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Fire Emblem Fates Rewrite (Revelation)

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(The chapter opens with Corrin, Azura, Elise, Leo, and Camilla together. The setting is Nestra.)

Corrin: So, Leo... You're sure that Xander is here? 

Leo: I'm positive of it. He and Father were coming here to confirm an alliance with the leader of the nation. 

Elise: Hold on a moment... Do you smell that? 

Azura: It smells like smoke... 

Camilla: We're getting close to the famous opera house of Nestra... Why would there be smoke near such a precious building? 

Corrin: I'm willing to hazard a guess that it shouldn't be near smoke in the first place... Come on!

(The group moves towards the opera house. When they arrive, they find the building on fire.)

Corrin: No way... 

Camilla: There's barely anything of it left... How tragic... 

Elise: Look over there! 

(Kaden and Keaton limp out of the fire.)

Azura: They're both hurt... 

Leo: I bet they were in the building when it caught fire. 

Elise: I'll fix them right up. No need to worry! 

(Elise raises her staff.)

Kaden: Thanks for that... I really owe you one. 

Keaton: That was... Not fun... 

Corrin: What happened? Neither of you appears to be in good shape... Did something happen inside the opera house? 

Kaden: The king of Nohr happened if that's what you're asking. 

Azura: What do you mean? 

Keaton: The king of Nohr was here. He asked the leader of the country to ally with him in the war. When his offer was rejected, they got into an argument. You could hear it practically all across the theater...

Kaden: When it ended, Nestra's ruler was dead, and King Garon ordered that the opera house be burned alongside the rest of Nestra. 

Corrin: What a monstrous action... 

Leo: There's nothing that can be said to defend a man like that... Absolutely abhorrent. 

Elise: Hey, look over there! Is that who I think it is?

Camilla: Xander! 

(Xander appears with Peri, Laslow, Odin, and Niles.)

Xander: What are you all doing here? And Corrin, why are you--

Corrin: That can wait. We have to help the people who are in trouble right now. We can't let Nestra fall apart. 

Xander: I agree... What Father did here today was nothing short of disgusting. I cannot ally myself with such a man. He does not stand for the peace that Nohr needs right now... Allow us to fight with you. 

Corrin: Do you truly mean it, Xander? 

Xander: I have no reason to lie about such a solemn matter. 

Leo: I take it that your retainers and mine will be joining us. 

Niles: What reason would we have for not coming along? 

Odin: I know not the tale that brought you here, but I would love to learn of the details after this battle! 

Laslow: They won't know what hit them. 

Peri: Just point me somewhere to start stabbing! 

Corrin: I'm glad that we have new allies... What about you two? Are you feeling well enough to fight? 

Kaden: I think I am... You're an amazing healer, young lady. 

Elise: Aw, thank you! 

Keaton: You did save our lives... Alright. I'll help you out too. 

Corrin: I'm glad to have you with us. We can talk more about this after the fight. We need to go after the king of Nohr. 

Xander: I'm afraid that won't be possible... You see, Father announced he was going to retreat as soon as the torching began. I left him behind, but he didn't seem too concerned to see me go. Chances are he'll be long gone by the time this battle draws to a close. 

Azura: That's unfortunate, but I think that fighting for the sake of Nestra is more important right now. I don't want anyone to get hurt because we went after the king instead of helping the innocents here. 

Corrin: I agree. We should go on and get right to it! 

(The battle begins. The objective is to rout the enemy army which consists of Nohrian soldiers. There are some enemies who will attempt to set buildings on fire around the edge of the map. Units near the flames will take damage at the start of each turn. Dragon Veins can be used to put the fires out.)

(After the battle, Corrin, Azura, Elise, Leo, Camilla, and Xander stand together once again.)

Corrin: Phew... I'm glad we were able to help those who we could. 

Leo: I don't think there are any that remain who wish to see Nestra up in flames... 

Camilla: Perhaps it's for the best that Father retreated before he could give out more ridiculous orders. 

Elise: What's going to happen to Nestra now though? After all, its ruler is dead... We heard it ourselves. 

Azura: I must admit... I'm not sure. There were no other known successors to Nestra, I'm afraid. We're simply going to have to leave the country for the time being. 

Xander: As soon as I'm on the throne, I'm going to do something about it. 

Corrin: Huh? 

Xander: Father destroyed the lives and homes of many innocent people here today... I understand that the damage that was done can never be fully reversed, but I still wish to do what I can in order to make things better for those who have suffered so greatly. 

Azura: That is a noble wish, I must say... 

Corrin: Thank you for all of your help, Xander... I'm sure you'll do the people of Nestra many favors in the future. 

Xander: I sure do hope so... 

Leo: You seem to have calmed down compared to the last time we saw each other... You were rather upset over what happened at the Plains of Hoshido before we split up. 

Xander: I was, but... Now, I suppose I understand Corrin's choice to not come back to Nohr. Father did something horrible here today, and I don't know if I will ever be able to forgive him for such. I certainly know that the people who died here will never be given the chance to provide their feelings on the matter, and that knowledge twists me with guilt already. 

Camilla: We'll just have to change things in the future then. You said that we can't fully undo the damage, but we can still take steps to make things better. 

Elise: Yeah! We'll all do what we can, and it's going to be alright. 

Corrin: Yes... We must press forward if we hope to end this conflict, but... Before we do, I would like to stay here in Nestra for just a few minutes more. 

Azura: Oh? Why is that? 

Corrin: I... I want to set up a small memorial here. The opera house is little more than ash now, and who knows how many lost their lives in an attempt to escape? Before we leave, I simply want to leave behind a marker, something that shows people passed on... And that even if we never met them, we'll still remember what happened here today. 

Elise: I want to help you out too. I bet the others would all agree with me on that too. 

Camilla: I know I feel the same. 

Azura: And I as well... 

Corrin: Thank you for your support... I'm going to do what I can to prevent future grief of this nature. It's the least I can do for the people who fell here today... In their names, I will end this senseless cycle of greed and madness. That much I can swear to you all.