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  • Two Glasses of Friendship-flavored Ice Tea/First

After the breakup, that coincidentally happen when Jodie in preparation for undercover investigation in Japan. Few years before Jodie teach English in Teitan High School

Jodie knew that she'll begin her Japanese training with Natsuko Shibuya soon, she even already ordered two glass of iced tea, but her heart really can't focus to study anything. Yesterday feels like a nightmare to her but that's real -A reality that she really wishes never happen in her life: A day when she becomes nothing but just mere fellow FBI agent to Shu. Shuichi Akai, her partner in FBI that she nicknamed Shu as they grow up as lovers -suddenly cut remaining ties between them last night. She understands his reasoning to sacrifice everything for dedicating Black Organization's downfall -but it hurts, very much- She can't help her dreaded feeling that Shu will never come back. It's not just about his heart that could never open to her again, but the probability of his life and soul as a whole tarnished when diving further to the organization's darkness. 

Jodie jerks her face when suddenly a hand touched her shoulder. A hand that belonging to Natsuko, that looking her up with great concern. Jodie now aware she has tears threatened to fall in all corner of her eyes. Natsuko didn't know what makes Jodie feel so sad, but she knows that she should at least giving a tight hug to enlighten Jodie. Being hugged by Natsuko, her sadness loose like water that break down a dam. She feels guilty made Natsuko's shirt ruined though Natsuko didn't mind in the slightest.

Like Iced Tea, sweet and refreshing, that's what friendship between Jodie and Natsuko. Sweet as both of them clicked to become buddies of life. Refreshing as Jodie feel could tell anything inside her heart to Natsuko, vice versa. Natsuko has given warnings from Jodie to never reveals Jodie's identity as FBI agent especially when Jodie in Japan. Sometime later Natsuko being told that Jodie really needs the Japanese language from her. Although in FBI there's Japanese guy that really close to Jodie, lover even-it's now a past- because that guy cutting ties as going undercover by fake-dating-but-turn-real one of the members named Akemi Miyano-san. Jodie carved a big motivation in her heart, as Shu's now working hard to reveal Black Organization's secrets, she'll try her hardest too in her preparations for undercover in Japan.

  • About Osaka as the west side of Japan/Second

First, give warning to Heiji that knew she's FBI agent. After Vermouth Arc

Jodie's undercover secret busted and everyone seems to know she's FBI agent: Cool kid, Ai-kun the little red riding hood, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Departement, dr. Araide, possibly whole Osakan Police District through Heiji, even her students at Teitan Suzuki-san and Mouri-san. Jodie didn't know if she could still in James' team, let her mission to pursuing Vermouth, after her FBI identity revealed. At least the idea from Shu to just tell everyone she just on vacation to Japan to heal her heart that caused by the same guy that suggested the idea seems worked, but 'till when? One thing to do first, she needs to deal with Heiji Hattori that could be a danger if ever tries to sniff BO's darkness. The background checks about Shounen Tantei of the West she asks after her falling neighbour case shows him as the son of highest authority in Osaka that really could do what she fears. She found Hattori-san in the okonomiyaki restaurant they agreed to meet, preparing the ingredients for two portions. Cool kid warns her that Hattori-san has the tendency to try treats everyone he knows some Osakan style Okonomiyaki, but talking first and eating later is better.

"Thank you for agreeing to come, Hattori-san. I know I owe you some explanations, but before that, I like to know how much informations you had"

Pieces of information, like knowledge, are great power with a sharp double edge. The power to shoot the heart of the problem but with prices that usually must be paid when obtained them. Also, you can't forget what you just knew-if you learned the truths about things related to BO than you and everyone around you will be hunted down forever.

"I didn' know much eith'r sensei... Just my best friend -th' detective of th' east- seems tangled with the mess from those men 'n black... I ough't to help him!"

