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Fire Emblem Fates Rewrite (Revelation)

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(The chapter opens to show Corrin, Azura, and Sakura approaching the Wind Tribe village.)

Sakura: Here we are... The Wind Tribe. 

Corrin: Hinoka has to be around here somewhere... I hope we're able to get her to join us without too much hassle. 

Azura: I feel the same... Wait, do you hear that? 

Sakura: I hear voices somewhere, but... It sounds like they're panicked! 

Corrin: Let's go see what's going on then! 

(The scene changes to show Hinoka fighting alongside Setsuna, Azama, Rinkah, Hayato, and Fuga. Faceless have invaded the village, and the group is attempting to stand back against them.)

Hinoka: I'm not going to let them try anything that could get the people here hurt! 

Rinkah: I'm here with you. 

Setsuna: I'll do what I can... 

Azama: Death is inevitable, but I suppose holding it off for a while longer wouldn't hurt? 

Hayato: There are more here today than there have been in a long time... 

Fuga: Just keep fighting. We can't afford to let up! 

(The camera pans over to show Corrin, Sakura, and Azura arriving on the scene. They are cut off from the rest of the team by a thick group of Faceless.)

Corrin: We're too far away... It's time for us to try and break through! 

Sakura: A-Alright... I trust you! 

Azura: We don't have a moment to lose! 

(The battle begins. The objective is to rout the enemy Faceless while breaking through to the other group. Hinoka, Setsuna, Azama, Rinkah, and Hayato are playable from the start even if they are on the other side of the map. Fuga remains as a green unit even though the others are playable.)

(If Corrin speaks to Hinoka, the following dialogue plays out.)

Corrin: Hinoka! Are you alright? 

Hinoka: Corrin? What are you doing here?! 

Corrin: I'm here to help you! I know that you're in a lot of trouble right now because of the Faceless, and I'm not going to let you get hurt now. 

Hinoka: Corrin, but you--

Corrin: I don't care about what happened in the Plains of Hoshido right now. Let's focus on the fight. We can talk more about this later. 

Hinoka: Alright... Fine. Let's take care of them. 

(If Azura speaks to Hinoka, the following dialogue plays out.)

Azura: Hinoka, I'm glad to see that you're safe! 

Hinoka: Azura! I thought you--

Azura: I know. It's a long story, but we don't have time to discuss it at the moment. We have to drive off the Faceless first. 

Hinoka: As much as I hate to admit it, you're right. Let's get to it. 

(If Sakura speaks to Hinoka, the following dialogue plays out.)

Sakura: Hinoka... I'm so glad to see that you're alright! 

Hinoka: Sakura... What are you doing with Corrin and Azura? I thought you were going to a fort with Yukimura! 

Sakura: Things changed... I'll tell you about it later. Let's get rid of the Faceless for now. 

Hinoka: Alright. Let's do it. 

(If Corrin speaks to Rinkah, the following dialogue plays out.)

Corrin: Rinkah! I didn't think that you would be here! 

Rinkah: I must admit that I didn't expect to see you here either... Whatever. We can talk about this later. 

Corrin: I agree. The Faceless are a far more pressing matter right now. Let's get down to business and get rid of them once and for all!

(After the battle, Corrin, Sakura, Azura, and Hinoka stand together alongside the rest of Hinoka's team from the fight.)

Corrin: There we go... They're all gone now. 

Sakura: I-I'm so glad to hear that... I was worried that the village would wind up destroyed if we didn't act quickly enough. 

Azura: Hinoka, how are you? What happened?

Hinoka: I was stopping by to ask the Wind Tribe for their help in the war, but Faceless appeared... Now, I want answers from you three. What are you doing here? 

Corrin: Listen, Hinoka... We're following my ideal path to peace. 

Hinoka: Sakura? 

Sakura: I know that they're genuine. I believe in them, Hinoka, and you should do. 

Hinoka: ... 

Azura: If we weren't on your side, we wouldn't have saved you from the Faceless. That should be indisputable proof that we're here to fight alongside you. 

Hinoka: ...Alright. I trust you all, and... Perhaps we were a bit rash before to assume betrayal so quickly. I guess I let my emotions get the best of me. 

Corrin: So... Does this mean that you're going to come with us? 

Hinoka: It does. I'm in. 

Azura: Welcome to the team, Hinoka. 

Corrin: First, I must ask... Who are these people you're with? 

Hinoka: Ah, that's right... Allow me to introduce you to my retainers, Azama and Setsuna. You already know Rinkah. Next up is Fuga and Hayato. Fuga leads the Wind Tribe, and Hayato is his adoptive son. 

Corrin: It's nice to meet all of you. 

Hinoka: Azama, Setsuna... You two are coming with me. 

Azama: Pushy today, aren't we? 

Setsuna: Don't be rude... Alright, Lady Hinoka... 

Hinoka: Thank you... Please refrain from testing my patience again, Azama. 

Rinkah: I'm coming along too. 

Hinoka: Truly?

Rinkah: I said I was in this to keep you safe, and I meant it. I told Yukimura I would keep you out of trouble, and I can't exactly do that if I send you away, can I? 

Hinoka: Heh, good point... Hayato? Fuga? What do you say? 

Fuga: Hayato... Please go with them. 

Hayato: What? But I should be here with the Wind Tribe! 

Fuga: I believe it would be best for you to set out and explore the world... You need to expand your horizons as a diviner. 

Hayato: Hmph... You make a good point. Alright. I'll go with them. 

Corrin: What do you want to do, Fuga? 

Fuga: I must stay here and defend the Wind Tribe... It wouldn't do if the Faceless appeared again to cause further issues for us, would it? 

Corrin: You're right... I hope that we can meet again. I'm afraid we're short on time at the moment, and we have a lot to take care of. 

Fuga: I understand... Be careful out there. 

(Fuga leaves.)

Corrin: Well... Thank you all for joining the company. I promise that I'll make this effort worth your while. No matter what happens, we're going to find peace. That much I can swear to you from the bottom of my heart.