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Don’t walk away

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The following Monday arrives too quickly for Hyunjin’s taste.


She’s been dreading coming into school since the whole weekend preoccupied her with worries on how she could approach Heejin. The moment she woke up the next day after the party was already regretful for the soccer captain. The memories from the night before hit her like a cold truck.


She danced, well more like grinded against Heejin and kissed her neck.


Hyunjin flusters at the memory. She genuinely couldn’t believe that actually happened. If you told her a month ago that one day she would willingly stay within 1 metre away from Heejin, she’d be laughing at how outrageous that idea is. She doesn’t understand what’s gotten into her but there must have been something in her drinks because that night was just a series of what-the-fuck events.


Hyunjin shakes her head. She looks at her watch and sighs - suppose she can’t avoid Heejin forever. Walking towards her first class, Hyunjin tenses when she notices Heejin is already sitting on their desk. Alone.


Hyunjin’s steps stuttered into a stop. The sun’s rays glowed ever so slightly towards Heejin which oddly made the girl look more angelic than she actually is - a devil incarnate perhaps. Her palms started to sweat. Why the fuck is it suddenly so hot in here?! Okay, she could do this. Hyunjin tells herself like a mantra. It’s just Heejin. The ‘annoying’ Heejin. Why was she so nervous?


Besides she’s got that tradition to uphold, which to be honest, is progressing faster than she expected. Like if she can recall quickly, it’s not like Heejin threw a fit and slapped her when she danced with her. In fact, the girl was rather... accepting and even danced with her until the kissing began. Even then, they were actually quite civil for the first time since meeting each other. So, it wasn’t all too bad. It’s okay. She can use what happened at the party as a momentum to charm Heejin into liking her - in a romantic way she guesses.


The thought frees Hyunjin from the undergoing tension that she’s experiencing and she feels her shoulders loosen up. It’s all good, she had this under control. So, with a new found confidence she walked slowly towards their desk and towards the brunette. However, the closer she gets, the more she realises how silent Heejin is. Hyunjin doesn’t understand why but somehow she was already expecting Heejin’s wrath and for the cheerleader to direct her some kind of emotions. Well, most likely annoyance or even anger. Or in a far fetched day dream, maybe a smile because she did kind of saved her from that prick of an ex-boyfriend she had. But what lays in front of her is an unexpected very indifferent, glum Heejin. Hyunjin would have been offended at being ignored but she has never seen Heejin look so downcast and just... dare she say, vulnerable.


Hyunjin is conflicted. Should she greet the girl or not? She feels herself sighing lowly, trying to cool herself down. ‘Just be normal, Hyunjin. Be your normal charming self.’ She mutters. Pushing herself to muster up a chill smile directed at Heejin.


“Hey, princess.”


Heejin doesn’t move. In fact, she didn’t even avert her eyes away from the window as she mumbles a weak, meek, “Hi” as a response. Hyunjin frowns harder at the low-spirited reply, she’s not used to Heejin being the opposite of what she usually is. She’s not sure on how to act around this type of Heejin when the girl is normally chirpier and buoyant. Heejin is one of the most confident girls Hyunjin knows. All throughout high school she know that Heejin thrives on having people squirm in her presence. But seeing her like this, looking so... insecure in a way. Hyunjin realises that she doesn’t like it one bit.


They sit there in silence because for the first time in her life, Hyunjin is apprehensive of what to say or react to Heejin’s sudden diffident attitude. She doesn’t even have the heart to tease her every morning like she typically does. The cheerleader clearly wants to be left alone and Hyunjin decides to respect her wishes. So she stayed quiet.


Their teacher walks in a few minutes later and the lesson begins shortly afterwards.




After her first class, Hyunjin know she wouldn’t see Heejin again until later for their other shared class. Leaning against the wall, Hyunjin sighs with relief. She doesn’t understand why being near Heejin stresses her out but it’s nice to feel slightly freer.


Hyunjin hums to a song she loves while waiting for Hyejoo to finish packing her stuff in her locker so they can head to one of their shared classes that morning. As they walk, Hyunjin starts to overhear a significant amount of passing people talking about the “Golden Couple” break up. Everyone in the school seeming to portray Heejin as the antagonist for crushing Hansol’s heart. What most likely started as a small rumour about Heejin breaking up with Hansol, twisted with harsh, ruthless lies painting Heejin as a cheater as the rumours spread on with the onlookers.


