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Alphabet Soup (Sugar) Kyoya Ootori

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  • Genre: Suggestive 16+, Romance ☁
  • Word Count: 140 ☁
  • Pairing: Reader x Kyoya ☁
  • World: Anime, Ouran High School Host Club ☁


S is for sugar ]

“Kyoya~” you moaned, eyes closed and hands gripping the white sheets below you.

A smirk came to the shadow king’s lips as he continued his assault on your neck. He sucked on the skin before biting down, just hard enough to leave a mark. His tongue swept across the mark, his hips grinding against your own.

Another moan escaped you as you pulled the black-haired male back to your waiting lips. His tongue slithered into your mouth, exploring every inch before pulling away. He licked his own lips, eyes glazed over with raw lust.

“You taste like sugar, Y/N.” he purred, tugging at your ear with his teeth.

You let out a small, throaty laugh. “With lips like sugar♫~

He chuckled before claiming your lips once more. With a result like that, you gained a new appreciation for sugary snacks.