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Book of Septcible

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    Bunce stared at his opponent fiercely, staring it down. He could probably save the hostage in about five moves, if he acted quickly, and if its backup wasn’t coming. Springing into action, he jumped onto the tree and began to climb. Using all his strength, he pulled himself up to a low branch, and then looked at the hostage on a branch just above him. His poor cat Pickles was staring down at him, begging for his owner to save him. Reaching up, Bunce grabbed Pickle’s paw and pulled him down to where he was, and hugged him tightly. Climbing back down with Pickles securely on his head, he was greeted by the one who had originally taken Pickles. “So, you got him back,” Septimus said, smirking.

    “I did!” Bunce huffed at him. before moving to go back into the building. However, he was blocked by Septimus. Bunce glared his Bunce Brand glare at him.

    “I think Pickles likes me better!” Septimus accused, as he grabbed Pickles. Bunce’s glare intensified.

    “No!” he cried, as they began a tug of war, with Pickles in the middle. Suddenly, they both heard a ripping sound as Pickle’s left leg in Septimus’ hands was separated from his body in Bunce’s hands. Both stared at what they had done, before Bunce slowly looked at Septimus. Septimus looked into Bunce’s eyes, and saw pure rage, unlike anything he had ever seen before. This terrified him, and he quickly put Pickle’s leg into Bunce’s hands and backed away, his hands up. He stopped, as Bunce didn’t appear to be blowing up, and started to move closer to him.

    “You okay Bunce?” he whispered, before he realized he had made a big mistake. Bunce was positively shaking with anger, and his head snapped in Septimus’ direction.

    “You. Broke. Pickles!” he roared, as he lunged for Septimus. Reflexes kicking in, Septimus stepped back and started running into the building. “Get back here!” Bunce howled as he chased after Septimus, who was yelling for help. Hearing Bunce, Glitcher blocked Bunce’s path as he tried to get inside. “Move!” he said angrily, before deciding to just push Glitcher backwards. Glitcher, determined to calm his brother down, held onto Bunce  while falling, bringing him down with him.

    “Bunce, shh. It’s okay Bunce, it’s okay,” he whispered soothingly as he hugged Bunce, with Bunce struggling to break free. “We can fix Pickles. Pickle’s will be fine,”  he reassured, at which Bunce calmed down and hugged Glitcher. Meanwhile, Gar came running into the room.

    “What happened?” Gar asked them. Bunce still glaring at Septimus, replied.

    “Septibutt hurt Pickles!”

    “It was an accident!” Septimus quietly said in his defense. Gar frowned, as Bunce walked up to him.

    “Can you fix him?”

    “Of course I can!” Gar replied, smiling. “Although I might have to ask Crane to fix it...” he said as Bunce handed him the parts of Pickles. Gar nodded, and headed over to Crane’s supply room. “Oh, and Septimus? Could you come with me really quickly?” At this, Septimus gulped, knowing he was in deep trouble. Oh well, it was better than staying with Bunce,  he reasoned as he quickly followed Gar, feeling Bunce staring daggers at him. Huffing, Bunce turned back to Glitcher and stared at him.

    “I’m bored,” he announced, not to Glitcher’s surprise. He then picked up a nearby ball and threw it at Glitcher. “Let’s play catch.” Glitcher smiled, eager to get Bunce’s mind off of his poor Pickles. After playing catch for quite some time, Septimus came out of the supply office, holding a newly mended Pickles. “Pickles!” Bunce exclaimed as he ran toward Septimus, who held out said cat. “Oh Pickles,” he said, hugging Pickles tightly. “You’re all fixed!”, he cried, looking at some crude but sturdy stitches.

    “I stitched him back up; I’m...really sorry,” Septimus confessed, looking down at his feet. Bunce’s eyes widened as he looked at Septimus. Suddenly, Septimus felt himself being crushed in a tight hug. He honestly didn’t know what to do, so he just slowly hugged him back. Actually, he was starting to like the hug, just when Bunce pulled away. “Friends?” he asked, holding out his hand. Bunce smiled.

    “Friends!” he joyfully said, as he took Septimus’ hand. Suddenly, something bumped into Septimus and he fell forwards, his lips crashing into Bunce’s. Not sure what to do, they both stayed in that position for a while. Breaking the unexpected kiss, Septimus apologized. “I’m so sorry...”

    “...No need to apologize,” Bunce said quietly, so only Septimus could hear him.

    “I’m so sorry Septimus and Bunce, one of Lying’s cats just jumped on me!” Glitcher exclaimed as Lying also profusely apologized and chastised one of his cats.

    “Good job Rain,” he whispered into the cat’s ear, as he stroked her back.