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Book of Septcible

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    "I've known him longer!" Gar shouted at the shorter man across him.
    "So? That doesn't matter! He obviously loves me more than you!" Lying shouted back at him. Guy's eyes widened.
    Lying's angry? I'd better run. Guy thought as he slowly inched out the door. Lying had been keeping his cool for the past hour of arguing, but Guy guessed that he finally lost it; and an angry Lying was not something you wanted to see. Actually, as Guy thought about it, no one had ever seen Lying angry. And I don't want to see it now. He thought, as he ran out the door. Gar and Lying stared after him, and continued arguing. Guy kept running, running right out the building and to that giant tree outside. He told them multiple times that he didn't like them that way, but they just didn't listen! Guy's heart pined for Bunce, but he hadn't told Bunce yet, or anyone else. "Maybe I should have, in hindsight." he grimly said. "Then this whole fight wouldn't have started." Gar and Lying had expressed their love for Guy about two weeks ago, at the SAME TIME. What were the chances of that happening anyway? After that, they began to destroy each other's stuff in Minecraft, but then everyone began to take sides. Everything had just spiraled out of control, and Guy felt that it was all his fault. "Bunce!" he shouted, as he saw the tall man come near him.
    "Hi Guy! What's going on in there?" Bunce gestured to the building. Guy shook his head.
    "Gar vs Lying. I'm terrified of the outcome." Guy admitted.
    "I wouldn't be worried. Gar would never hit Lying," Bunce comforted Guy.
    "Oh, I'm not worried about Lying. I'm worried about Gar though. I ran for it after Lying began to shout." Guy said, shuddering. Bunce's face paled.
    "You need to end this. Pick one!" Bunce shouted, shaking Guy's shoulders. "Before someone really gets hurt!" Guy hesitated for a moment, then spoke.
    "Alright, I've picked." Guy concluded. Bunce sighed in relief.
    "Thank goodness. Go in and tell them! Stop this madness!" Bunce threw his hands up in the air. Suddenly, Guy pulled Bunce towards him and kissed him. They broke apart, and Bunce spoke. "I've loved you for quite some time now. Is that why you didn't choose?" Guy nodded, and they kissed again.
    "Well, look what's happened." The two broke from their kiss, and found themselves surrounded by the LXG. "So you've picked?" Lying continued.
    "I hate to break it to you, but I love Bunce. And he loves me, and the rest of you guys are just friends. Now for goodness' sake, stop fighting!" Guy looked around at everyone, holding hands with Bunce. Everyone began to clap and cheer. "What...?"
    "We staged the whole fight so you two would get together. Plus, Lying and I are dating." Gar explained, as Guy's and Bunce's jaws dropped.
    "You horrible gits!" Bunce shouted.
    "I was so bloody nervous about you two!" Guy shouted at the same time.
    "Oh well, it worked, and that's what matters." Liam said, very happy for his friend.
    "You're all insane!" Bunce sighed exasperated, and kissed Guy again.