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Fire Emblem Fates Rewrite (Revelation)

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(The chapter opens to show Corrin speaking with Azura and Sakura.)

Corrin: What should we do now? We're glad to have you on board, Sakura, but... I somehow doubt that we'll be able to take on armies with such a small battalion. 

Sakura: I understand... I know! We can go to the Wind Tribe! 

Azura: The Wind Tribe? 

Corrin: What's that? 

Sakura: They're an independent people who live within the borders of Hoshido. They're a neutral territory, but they're closer with Hoshido than with Nohr or any other nation of Pheuyura. After news of the war broke out, Hinoka set out for Wind Tribe territory to see if we could get the leader on our side. 

Azura: I see... You want to ask Hinoka if she would be willing to side with us. 

Corrin: I hope that this works... Hinoka is certainly stubborn, and I don't know if she'd be willing to betray her family so easily... 

Azura: It isn't a betrayal in the slightest. We're fighting for the same thing, just in different ways. 

Corrin: I know, but... I don't know. I can't stop thinking about what everyone said in the fight when we fled from the Plains of Hoshido. Everyone was so sure that I had betrayed them because I was going off on my own. I understand that nobody was thinking rationally and that emotions were high, but... I don't know. It's still a lot of weight to have dumped on your shoulders seemingly out of nowhere. 

Sakura: I understand that... But you aren't alone in dealing with it. Azura and I are here, and soon enough, more people will be with you. Hinoka is a reasonable person. She'll understand it when we explain the full situation to her... She just has to. She cares about us all, and she wouldn't want to fight against us if she could avoid it. 

Azura: I agree with Sakura. We'll be able to manage this together. It's just a matter of time... Until then, let's make our way towards the Wind Tribe. 

Corrin: Hold on a moment... Look over there. 

(The camera pans over to show Faceless marching together.)

Sakura: Faceless... It seems that Nohrian mages have created more fighters since the fighting broke out for real... 

Corrin: It looks like they're heading directly for that village... We have to go and make sure that nothing bad happens! 

Azura: If I had to guess, we're already too late... Listen. I can hear screaming. 

Corrin: All the more reason to make sure that everyone is alright! Come on! 

(The scene changes to show Mozu alone in the empty village. She is surrounded by Faceless.)

Mozu: This... This can't be happening... N-No...! 

Corrin: There's a girl over there! She could wind up getting hurt! 

Azura: I don't see any other choices here then... Let's go! 

(The battle begins. The objective is to rout the enemy. The foe group consists solely of Faceless. A secondary goal is to reach Mozu, who is stationed at the bottom of the map, before the Faceless arrive at her location. The map will end if Mozu is defeated.)

(If Corrin speaks to Mozu, the following dialogue plays out.)

Corrin: Hey! Are you alright? 

Mozu: Who are you...? 

Corrin: That's not important right now. I want to make sure that you're safe. We're here to get rid of the Faceless once and for all. 

Mozu: You want to help me...? 

Corrin: Of course. I couldn't sit by and let an innocent person suffer or worse at the hands of these monsters. Will you trust me? 

Mozu: Yes... I will. Thank you so much for this! 

Corrin: It's my pleasure. Now, stay close! I don't want you to get hurt in the aftermath of this fight! 

(After the battle, Mozu stands before Corrin, Sakura, and Azura.)

Mozu: I... Um... Thank you for rescuing me. 

Corrin: It was our pleasure. We couldn't let you get hurt if there was something we could do about it. What's your name? 

Mozu: M-Mozu... The rest of my people... They're... 

Sakura: I-I'm sorry for your loss... 

Azura: If only we had arrived sooner... 

Mozu: You couldn't have known... It's alright... 

Corrin: You can't stay here on your own... It's not the life for someone so young... Would you come with us? 

Mozu: What? 

Corrin: If you would like to, you can come with us... I can't guarantee that the path we walk is a peaceful one. We long to end this fighting, though violence could break out along the way. 

Mozu: You saved my life... I owe you everything. I want to stay with you. 

Azura: Are you sure? 

Sakura: This could be dangerous... 

Mozu: I've made up my mind. I wouldn't be here if not for you, and... I want to pay you back for your kindness. 

Corrin: You don't need to pay us back for saving your life. Truly. We did this because we wanted to. 

Mozu: Still, I would like to stay with you... I'm not the best fighter, but I want to help you if I can. 

Sakura: Corrin... What do you say? 

Corrin: Mozu... If you would like to come with us, then we would be happy to have you. Welcome to the team. 

Mozu: Thank you for having me... 

Corrin: We'll do what we can to keep you safe well into the future. Thank you for siding with us. I appreciate it. 

Mozu: Thank you for saving my life... I promise that you won't regret it!