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Fire Emblem Fates Rewrite (Revelation)

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(The chapter opens to show Corrin, Azura, and Sakura together in Cheve.)

Corrin: Alright... Sakura, you're sure that Ryoma will be here? 

Sakura: I'm positive. Before all of this started, he said that he was going to be setting out for Cheve to make an alliance there. We would have heard rumors that he was back at the palace by now if he had set out for home, so he has to be here. 

Azura: Cheve... This is a state that was once under Nohrian rule, correct? 

Sakura: Yes. It broke off from Nohr, but King Garon has been trying to pull it under his finger once again. There's a rebellion stirring in the kingdom right now, and the leader of it declared that she wanted to ally with Hoshido in the war. That made Nohr rather angry, and now, Cheve is having to fight for independence again. 

Corrin: I can imagine that Ryoma has had his hands full with that then... We should try and figure out where the rebellion safe house is. It's got to be around here somewhere... 

Azura: Hold on for a moment... I hear noise. It's coming from that direction. 

(Corrin, Azura, and Sakura follow the sound and arrive outside a nearby rundown building surrounded by Nohrian soldiers.)

Azura: If I had to guess, I would say that this is the place where Ryoma is staying. 

Sakura: Look at the fighters... They're wearing armor from Nohr. 

Corrin: Hang on... Their leader is... Leo?! 

(Leo comes into view.)

Leo: Greetings, Corrin. 

Corrin: Leo, what are you doing? You shouldn't be attacking innocent people like this! 

Leo: I have to act under the orders of the king... Something you would be aware of if you had come back to Nohr with us after the battle at the Plains of Hoshido. 

Corrin: Leo, please listen to me. We don't want to fight against you. Instead of battling us, you should come with us. We're going to--

Leo: Spare me your chatter. You have done enough, and I can't let you continue on as you have been. It's time to fight. You had better be ready. 

Corrin: Damn it all... It seems we're going to have to break through the ranks of the Nohrians if we want to save Ryoma. 

Sakura: Alright... We don't have a moment to lose. I don't want him getting hurt. 

Corrin: Me neither. Let's do this! 

(The fight begins. The objective is to rout the enemy and seize the entrance to the safe house for the rebellion located at the center of the map. Nohrian enemies are scattered everywhere on the field. When the battle starts, Corrin, Camilla, and Elise begin speaking with Leo.)

Corrin: Leo, please listen to us! 

Camilla: Corrin's intentions for peace are pure. Elise and I trust them, so why can't you? 

Leo: ... 

Elise: I know that you want to be with us. We're your family, and we're far better to you than Father has been. 

Camilla: Soon enough, it'll be all of us together once again fighting for the sake of Nohr's future. Why don't you bring us one step closer to that reality by joining us now? 

Leo: ...Step aside or suffer the consequences. 

Corrin: As much as I hate to say it, there's no reasoning with him when he's like this. We're going to have to defeat him before we can talk further. 

Elise: I don't want to have to fight against my brother... 

Camilla: None of us do, but this is for the greater good! 

(The scene shifts to the inside of the safe house. Ryoma and Scarlet are together.)

Ryoma: I can hear stirring outside... Perhaps reinforcements have arrived to help us out. 

Scarlet: Reinforcements from where though? All our fighters are in here already. 

Ryoma: I'm not sure, but we're sure going to owe them a lot after this battle has ended... 

(If Corrin initiates combat with Leo, the following dialogue plays out.)

Corrin: It doesn't have to be like this, Leo. You have to believe me when I say that I know what I'm doing. You trusted me when I was living with you in Nohr, so why not now? 

Leo: You left us behind.

Corrin: I had my own ideas about what would be best for us. I still think that I made the right choice, and I'm sure you would agree if you would just hear me out for a moment. 

Leo: The time for talk is over. Step aside or else. 

(If Camilla initiates combat with Leo, the following dialogue plays out.)

Camilla: Leo, why aren't you listening to us? We know what we're doing. Now isn't the time to be stubborn. 

Leo: You shouldn't trust so easily. It could easily be your downfall. 

Camilla: I don't trust easily. You must be aware of this after the years we spent as children. 

Leo: ... 

Camilla: You should listen to what I have to say. Can you at least promise me that much? 

Leo: ...Not right now. I'll do what I have to. 

(If Elise initiates combat with Leo, the following dialogue plays out.)

Elise: Leo, I don't want to have to fight you... You're my brother, for crying out loud! I don't think you want to battle with me either, so why are you doing this? There's no reason to fight! 

Leo: Elise, the world isn't as nice and happy as you would have me believe. It's heartless and cruel. I have been given a task, and turning against such is not something I can do at the moment. 

Elise: Leo... Do you not care about us anymore? Is that it? Did you change your mind about the years we spent together? 

Leo: ...I... Now isn't the time to let my feelings get in the way. I know what I have to do. 

(If anyone else initiates combat with Leo, the following dialogue plays out.)

Leo: In the name of Nohr, I will fight with everything I have. Prepare yourself or suffer. 

(When Leo is defeated, the following dialogue plays out.)

Leo: Defeat... Bitter, cruel defeat... Perhaps now is the time for me to pull back... 

(After the battle, Corrin, Elise, Leo, and Camilla stand together.)

Corrin: Well, Leo? What do you have to say now? We've defeated you. Are you still going to insist on fighting with us when you know what our intentions are? 

Camilla: Corrin didn't betray Nohr in the way you might expect. They are acting for the sake of peace for all in Pheuyura. 

Elise: You should come with us. Nohr is going to wind up benefitting from this as well. You just have to trust us. 

Leo: ... 