Jodie knew Heiji's knowledge of Black Organization/BO quite vast already but keep secrets from her. No matter, because she comes to Osaka isn't to investigating but giving a warning. After Flying Neighbour Case, she learnt what Hattori-san really is and she afraid of how vast his knowledge related to the Black Organization really is. His current knowledge already enough to endanger him and anyone around him, but she knows from experience that Heiji got curiosity disease: you can't stop people like that even they could endanger or kills themself in process

"I won't stop you to help your best friend from Black Organization shenanigans, but could you become more careful and have more awareness around your surroundings? Beware of any cases that irrational, unsolved or being solved too quickly that happen around Osaka... Those monsters of darkness that already lurking from Polices in Osaka are highly probable to be the one responsible for those. That's the main reason of us FBI didn't reveal ourself investigating in Japan, as we try to keep innocents being harmed. "

Heiji nods those warning from Jodie, he figured FBI reason but keeping in heart about possible BO moles in Osaka. Aggravating those moles like opening Pandora's boxes, it will eventually bring chaos in Osaka. It's very irritating but Heiji must endure the itches to just investigate those cases. He must restrain himself from those curiosity itches. For sake of Kazuha (that he really didn't wanna her involved in the mess, like what Kudo did in ensuring Mouri's safety), his parents, Otaki-han and everyone in Osaka...

[[Sidenote: Did anyone wonder why Osaka seems peaceful although Heiji Hattori knows much BO-related? IMHO, because Jodie already warned Heiji to never attempt aggravating BO moles that probably already lurks deep within Osaka Police Ranks? Ah it's apparently just me and I've checked with Heiji simps, his knowledge related to BO is limited and won't be enough to be regarded as threat anytime to the story]]

  • We are Agent of Justice/Third

Second, keep the FBI team together after the loss of vital agent. After Kir Arc

Jodie sensed darkness when she crying out Shu's death: Vermouth. She asked James about that, which confirmed that a woman with leather black outfit rides Harley is indeed the witch of thousand faces. That means BO will get confirmation about Shu's death from FBI themself, but at least that will strengthen BO belief about Akai's death right?

"Jodie-kun, we must return to everyone. It's bitter news, but we must tell everyone about it. Though, before we meet them, I want to give out a quote to keep us falling apart"

Jodie nods to James. James relaxing on the back seat, and strangely positioning himself like what her dad did every time telling stories before bed. He softly speaking:

"We are the agent of Justice by investigating. There are many confronting opinions about us, as one thinks us as we're secret supersoldiers to solving cases but another thinks us as a nuisance that has done anything in the interest of America, not justice. I for one believe that we will always true to our justice and kindness while ensuring all crimes -even from the darkest and the most secret crime organization ever exist in the world- being investigated and given justice! I know we could keep in unity, even after hit by horrible obstacles!!"

"Those all are from what your father last words as previous Head of FBI that I heard before I found him as ashes while you crying alone in front you're ruined home that badly burnt.."

Jodie feels her eye duct that seems dried after crying over Shu's death become wets again after the mention of her dad. Those speeches from him surely could become quote for all of FBI agents, especially James team here in Japan. Shuichi's death shouldn't be seen as horrible obstacles to their investigation progress in bringing down BO but must be as motivation. Surely they could keep true for their nature as law enforcement to bringing justice to all BO crimes, especially what Vermouth did to her parents. She and James must keep the whole team together. Andre, Tim, Bill, Jeff, Meyer, Hodges, Ishida and all FBI agents in Japan.. They probably have hell jobs waits to complete report about Operation Fishing Line of Kir, and heart-wrenching details of Shu's death that will be informed to his family just as 'killed on the line of duty'... but Jodie know they'll manage.

Shu... I can't believe you leave me so soon... I only hope you could rest in peace... I'm glad.. no.. very grateful... to just be able to work alongside you... For... All this time...

It really hurts that my own saying to Suzuki-san and Mouri-san become true now... Those sayings “Relying on someone else without exerting any effort of your own is just not right. Because the one you rely on most can disappear, at any time.” I should prepare my own as now I can't rely on Shu ever again as he disappears like starlight...