Hyunjin scoffs at Hansol playing the victim card. She can’t believe he’s got the audacity to paint Heejin as a cold, ruthless “bitch” when in reality, it was him that kept on pushing Heejin to have sex with him when she clearly wasn’t ready. What a fucking jackass.


‘Of course, the prick would do something like this. He’ll basically do everything to taint Heejin’s persona for the whole school so he can get away with his boy-next-door charming reputation. What a disgusting piece of trash.’ Hyunjin irritatedly thinks.


The soccer player now understands Heejin’s submissive attitude from before. She must have already heard all this mess and is probably trying to seem unaffected. But seeing Heejin’s face this morning, Hyunjin can tell how deeply disturbed she might have been by all this, especially when the person that who was suppose to protect you is out there trying to ruin you. It’s makes her blood boil. Hansol was nothing but a coward.


Hyunjin is interrupted by her thoughts when she overhears a particularly loud group of girls annoyingly natter about Heejin.


“Yah, did you hear about Heejin? I knew she was always that type of girl.”


“I know right? She hides behind that innocent pretty face but is actually a cold-hearted bitch who thinks she can mess around with everyone.”


“I always knew it was a facade, cheerleaders are like that after all. And, she’s the head so she must be the worst of them all.”


“With a face like that, she thinks she can get away with everything. Poor Hansol...”


“And, isn’t she like cheating with older men or something?”


“Honestly, she’s not even that pretty. She probably begs them. Like oh my god, she’s so desperate.”


The group of girls exasperatingly giggle at that statement. Hyunjin could barely manage to keep herself from growling. With a low voice, she snarlingly snapped.


“Do you guys have nothing better to do than talk about someone else’s life? Are your lives really that pathetic?” Hyunjin coldly looks at them.


The group of girls jumped at the harsh intrusion. They were taken aback when they notice Kim Hyunjin talking to them. Their attitude shifts, raising their voices in a higher pitched voice.


“It’s not like that Hyunjin! We’re just basing it off the rumours” one of the girls instantly replies. “I’m sure you’ve heard of what happened. We were just discussing it. It’s not a big of a deal.” One of them tries to justify.


Hyunjin’s piercing glare continues to settle on them as she scoffs, “Exactly, they’re rumours for a reason. Why would you rely on those dumb rumours when you don’t even know Heejin.” Hyunjin held the straps of her bag tighter. “It’s none of your business. Since you have nothing else good to say, you might as well shut the fuck up.”


Hyunjin is furious, the whole school were gossiping about Heejin like this. They didn’t even know what happened. They didn’t see Heejin’s teary eyes, the girl shrinking in on herself at Hansol’s crude statements or the way she flinched harshly when he tried to touch her. Heejin was evidently innocent. She wants to continue her heated rant when Hyejoo pulls her arm back and shakes her head. With a hard and cold look at the girls, Hyejoo murmurs. “You’re just going to waste your time. They won’t listen no matter what you say, so let’s just leave.”


The black-haired girl is still shaking from the increasing anger within her but she knows Hyejoo is right. They’re not worth her time, at all. With a last disdainful look, she turns around with Hyejoo to carry on walking.


She hears the group mutter, clearly irked, “What’s wrong with her? Doesn’t she hate Heejin?”


Yeah. She did but that was before she saw what went down at the party. Hyunjin thinks that Heejin is not as cold-hearted as she always idealised her to be. Heejin is much more than what her and everyone sees. The girl always put up a front but there was clearly something more behind that mask she hides in.


A fleeting image of Hyunjin seeing Heejin’s disheartened face this morning enters her mind. She truly feels the need to defend and protect the cheerleader. No one deserved to be judged on how you live your life. No one deserved to be subjected to this kind of bullying. Heejin especially doesn’t deserve to be called names behind her back when she’s done nothing wrong. The rumours circulating harshly and pointlessly directed at Heejin. Hyunjin hates how unfair it all is.




At lunch, Hyunjin looks over at the cheerleading’s table and frowns when doesn’t see Heejin. Hyunjin eyebrows continue to furrow deeper when she scans the whole cafeteria and still doesn’t see the familiar brown hair.


Is Heejin okay? What if Hansol got to her?.....


Hyunjin was brought out of her thoughts when Yeojin loudly yelps and slaps Sooyoung for teasing her. Meanwhile Yeri, Yeji and Chaeyoung were just talking animatedly about that new dance trend idols were doing and how they should try it out. Jungeun and Hyejoo were happily sitting beside her just eating their lunch in peace. Hyunjin relaxes a little bit. She likes the peace and quiet with these two.


