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Toono sighed in frustration as another day of classes ended. It was close, so very close. One more day and it'd be one month since his first day at MoriGaku. One month since his registration to … Ugh. Nausea built up in his throat. One month since his registration to the- To the Photography Club. Yeah, Photography. That's how he was going to call it. No any other embarrassing name like Yarichin Club. Hell no. Regardless of the name, he knew what was awaiting for him. He was still a virgin, of course. One more day, and he might have been far from being one. All of the club members … C-Claiming his body as if he was a, a-

"Aaaaaa!!!" - he let out a scream, feeling very close to losing sanity. If he had any left, after almost one month of being in the same club with those perverts and witnessing lots of things he didn't want to see or hear. Or touch.  

"Hey virgin, what's up? Your screaming is annoying" - as usual, Tamura appeared beside him when Toono needed him the least. Not that he ever actually needed him around.

"Tamura" - he nodded slightly and looked away, hugging his knees close to his chest.

"It has almost been a month, huh" - the 2nd-Year casually sat down near him and grinned, his oversized canines showing - "still pondering who to give your cherry to?"

"I don't want to give it to anyone" - Toono muttered.

"Tch" - he shook his head in resignation - "you stupid idiot, if you think Akemi is just messing around you're wrong"

Toono stayed silent. Sure, Akemi was obsessed with sex but he didn't think he'd go that far. One thing was to have a monthly sex contest, as fucked up as it sounded, but raping someone crossed the line. He wanted to believe that Akemi was better than that.

"Fiiiine, if you still don't believe me I'll tell you a story, now focus on my words and picture it like a flashback" - he cleared his voice - "there was a guy once who signed up to the club like you, not knowing what it was about. When Akemi said who didn't have sex within one month would get gangbanged, he laughed in his face and didn't believe a single word. One month passed, and this son of a bitch was still a virgin, so guess what happened, idiot? Yeah, he was fucked by all club members like the slut in denial he was"

"I- I don't buy it" - Toono narrowed his eyes - "if that was true, then the club members would be six, not five. I bet you're just making it up to scare me"

"Who knows" - Tamura shrugged - "are you willing to take the risk, though?"

"It's not like I have a choice!" - he blushed - "there's no one I'd … Uhm …"

"Are you sure?" - if Toono had sex with Kashima, that would take him away from Yaguchi. It'd be great - "how about that other virgin, mh? You and Kashima are on the same boat, better make use of it"

"I don't like Kashima!" - he retorted, his blush getting more severe - "Plus … Yaguchi seems to be into him and I … I don't want to get in the way …"

"Alright, I have another suggestion then"

"No! I won't do it with Yaguchi eith-"

"You stupid virgin, the other suggestion was me!" - he pointed at himself with an offended look on his face - "I'm offering you a deal, how's that sound?"

"That sounds … Shady and dangerous, actually"

"Listen up, shoujo-chan" - he crossed his arms - "You're gonna lose it either way so it's just a matter of how many people are you willing to accept down there and believe me, no one will knock on the door before kicking it open"

Toono brought a hand to his mouth, feeling like throwing up at the thought.

"On the other hand, I will win either way so I'm offering for your own good, got it?" - he almost sounded professional - "Let's have sex and the gangbang will no longer be your problem"

Toono felt his guts tensing up in a weird way as he listened to Tamura's words. He should have felt shame and disdain, but his body's reaction didn't really match his thoughts. Whether he liked it or not, Tamura had become the club member Toono was closest to, besides Kashima. He'd even dare to call him a friend, someone actually capable of talking about stuff other than sex. They'd often hang around together after class, playing stupid games and sharing snacks and drinks from the vending machines. Sure, maybe he had done all of this just to get into his pants, but at least they had a small connection besides being part of the same club. As much as Itome might have been the safest choice, or how he knew he should have gone to Shikatani to keep his own lower back safe, Tamura was the one he knew best, and possibly trusted the most … Well, more or less.

"So? What do you say?" - the 2nd-Year got closer, impatiently waiting for an answer - "will it be me, or me plus the others?"

"… Fine" - he mumbled.

"I didn't hear you"

"Fine!" - Toono raised his voice slightly, suddenly feeling a chill down his spine as he fully realized what he had just sold himself to.

"Fine!" - Tamura repeated as he got up - "My room or your room?"

"…" - I don't want to be reminded of this anytime I sleep in my bed, he thought as he sighed - "… Yours"

"Great choice virgin. So, come to my room today before dinner" - he ruffled Toono's hair with a grin - "I'm already having ideas for what I can do to you later. Don't you dare flake on me, got it? I'm cancelling one of my regulars' fuck just for you"

Toono nodded shyly, unable to look at Tamura's face. That's it. He was going to lose his virginity today. He was going to … Have sex. With another man. To escape Akemi's foolish punishment. There it was, that weird feeling again, like a sudden, slight shift in his hot entrails. The fuck was wrong with him?


