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What I Want To Say To You

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There were days when it wasn't easy. Her hands would tremble slightly. The sword in her arm would shake. It was small, imperceptible, and she doubted anyone else noticed. Though she had become content with her role as a dual executioner and savior the recent revelation of the circumstances of her birth had lit a small fire of doubt within her.

If it was herself on the other end of the sword would she want to die?

Luna noticed many things about Akari. Things that other people may not be looking for. Things that even Akari herself may not have noticed. Did Akari notice lately that she took longer pauses before killing the Daemonia? Did Akari notice the way she looked to the ground biting her lip before each mission?

If Akari noticed, she didn't tell.

Seira didn't like to cry in front of people. If she had a good reason to cry, she wouldn't do it front of someone else. No, crying was something to be done behind closed doors, curled under a blanket in the dark of night. If it was even to be done at all.

She knew enough about holding back tears to know when someone else was trying not to cry.

Ginka had long ago come to terms with dying. It was a risk she took with every battle. As for how the others felt about death she wasn't sure. They had cried over her death. They had mourned her. She wanted to tell them that death wasn't so bad. Then again, she didn't really died, had she?

If they would listen, she'd tell them that dying wasn't that big a deal.

“Your teammates have expressed worry about you. We think it's time you tell them what's going on.”

It's not that she didn't want to tell them. It was more like she didn't know how to tell them. How was she to tell them that she was, in some ways, as the things they were dedicating their lives to defeating? Would they still even be able to look at her the same way?

These thoughts pounded in her head as she entered the cafeteria. There they were in their usual spot. Luna, warm and comforting. Seira, distant yet close at the same time. Ginka, careless and carefree. As she looked at her three best friends all her doubts faded away.

Yes, it was time to tell them.