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Fire Emblem Fates Rewrite (Revelation)

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(The chapter opens with Corrin, Azura, Ryoma, Hinoka, Takumi, and Sakura arriving outside the palace of Valla.)

Corrin: I can't believe we're finally here... 

Ryoma: Anankos has to be somewhere inside this building... It's just a matter of defeating him. 

Takumi: What are we doing still waiting around here? We should get inside already. 

Hinoka: Hang on... I feel something weird. I think we should hold off for a moment. 

Sakura: I know what you mean... It's like we're being watched. 

Azura: Hold on... Look over there!

(Azura points to a hooded figure standing nearby. It is the same hooded person who attacked Mikoto back at the start of the path.)

Ryoma: That's...! 

Corrin: It's the person who... 

Hinoka: Hey, you! Who are you?!

???: ...

Takumi: I want to get rid of that dastard once and for all after what they did. 

Sakura: The palace will still be here if we stop to take care of them... 

Azura: In that case, our next move seems clear.

Corrin: I agree. It's time to fight!

(The battle begins. The objective is to defeat the boss, who waits near the entrance to the palace. All the enemies are of Hoshidan classes, and they respawn rather often.)

(At the start of turn one, the following dialogue plays out.)

Ryoma: You never answered our question... Who are you?

???: I suppose it wouldn't hurt to reveal myself now...

(The hooded figure removes their cape and shows themselves to be Sumeragi.)

Hinoka: No way... Father?!

Takumi: Damn it all...! 

Azura: The former king of Hoshido... Sumeragi...

Corrin: This doesn't even feel real... 

Sakura: You were the one who attacked Mother...?!

Sumeragi: I did as I was instructed by the great Anankos... He said that Hoshido must fall for its involvement in the war...

Takumi: Hoshido never got involved when Nohr and Valla had issues... I suppose he took that pretty hard and wants to use it against us now. 

Ryoma: He made you kill one of the people you loved most! Such a man is nothing short of a monster, god or not!

Hinoka: I hate the idea of fighting our father, but... He doesn't know what he's saying. He's still being manipulated. 

Sakura: Then let's do what we can to free him from that spell! It's the least we can do for his sake...

Azura: Lady Mikoto would want us to do this... She deserves to be allowed to rest peacefully. 

Corrin: In that case, it seems like our decision has already been made for us. Prepare yourself, Father... We're coming for you! 

(If Corrin initiates combat with Sumeragi, the following dialogue plays out.)

Corrin: Father... You saved my life so many years ago. You rescued me from King Garon, and... I thank you for such. 

Sumeragi: You should come with me if you're truly so thankful...

Corrin: I can't do that... I would have loved the chance to get to know you better, but I refuse to sacrifice my integrity and dedication for a dream that would never be fulfilled. Instead, I'm going to do what I have to... This is for the best in the long run... Prepare yourself. I'm no longer the child I once was. 

(If Azura initiates combat with Sumeragi, the following dialogue plays out.)

Azura: You saved Corrin's life so many years ago... Thank you for doing such. 

Sumeragi: Join me... It will surely repay that debt...

Azura: The king I heard about would have never asked for payment after doing something like saving another person's life... I know that you are too far gone at this point, and I will do what I must instead to free you from this for the sake of those who called me family after your demise. 

(If Ryoma initiates combat with Sumeragi, the following dialogue plays out.)

Ryoma: You were the one who taught me to fight back when I was younger... Even after your death, I wanted to follow in your footsteps to become a glorious king. 

Sumeragi: You will not know true strength until you come to stand by me...

Ryoma: I curse Anankos for using your lips to speak such false words, but I suppose there is little I can do about it aside from sever your ties to him. I've grown stronger over the years, and you'll see just how powerful I've become here and now!

(If Hinoka initiates combat with Sumeragi, the following dialogue plays out.)

Hinoka: I remember seeing you die so many years ago, Father... I should have seen it coming that we would cross paths again this way when Anankos entered the equation. 

Sumeragi: This has been the best part of my life... Serving the great Anankos...

Hinoka: It's all lies... But I'm not going to try and change your mind. Actions speak louder than words, and while I wasn't able to save you last time, I will do so now. That much I can swear to you!

(If Takumi initiates combat with Sumeragi, the following dialogue plays out.)

