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Fire Emblem Fates Rewrite (Revelation)

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(The chapter opens with Corrin traveling alongside Azura, Sakura, and Hinoka through Izumo.)

Corrin: So, this is Izumo... 

Sakura: Takumi said that he was going to be heading here to see if we could gain an alliance with the archduke. 

Hinoka: I hope that nothing bad has happened to him... It's so quiet here. 

Azura: If you ask me, it's too quiet... Something about this is bothering me already. 

Sakura: M-Me too... Where is Takumi? 

Corrin: Hold on... Are those Nohrian soldiers? 

Hinoka: Damn... You're right. I suppose that Nohr was hoping to make an ally out of Archduke Izana as well. 

Sakura: Wh-What do we do? 

Azura: We need to see if we can rescue Izumo from their grasp. It wouldn't do for us to walk away when we knew Nohr was marching on the nation. 

Corrin: Besides, Takumi could be in trouble. I don't want to leave him behind if he's in trouble. 

Hinoka: Let's make for the palace. That's where all of these soldiers appear to be going. 

(The scene changes to show Takumi, Oboro, and Hinata cornered in the palace of Izumo.)

Takumi: Damn it... There are so many of them! 

Oboro: I didn't realize that Nohr would be so violent when it came to forming new alliances... 

Hinata: I don't see the archduke anywhere. What can we do? We have to find a way to get out of here. 

Takumi: We're going to have to fight our way through. It's not going to be easy, but what fight ever is? 

Oboro: We're with you, Lord Takumi! 

Hinata: What she said! 

Takumi: Stay close. I don't want anything bad to happen to us while we're trying to get out of here. 

(The camera pans over to show Corrin, Azura, Sakura, and Hinoka at the entrance of the palace.)

Corrin: There are Nohrian soldiers everywhere...! 

Azura: King Garon is being strict as far as alliances are concerned... I still don't see Takumi anywhere. 

Hinoka: I think I found him... He's on the other side of the room, and he's surrounded. 

Sakura: That's awful! Is the archduke with him? 

Hinoka: No... It's just him and his retainers. 

Corrin: It seems like the battlefield has made the decision for us about what we're going to be doing next. It's all the same to me. Let's take care of things! 

(The battle begins. The objective is to defeat the boss, Zola, who is stationed in the throne room at the top of the map. Takumi, Oboro, and Hinata start in the small room at the center of the map while your units begin at the bottom.)

(If Corrin talks to Takumi, the following dialogue plays out.)

Corrin: Takumi! I'm so glad to see that you're safe! 

Takumi: C-Corrin?! What the hell are you doing here?! 

Corrin: I'm saving you! 

Takumi: I swear, you--

Corrin: Please keep the lecture on hold for a little while. I want to get out of this fight alive before we focus on everything that I've done wrong in your eyes. Understood? 

Takumi: Alright, alright... But we will be talking about this later. Don't think you can worm your way out of this conversation! 

(If Azura talks to Takumi, the following dialogue plays out.)

Azura: Takumi, I'm relieved to see you still alive... We were incredibly worried about you. 

Takumi: Azura? Why are you here? 

Azura: I'll tell you later. I don't believe we have the time to talk about it right now... We are still under attack, after all. 

Takumi: Understood... Let's go then. 

(If Hinoka talks to Takumi, the following dialogue plays out.)

Hinoka: I'm so happy to see that you're still alive!

Takumi: I thought you were in the Wind Tribe, Hinoka! 

Hinoka: Plans changed, and I'm here now. That's what matters most. Now, let's show these Nohrians what for! 

Takumi: I'm with you! 

(If Sakura talks to Takumi, the following dialogue plays out.)

Sakura: T-Takumi! Are you hurt? I can heal you if you need it! 

Takumi: Sakura! I didn't expect to see you here of all places. You were supposed to be with Yukimura. 

Sakura: A lot has happened, and I wound up here with Corrin, Azura, and Hinoka. 

Takumi: I was so sure that Corrin had left us at the Plains of Hoshido... 

Sakura: We can talk about that after this is over... Do you trust me? 

Takumi: Of course. 

Sakura: Then know that I wouldn't lead you astray. Let's fight together, Big Brother! 