    P.S: The last sentences of this part is actual Jodie's quote from volume 42nd file 426th page 18th (Convenience Store Trap) for anyone wondering or forgot
  • The Dark 'Scarlet' Knight Return/Fourth

Third, ensuring the protection of a precious child. After infamous 'Scarlet Return' Arc

Subaru Okiya is the persona that Shuichi Akai made after faking his death, with help from Cool Kid and famous actress Yukiko Kudo. Jodie has a weird warm feeling in her heart being the one that put up puzzle pieces surrounding Shu's death. Jodie feels her burden and fear being lifted after knowing that mysterious guy is indeed Shu. not Borboun, and even Borboun himself is a mole to BO though she still can't forgive him for putting Natsuko in the mess even being racist, like looking down to her as FBI although they have a similar goal with him. After all the memories sunk in and realities kicks in, Jodie accepts Shu's new persona and keep his survival ship secret. There's something that Jodie want to confront to Shu soon. Why Shu change his overall appearance but stays this close? Around Ai-kun and Professor Agasa House? Probably his reason is what Jodie thinks? She needs to confront him...

"Shu, you're here near Ai-kun to keeping your promise to Akemi-san right? I hope you didn't creepily stalk her from the window"

Jodie drops 'that elephant of the room' after their discussion about RUM (also after breaking down wiretaps in Kudo's house-damn that means Kir's information earlier being heard by someone, hopefully, those leaks not too harmful) and Andre return earlier. She knows the mere mention of Akemi-san near Shu's earshot could turn to worse instantly, but she wants honest explanations to all his doing here especially in this Subaru persona. Being watched even for our own protection are highly uncomfortable and could leave to a grave misunderstanding, as Jodie speaks from her WPP experience that filled with mistrusts. Jodie wants to keep her safety too, as Ai-kun could be killed on the spot when meeting with their shared enemy-Vermouth. Jodie just wishes for the best of reaction out Shu; the cold, tall and distant man that could snipe you anytime.

Shu's reply came like an icy cold knife that cutting down her heart. His green eyes piercing her-but she already accustomed to those. She'll be brave. "How did you knew that?" 

"Forgive me before.. I accidentally found Akemi-san last message on your phone that I borrowed before because my batteries out around Kir's surveillance time... But since in Japan, I knew you try to keep Ai-kun safety from the shadow, like how you didn't show up before she faints in the harbour... She's like me in the past, so I feel she probably feel very uncomfortable with your usual 'protection-from-shadow' from her sister's boyfriend even with a different face... Could I at least told you aren't them?"

Shuichi firstly didn't believe Jodie could ensure Ai that he's not them anymore with his soul still tainted with their darkness. He still has mixed feeling about Jodie knew Akemi's last message in his phone. Although with all avalanches of emotions, he quickly buried deep down from the surface as he let Jodie left Kudo's house to visit Agasa's. Jodie presses his neighbour's bell house and quickly being invited to enter by both Ai and Agasa. He put curtains on the window of the second floor and trying to suppress his aura so he could be unnoticeable. Shuichi prying Jodie figure that already crouching down to have chats with Ai. Ai's face turns from shocked to distinguished to finally relief with a small smile -thus strangely to him- both of them suddenly pulling out a warm long hug to each other. Their hug makes them seems at utmost peace, and both of them seems like close sisters although they didn't have a bit blood relation. There's even added effect in his mind, with how Jodie face in his observation blurred and become like Ai's face. He wonders what magic words that Jodie said to make Ai's face in peace- but at least if Ai stills feel scared about him, Ai knows that Jodie will always support her. 

P.S: I need those reinforcements of Jodie and Ai friendship as they shared background of being the girl that threatened by Black Organization's Vermouth but decides to fight back

  • I already knew (that this part probably the longest out of the seven)/Fifth

Fourth, could be Subaru Okiya persona inspired by doctor Araide? After file 950th I just wanna Jodie and Shuichi in a car together talking private things like in their past.

Shu's sudden call to bring his car make Jodie accidentally let go everything she holds right now in their office. Few fellow agents that realizing her accident either snickering her or give sympathetic face-though Jodie didn't care is no one business. Jodie then knocks James' cabinet softly and asking for keys of Shu's car: A racing car with bright red colour and striped white lines that surely too showy to drives in daylight. She driving his car (now brightly red by sunlight like his family name) on fast speed so he could quickly come to where Shu waits, though she needs to avoid anyone recognize her while driving the 'so-obvious-in-plain-sight' car. When Jodie nearly arrive in the neighbourhood where Shu's called, suddenly a man that seems wears white hospital coat comes out behind a fence-wall in the corner. 

