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Alphabet Soup (Gentle) Choutarou Ootori

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  • Genre: Fluff ☁
  • Word Count: 103 ☁
  • Pairing: Reader x Choutarou ☁
  • World: Anime, Prince of Tennis ☁


G is for gentle ]

You smiled as you watched the grey-haired eighth-grader practicing with his best friend and doubles partner, Shishido.

You couldn’t understand how someone as kind and gentle as Choutarou managed to become friends with someone as rough and tough as Shishido. He was, by far, the most gentle and caring boy the world had to offer, even more so than Seigaku’s Oishi. You even found yourself questioning if he was a real person sometimes.

Choutarou sent you a smile as he approached the bench, kissing your cheek gently before going back to practice.

The best part?

The gentle boy of Hyotei was all yours.