And so, there he was. In front of Tamura's door, too embarrassed and scared to actually knock it. Why the hell did he accept? Heck, maybe the story Tamura told him was fake and he used it to pressure Toono into having sex. Yeah, there was no way it was real. He should have risked it … Wait. He hadn't knocked yet. He could still just turn his heels away and pretend he forgot. By the way, why couldn't he just lie? He could say he had sex with Kashima even if he didn't, just to make Akemi happy ... It's not like Kashima would sell him out if he did. So … Why the hell did he bother reaching Tamura's room? Why the hell did he bother tentatively touching himself earlier, to get a vague idea of what was about to come? … He didn't like Tamura. This was the last thing he'd want to do with him. But that warm feeling in his stomach … It was still there. Some kind of dangerous, morbid curiosity had led him to Tamura’s dorm, like an animal innocently attracted to fire before getting burnt by it.

"Oi, virgin!" - Tamura's voice called him from the other side of the hall. He wasn't in his room?!

Oh crap. He could no longer think about it, he could no longer escape. Somehow, he didn't even have to fight the urge to flee, because his body was frozen in place, that weird feeling getting slightly more intense as the 2nd-Year showed up.

"I can't believe you're actually doing this" - he grinned, opening the door and casually pulling Toono inside - "That story sure scared you, huh"

"…" - what was he supposed to do? Toono just stood there awkwardly, between the now locked door and Tamura. He didn't have much time to think though, as the blue-haired guy hugged him before licking Toono's trembling lower lip and kiss him.

It was unusually chaste, not something he'd have expected from the sex-crazed 2nd-Year. Before he could realize it, he was shyly kissing back, Tamura's lips feeling way smoother than he'd think.

"…!?" - Tamura scooped him up and he let out a small grunt of discomfort as his feet were no longer touching the floor. He instinctively placed his arms around Tamura's neck in fear of falling.

"I got your first kiss, haven't I?" - his voice sounded heavy with lust in Toono's ear - "I'm going to steal many other firsts, too"

With that, he smashed their lips together again, this time quickly making his way inside his mouth and exploring it with his skilled tongue as he placed the inexperienced 1st-Year on his bed. Toono felt somewhat dizzy, feeling like his own alter ego in a dream as his tongue tentatively lapped against Tamura's. There was no way Takashi Toono would do that. And it was nothing compared to what would come next, he realized in the back of his mind. He felt his guts shifting again at the thought, but the feeling was far from unpleasant.

"For someone who didn't want to do this, you sure get turned on easily" - he commented breaking the kiss, one hand grabbing the small tent that formed in Toono's pants, causing the chestnut-haired boy to let out a moan and squirm in place - "Just denial, I knew it … Typical of virgins"

He licked and sucked onto the skin of 1st-Year's neck as he pinned him down on the bed, starting to bite that same area playfully once he was trapped below - "Nh! Hey that hurts!"

"Yeah? So what?" - he bit into his neck again, this time more lightly - "A little pain in bed never hurt anyone"

"Please ... B-Be gentle …" - That weird feeling in his lower stomach, again. He realized in horror that he had instinctively opened his legs and raised them a little. He looked away in embarrassment. Since when had he become so voluptuous?

He could feel the buttons on his shirt coming undone one by one, his pale chest soon bare in the cool air. He made a muffled sound as Tamura's hot, wet mouth latched onto his left nipple, his right one tickled and pinched between the older boy's thumb and index. It felt good, so good, and Toono's sanity lost a piece for every damp kiss left on his skin, for every trail of saliva on his chest, down his stomach, lower and lower until the sound of his pants getting unzipped and lowered caused him no reaction but a sense of morbid anticipation, a warm chill carved between his hipbones. He heard the other boy's weight shifting on the mattress, as if he was looking for something beneath the bed, and decided he didn't want to look at whatever he was doing for the time being.

"Remember when you first walked into the club?" - asked Tamura.

"Y-Yes" - he remembered it very well. He thought he was having a nightmare, he had no idea something like that could exist for real. Why did he stay though? It was as if that scene had woke something up inside him, a part of his being he had always ignored. Perhaps the same part that led him to Tamura's bed.

"I want to make you moan like that …" - Toono felt something hard pressing against his dick, only a thin layer of damp - damp?! - underwear separating the two. - "… Too"

The younger student tensed up as he looked down and realized what was going on. He had seen that thing before. That wasn't just a sex toy, that was the same sex toy Tamura was using on Yuri the first time Toono walked into their club. He hated himself for having such good memory. Tamura rubbed the toy against him while massaging his inner thigh, trying to make his muscles relax.

