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Fire Emblem Fates Rewrite (Revelation)

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(The chapter opens on Corrin, Azura, and the royals from Hoshido and Nohr gathered together in front of the door to the throne room.)

Corrin: Alright, everyone... Once we step in this room, there's no going back. We have to show Anankos what we're made of here and now. He's caused enough suffering, but the time has come for that to end once and for all. 

Azura: We're all here with you. That much is a promise. 

Corrin: I'm glad to hear it... Let's get in there. 

(Corrin opens the doors. On the other side of the room is Thalone, a hooded figure with blue hair peeking out over his shoulders.)

Ryoma: You must be Anankos... 

Thalone: You are correct... You have come a long way and accomplished much... But it all ends here. 

Hinoka: We aren't going to be breaking under the pressure you place upon us, you know. 

Camilla: We've dealt with far too much to collapse now. 

Thalone: Those words are bold... But you have not tested your strength against the gods, have you?

Takumi: We don't need to. The evidence is already there that we'll find victory. 

Leo: I would suggest that you surrender, but you seem far too stubborn to resort to such. 

Sakura: After all the suffering you've caused... This is the least we can do for those who you have made suffer!

Elise: So many people are counting on us, and we aren't going to let them down now! 

Thalone: I see... You made your choice. It isn't my fault you chose wrong. 

(Purple energy gathers around Thalone.)

Xander: The time is now... Corrin, you must know what comes next. 

Azura: We're all ready... We've come so far, and we aren't going to give in now. 

Corrin: I agree... Everyone! It's time to begin our final battle... For those who have been lost... For the future of this land... For Pheuyura itself... We shall succeed! 

(The battle begins. The objective is to defeat Thalone, who waits at the far end of the map. Countless enemies are scattered about of various classes, clear proof that this is the final showdown.)

(If Corrin initiates combat with Thalone, the following dialogue plays out.)

Corrin: I have learned the truth about your origins... Father. 

Thalone: I have long lost faith in the concept of relationship. The people of Hoshido began this war. The people of Nohr invaded Valla and caused mass loss of life. None who exist on this continent deserve to survive. 

Corrin: If you don't give us the chance to make up for the mistakes of the past, you'll just spend your entire life suffering and in need of closure. We aren't the ones who made your life hell. 

Thalone: That doesn't matter anymore! This continent will burn in purple smoke, and I will show the consequences of trampling over the body of a god! 

Corrin: In that case... It falls to me to use this Fire Emblem I have been gifted to defeat the last of this land's divine beings!

(If Azura initiates combat with Thalone, the following dialogue plays out.)

Azura: You are my uncle as far as I have heard... Though I doubt that will change your mind. You are too far gone to be saved. 

Thalone: I have no need for salvation. I chose this path, and I will follow it no matter what you mortals say. 

Azura: I see... Then get ready. I've chosen my path as well, and I will not stray after all this time. 

(If Laslow initiates combat with Thalone, the following dialogue plays out.)

Laslow: You brought us to this continent years ago, Thalone... What happened to you? Was it the power or the loneliness that drove you mad? 

Thalone: I doubt you could ever comprehend the truth. 

Laslow: You don't even recognize me... Even so, I've come back with a report at last. I've found your child. However, Cerulean has chosen to defeat you... And I am more than happy to oblige!

(If Selena initiates combat with Thalone, the following dialogue plays out.)

Selena: I knew Lilith thought you had gone crazed, but... I didn't fully understand it until I saw you here. 

Thalone: Crazed? Perhaps that is simply your misunderstanding given another term. 

Selena: Tch, and you're cocky... Whatever. I've fulfilled my mission regardless of if you're awake enough to see it, and I'm going to follow this through to the end too. Get ready. 

(If Odin initiates combat with Thalone, the following dialogue plays out.)

Odin: To think that I would be faced with yet another god to kill... Yet another friend who slipped too far into the shadows. 

Thalone: You were lucky the first time, but I will not be defeated so easily. 

Odin: Perhaps you are unaware of the true confidence of Odin Dark! I will defeat you without a moment of hesitation, because that is the power of determination that runs through my veins!

(If Lilith initiates combat with Thalone, the following dialogue plays out.)

Lilith: Father... I was hoping to be back with you and Corrin years ago, but... It didn't work out that way. I sensed you were slipping, and... I was right. 

Thalone: I have not slipped in the slightest. You are the one who has betrayed me. 

Lilith: No... You're wrong. I'm staying true to my objectives even now, regardless of if you realize it or not. I'm not going to let you keep me from fulfilling my new mission! 

(If anyone else initiates combat with Thalone, the following dialogue plays out.)

Thalone: You are bold to think you can stand up to a god... However, your boldness will only end in disaster. Come at me and die! 

(When Thalone is defeated, the following dialogue plays out.)

Thalone: Tch... You are a fool if you believe I will go down so easily... 

(After the battle, Corrin and Azura stand with the Hoshidan and Nohrian royals.)

Corrin: Is... Is it over? 

Ryoma: It can't be... That seemed too easy... 

Hinoka: He's not disappearing into the purple fire... 

Takumi: And he seems just as crazed as he was before. 

Xander: Take a step back. I have a bad feeling about this... 

Camilla: And you were right to. Look!

(Purple energy comes in to surround Anankos.)

Leo: There's so much power coming together there... I think he's trying to transform...!

Elise: No way...! We're going to have to defeat a giant dragon?!

Sakura: What do we do now? 

Azura: Corrin... The choice is yours. 

Corrin: There's only one thing for us to do. We're going to defeat him once and for all! Prepare yourselves one last time! This is the end... I can feel it!