Jodie pulls the brake instantly, wonder who's the man that nearly hit off with a Race Red with White twin Stripes 2007 Ford Shelby GT 500 SVT. Her pupil becomes smaller in shock when realizes that man is someone familiar she knows well. A man with death being faked by FBI as Vermouth stole his entire life: doctor Araide Tomoaki.

Both of them speechless with their accidental meeting (as Jodie's phone to Araide should be their last contact), though the first to break the awkwardness is Araide. He deeply apologize to Jodie for naively questioning about Vermouth and doing so make Jodie snapped to him in their last contact. Jodie sighing, she feels bad about her sudden lost of calmness to poor Araide. Seriously, she already forgets about that incident but being kind-hearted soul he is, Araide still feels grave guilt about that-She should know earlier.

"If I already knew beforehand, I'll ensure you right away that I never held a grudge especially trivial thing like that. Though I must apologize for taking my leave as I'm in hurry"

"It's alright Jodie-sensei! I'm sorry for taking your time... Please have a nice safe ride!!" waves Araide cheerfully in relief as Jodie put the car on the engine again.

As Araide's figure becomes smaller, Jodie's mind suddenly merges Araide's appearance to Shu's persona Subaru Okiya. Subaru seems like the messier but tougher version of dr Araide: both are the very handsome man who wears eyeglasses, have gentlemanly tendencies (though  Shu needs more polish on the area especially when he glares), from Toutou University (although Shu just claimed it, his brain already support the idea of him in elite college) and have classy outfits. Could be Subaru persona inspired by Araide?

Her thought needs to put in rest-she found Shu in Subaru persona starts smoking below a tree (didn't he consider those cigarettes bad to health, and could ruin his disguise?) waiting for her. She approaches him while opening up the window of the car. Apparently she's now errand-girl to bringing Shu's tablet that sits on the dashboard. She peeks out what Shu searches in his tablet but things he surfs on the internet is hard to see, so she opted to observe Shu's face expression instead. His face, although hidden in disguise, very much shows his usual 'Eureka! moment-if-you-could-take-it-like-that' that usually happens when he deduce things from mystery pieces. Jodie always loves that expression of Shu, though she hopes that become one of her secrets that must be kept especially from  Shu. She wants to ask his deduction when Megure-keibu calling him out back to the final interview.

"Damn, way to ruin the moment... I always hate post-investigation interviews and papers of case-aftermath. Those always are your speciality, Jodie" smirks Shu to Jodie.

Their contradicting specialities become their open secret (to at least FBI agents that knew them well enough) when they used to be partners-to-lovers: Shuichi is the cold but highly efficient agent who works well in gathering intel and sniping, but lacks the patience to any usual social contacts even post-case interviews, and hates paperwork so much as he often dumped his own paperwork to be made by Jodie. Jodie's fine with added paperwork from him though Shu always knew that he needs to give compensations, usually those are dates after work or surprises little gifts. All paperwork that Jodie made are always flawless, and with her social skill greater than Shu make everyone prefer to ask her than Shu about any mission details-though everyone knew that any mission could become a success if Shu contributed to those at least by putting plans.

"Well, if you do it sooner you'll finish it earlier. By the way, your face earlier seems to suggest you found the lead of centuries. Care to explain later after you finish your stuff?"

"Of course, I've got evidence that the culprit of mysterious Hughes and Haneda murder is RUM. See it yourself, Jodie. Sorry I need to conclude things with Megure now"

Shuu gives his tablet with internet pages that he read earlier still in display through the window's car. Jodie accepted it carefully by opening up her hands. Their fingers brushed briefly when exchanging the possession of the tablet. Shuichi just keeps quiet while Jodie could feel the familiar sensation of his calloused finger with hints of warm around tips.

