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Venable X Reader

The HouseMaid and The Fire Red Woman


The midday New York sky was blue, a pale colour that blended beautifully with the thick blankets of white snow on almost every surface in sight, my breath danced around freely in the crisp air; a wisp of white that rose up and stretched far above me. Winter had come, and it was colder than ever.

Quickly, I scurried over to the front door of the glorious Italian mansion, that after quite some time, I learned to call home, knocking rapidly on the front door. The door opened slowly and to my surprise a tall, slender woman stood in front of me. She had gorgeous fire red hair down to her waist that was tied neatly up into a ponytail, no makeup on except some red lipstick, that contrasted perfectly with the piercing grey-blue eyes looking down at me: “Who are you?” She said to me with an almost concerned look on her face. “Oh, I’m the maid! I just popped out to go and get some food from the market,” I introduced, holding out my hand for her to shake. She gripped it firmly, her fingerless, leather gloves warm to the touch. “I take it you're the new owner!?” I said, “Oh, yes.

I’m Whilemina Venable, you can call me Ms Venable.” She followed me back through the house and into the kitchen. “How long have you worked for the house?” Ms Venable asked me with a stern tone. “Nearly 10 years!” I exclaimed, watching as the woman took a seat at the dining table. “It doesn't feel like it though, it feels like I’ve worked here all my life.” I glanced back up at Venable to see what she was doing. She was looking at me, first at my shoes, then my legs, my hips, my waist, and back down again. She smirked. I giggled. “What was that?” “Oh nothing, Ms Venable. Tea?” “Yes, no milk, with one sugar please,” She said as she stood up and waltzed towards the window, the faint thud of her cane tapping along with her. It sounded like the beat to a song I once knew.

‘She does look good’ I thought to myself as I watched her walk to the window, my vision falling down for a brief second. She was wearing a purple velvet blazer and skirt set, with a thick black belt highlighting her slender waist, and a pair of black stilettos. At that moment all I could think was ‘damn, she does look good in that skirt’ ‘back to the tea!’ I thought to myself. I heard Venable chuckle. “You okay, ma’am?” “Yes, don’t worry. And please, call me Ms Venable.” “Here’s your tea, Ms Venable,” I handed over the cup, my fingers brushing against hers briefly. “Black with one sugar! What do you think?” “Mhm,” she muttered, tasting the warm beverage I had presented her with. Her red stained lips brushing softly against the brim of the china cup. “Just how I like it, my dear.” After a beat, she brought the mug away from her face, eyes turning to face me.“Will you take me for a tour of the grounds, darling?” “Oh! Of course Miss!” “Shall we start with the garden?” She said, looking at me with a small smirk.

She walked up towards me and interlocked her arm in mine, catching me slightly off guard. We strolled out to the garden, china cups in hand. The garden was thick with snow, the branches covered in icicles of all different lengths. Even though the pond was completely frozen over, it was beautiful. Venable gestured over to the small bench to the side of where we were standing. We sat down together, I could feel the warmth of her body next to mine. She started sipping her tea, she shook her head slightly as if to move her ponytail from her shoulder to her back. She glanced at me for a second before standing up and leaning over me. “I think I look good in the skirt as well,” she planted a small kiss on my temple before strolling back inside.