Takumi: Alright! 

(If Corrin initiates combat with Zola, the following dialogue plays out.)

Zola: So, you must be Lord Corrin... The traitor of Nohr! 

Corrin: Have we met before? 

Zola: You can call me Zola. I'm a commander within the Nohrian army. 

Corrin: You're the one who led the army into Izumo? You're attacking innocent people in a neutral territory? 

Zola: That's one way of putting it, yes. 

Corrin: I can't believe you would resort to such atrocities... You're going to pay for your crimes here and now! Make your peace with Yugare and then suffer! 

(If anyone else initiates combat with Zola, the following dialogue plays out.)

Zola: In the name of the Nohrian army, I ask that you stand down. If you refuse to do so, then I will swat you aside myself, but you won't like that in the slightest! 

(When Zola is defeated, the following dialogue plays out.)

Zola: Have I truly fallen...? Impossible... It... It cannot be... 

(After the fight, Corrin, Azura, Hinoka, Takumi, and Sakura stand together.)

Sakura: I'm so glad that you're safe, Takumi! 

Takumi: Thanks for coming to help me out... But what are you doing here? And why are you four together? 

Corrin: We're fighting for the future of Pheuyura that we believe in. We think that we can find peace in our own way, and we're going to fight for it. 

Hinoka: Please come with us, Takumi. Corrin and Azura never betrayed us, and we were rash to jump to such a conclusion. 

Takumi: But... 

Sakura: Please? 

Takumi: Ugh... Fine. I'm with you. 

(Oboro and Hinata appear with Izana.)

Oboro: Lord Takumi! We found the archduke! 

Izana: Children of the Hoshidan royal family... I didn't expect to run into you here. What's up? 

Takumi: So casual... 

Hinoka: War has broken out between Nohr and Hoshido. We are here to request your alliance in the coming fighting. 

Izana: Hm... Izumo is a neutral territory with little to offer, I'm afraid. I doubt that I would be able to give you much in the way of fighters. 

Sakura: I see... 

Izana: If something changes in the future, perhaps I will be able to help you out, but until then, I have some advice to offer. 

Azura: What is it? 

Izana: While I was hiding from the invaders, I received a vision from the Dawn Dragon. I have always been able to contact the spiritual world easily, you see, and Akiri came to me with a suggestion to pass along to you. 

Corrin: Wow... That's impressive... 

Izana: You are fighting for the sake of peace, are you not? 

Corrin: Of course. We want all people of Pheuyura to see liberation from this war. 

Izana: Then travel to Notre Sagesse. 

Corrin: Notre Sagesse? 

Azura: It's a small nation built into a mountain. It's isolated from the rest of the world and can be only reached via boat. While it is connected to the rest of the continent, a vast empty expanse lies between Hoshido and Notre Sagesse, and a mountain range cuts it off further from the remainder of Pheuyura. 

Corrin: I see... Then setting sail is our only option on the matter. 

Izana: Even if I can't offer you troops right now, I must tell you that I won't forget your saving my life. I don't leave my debts unpaid, you see. When you need me in the future, I will be there to offer my assistance. 

Azura: Thank you for everything, Archduke Izana. We truly appreciate your advice. 

Corrin: Yes, thank you. If you need anything, you need only to send word to us. 

Izana: I'll be sure to keep that in mind. Toodle-oo!

(Izana exits.)

Corrin: Well... It seems that we don't have any other options on what to do next. 

Hinoka: I believe you're right. We have to go to Notre Sagesse. 

Takumi: Are we sure we can trust what he had to say? 

Azura: Archduke Izana is known for being able to communicate with spirits and higher powers. He's a diviner without parallel. If he received a revelation from Akiri, then we had best follow it. 

Sakura: In that case, it seems our path has been set for us. 

Oboro: Lord Takumi, what are we to do? 

Hinata: You seemed so opposed to the idea of going along with everyone else before. 

Takumi: Things have changed. We're going to Notre Sagesse, and that's final. 

Hinata: Got it. You have my blade no matter what! 

Oboro: I'll be here to fight by your side as well. I promise. 

Corrin: In that case, let's get going. We don't have a moment to waste. The world is waiting for us.