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Fire Emblem Fates Rewrite (Revelation)

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(The chapter opens to show Corrin and Azura standing together just after touching down in Notre Sagesse lands.)

Corrin: We're finally here... It's been ages since we first set out, but we've arrived at long last. 

Azura: The Rainbow Sage is our target. I believe that he lives at the top of the mountain Notre Sagesse is built into, so we should start making our way up the side of the peak. 

Corrin: Luckily for us, there appears to be pathway over there. It's pretty defined, I have to say. 

Azura: Hold on a moment... Look. I don't think we're alone. 

(A faction of invisible soldiers passes nearby, moving up the path that Corrin pointed out.)

Corrin: No way... If those soldiers are here, then we really do need to spring into action as soon as possible. I don't even want to imagine what could happen if we leave them be for too long. People could get hurt. 

Azura: I agree. Let's get going. 

(The scene changes to show Corrin and Azura arriving in the sanctuary at the top of the mountain.)

Corrin: We're here, but so are they... We don't have a moment to waste. The Rainbow Sage could be in trouble, and I don't know how many other people are here in the building. 

Azura: Be careful when charging into the fight. I don't want you to get hurt while trying to defend others. 

Corrin: Alright, I will. Let's get to it. There's not a moment for us to waste!

(The battle begins. Many invisible soldiers are scattered about the building, and standing near where the player's units starts is Nyx, who is set as a blue unit. When the first turn begins properly, the camera pans over to her.)

Nyx: I didn't expect there to be this many people here... Unfortunate. I'll fight through them if I have to in order to reach the Sage... 

(If Corrin speaks to Nyx, the following dialogue plays out.)

Corrin: Who are you? I don't think I've seen your face around here before. 

Nyx: You... You may call me Nyx. I doubt that we will cross paths again in the future. After this fight ends, I will go my separate way. 

Corrin: Do you really mean to head off alone? These are dangerous times, you know. It would be best if you stayed with people who could keep you safe. 

Nyx: I will be alright on my own. That much I can promise you. 

Corrin: Please? 

Nyx: ...Show me what you can do. If I believe that you have performed well enough, then I shall consider your words. 

Corrin: Sounds like a deal to me. 

(After the fight, Corrin and Azura stand together. Nyx approaches them slowly.)

Nyx: I'm afraid I must pull out now that the battle is over. My attention is required elsewhere. 

Corrin: I see... I understand... 

Azura: Corrin, look... We have more company. 

Corrin: More soldiers? 

Azura: Far from it. 

(The Rainbow Sage walks up to Corrin, Azura, and Nyx.)

Corrin: Who... Who are you...? 

Rainbow Sage: I am known here as the Rainbow Sage... I recognize that you have traveled a great distance to meet with me. 

Azura: We have.

Rainbow Sage: I must thank you for defeating the soldiers that infiltrated my temple. There were far too many of them for me to take care of alone, and your actions are greatly appreciated. 

Corrin: We were simply doing whatever anyone else in our situation would have done. We couldn't simply leave you or the people of Notre Sagesse to suffer. That would be too heartless. 

Rainbow Sage: I see... Please, come with me, you two. 

Nyx: ... 

Rainbow Sage: We shall speak soon on our own, Nyx. Be patient for a while longer. 

Nyx: I... I understand.

(Corrin, Azura, and the Rainbow Sage exit, and the scene changes to show the three of them standing in the Rainbow Sage's audience chamber in the sanctuary.)

Corrin: How much do you know about us? 

Rainbow Sage: I know enough... You are attempting to save this world from the turbulence of war by walking a path of peace and pacifism. Such a choice is admirable, I must say. 

Corrin: Thank you for saying so... 

Rainbow Sage: You are Corrin and Azura, two warriors leading a fighting force to the future of Pheuyura. Your actions have already come to impress me, and your selflessness knows no bounds. 

Corrin: I don't know what to say... Thank you so much for your kind words. 

Rainbow Sage: I have much to give you both in the ways of power and knowledge. For the time being, I request that you listen to what I have to say. 

Azura: Of course. 

Rainbow Sage: This pertains to the kingdom of Valla... It fell many years ago after an invasion from Nohr. The rulers refused a proposal for alliance from King Garon of Nohr, and everything began to fall apart at the seams. Soldiers snuck into Valla and killed the god of the nation, Anankos. 

Corrin: They... They killed a god? 

Rainbow Sage: Indeed... Murdering a god has dire consequences. When a god passes away, the natural energy they contain is meant to be released into the nearby land, replenishing it of power for many years to come. However, killing a god does not lead to such a balanced action. The energy they have is unleashed in a wild fashion, growing hostile and unstable if not properly contained. 

Corrin: What happened when this god was killed? 

Rainbow Sage: His power remained hostile in the air of Valla. When the kingdom fully fell to Nohrian invasion, many soldiers perished in an attempt to save their land. Rather than passing onto the afterlife peacefully, they were left halfway alive in a state of invisibility and suffering. Those are the soldiers that you fought on your way up to see me.