Takumi: Things have changed, wouldn't you say? I never thought I would see you on the opposite side of the battlefield... I never thought I would see you again at all. 

Sumeragi: Anankos gave me life once again...

Takumi: But this sure as hell isn't living... Words are wasted in times like this. I'll do what I have to in order to finish things. I'm stronger than I once was, Father, and you are about to figure out just how powerful I am. 

(If Sakura initiates combat with Sumeragi, the following dialogue plays out.)

Sakura: Your death certainly played a part in why I became a healer, you know... I wanted to save others since I was unable to do anything about your death... 

Sumeragi: ...

Sakura: But I'm not just a healer anymore. I've grown stronger, and I'm going to fight for what I believe in, even if it puts us at odds... Get ready, Father! I'm not holding back!

(If Yukimura initiates combat with Sumeragi, the following dialogue plays out.)

Yukimura: I spent many years looking up to you... You were my inspiration when I was younger, but I never got the chance to properly articulate my thanks. 

Sumeragi: Thank me by joining me.

Yukimura: I can do no such thing. You have betrayed your family, and no matter how much I admire you... I cannot condone such actions. Instead, I'll do what they require of me... This is my final act of true loyalty to you, even if you are unable to comprehend it. 

(If Fuga initiates combat with Sumeragi, the following dialogue plays out.)

Fuga: I feared that we would come across one another after noticing the trend of our foes... Still, I was afraid to believe that we could possibly be forced to fight. 

Sumeragi: ...

Fuga: But that doesn't matter now. I seen now what I must do, and I refuse to hold back. Prepare yourself, old friend. I'll do what I must to end things here and now!

(If anyone else initiates combat with Sumeragi, the following dialogue plays out.)

Sumeragi: In the name of the great Anankos, I instruct you to step back... You have chosen not to? In that case, you have chosen death. Make your peace with the gods and suffer. 

(When Sumeragi is defeated, the following dialogue plays out.)

Sumeragi: What has happened...? Ah... This is... I understand... 

(After the battle, Corrin, Azura, Ryoma, Hinoka, Takumi, and Sakura stand together over Sumeragi, who is starting to disappear into the purple fire.)

Ryoma: Father... You are free now. There is no need to obey Anankos anymore. Everything has changed now. 

Hinoka: You weren't in control of yourself throughout all of this... We forgive you for all that monster made you do. 

Sumeragi: Look at how you all have grown... I simply wish I could have been there... 

Takumi: We're going to fight on for you, Father. The continent is counting on us, and we refuse to let you or anyone else down. 

Sakura: Y-Yeah! That's right! I wish it didn't have to end this way, but... At least your soul is at peace...

Corrin: Father... It's me. Corrin... Thank you for saving my life. I owe everything to you, and I'm not going to disappoint you now. 

Sumeragi: None of you could ever disappoint me... Mikoto waits for you ahead... I pray she can forgive me... 

Corrin: I'm sure she already has... 

Sumeragi: Dear children... I love you... 

(Sumeragi disappears into the purple fire fully.)

Ryoma: That's it... He's gone. 

Azura: You did what you had to in order to restore his sanity. 

Takumi: You're right... We must keep going. 

Hinoka: We can finally enter the palace now.

Sakura: Mother is waiting for us in there... That's what he said. 

Corrin: We'll do what we have to in order to free her from the control of Anankos as well... She needs us. 

Ryoma: Let's get to it then... She's waiting. 

Hinoka: Mother... Soon you will join Father, and this nightmare will be over. 

Sakura: It's just a matter of time...

Takumi: Let's take care of it. We gain nothing by standing around here. 

(Ryoma, Hinoka, Takumi, and Sakura walk away, leaving Corrin and Azura alone.)

Azura: Corrin... Do you think you're ready for what's to come?

Corrin: I have to be... Fighting my mother sounds dreadful, but I will do what I must in order to rescue this continent. I made such a vow long ago, and my personal reservations will not get in the way of my goal. 

Azura: Your strength is admirable... But remember that you need not bear this burden alone. We are all here for you. 

Corrin: Thank you... The same applies to you. I want you to know that. 

Azura: Of course... I understand. 

Corrin: Well... We should get going. Everyone is waiting for us, and the palace isn't going to explore itself. 

Azura: We're coming for you, Anankos...

Corrin: Yes... And you won't be seeing a scrap of mercy. That much I swear.