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In the Night

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Going to the coffee shop was a mistake, it was already busy. Which meant that there was a tirade of rampant, unedited thoughts travelling through the atmosphere and into the path of the editor.  She already knew that the lady in the far corner was having an affair on her husband with the man next door with the “enormous penis” and she was texting her “best gal pal” to tell her all.

On the other end of the spectrum the couple holding hands in front of them in the que were young lovers who decided to have a breakfast date due to their clashing schedules. The young gentleman was unsure if the girl across from him was the right choice but the young lady directly ahead of her seemed very keen on him. She hoped for her sake that he made a positive decision.

As for Andrea, Miranda could tell she was nervous about the fact that she had joined her, mostly because she was scared about what the cashier might say about her without knowing who her boss actually was within the building. Apparently said cashier had been making scolding comments about Miranda for weeks now. Although, to be honest, a little trip into the cashier’s mind and she could see that actually these comments might have started months ago. Not that she was overtly surprised. She had hoped to clear her on head following the untrained thoughts of Andrea, however clearly, she was too preoccupied to block out the thoughts.

She had also been finding a certain person’s thoughts hard to block out, especially as that person seemed to be thinking almost exclusively about her.

About the newfound information about her and about her appearance and nature. If she didn’t know better, she would assume that Andrea had a crush on her, although that was unlikely. Just because Miranda knew she was tied to the brunette through her kinds way of breeding didn’t mean she would assume or force a situation that the girl was more than likely not interested in.

“Where would you like to sit?” She ensured that her tone was light whilst she interrupted Andrea’s thoughts, hoping to gently persuade her to calm her rushed thoughts. Andrea eventually chose a table in the corner for them both and started to settle down.

“What would you like Andrea?”

She managed to shock the younger woman through this act of kindness, apparently, she should ask this more often, the small smile that the question gave was enough that she wanted to see it all the time. She smiled back and noted the effect it had on Andrea’s mood.

She decided to do something that she did not often allow others to do in her presence, she engaged in small talk. For once though, she was honestly interested in what the other person had to say. She did not often pry into people’s thoughts, finding it to be too much of an invasion. She liked to keep herself surprised by people’s thoughts. However, of what she could not help to overhear she knew that the younger woman was far more interesting than the other people around her. She had much more to her than the stuttering she was currently displaying would have her believe.

It wasn’t every day that a vampire could trust someone to show their true form, it also wasn’t everyday that their mates would be so obvious. In that case Miranda was very lucky, she had known so many others who had to wait centuries before their missing piece would reveal themselves. Sadly, she was unsure if the stuttering child next to her would ever see herself for who she was, the olive branch for two warring worlds.

You see, there was an old prophecy that had been passed down from generation to generation of vampire that one day the queen of the vampires would find a mate, both different in age and tradition and yet with strength enough to settle the rift between human and vampire.

How the fuck was she going to tell the 25year old that was currently blinking at her in an awkward silence she wasn’t sure.

The 25-year-Old who had a teeny tiny spec of coffee that had spilt on her shirt, it would be adorable if it wasn’t for the fact Miranda could tell the brunette was terrified that she would notice. Or more specifically, her. She was scared of her. It was such a shame.

“You don’t need to be scared of me.”

“I-I’m not scared.” She pointedly raised her right eyebrow and stared blankly at Andrea. (Miranda had worked out very early on that if she removed all emotion from her face that the person being stared at would be so “shit-your-pants-scared” that they would do whatever she wanted.

“Is that so, please remind your face of this…” your sweet adorable, coffee-stained face. She almost started laughing at the bug-eyed look the assistant was giving her. “I need to know that you will be keeping my secret?” She let a little of her fangs come out, for the affect.

The open-mouthed nod that she received from Andrea was enough.

“Thank you.” The mouth shut and a sort of high-pitched squeak came from the brunette. “What?” – apparently the brunette thought she was being too polite because she had never said that to her before.

“Be real here though Miranda, how does a vampire become head of a multi-million-dollar fashion magazine, and no one knows about it?”

“Well, like I said, no one can do what I do. I am a master chameleon. But mostly, its because I finally found something that I enjoy doing and feel like it is my true calling. Despite what the grand charter would prefer be my calling….”

“The grand charter?”

She sighed, pinching her nose. She really wished she didn’t have to say this.

“I’m the Grande Dame Vampire, born in Paris Queen of the vampires. It is my job to ensure that the ongoing war between vampires and humans comes to an end.” She tilted her head to side considering her companion.

“Well, that’s a lot of information.” She smiled at Andrea. Yes, yes indeed it was.