Jodie taking a deep breath to fuse warmness that feels like make her blushing hard, "Alright Shu see you later, let me borrow your tablet at the moment"

Jodie scrolled the internet page that Shu browsed earlier and found interesting things in there. Anonymous user somehow uploading many shreds of evidence surrounding Haneda's murder that even the FBI didn't have before. Pictures of a trashed room, broken pieces of mirror that probably been as dying message, and a bludgeoned man that she concluded as Kouji Haneda. She recognizes the trick to make that dying message (as she did it for glass-experiment, and that's a clever way to avoid the culprit know) tell two words: Asaca and Rum. She remembers the case ruled Hughes' missing bodyguard, Asaka, as the main suspect. Also, the main detective that investigates the case that currently declared missing... If she remembers it right, a man with Akai as his family name? It's impossible to be Shu, those case happen when Shu still so young. So who's the 'detective' Akai?

Jodie thus cross-referencing those internet pages with files from FBI databases, there's 'Akai' as the main detective that investigated the case. She found out that 'detective' Akai full name is Tsutomu Akai-M16 agent who befriends Haneda family tightly. Tsutomu probably investigates Haneda's murder too deeply as before went missing, he asks James to allow his child(ren) to joins FBI if they really invested in future but making sure Tsutomu regarded as a person that never exist. He asks to be regarded the same (never exist) to his entire family that consisted of two sons, and unborn child inside his wife's that he left in Britain. Jodie connected those mystery pieces in her mind; An M16 agent with clear Japanese blood named Tsutomu Akai in him married a British lady which also SIS agent and conceived two sons-but when they expecting the third child, they got terrible news about their best friend  Kouji Haneda got murdered in America before his championship. Tsutomu and FBI probably working together investigated the case. Though his status as a missing person, his real status remains unclear and his body never found, hinted that he involved with crime organization full of secrecy like BO.

They just know Haneda's case connection with BO through RUM now, so why Tsutomu being missing a decade years before? Did FBI get leads to BO in the past that being shared to Tsutomu, probably from her late father, the head of FBI Mr Starling? Those two sons that Tsutomu left before pursued Haneda's murderer, did the oldest is Shuichi and the second son is famous Shogi player Taiko Meijin (which face resemble Tsutomu a lot?)? The third, is the tomboyish girl that Camel took her picture before?

"You're putting your index finger on your chin... What are you thinking, Jodie?" 

Jodie gasps when Shu suddenly come back after the post-case interview. She nearly makes both her phone and his tablet on her lap crashing down to the car's floor. She sighed from sudden headaches after thinking those mind-blowing thoughts. Well, confronting Shu probably a thing for her now: she likes to know if Tsutomu Akai is Shu's father.

"Shu, is your father Tsutomu Akai, the first detective that investigates Haneda's case?"

"Why are you asking that?" asks Shu bewildered with Jodie sudden question. Jodie shows both his tablet and her phone as evidence she cross-referencing the case earlier. His tablet shows pictures taken from Haneda's murder site and her phone shows the report about how much FBI already investigated with Tsutomu Akai's name on display as the main detective of the case-that suddenly closed because the detective went missing mysteriously. Jodie's an observant person, shared family name means something.

Shuichi didn't know what he needs to do as his family revealed. He really never intends to distancing his own family and never them with his colleagues, but that naturally come as his introverted personality and his desire to protect them by pseudo-WPP-ing. He has an urgent need to change the topic of discussion by checking out Jodie's analysis. She's very observant and independent, but she tends to leave out logic and got feelings first... "First thing first.. did you already knew the dying message that reveals RUM?"

"I already knew what the dying message that Kouji Haneda-san left means. I feel I know what Haneda-san intention when making those dying message because strangely some cases that I got involved in Japan tend to left dying messages around the victims. Call it woman intuition from those pictures from those pages earlier"

[Secret Rushing Omission, Hanami-turn-to-be-murder-case, and Shiranpuri case ~ those cases involved Jodie that I first thought have dying messages around]

"It's about the culprit who murdered both him and Amanda Hughes Probably from woman intuition mixed with evidence that shared in those pictures from those pages earlier. I know the trick behind the glass and overflowing water, I made similar glass-experiment in the academy. The murderer is an anagram for words that being cut: U, M, A, S, C, A, R, A." explain Jodie while points out evidence of dying message that Haneda left from the picture of broken mirror with remaining words: PT ON.