However, it seems that she spoke too soon when the tranquility between them breaks promptly and a little too sudden for Hyunjin’s liking. Jungeun suddenly turning to her and giving her a knowing cheeky smile.


“So, Hyunjin... word on the street tells me that Heejin and Hansol have broken up.”


The rest of her teammates quieten down at that. A second later, they all decided to mischievously join in all at once. Yeji slapped her back while Yeri gave her a giddy shove.


“Yup, Kim Hyunjin on a mission to mend Jeon Heejin’s broken heart!” Yeri gleefully states.


“And when it happens, they finally kiss and Hyunjin wins! My inspiration never letting me down!” Yeojin chaotically yells.


Hyunjin rolls her eyes and tries to shut them down.


“No, it’s not like that. It’s really not good for Heejin right now.” Hyunjin exhales deeply while picking aimlessly on her food. “Hansol is being a fucking dick and spreading all these rumours about her.” Hyunjin irritatingly added. She continues to stab at the poor tomato on her salad.


“I just want to be there for her at least.”


“Oh? You’ll be there for her, for sure...” Sooyoung smirks and raises her eyebrows suggesting a lewd comment behind it.


Hyunjin blushed.


“Shut up Soo” Hyunjin hissed. “To be honest, it’s just weird seeing her so down and not feisty or confident or whatever she usually is. It’s no fun.” Hyunjin sullenly replies, puffing her cheeks.


Jungeun pats her back soothingly, “There, there you baby. You’ll get your lover back in high spirits soon, I’m sure. Just hang in there.”


The rest of her teammates laughs boisterously at Jungeun’s comment while Hyunjin continues to sulk. She doesn’t even have the heart to stop them as she looks back on where Heejin would usually be sitting, the seat unoccupied.




10 minutes before lunch ends, Hyunjin leaves early to go her class which was on the other far south side of the school.


However, what catches her attention is the moment she strolled down past their huge field, she spots Heejin sitting... alone on the bleachers.


She doesn’t question why, but somehow she lets her feet pull her to where Heejin is. She’s unsure of why she doesn’t even know what to say but all she knows is that she just wanted to... maybe keep her company.


She takes a sit next to Heejin and Heejin briefly looks at her puzzled, but stays quiet. They let the tranquility wash over them, as they listen to the distant chattering and laughter of the students far away. Hyunjin secretly glances at the cheerleader and hates how subdue and reserved she is. She actually misses her snarky comments. At least the girl was perky and vivacious then.


Hyunjin knows she wants to change that. She wants to see Heejin back to her exuberant self, not this insecure vibe she currently holds. She’s determined to cheer her up somehow. So, Hyunjin says the best random fact she knows.


“Hey, did you know turtles fart out of their mouths?” She smirks, proud of knowing this fact.


Heejin looks over at her weirdly like she’s grown another head. This doesn’t derail Hyunjin in the slightest, she carries on happily knowing she has Heejin’s attention now.


“They’re backward animals! So, they breathe and pee out of their butts. I guess you could say, they’re buttheads...” Hyunjin playfully ends, hoping Heejin got her pun.


Hyunjin starts to notice a slight smile appear on Heejin’s expression and she has never felt so giddy in cracking Heejin’s stony demeanour before.


Hyunjin grinned. She turns to Heejin and cheerfully continues, “Did you also know manatees swim through an endless cycle of farting?”


She gives Heejin a genuine smile, trying to stop herself from laughing out loud. She sees Heejin look back at her and finally smiles, and Hyunjin swears the skies have turned a little more vibrant and their surroundings may have brightened up a bit more.


She finally got Heejin to smile. Hell yeah, she did that.


“Alright Kim, I get it. You can stop talking about farting now, you dork.” Heejin gives her an entertained smile while standing up, Hyunjin feels herself awfully chirpy at seeing Heejin’s exuding confidence again.


“Wait, where are you going?” Hyunjin questions, perplexed.


Heejin continues to give her an amused smile, “Really? Have you seriously forgotten your education? We’ve got class in a bit. C’mon or we’re gonna be late.” The cheerleader steps down from the bleachers.


Oh shit yeah.


How she manage to forget that she had class was beyond her. Everything seemed to fade when she got there, too focused on lifting Heejin’s spirit up which she successfully aced. She’s unsure of why she feels a little lighter but she’s just never been happier of making the decision to approach the brunette. She knows she’s acting so weird because she and Heejin has never been close and yet she’s acting like it’s her duty to make sure Heejin is alright.