Corrin: You know that I'm not a violent person by nature. I want to get through to you, Leo. I want you to understand me. You're hardened and pragmatic. I know that. However, I ask that you accept the light in for just a moment and listen wo what we have to say. 

Leo: ...You really wish for peace, don't you? 

Corrin: More than anything. 

Leo: If Camilla and Elise trust you, then... Alright. I'll come with you, but should you show any signs of betraying that faith, then I won't hesitate to do what I must. 

Corrin: That won't be an issue. After all, I'm not going to turn against you. I wouldn't even dream of it. 

Leo: Hmph... That's a relief to hear, I suppose. 

(Azura approaches.)

Azura: Corrin, we found Ryoma. You should come with us and speak with him. 

Corrin: Understood. 

(The scene changes to show the Hoshidan royals reunited with Corrin, Azura, and Scarlet.)

Corrin: Ryoma... I'm so glad to see that you're still alright after that last fight. 

Ryoma: I see... You were the reinforcements that saved us. I didn't expect that... I thought you weren't going to be fighting with Hoshido after what happened before, so seeing you with the rest of my siblings was a shock...

Corrin: Not your siblings. Our siblings. I haven't done anything to go against your trust. I wish for you to come with me in establishing peace. The rest of our siblings have already agreed in this as the best course of action. 

Ryoma: I trust their judgement fully, so... I will oblige. Perhaps I was a bit harsh in my judgements of you before. You have my full apologies, Corrin. 

Corrin: You don't need to worry in the slightest. I understand. 

Hinoka: Look at us... All six of us are back together again. 

Sakura: I-It's a perfect family reunion! 

Takumi: Yeah, our family and someone else. Who's this? 

Ryoma: Ah, yes! This is Scarlet. She's the leader of the Chevois rebellion force. We've been working together ever since my arrival here. 

Scarlet: It's nice to meet you all. Ryoma's told me a lot about you. 

Azura: You're on a first name basis? 

Ryoma: We have been working as equals for quite some time. I figured titles would only get in the way. 

Scarlet: Perhaps it's because he's a bit soft for me. Wouldn't that be something? 

Ryoma: Scarlet, I hardly think now is the time for something like that... 

Scarlet: Alright, alright... I'll save it for later then. 

Takumi: I don't think I've ever seen you behave this way with anyone before, Ryoma. I'm impressed. 

Sakura: I suppose you can relax every once in a while... 

Hinoka: You two are good for each other. 

Ryoma: Honestly, you three... 

Azura: I must say that I agree with them. 

Ryoma: You too, Azura? 

Corrin: Don't leave me out of the party! 

Ryoma: I can never catch a break, can I...?

Scarlet: Don't worry about it, Ryoma. I don't mind seeing you flustered like this in the slightest. 

(Nyx appears with Yukimura.)

Nyx: Lord Corrin... Someone has arrived wishing to speak with you. 

Corrin: Yukimura? What are you doing here? 

Yukimura: I come with tragic news, I'm afraid... It's such a relief that you are all here. After Lady Sakura, Lord Takumi, and Lady Hinoka left the Hoshidan army, I feared that I wouldn't be able to find you again given how difficult to track you have been. Seeing you here together is incredible. 

Ryoma: What tragic news do you speak of...? 

Yukimura: It's about Lady Mikoto... She has passed away. 

Corrin: What?! 

Yukimura: Following the attack on the capital, she was heavily injured, but she survived... She was starting to recover when someone snuck into the palace and assassinated her. I'm sorry to say that she's gone. 

Sakura: N-No... This can't be happening...! 

Hinoka: Who was it? When I find them, I'm going to...! 

Yukimura: I'm not sure who the culprit was... But this knife was left behind by the killer. 

(Yukimura shows Spectre.)

Hinoka: That knife... I've seen it before...! 

Takumi: What do you mean? Where could you have seen it?

Hinoka: It was the night our birth mother died... The killer carried that blade. I'm sure of it. 

Azura: That was many years ago... I doubt a dagger so ornate would have copies circulating elsewhere. 

Ryoma: Wait a moment... Someone sneaking into the palace... Perhaps using magic is more likely.

Corrin: There's a mage I know from Nohr who used teleportation power... A slimy, disgusting mage who would do anything if he believed it would benefit him... 

Hinoka: I can't believe that a monster would do something like this... 

Yukimura: I have left the palace in the hands of other advisors... For now, I wish to join you on your quest. Lady Mikoto would have believed in your wish for peace, and I will do what I can to fulfill her desires. 

Corrin: Thank you for this, Yukimura... We greatly appreciate it... 

Nyx: That knife... I would be happy to look after it. 

Corrin: I... I think that would be just fine, Nyx. Be careful not to lose it. 

Nyx: Understood. 

(Nyx walks away.)

Ryoma: I... I'm going to do what I can with the rebellion forces. 

Hinoka: The army needs us... Let's go. 

(Ryoma, Hinoka, Takumi, Sakura, Scarlet, and Yukimura walk away.)

Azura: Are you alright, Corrin? 

Corrin: I... I will be. This is hard, that's all... The last my mother heard of me, she probably believed I was a traitor... I know this is the right path, but... I wish I had been there to see her one last time. We were apart for years, and then... I lost her again. 

Azura: There's nothing I can do that will make this better, I'm afraid... But if you need me for anything, all you need to do is say so... 

Corrin: We're all struggling with grief right now... I suppose they're trying to bury themselves in work so that they don't have to think about it... But I don't think I can do that right now. 

Azura: There are tears forming in your eyes... Do you need to cry? 

Corrin: Yes... I think so... You can join me if you would like... 

Azura: I believe I will...