Azura: We saw them when we first found ourselves in Valla as well. They were involved with the attack on the capital of Hoshido too. 

Rainbow Sage: You are correct... But this is where things grow complicated. The soldiers are being controlled by someone, but it is not Anankos himself. He passed away. 

Corrin: Then who could it be? 

Rainbow Sage: When the ancient gods, Akiri and Yugare, passed away, they promised that they would return when Pheuyura needed them most. They are commonly known as the Dawn and Dusk Dragons. They were reincarnated recently, and along with them, Anankos. Following his defeat, Anankos' soul manifested itself into a host with few memories of his past life. 

Azura: The reincarnation of Anankos is causing all of this chaos... 

Rainbow Sage: I am unsure as to who the reincarnation of Anankos is, but I believe that he has unlocked the truth behind his heritage and is planning to use that raw strength against the rest of the world, perhaps as revenge against the people who turned their backs on him so long ago. 

Corrin: I see... But what about Akiri and Yugare's reincarnations? Do you know who they are? 

Rainbow Sage: As a matter of fact, I do... They are your mothers. 

Corrin: What...?! 

Azura: That can't be... 

Rainbow Sage: Azura, recall the demise of your mother... She was murdered, was she not? 

Azura: I... Yes, but... 

Rainbow Sage: The death of a god's reincarnation fueled the power in your amulet, giving it the power to cure corruption. Surely you must have noticed that this ability did not rest inside it from the beginning. 

Azura: I did, as a matter of fact... 

Corrin: This is... I don't know what to say... 

Rainbow Sage: As for your mother... She did not die in the attack on the capital of Hoshido, but much of her power was drained, and she came close enough to death that her power was unleashed on what was closest... She was holding on by a thread after the attack, but much of her godly power was transferred away due to her brush with death. 

Corrin: What was closest... Me. That's why I lost my mind... It was grief combined with the power of a god, something no mortal should have the ability to bear on their own. 

Rainbow Sage: Exactly. The reincarnation of Anankos has unlocked his memories and understands his power where these two were unable to do so. His wish for revenge against the world is driving him mad, and he will take down everyone on this continent if he has to in order to find that vengeance. 

Corrin: We have to stop him then. We don't have any other options if we wish to save this continent from doom, and if defeating him will bring peace to Pheuyura, then I'll do whatever I have to in order to bring that ideal to reality. 

Rainbow Sage: I had a feeling you would say such... With the knowledge segment out of the way, it is time for me to show you what power I have in store for you here. I have traveled to Valla and managed to collect some of the country's precious legendary weapons... These are Yato and Safaia. 

Azura: Are you sure you wish to give weapons like this to us? They must be incredibly important to Pheuyuran history... 

Rainbow Sage: You will see soon enough that this decision is perfectly logical. Step forward, please... I have a gift for you both. 

(Both Corrin and Azura promote into Vallite Noble and Diva respectively. Vallite Noble uses swords, dragonstones, tomes, and staves, the only class in the game to use four weapon types. Diva, on the other hand, uses lances and staves.)

Rainbow Sage: How do you feel? 

Corrin: Stronger... Like I can do anything. 

Rainbow Sage: Now, I ask that you both go out there and change fate... The world is waiting for you. 

Corrin: Thank you so much for everything. We aren't going to let you down. 

Rainbow Sage: I'm sure you won't... 

(The scene transitions to show Corrin and Azura gone, and instead, Nyx is with the Rainbow Sage.)

Nyx: ... 

Rainbow Sage: You are here because you wish to find a way to reverse what was done to your body, yes? 

Nyx: I am... 

Rainbow Sage: I am afraid that there is no easy solution like you have been led to believe... But perhaps you will be able to engineer one yourself. The only way for you to do that would be to study from other powerful mages. 

Nyx: To whom are you referring? 

Rainbow Sage: The party that arrived alongside you... I believe your presence will be important there. That would be the best course of action for you. 

Nyx: I understand... 

Rainbow Sage: Do not give up hope. There is still a chance for you in the future. 

Nyx: Thank you for your help. 

(After a brief transition, Corrin and Azura are seen together.)

Corrin: The Rainbow Sage placed his trust in us... We can't let him down now. 

Azura: I agree. Pheuyura needs our help now more than ever, and I want to do what we can to establish peace after this war ends. 

(Nyx appears beside them.)

Corrin: Hello... What happened while you were up there? 

Nyx: The details are unimportant, but I will be traveling with you for the foreseeable future after all. 

Corrin: I'm glad to hear that you've changed your mind. Welcome to the party. 

Azura: We should board the boat again. There are others out there who need our attention right now, and it wouldn't do for us to leave them for too long. 

Corrin: I agree. We can come up with another course of action once we get back on the boat. Let's get going, Nyx! 

Nyx: Alright...