What is wrong with her? Hyunjin thinks confused, her eyebrows furrowing. She puts her hands in the pockets of her letterman jacket and takes a glance at Heejin. This is so out of her character but seeing the brunette sporting a smile, she just couldn’t bring herself to care.


‘Whatever.’ The soccer player thinks, as she happily follows Heejin towards their next class.


She decides, happier Heejin is definitely her favourite type of Heejin.




When the next day comes, Hyunjin hopes that Heejin is feeling better. The thought of seeing the brown-haired girl again makes her nervous. She supposed that maybe it’s because she’s not sure how to deal with the stress that comes with seeing a desolate Heejin and nothing more. Yeah, that’s definitely it. She not fond of changes so technically, she’s only trying to help Heejin so they could be back in their comfort zone.


“H-Hey, Princess. You feeling all better now?”


Hyunjin flinches at herself. God, this is so embarrassing. What the hell was she stammering for?


It’s only Heejin. The girl she’s supposedly hated since she was as young as she could remember. She needed to get a fucking grip!


However, Hyunjin is baffled when she doesn’t hear Heejin mocking her for stammering and offers her a soft smile instead.


“Yeah. Thank you.” Heejin tilted her head and hesitated for a minute before adding. “I also need to thank you for what you did with Hansol by the way, I didn’t know if you heard me back then at the party...”


Hyunjin is dumbfounded. Wow, Jeon fucking Heejin is actually being thankful to her?


She never thought she would see this day come.


“Damn, I didn’t know you had it in you to be grateful for something! But no worries, Jeon.” Hyunjin carries on while pointing at herself, “Don’t be scared because big bad Kim Hyunjin will always be there to save the day!” She flaunts at herself, dramatically.


The black-haired girl feels her self smiling when she hears Heejin slightly giggle at her statement.


“Alright, hotshot. Don’t push it. I guess, I just tolerate you a little bit more now.”


“Tolerate? Wow, after all of the things I’ve done for you, Princess!” Hyunjin exaggerates.


Heejin rolls her eyes at Hyunjin’s antics but Hyunjin takes it as a win when she sees a gentle smile adorning Heejin’s face.


“You’re so dramatic, Kim. You should have joined the drama club instead.”


“I mean, they did ask me to play Romeo at one point. They wanted to put a twist in it and make it more unique by playing an all girls Romeo and Juliet drama.” Hyunjin seriously responds as she sits back before she continues.


“But, I could never be Romeo without the perfect Juliet.” Hyunjin looks straight at Heejin before carrying on, “I mean, if they casted you as Juliet, I would have maybe said Yes.” Hyunjin winks.


She chuckles at the cheerleaders’ flustered reaction. Hyunjin thinks that if this is how easy it was to fluster Heejin then she would truly enjoy teasing her.


In fact, she makes another mental note that a blushing Heejin is added to the list of her favourite types of Heejin so far. She records that she’s only noting down her favourite types of Heejin for the tradition, clearly nothing more. Yeah, that’s obviously it.


“In your wild dreams, Romeo. As if, I would ever say yes to being your Juliet!” Heejin quickly deflects.


“We’ll see about that, Juliet.” Hyunjin teasingly says, while blowing an air kiss for Heejin.


Heejin whines and deflects the kiss.


“Ugh, you’re so annoying, Kim!”


Hyunjin laughs out loud at Heejin’s loud whining, while Ms. Yoo finally walks in.


The soccer captain realises that their bickering is less hostile and more friendly, recently. Hyunjin knows something has changed between them but she doesn’t want to acknowledge or contemplate on it too much.


She’ll just go along with the flow. Besides, all this thinking is making her head hurt.


She looks over at Heejin and observes the head cheerleader. She notices Heejin’s mole just below her eye. She never seen that before, it kind of makes her look alluring. Hyunjin would love to kiss tha-


Wait, what the fuck?


Before Hyunjin could further reflect on her thoughts. She realises that she must have been staring for a while, since Heejin looks back at her and holds her gaze in curiosity. But then, the brunette shortly frowns.


“What is it, Kim? Is there something on my face or what?”


Hyunjin continues to stare.


“You know, if you really want to pass the upcoming exam, you should pay attention!” Heejin says in a hushed whisper.


“Alright, alright.” Hyunjin looks forward and whispers loud enough just for Heejin to hear, “I just got distracted by your face, that’s all.” Hyunjin tenses. Shit, did she say that out loud?