Shu impressed with Jodie's academy that makes her already knew about the dying message trick: Chemical Mechanical Polishing reaction that could make glasses consistency soft enough to be cutting down if soaked in flowing water. Her observation skill makes her know that messy room makes the culprit didn't analyze the dying message easily. She even knows earlier about the dying message actually the pieces of words that being cut from the mascara set mirror, not the words that remain in the murder case site, before he explained further to her.

"Thus I cross-referencing with FBI databases and found many interesting things... Such as the main suspect is Asaka, the bodyguard of Amanda Hughes, Haneda's fans who have connections to both FBI and CIA. Asaka could be spelt out as 'Asaca', and the remained words could be rearranged as RUM. So the dying message tell the culprits are Asaca and Rum, either both of them cooperating on the spot or Rum the one that planned the assassination of Amanda that follow up by silencing up Haneda-san"

Jodie ends her analysis about the case, peeking at Shu who nods slightly to her. Shuu didn't attempt to stop her deduction or correcting her at all, that means all her deduction on the spot-that makes her so happy. She then puts down both his tablet and her phone in their car's dashboard, isn't now the high time to confronting Shu about the mystery detective that investigate this case in past, that he tends to avoid much? "Now.. Don't evade my question earlier anymore, Shuu... Please just answer it honestly...."

Jodie just realized how fragile her voice sound when asking to Shu about her question. That's probably private question that she shouldn't ask! Why does she act like this?!

Shuuichi didn't reply to her question again, he just opened up the car door where Jodie sits. He gestured silently to Jodie so she could move to the seat beside. Shu now taking the seat where the Car's steer reside as he put the keys to starts the Ford Shelby's engine. Jodie becomes bewildered with his act though she welcomes Shu's thought to be the one that drives this time. Jodie didn't think she has enough energy to driving covertly now, she closes up her eyes. She feels deja vu with their current position, it's like in the past when they'll need to talk private matters. She just hopes that Shuu didn't evade that question about his family anymore, she just want to know him better. Shuu's family seems likes her, already tangled with BO decade years before. He begins to drive that seems aimlessly around the city. After some quiet time between Jodie and Shuichi in the vehicle, Shuu's the one that breaks the silence.

"Yes, Tsutomu Akai is my father and his disappearance after investigating Haneda's murder become my main motivation to joins FBI... Jodie, this will become one of my the private tale that I like to tell you but never have any courage and opportunity before... That's a silly tale that begins from a disease named 'the curiosity' that infected my family.."

<<I really hope that Jodie now at least knew about Shu's motivation to joins FBI, and at this point already know all about Akai family.>>

  • The Child of Non-Official Cover/Sixth                                                                                                                                                                                           

Fifth: apologizes to the little brother of NOC. HC about what happening to Jodie on another side of the world after file 1008th                                                                            

My theory for current lack of Jodie's appearance: She's either returned to America for re-investigating double murder of Amanda and Kouji (like this sixth part of fic), or still in Japan but eventually will meet Masumi and Mary to discuss things surrounding Vermouth attempt to drugged Shu's mother and infiltrate M16 (like the seventh part)

This theory got broken because Jodie reappear at the end of file 1060th and it seems FBI stays to hopefully confront BO. Big spoiler thou guys just saying

It's very strange to Jodie when she finally put her belongings in front of her apartment in America after all this time. She probably enjoys in Japan too much making her forgets the fact that her real birthplace is here. America now doesn't feel like her home but just another country that she needs to investigate thoroughly, the complete opposite of Japan where all fun games and warm people around seems like welcomes her as a real home. She takes long sigh, reminds herself of what her objectives for her in America: asks for re-investigating Amanda-Haneda's murder case, search about anything relates to Karasuma Renya here (if what Shuu and Yuusaku Kudou's deduction about BO's boss is true, then they're facing one of the most powerful and richest men ever possible. They'll also race with a time of BO bringing chaos to the whole world, this also Cool Kid's crisis as he should ready to be attacked anytime) and keeping contact with the child and brother of NOC -Eisuke Hondou- that now on a similar path with Shu by pursuing green card to become a secret agent. Though the differences are Eisuke want to join the CIA, not FBI, and Shu's mother disliked Shu's decision at first while Hidemi supports Eisuke's plan wholeheartedly

