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The Blue Bird

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Taeyeon is looking out the window, twirling the string of her necklace between her fingers. She looks at the snow-covered trees, the clear blue sky marred with pure clouds, then the grass poking out from under the blanket of white down below. Her cheek leans into her hand; a small smile rests on her lips against her will.

The sun shines lightly; she closes her eyes more out of comfort and lets herself bask in its warmth. It's much warmer, more welcoming inside the house with its touch on her skin.

"Enjoying yourself?" Tiffany walks by her side, grin evident in her speech. She cracks an eye open and nods lazily, but doesn't make any effort to move. Tiffany nestles up against her side, settles for an embrace, temple resting against the blonde hair on Taeyeon's shoulder.

They enjoy the rays for a while, until Taeyeon sighs, leaning her head on Tiffany's. Her voice comes out quiet, almost like a whisper.

"Fany... do you know the story of The Blue Bird?"

Tiffany's fingers play absently with blonde strands. She looks outside and sees it too, the blades of grass that pushed aside the snow.

"Not really." Tiffany smiles. "Mind telling me?"

Taeyeon raises her hand from the windowsill, the unpainted tips of her nails touching the cold and slightly foggy glass. She admires the evergreens, recalling every single memory as well as she can.

"It's the story of two siblings, a girl named Mytyl, and a boy named Tyltyl." Her finger draws a small smiley face on the surface. "They see all the riches others have, but they never feel envy. They're happy, because others are joyful."

Tiffany moves from her position so she can hold Taeyeon in a way that makes it easier to see her expression while she's talking. She hums in approval, combing her head of blonde with gentle strokes.

"Then, a fairy comes to see them. This fairy tells them to find a blue bird, one that brings happiness."

Taeyeon pauses her tale only to close her eyes, leaning back. Tiffany's hand is so very calming, her very presence is calming.

"They go on a long trip, and they meet a lot of people and do many things on their adventures," she continues, grinning when Tiffany drops a kiss on top of her head. Taeyeon looks down at her fingers, bashful at all the attention she's getting.

"And what happens then?" Tiffany asks, curious. Her head rests on top of Taeyeon's, standing much taller and straighter than the other girl.

"They look and look... and meet many of the world's luxuries. But..." Her fingers tug at the string of her necklace again. "They come back home. And it turns out the blue bird was in their backyard all along."

"Happiness was right there all along."

Taeyeon nods, patting Tiffany's cheek with her other hand. "It really was there all along. And I think it didn't make them happier. It just made them realize how simple happiness can really be."

Tiffany turns her head, cheek resting against blonde locks. Taeyeon can't see because of the brown hair covering her eyes, but she only giggles.

"You mean, just like how I feel here with you?"

She grasps onto the tiny pendant attached to her necklace. Taeyeon is reminded of home. Of her mother who gave her the necklace in the first place but not without the story to accompany it, somewhere back when times were simpler and the pond wasn't frozen in their backyard.

"Yes, just like that," she responds softly. Taeyeon turns a key in her grasp, and they're basked in a soft, high-pitched lilting melody.

Tiffany holds her closer, both enjoying the warmth. "I always meant to ask about it, but is that the meaning behind your necklace?"

"It is." Taeyeon holds it gently in her hands. A small cage, with a blue bird sculpted inside of it. A music box that could fit into anyone's palm, even her tiny ones. As soon as she winds it up, the sweet tune brings her back to times spent with family, in a past long gone but that keeps its warmth through time. "My mother gave it to me. It was hers, originally. I don't know who she got it from, but it was really special. And it's really special to me too."

"The melody is so nice," Tiffany says, enjoying it fully as it plays, note by note.

The sun still shines on them weakly. Just enough for its warmth to still be felt. The snow on the outside of the sill seems to melt slightly, and the fog on the window is almost gone. It drips down, quietly, collectling into a puddle at the bottom.

The music box plays its comforting tune, filling the silence, until it reaches the last of its notes. It stops with a chime and then fades into nothingness. Taeyeon only sighs. She wishes the melody would play forever, follow her everywhere.

"Do you see a blue bird in our backyard?" Tiffany asks, and it would be ridiculous without context. Taeyeon chuckles.

"I think I do. Do you?"

She smiles, pulling back to stand at Taeyeon's side. Her hand rests in a spot on the window, her index pointing out.

"I do. Riiiiiight here."

Her finger is right where Taeyeon's nose is on the reflection.


Taeyeon couldn't grin wider if she tried. She laughs quietly, shaking her head. "Fany..."

All Tiffany does is attack her with tickles until both of them are stacked on top of the floor, breathless from laughing so much.

Taeyeon wants to grasp at the tiny little cage again, but Tiffany's head is in the way, and she fell asleep in such a peaceful way that it would be wrong to disturb her. She settles for patting her head of brown hair instead, making sure the pink bow in it is still secured properly along the way.

Maybe she had two birds, Taeyeon muses. The blue bird that always rests around her neck, and the pink bird of happiness that came into her life and made it a wonder, something she couldn't have dreamed up nor ever asked for.

She thinks of Mytyl and Tyltyl, who found a bird in their backyard.

Then, she thinks of herself and how she found a bird on top of herself.

Taeyeon dozes off, at peace. The sweet tune plays in her mind.