It felt weird, but not in a bad way. For every time he rubbed, Toono felt closer to let out a moan, the toy brushing against a particularly sensitive spot. He found himself unable to control his body as he instinctively jerked his hips upwards against the toy, seeking more of that sweet, unusual feeling.

"Ah, getting closer aren't we?" - his voice sounded husky and low, more attractive than Toono ever thought. What kind of sorcery was that? - "Now the real fun begins"

With that he turned the toy on, the vibration soon reverberating inside Toono's body and causing him to jolt and moan suddenly.

Tamura pressed a hand on Toono's lower stomach as he kept rubbing the vibrating toy against his clothed erection - "That's what Yuri was moaning for"

Somehow, the image of Yuri on the table, moaning loudly for the same treatment Tamura was now giving him, made that hot feeling come back at full force as he jerked his hips more. He couldn't help but moan as well and groan, feeling a sense of frustration alongside the pleasure, as if he longed for more, something more he wasn't aware of.

"Woah there, does thinking about that idiot make you hard?" - he noticed with a laugh how close Toono was to orgasm and decided it was about time to grant him one. He lowered the younger's briefs and pressed the vibrator against his bare, swollen dick as he bent over and whispered in his ear - "Maybe I should have told Yuri, so we could have both had fun breaking you"

That was too much. He got a glimpse of an alternate universe. Toono moaning loudly. Yuri holding him in his lap, licking his neck and sticking his tongue in his mouth as he jerked him off. Tamura in front of them, holding Toono’s legs up, biting onto the other side of his neck and ramming into him like an untamed beast. That was the last thing he saw before white flashed in front of his eyes and he came with a loud moan, his own voice feeling foreign in his mouth.

"Hahaha! Wow you came so much, virgin!" - he scooped up some of the white sticky substance from Toono's stomach and made sure the younger guy was looking as he licked some of it off his hand - "And I haven't even played with your ass yet"

Normally, those words would have sounded gross and creepy and Toono would have felt like puking … Not right now, though. He found himself craving more, waiting in anticipation for the older student to touch him again.

Sticky cold lube was poured between his legs, running down his crotch and dripping between his thighs. He shivered as the substance partially leaked inside his entrance, causing him to tense up. Tamura's finger soon started massaging the ring of muscles from the outside, giving Toono time to get accustomed to the feeling. He instinctively sighed. He thought someone like Tamura would be much harsher, but he was acting unusually nice.

"You've been so good with Yuri's toy, come on now …" - he encouraged him as he kept massaging him with a couple fingers, his other hand giving Toono's dick a few gentle strokes - "Relax already, take deep breaths"

His voice was so calm for once that it was hard not to comply. Toono couldn't help but find his body melting quickly under his voice and commands, his entrance soon loose enough for the other to penetrate it.

"…!" - The younger boy jolted. He had tried to do that to himself earlier today, but having someone else doing it was entirely different. That hot, tingling sensation in his stomach was back, his erection growing and arching upwards more with every wriggle of the older's finger inside of him. - "A-Ah …"

"More?" - Tamura grinned as Toono started moaning softly beneath him, his body relaxed and horny enough to allow a greater size. The inexperienced boy nodded in slight embarrassment, one of his hands reaching down to hold his own thigh.

The more time passed, in the silence filled with Toono's heavy breaths and muffled moans, the needier the 1st-Year was getting. That was something the boy had never experienced before, feeling so incomplete and dependent, longing for a sense of pleasure and safety.

Suddenly, Tamura's fingers were removed and Toono grunted, his body aching to be filled again. More. - "Ah, don't worry I'm gonna give you something better now."

He took the sex toy from before and pushed it gently through Toono's lips, the younger too caught up in desire to question it. He opened his mouth hungrily and sucked on it, making sure to coat it in saliva as much as he could. His eyes accidentally met Tamura's and his heart missed a beat, his brain unable to understand whether he found it embarrassing or hot. Probably both. Maybe it was hot because it was embarrassing. He had never seen Tamura's eyes so full of lust, so full of hunger.

When he thought it was enough, the 2nd-Year pulled the toy out of his mouth and broke the trail of saliva with his own tongue, giving the vibrator a few licks himself before coating it in lube and gently pushing it through Toono's entrance, the same way he did with his mouth. His dick apparently loved this association, as it twitched and precum leaked onto his stomach.