Jodie first feels Kir as a curse that if didn't meet could make Shu's still alive, but now she really grateful to Hidemi for having an important part in faking Shu's death. If Hidemi didn't play her part well, she could be killed by Gin or all FBI agents will be hunting down to ensuring Shu's death. So Jodie feels obligated to replying Hidemi's kindness by making sure Kir's little brother, Eisuke Hondou, is fine and on utmost safety pursuing his green card for CIA. Jodie wants to tell Kir's well-being and FBI progress pursuing BO now.

Fortunately, Eisuke being well and have a promising route in joining CIA. He's so intelligent and ambitious despite his clumsy nature of being unlucky, also being so thoughtful and nice when talking. The first thing Jodie talks about with Eisuke is how guilty her on behalf of the FBI to make Hidemi return as BO's NOC again despite how much Hidemi hates it. Those are dirty work that needs to make, as information from spies is invaluable and the FBI couldn't get access (because ruined plan of capturing Gin and Vermouth et cetera) about that information anymore. She tells him about his sister whereabout, Hidemi's alive (as she still warns them about two BO members-Bourbon and Rum) but kept in tight by BO which leads by Karasuma Renya that supposedly died long ago. Eisuke didn't question about Renya, he just hopes that BO could end ASAP so he could together with his sister again.

Jodie thinks the same as Eisuke. Now the high time for werewolves of BO defeated in silver bullets. All masks, especially from that wretched Vermouth, should be gone forever.

  • What if Masumi desperate enough to uncover mysteries surrounding Shu's death so she confronts Jodie as FBI that most easy to track?  Red, Vermillion, Scarlet, Crimson, and Akai/Seventh

Red? That's a colour of various meanings, with different names that actually just telling things have red as colour. Words like Vermillion, Scarlet and Crimson actually telling about red -and Akai, the family name of Shu is a Japanese word of red. There are too many interpretations for red but the common is love and passion, luckiness (especially in China) and also murders-as the red from blood being spill in usual murder scenes. Did 'Akai' as the family name probably make them being case-attractant with great minds?

Those great minds of each family members of Akai probably will be ends of Jodie, not just the oldest son (who make her life upside down since the first time she meets him) but even the youngest daughter (Jodie shudders with the imaginary problems she got if she still maintains her undercover as English teacher in Teitan High School). Masumi Sera, the very person that she thinks first as a boy (when Andre shows Masumi's picture) now confronts her to talking about things that should be highly confidential in FBI. Jodie thinks Masumi found her by investigating all things about her as a native English teacher that suddenly come and gone in Teitan High School. She wants to curse both Shu and James right now for putting her in this situation, and without any warning to avoid this family drama. Yeah, she got hints about how Shu pseudo-WPP-ing his own family by scatters them all and nearly have no contact with each of them. The burdens are what mixed information each member got about him: The mother being indifferent, The brother knew Shu alive but sadly didn't know circumstances detail even when bearing Haneda's name, The sister become very sad about his death not knowing Shu's still alive and kept watching her in close contact. If only she know beforehand; the tomboyish girl is Shu's sister that should avoid at any cost by any FBI agents because she'll confront them about Shu's fake death circumstances. That information is highly confidential and shouldn't be given to without any care. 

Masumi's eyes give the silent message of utter despair and really on the peak point of desperate, making Jodie to re-thinks again. She could keep Shuu's sister from the further mess of BO by giving the fact that she's the one that confirms the identity of the burned man that considered as Shu before. Though Masumi's secret about the sister of another domain makes her in utter shock: the little girl with Shu's eyes and blonde version of Masumi's hair actually the mother of Akai family that drugged off by Vermouth-witch of thousand faces.


The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.   Sherlock Holmes 

Secret hidden part: UNLOCKED

Filling the gaps during file 1060th