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Fire Emblem Fates Rewrite (Revelation)

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-Refuse to choose a side

Is this the path you choose?


Corrin: I have made my choice... I cannot side with either one of you. 

Ryoma: What? 

Xander: What are you saying? 

Corrin: To ask me to choose between my blood family and my adopted one... I can't make that choice. I care too much for both of you to turn against the other. If I betray one, it could lead to death, and I can't do that. I would rather press on alone than be forced to choose one side or the other. 

Ryoma: Corrin, there is no other option! The king of Nohr attacked and nearly killed our mother! 

Xander: You have lived with us in Nohr for years. How could you abandon us at this crucial moment? 

Corrin: I already made up my mind, and there's nothing you can do to change it. I'm going to follow my own path regardless of what everyone else tells me to do, and that is a promise. 

Ryoma: ...Soldiers of Hoshido, capture Corrin. 

Xander: Corrin, return to Nohr with us. I do not want to use force to bring you back. 

Corrin: I'm choosing the path that's right for me, and if you can't understand that, then fine. I'm going to find peace in this war my own way. You can't pressure me into doing something that I don't want to do. I'm not going to sign up for a war that will surely lead to the deaths of countless people I care about. This is the path that's best for me, end of story. 

Ryoma: You leave us no choice... 

Xander: As much as I hate to say it, I feel the same way... We will have you brought back to Nohr, Corrin. That is a promise! 

Corrin: I have to get out of here... 

Azura: Corrin! 

(Azura approaches Corrin.)

Corrin: Azura! What are you doing? 

Azura: I'm coming with you. 

Corrin: What? 

Azura: I want to follow your path through to the end as well... I know of a way for us to get away from this fight. Will you come with me? 

Corrin: Yes... I trust you. 

Jakob: Lord Corrin! 

(Jakob appears.)

Corrin: Jakob! How did you--

Jakob: I followed your brother. He believed that you would be around here, and he was correct, I see... Why are the Hoshidan and Nohrian armies advancing on us? 

Corrin: They asked me to choose a side, and I decided not to... I can explain the full details later, but for now, we need to get out of here. There's no way for us to win this fight, so we'll have to escape. 

Azura: There's an area to the north of here that should offer us sufficient sanctuary until we have a plan. We should make our first priority to escape from here. 

Jakob: I doubt that fighting any of the royals will do us good... If anything, it will just mark us as the enemies of that given nation, and future alliance will be impossible. 

Corrin: You're right. Come on. Let's run. 

(The battle begins. Corrin, Azura, and Jakob are stationed at the center of the map. The objective is to escape using all units through the top of the map at a marked point. On the right side of the map are Hoshidan fighters while the left side has fighters of Nohr. The royal siblings will stay in place at first, only starting to move when Corrin is roughly halfway to the escape point. Corrin cannot attack the royals during this fight though they will still attempt to attack Corrin.)

(When Corrin reaches the halfway mark to the escape point, the following dialogue plays out.)

Ryoma: They're trying to get away... Go! We can't let them disappear again after all this time! 

Xander: Soldiers of Nohr, bring them back! We cannot allow for such an act of treachery to stand! 

(If Ryoma initiates combat with Corrin, the following dialogue plays out.)

Ryoma: Just after we got you back, you want to leave again? 

Corrin: I can't side with Hoshido and guarantee death to my Nohrian siblings. It's not an option for me. If I must go alone to avoid such bloodshed, then so be it. 

Ryoma: You will regret this. 

Corrin: So long as I follow my heart, I will regret nothing. 

(If Hinoka initiates combat with Corrin, the following dialogue plays out.)

Hinoka: Corrin, what are you doing? You know that we're innocent in this conflict! 

Corrin: I've made my choice, Hinoka... Forgive me for this if you think it's truly so awful, but... I know this is right for me. 

Hinoka: Tch... I can't believe I'm losing you again... 

Corrin: Trust me... I know what I'm doing. Truly. 

(If Takumi initiates combat with Corrin, the following dialogue plays out.)

Takumi: I can't believe it... You would really betray us after what happened to Mother? 

Corrin: Takumi, I--

Takumi: I don't want to hear it! Shut up already! 

Corrin: I'm sorry... 

Takumi: If you were really sorry, you would be with us, wouldn't you? Hold still and make this easier on us both. 

(If Sakura talks with Corrin, the following dialogue plays out.)

Sakura: I don't understand... Why are you doing this? 