“....What? What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Jeon, didn’t you just tell me to pay attention? Your interrogation isn’t helping my education.”


She hears Heejin cursing underneath her breath and Hyunjin stops herself from laughing out loud.


God, messing with Heejin was way too entertaining.


Hyunjin doesn’t realise that she ends up grinning dopily for the remainder of the lesson.


She’s glad they’re back to normal and Heejin appears to be in a high-spirited mood again. Hyunjin secretly spares Heejin one more glance and thinks that she definitely looks better happier.




“Hey Jeon, how do you answer this?” Hyunjin questions, visibly confused as she stares at the formulas in front of her.


They’re back at Heejin’s ‘library’, their tutoring session is in place again. Hyunjin’s on her last question with Chemistry and her brain feels like it’s going to explode. She can’t wait to finish this torture and take a break already.


Heejin leans over, explaining to her the notion of electrochemical reactions in such an excited manner that Hyunjin thinks that it’s sort of adorable. She couldn’t help but blurt out a tiny, “You’re such a nerd.” while playfully giving her a gentle smile, not realising she’s even smiling herself.


Heejin pouts and rolls her eyes while trying to threaten the soccer captain. “You better watch what you say or else you won’t have a tutor.” Hyunjin chuckles afterwards, starting to get used to Heejin’s empty threats knowing that the girl needs her as much as she does. They were studying Math after this, after all.


When Hyunjin finally finishes the unnecessary difficult question. She stretched like a cat and yawned, wow she actually feels exhausted from wasting all of her energy on trying to get her brain to function for Chem. Glancing at Heejin, she sees the girl taking out her Math books to start her work. The soccer player plucks her phone out from her pocket to look through her messages and remembers that she still needs Heejin’s number.


“Hey, Jeon.”


“What is it...” Heejin asks detached, too concentrated on the book in front of her.


Hyunjin looked at Heejin’s phone on the table next to her and cheekily smirks.


“You know, your phone is nice.”


Heejin doesn’t look up from her book and mumbles a tame, “Thanks.” while carrying on solving her work, starting to get distressed.


“But, it would be even nicer if it had my name in it.” Hyunjin shamelessly flirts.


Heejin looks up then, baffled at Hyunjin’s brazen attitude.


“Did you just use a pick up line on me? That gave me more reasons not to give it to you.”


“What? Why? That was a good one!” Hyunjin loudly whines, like a kid that’s been deprived of a candy.


But, Hyunjin is known to be relentless of course so this doesn’t deter her in the slightest.


“If you think I’m good at flirting now, wait until you flirt with me over the phone.”


She spots Heejin adorning a gentle blush creeping up to her face in the next second and Hyunjin takes it as a win. Heejin looks back down on her book, tips of her ears looking like a tomato, and ignores Hyunjin.


“In your wildest dreams, Kim Hyunjin.”


“So, are you going to give me your number or should I ask Siri to find it for me?”


“If you don’t stop, I swear to-“


“I could’ve sworn I had your number. You’re going to have to put it in my phone again.”


“Shut u-“


“Seriously, are you going to ask me for my digits or should I take the lead?”




“I change my mind. Your phone sucks, it doesn’t have my name on it.”


Heejin loses it then and yells, “You’re insufferable!” while grabbing Hyunjin’s phone to type her number in. Hyunjin laughs while Heejin continue to fumble, typing her number on her phone.


When Heejin gives her back her phone, she puts a little puppy emoji next to her name since the cheerleader genuinely reminds her of one. She thinks she’s threatening and intimidating when she’s nowhere near the slightest. Just like a puppy. It makes her chuckle. She texts Heejin so that the girl can save her number as well.


She lets Heejin work for the next half an hour while she giddily looks at memes. They were so dumb but the soccer player is easily amused as she scrolls through twitter and spots them. She starts chuckling out loud and starts to nudge the girl beside her to check it out.


At first, the cheerleader seems amused but as time goes on and it’s Hyunjin’s fifth jab at Heejin’s arm. Heejin loses her patience and she grabs the phone out of Hyunjin’s hands.


“I’m not allowing you on this phone anymore, you’re going to sit there quietly and help me with this next question!” Heejin exclaims, starting to get irritated.


Hyunjin pouts but obeys nonetheless. She waits for Heejin to reach the next question. When she finally does, Hyunjin happily explains to her how to solve the mockingly ‘difficult’ equations. She leans over at Heejin’s side and gives her an easier formula to solve it better.


As she finishes, she looks at Heejin and pleadingly asks, “Could I have my phone now, princess?”