"Enjoy the ride" - Tamura grinned as he turned the vibrator on and dipped it rhythmically in and out of Toono. He soon found his prostate and pushed against it every once in a few thrusts. Before long, the poor boy was a moaning, blushing mess, nothing but pleasure filling his little virgin head. - "Tamu-Senpai, I'm-!"

"Nah" - he quickly turned the vibrator off and out of him, leaving Toono trembling and unsatisfied, on the verge of coming but not there yet. He gulped, tears of pleasure and frustration filling his eyes as his body kept squirming in an attempt to find friction and relief. He needed it back. He needed more. He felt so fucking empty right now, he could never live like this again. Was this how Tamura and the others felt all the time? Was it a blessing? Or was it a curse?

"It's about time you make me feel good too, don't ya think?" - Tamura's pants and underwear were gone. When did he get rid of them? He was rubbing himself slowly while looking at Toono, and the younger boy felt like a prey. A prey eager to be eaten.

He coated his erection with a generous amount of lube and added more to Toono's entrance before positioning himself in front of him. Toono held his breath in anticipation, his eager body unable to completely cancel out the worries suddenly filling his head. This was a point of no return. After this, he'd no longer be the same. And, besides that, Tamura was bigger than that toy. Was he ready for this? Would it hurt? Would he regret it?

This was all Toono could think about in the few, endless seconds before Tamura thrust into him. His heartbeat increased as he realized his tip was inside, his body paralyzed while the older boy slowly worked his way to fill him up more.

"…!" - a grunt escaped his mouth but was quickly silenced by Tamura's lips crushing against his own. It hurt a little, just a little. Less than he'd expect. He figured the sex-crazed 2-nd Year had held himself back a lot for Toono's sake. That was almost sweet of him. Without thinking, he brought a hand through Tamura's hair, caressing him as a display of gratitude. He meant it. Somehow, he was enjoying this, and it was only thanks to him. The tachi smiled against his lips, caressing Toono's blushing face in return - "Are you ok?"

Toono nodded and looked away in embarrassment. He started to feel a weird need for friction inside of him, something he had never experienced before. To think his insides were wrapped around Tamura's erection like a warm, tight glove was a crazy thought, yet it was happening for real and he felt the natural instinct to move up and down on it - "Y-You can, you know …"

He shyly rolled his hips upwards to indicate he was ready for the other to move. Tamura grinned and went along, thrusting out of him until just the tip was inside, then back inside slowly. Toono felt himself coming undone with each new thrust, pleasure and pain mixing as quickly as the pace Tamura progressively picked up up.

"Ah! Ah!" - a new moan everytime, more lustful and desperate than the last one, that button inside of him being slammed against over and over as Toono's body started to thrust back against Tamura, setting up the best rhythm for both.

Everything felt so right. So good. Tamura's dick throbbing inside of him. His thighs slapping against Tamura's hipbones with every movement. The way his hips rocked back to accommodate Tamura's thrusts. Tamura's erotic groans and moans near his ear. Tamura's stomach occasionally rubbing against Toono's erection. Everything was too much. He didn't know how much time had passed, but it felt like a blissful eternity and he realized in fear it was about to end, as he felt his climax building up quickly.

"T-Tamu-senpai, I'm-!" - before he could say it, white spurted from his twitching length, sticking to both of their stomach as his body kept jerking like an electrocuted robot. Tamura bit hard onto his neck as he came short after, hot semen filling the 1-st Year up.

"Ah …" - he moaned in displeasure as Tamura pulled out, the sticky substance soon dripping from his spent entrance. The older student gave Toono a kiss before settling next to him on the bed, covering the both of them up with a sheet.

"So, did you like it?" - he asked after a while.

Toono nodded weakly, too tired to give a proper answer.

"Of course you did~ I'm the best first time anyone could get" - he held Toono in his arms, loving the way his warm breath hit his bare chest.

"Tamura …" - there was something he wanted to ask before he'd fall completely asleep - "That story … Was it true or not?"

"Do you want to know if I fooled you?" - he laughed softly, a hand reaching to caress the back of Toono's head - "It was true"

He stayed silent for some more, then decided he wanted to disclose something else. Theoretically, he wouldn't have minded seeing Toono going through the same shit he was forced into, but the more days passed, the more he realized he liked him too much to allow that without giving him a chance. Toono was fun to hang around with and Tamura was happy that they had become friends. It hurt to admit it, but the 2nd-Year didn't really have any friends besides Yuri and the other club members. - "Actually … I'm the protagonist of that story"

He confessed, though he heard no reply. Was it so shocking? Did that change anything in how Toono saw him? For the best because he could now relate more to him, perhaps? Tamura looked down. There was no doubt that Toono had fallen asleep and was now peacefully resting in his arms.

'Whatever', he thought with a shrug. He could use some sleep too.