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Dreams were happy illusions. It was obvious when he was dreaming, but he can't help pretending it was real so he could feel content with himself.

Each moment of the dream only focused on sounds he wished he would hear. They were like the music boxes he heard down the streets, lulling and soft.

Music he never really heard from others as he approached. Their sounds would hitch and be off-keyed whenever he was nearing, except the few like his Gramps.

The tone was uninviting to his presence, and he understood why.

So, he dreams of tranquil sounds. Inviting ones that would get a little louder when he nears. Maybe he could be the reason for a good change in tone, or maybe someone would emit a soft sound just for him.

He sleeps, a small part of him still being concious. Which is why the dream he had shatters into something else.

Oh, someone was crying.

Well Zenitsu could fix that, he is the strongest in dreams after all.

While still dozing off, he got up from his bed and follows the loud sound of grief.

He wondered why it was so loud and never changed volume as he nears it. As a demon slayer, the melody of grief grinded his ears a lot, but this was the first time he ever heard one so loud and heavy.

His feet made it to the back of the butterfly estate, where all the flowers were. It was Zenitsu's favorite place, where he could hear everyones heartbeats and drown in them without being judged for being creepy.

He couldn't help it, after hearing so many heartbeats silent in regret and agony, he wanted to hear everyones sound as much as possible. It wasn't fair sometimes, how even the loudest hearts can go in meloncholic silence.

Midnight winds hit his face. With it the melody hits his ears surprisingly softly. 

The person in the garden must be reminiscing, because the song mirrors Tanjirou's. Expect that Tanjirou's sound was more content and didn't drown in regret like this person was.

"Hello." The blond greets in the dark, the other person flinches in surprise.

There it was, the hitch in his song, in his sound. But Zenitsu doesn't wake, even when he knew this was reality now.

He lets himself dream being strong a little more.

"May I sit with you?" He asks, nearing the person who sat on the grass. He hears shuffling and a grunty ok, he smiles and sits.

"A-Are you sleeping?" In other situations, this would be a stupid question. But this was Zenitsu, who was told of his capabilities when he sleeps (which he always replies with a blank look.).

"I feel like I'm dreaming right now, yeah." He replies calmly, his hands on his knees.

"How the fuck does that even work?" Zenitsu shrugs and picks off flowers from the ground. He doesn't have to look to make flower crowns anymore, it became muscle memory.

"I just heard something and came this way." The other's melody changed into a familiar strong tone, it was notably quieter. Zenitsu notes it was the boy he saw in final selection, who he was terrified of.

"What did you hear?" The taller asks, Zenitsu braided stems together and hummed.

"You, actually. Your grief was really loud, louder than anyone else's." The other goes silent, clearly uncomfortable. Zenitsu continues to braid daisies together into a small bracelet.

"You regret something," he says simply, he's grabbed by the collar suddenly. He should be scared, but the sad song returns and it overwhelms him too much. The next words he hears doesn't make it obvious.

"Hey, don't poke your nose into shit that's clearly my own bussiness alright?" He seeths onto Zenitsu's face. The blond is dropped, with the bracelet still gripped softly.

The person gets up to leave, but Zenitsu won't be having it. He couldn't let a person with such a soft sound be drowned out with an ugly, angry song.

"I'm sorry, I just felt like I needed you to know." The other stops in his tracks, but didn't turn around. Zenitsu stands.

"I thought you sounded familiar, your melody I mean. You're related to
Shinazugawa-san, right?" He didn't wait for an answer, just made sure he could hear an boiling anger soften.

"It's not obvious, but he does care for everyone. It's faint, but the sound is there. He lets his anger drown out his softness, I feel like he's been doing it a long time." Zenitsu focuses, cupping his ears to dig up memories.

"He wants to protect, and does it the most extreme way possible, but I know he doesn't hate you." The person didn't turn around, they just linger.

"I like your sound, it feels like home." Zenitsu wastes no time in placing the bracelet on their wrist, with them getting flustered and turning around. The blond continues with no change in his expression.

"I wanna hear it more, someday." He says simply, starting to tread back to his room. He doesn't notice the soft smile that creeps onto Genya's face.



The next morning, Zenitsu found himself eating alone again on his hospital bed. Tanjirou was still resting, and the boar boy was nowwhere to be found. He wishes to eat with Nezuko, but knew better of it.

He continues to dig into rice, when he hears a new song he's never heard before. 

He almost dropped his chopsticks.

It was like the bit of familial love he hears from gramps, though softer.

It sounded like wind chimes you'd wake up to, the birds outside that sang in chirps to their little ones.

Zenitsu was surprised to the person that walked in with the melody. His eyes were on a scar faced boy, who looked at him with widened eyes that softened with his sound.

Woah, was he still dreaming? His mouth was gaped, so he quickly shut it. 

"G-Good morning." He quickly breathes with his eyes flickered away. He took a quick bite of rice again.

Genya looked amused at the blond, who didn't flinch when the taller grabbed his collar a few hours ago in the garden.

"Morning." He replies, making his way to his bed by Tanjirou's side.

Zenitsu stared at him as he walked and noticed the bracelet on his wrist. He swore he died then and there.

He might never sleep from sheer embarresment.