last time Korn makes such a face.

In shakes his head with a cunning smile plastered on his face. “Not until you brush your teeth,” is what he says. “Now let me go so I can shower.”

The younger never knew that someone could pout even lower than usual, yet somehow Korn manages to do it and still look cute.

What he said wasn’t one hundred percent true, really. It’s the possibilities of what could happen that made him say no. In could care less about morning breaths, if they’re going to be with each other forever as they once promised then he’s going to have to get used to it. He feared if he complies, his damn boyfriend would take it to another level and they would probably end up making out and stay in bed the whole day, that would also mean In had fallen for Korn’s trap.

Korn huffs in defeat knowing that In had made up his mind and nothing can change it. Finally letting go of In’s (not so) frail body.

“Or we can maybe shower together if you want,” In suggests as he gets up from their shared bed.

In shouldn’t have let those words come out of his mouth.



At last, after what felt like an hour of shower, both In and Korn got their breakfast—or lunch, they didn't know. Korn was the one who cooked since he didn’t want the younger to hurt himself. In thinks he’s lying, seeing as cooking isn’t his forte and Korn probably doesn’t want to die of food poisoning, but he doesn’t mind as long as the latter’s happy.

Korn must have been a chef or something in his life before, for he made the tastiest also prettiest souffle pancakes In has ever seen. Yes, he’s dropped hints here and there about wanting to eat aforementioned food. What he meant was to eat outside with Korn, not for him to actually cook it.

“P’Korn,” In starts, “Did you take cooking classes without me knowing or what? Is there anything that you’re hiding from me other than that you’re a professional chef?”

Said male only laughs at his lover’s comment. “I’ve always enjoyed cooking ever since I was little with my mom, that’s probably why.”

How can he say that with ease? In doesn’t know and he still can’t believe his ears.


At this point they’re now full and have the whole day to themselves.

“In, do you want to go to the beach?” Korn asks.

Korn actually knows what the other would say, but he just wanted to make sure. He could be wrong, who knows.

As expected, In nods with enthusiasm the second he heard the word ‘beach’. No one loves the beach as much as In does. Not only because he and Korn asked to be his boyfriend simultaneously there or because he was the one who made his boyfriend love the beach, but also because of how calming it is whenever he’s there like there’s no one who can disrupt his world and leave the cruel reality behind him, letting him relax; the sound of waves crashing, watching the sun get eaten up by the horizon, and some parts the sky turn into an orange hue. It’s like his safe haven.

Korn feels he’s falling for the younger all over again. He swears he will never forgive himself if he ever sees In cry because of him.

“Alright, wait for me in the car then,” Korn throws the car key to In who surprisingly catches it with ease. “I’m gonna fetch the bag first.”


The drive to the beach was fun as expected since In was beside him screaming his lungs out to his favorite song that was playing on the radio—he also did the same to other songs so their trip was mainly consisted of In and his singing with Kao stealing glances here and there with love oozing from his eyes.

Korn parked the car somewhere not too far from the beachside. In somehow found a remote part of the beach where there’s no one around even if the sun is still awake and shining bright, though it’s gone down slightly as the sky is painted in pink.

In already went ahead to dip his feet in the blue salt water. It has become a routine for him every time he goes to the beach, whether it’s alone or with his beloved. He enjoys the feeling of the sand getting pulled by the water beneath his feet, the feeling of the water crash on his legs.

“P’Korn! Come feel the water with me!” the younger shouts as he looks back at Korn with happiness on his face.

In actually knows that his boyfriend has never been into the water that much. He’s the type who would rather sit back and watch the scenery as In play around by himself, but this time he’s determined to make Korn go in the waters. He can just use his birthday as an excuse.

Korn shakes his head whilst walking towards In’s direction, and before he knows it the smaller is already running towards him chasing after Korn. Of course as someone who isn’t fond of the water, Korn abandons their bag and tries to run away from In.

Their squeals and laughs are so loud, it could be heard from afar, nonetheless, they didn’t care. Their world only consists of each other and no one can take that away from them.

(In won, by the way. He was able to pull the elder into the water. Unbeknownst to him, Korn actually let In pull him just to see his lover smile get bigger.)


Not caring about still being in their damp clothes, both men have laid down on the mat Korn had laid down beforehand. Comfortable silence engulfing them both.

“In, remember that time when we asked each other out at the same time, right here?” Korn asks out of the blue whilst getting up to a sitting position, breaking the silence between them.

Said man looks at his boyfriend with confusion clearly written on his face. Mirroring the latter’s position. Fuck. Is he going to break up with me? What is going on? Why is he suddenly asking me that?

In’s thoughts are starting to eat him up slowly. Noticing what is going on with the younger, Korn holds In’s soft (kind of sticky from the salt water) hands, rubbing the top in circles with his thumbs. “Stop overthinking. I’m not going to leave you, okay? I promise you that.”

Korn’s words helped In calm down for a bit. Maybe nothing bad is going to happen. They’re at their happiest, it wouldn’t make sense if the elder breaks it off without any logical reason.

“Now I want you to close your eyes. I have something for you,” the other continues.

In can feel Korn’s hands letting go of his, but nevertheless, does as he was told. He already misses his boyfriend’s hands against his. He wants to reach out for them and hold it to assure him that Korn’s not going anywhere, but alas, he does nothing and stands in the middle of the beach with eyes closed.

The younger feels the sand move in front of him. He almost opened his eyes until he heard Korn’s deep voice, “You can open your eyes now.” So he does.

He can’t believe the scene unfolding in front of him. Korn on one knee while a small dark blue velvet box in his hands.

“Intouch Chatpokin, the love of my life, my world, my everything. You haven’t answered my question before, but I’m assuming you do remember. I’m gonna make this simple since you know how bad I am with words,” Korn laughs, nervousness heavily tinted in his voice, “I remember that one day where you called me your prince charming … I should be the one who calls you prince charming as you were the one who saved me from the dark abyss and brought light to my life. You bring me hope, In, and I’m just so grateful for you.

“Intouch, will you marry me?”

If all those times In cried were already bad enough, well, this one beats all of them. He tries to answer Korn’s question, but everything that comes out of his mouth are all gibberish, ergo he nods frantically.

Not only In who’s shaking, Korn is also as shaky when he inserts the ring to In’s finger.

In pulls him to a deep kiss. The salty taste from the waters that still lingers on their lips doesn’t even bother them at the slightest. This kiss feels different than others they’ve shared in the past. This one feels full of love, the words they’ve always wanted to say, but couldn’t be put into words. They can sense how full both their hearts are. Love and affection oozing through as they kiss.

Korn is the one who breaks off the kiss, murmuring, “I love you.”

“I love you,” In parrots.

“Oh and happy birthday, love.”

In laughs hearing his fiancé’s late wish, albeit they’ve been together since the brink of dawn.

In couldn’t wait to spend his whole life with Korn by his side. Maybe with another addition to their family in the future, who knows?