Heejin gives her an arrogant, pretty smile and taunts, “No, I think I like you a little quieter and just waiting for me when I need help.”


Hyunjin ignores the brown-haired girl’s comment and snatches the phone next to Heejin. But, Heejin appears to know her so well that she grabs it out of Hyunjin’s grasps and lifts her hand high in the air, away from Hyunjin.


“Jeon, give it back or else you’ll regret it.” Hyunjin threatens.


“Oh yeah? And how are yo-“


Heejin’s taunting is cut off when Hyunjin suddenly grabbed the brunettes waist. Hyunjin looked at Heejin’s red face before attacking her with tickles all over her waist. Fortunately for Hyunjin, the cheerleader was extremely ticklish. The brunette yells and tries to squirm away from Hyunjin’s strong grip. Heejin then laughs out loud, her deep laugh resonating throughout the room. Hyunjin feels herself easing her grip when she hears Heejin’s giggles.


She’s never heard Heejin laugh so freely and hearing her giggle was just so... cute. Hyunjin feels the desire to just scoop her up and hug her wholly instead. Maybe snuggle her neck because she’s so damn cute. How did she only hear Heejin’s genuine laugh now? She feels a little light headed at the sweetness of it all. It felt so pure. She wants to hear her again. And, again. Was it just her or was the room getting warm? She feels her cheeks flaring up at the thought. What the fuck is wrong with her?


Hyunjin’s tiny faltering moment must have been enough for Heejin to release herself from her grasp. She notices the girl already standing up, away from Hyunjin. Now, that won’t do.


“Wait wai- Seriously, Kim. Just sit there and wait for me to finish!” Heejin cowardly states as she sees Hyunjin creepily stand up and walk agonisingly slow, like a predator about to pounce on their prey.


Heejin instantly squeals as Hyunjin runs to her and for Heejin, she runs like her life depends on it. It brought out a whole cross-county athlete in the cheerleader. Hyunjin arrogantly smirks, praising Heejin for trying. She’s in the soccer team and is the soccer captain for a reason.


Hyunjin easily grabs Heejin’s waist and pulls her back to her, the black-haired girl notices how tiny the brunette seem to fit in her arms. Hyunjin manages to inhale a whiff of Heejin’s perfume due to their sudden closeness. She has an inkling that it must be some type of luxurious brand since it smelt a little too heavenly. She feels like nuzzling her head in the crook of Heejin’s neck to inhale it a little more. Maybe, she should ask Heejin what perfume she uses. She wanted some of that.


She hears Heejin whine as she tries to get away from Hyunjin’s grasps but the soccer player has her locked and secure in her arms. Heejin painfully trying to stretch her arm out and away from Hyunjin as much as possible. But, Hyunjin just hugs the girl a little tighter, turned the girl before reaching out to finally grab her phone out of Heejin’s hold.


When she promptly puts her phone in her pocket and looks back to Heejin, she fails to realise that they’ve gotten closer. Much, much closer. In fact, Hyunjin is only a breath away from Heejin and she.... has a tight hold on the cheerleader right now. She sees a bright crimson blush gently adorning her cheeks as she puffs, clearly still out of breath.


A fleeting thought enters Hyunjin’s mind, uncalled for. How did she not recognise how strikingly beautiful Heejin really is?


She looks down on her plumped lips and she feels herself lured in at the sight of it. However, before she could do anything, she feels Heejin’s weak push before hesitantly stuttering a meek, “Uhm Hyunjin... we should...”


Hyunjin instantly pulled back from Heejin like she’s been burned. God, she felt like someone just drenched her with a cold jug of water. Such contradicting feelings, she honestly feels like she’s losing her mind. What in the world was that?! What the hell was she about to do?!


The soccer player coughs out loud, embarrassingly stricken at the prior moment, and awkwardly scratches her neck.


“Y-Yeah, let’s go back to studying.” Hyunjin plainly replies, still shaken up. But, she couldn’t stand to just be there in silence after ‘that’ whole moment, whatever it was. So, she dives straight back into teasing Heejin. Anything, to get the increasingly awkward tension out of the room.


“I know you really need my help and as a generous Math genius, I’ll let a desperate student know my secrets.”


Heejin immediately scoffs, “Excuse me, who are you calling desperate?” Hyunjin gives her a cocky smile before teasing her once more.


The awkward tension promptly disappearing and just like that, they instantly went back to their studying (and bickering).


The moment from before, left in the dust.