Corrin: Sakura... I'm sorry. 

Sakura: I don't know what to say... I hope you're happy with whatever you're doing. 

Corrin: ... 

(If Xander initiates combat with Corrin, the following dialogue plays out.)

Xander: We raised you for all those years, but you would still abandon us? 

Corrin: I'm making the choice that's best for me. 

Xander: And that choice would have us abandoned? 

Corrin: Xander, I... I know what I'm doing... I just wish you would trust me to do it. 

Xander: ...Let's finish this. 

(If Camilla initiates combat with Corrin, the following dialogue plays out.)

Camilla: Corrin, why are you leaving us? Why are you leaving me? 

Corrin: Camilla, I'm sorry, but... This is what I think would be best.

Camilla: I don't know what to say... But I want you back, so I'll let my weapon do the talking for now. 

(If Leo initiates combat with Corrin, the following dialogue plays out.)

Leo: I can't believe this... After all we did for you, Corrin, you would still abandon us? 

Corrin: Leo, please understand--

Leo: Quiet, traitor! I won't listen to your lies over this any longer! 

(If Elise talks with Corrin, the following dialogue plays out.)

Elise: Corrin, why are you leaving us? 

Corrin: Elise, I... I don't know what to say, but... I'm sorry to put you through this. 

Elise: I don't understand... And I don't know if I ever will... 

(If Ryoma initiates combat with Azura, the following dialogue plays out.)

Ryoma: Azura... I would have thought that you would stay with us in the face of crisis. 

Azura: I believe Corrin's path will be a strong one... I have not abandoned you. 

Ryoma: If you insist... I'm sorry it had to turn out like this. 

(If Hinoka initiates combat with Azura, the following dialogue plays out.)

Hinoka: Azura... You're leaving too? But why? 

Azura: I think this path is the best one for me. Perhaps Corrin has a point. 

Hinoka: You can't truly mean to leave. 

Azura: I do... And when I return, peace will follow in my wake. 

(If Takumi initiates combat with Azura, the following dialogue plays out.)

Takumi: How can you just walk away like this after all the time we spent together? 

Azura: I'm following the best path, Takumi... Can't you see that? 

Takumi: I'm only seeing betrayal right now. 

Azura: Forgive me... 

(If Sakura talks with Azura, the following dialogue plays out.)

Sakura: Azura... Why? 

Azura: Sakura, this won't be the last time we meet. I'm sure of that much. 

Sakura: I... I don't know what to say... 

Azura: We'll meet again soon. I promise... And it won't be as enemies. 

(If Camilla initiates combat with Azura, the following dialogue plays out.)

Camilla: Who would have expected us to meet again under these circumstances, Azura?

Azura: Camilla... It's been too long. 

Camilla: I doubt you'll return to Nohr with me... You've made up your mind. 

Azura: I have... One day soon, we will meet again. I'm sure of it. 

Camilla: If you say so... 

(If Xander initiates combat with Jakob, the following dialogue plays out.)

Xander: Your loyalty is to Nohr... And yet you insist on leaving us? 

Jakob: My loyalty is to Lord Corrin, and that hasn't changed now... I know what I'm doing, and it's for the best. 

Xander: Hmph... If you insist, fine. Enemies it is for us then. 

(After all units escape, the following dialogue plays out.)

Ryoma: Damn! They got away... 

Xander: Go after them! 

Corrin: Just keep running... We'll outrun them eventually. 

Azura: Follow me. I know where we 're going, and everything is going to be fine. 

Corrin: Got it! 

(After the battle, Corrin, Azura, and Jakob walk together.)

Azura: We're getting closer... 

Corrin: Azura, just where are we going? You never mentioned it... 

Azura: We're journeying to the lost land of Valla. 

Corrin: Valla? 

Jakob: If I recall, it was once a great nation on par with Hoshido and Nohr. However, it fell from grace after a sudden invasion left it as a shadow of its former self. The country is now abandoned, and the people who once lived there have since passed away. 

Azura: I doubt anyone would think to look for us there. We can come up with a strategy and then set out once more to see what we can do about the war. 

Corrin: Alright. If you believe this is the best way to go, then I trust you. 

Azura: I admire your wishes to end this conflict through peace, Corrin... No matter what happens, I will stand by you, and that much I can swear to you with certainty. 

Corrin: Thank you, Azura... I appreciate your loyalty. Yours as well, Jakob. The battle ahead will be long and difficult, but I believe we can handle it together.