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Alphabet Soup (Nabisco) Tamaki Suoh

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  • Genre: Crack, Friendship ☁
  • Word Count: 215 ☁
  • Pairing: Reader, Tamaki ☁
  • World: Anime, Ouran High School Host Club ☁


N is for nabisco ]

“Y/N!” The blonde teen ran through the halls of Ouran Academy, glomping you when he finally arrived in front of you.

“What’s up, Tamaki?” you questioned, beginning to walk towards the garden. Tamaki followed and took a seat next to you by the water fountain.

“Tell me, do you know this Nabisco person?” He questioned, purple eyes locked onto yours. He had a mixed look on his face, containing both seriousness and determination.

“Come again?” you blinked, wondering if you had heard him incorrectly. He couldn’t possibly be talking about the snack company… could he? No, there’s no way. Even Tamaki wasn’t that stupid.

“Haruhi was talking about him. I demand to know who this guy is!” Tamaki grabbed your shoulders. “You must tell me!”

Then again, he is blonde…

“Y-You’re kidding… right?” you bit your lip to keep from bursting out laughing, knowing that such an action would deeply offend him.

Tamaki cocked his head to the side, purple orbs shining in confusion.

You giggled at him, poking his nose. “You’re too cute, Tama-chan~! Nabisco isn’t a person, it’s a snack company. You know, stuff like Oreos and cookies.”

He blinked, a small tinge of pink overtaking his cheeks. “Oh…”

You smiled warmly, ruffling his blonde locks before standing up and heading to class.