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Class 1-M

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Aizawa expected great things from all of his students. They were the first class he had full faith in no matter how much of little shits they acted. And even if they didn’t go far, he knew his students would live long, fulfilling lives. You know like, travel around the world, build a family…

Anything but become a teacher.

He took a sip of his coffee-vodka drink and burrowed into his couch. “Run that by me again?”

His student- his dear, sweet, tiresome, annoying problem child of a student- relaxed in the recliner across from him, and fiddled with his hair balls. The boy, man now, was still small, only gaining a foot in height, but that’s all he needed to be satisfied. The baby fat still sat on his cheeks, but he was matured. Aizawa could have mistaken the warmth in his chest for pride with his growth, but that was impossible.

“I want to teach.” Mineta plucked another two balls and began to juggle. “Like you did. But in math more than heroics.”

Shouta gave his student- he needs to stop referring to him like that- gave Mineta a glance down. “Are you high?”


“Drunk? In danger?”

“No!” Mineta pouted and leaned forward towards him. Whatever seriousness he was hoping for was lessened by the fact that his feet couldn’t touch the ground. “Sensei I’m sober and serious. I want to teach at U.A. I was already given the ok by Nezu, and I wanted to surprise you. I was hoping for a ‘congrats’ or something.”

Shouta snorted and lifted his mug to his lips. “Or something.”


“All I can say is good luck. Hope and pray you don’t get problem children as bad as Midoriya or Bakugou.” They both shivered.

After shaking out the memory of his friend's adventures, Mineta slid out of the chair with a small salute. “I won’t let you down sir, I promise!” Aizawa waved the promise off absently.

“You haven’t before. Now get out of my house.” Mineta nodded, determined. Then it twisted into amusement.

“Sensei, you shouldn’t lay around like you’re retired already. What if Mic or Joke saw you?”

Tired black eyes turned red. “Leave.”

“R-right! Yes sir, sorry sir!”

Aizawa sighed as his door quietly shut behind Mineta and downed the rest of his drink. That poor kid.

Ah well, at least he’d get to say ‘I told you so’ later on.


Mineta followed Principal Nezu down the hall towards his new classroom. Class 1-M. Nezu swears that the choice was completely coincidental, but the smile on his face begs to differ. Or maybe he was just laughing at said coincidence. It’s hard to tell with the rat-bear creature.

“Now then, the class I will be leaving in your care is a special case.” Nezu slid open the door, allowing Mineta inside before closing it. “Let’s start with the basics. You only have 16 students as of now.”

“Your new students, all of them, were reported by their teachers to have behavioral problems and were described to be well… insane.” Nezu chuckled. “Though, I wouldn’t form bias just yet. They may just surprise you.”

Mineta hummed and took the box of the student files. He picked one up to open it. His face twisted in confusion as he stared at the student’s id photo.

“...Why are they wearing a hazmat suit?” Nezu hummed and plucked the file from his hands.

“Avery likes to show off his quirk, so the fellow that took the picture had to force him into it. Keep your eyes on this one!” Nezu sipped some tea with a secretive smile.

“Oh.” Mineta pulled out a few more files. “What’s Avery’s quirk?”

“Sparkling Blindness. Or as he likes to call it: Blinding Sexiness!” Mineta paused in his rummaging to give the principal a horrified look. Nezu laughed. “Yes, you heard me correctly! That alone should give you an idea of your new class!”

‘Oh I’ve got an idea. They're weirdos!’ Mineta thought.

“A bold group! I have high expectations from you Minoru. Lead these students on to be great heroes.” With that, Nezu walked out of the room, sipping tea all the while.

Mineta briefly opened the files, glancing through each one to get an idea of his soon to be students. He’d do his best to be a good teacher to these kids for Aizawa.

Or at the very least he’d lose his mind trying.

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Unlike Aizawa-Sensei had done for their first day, Mineta decided to wait in his class for his new students. He had read the files, and yeah his students seemed on the stranger side, but they were his first class and he was excited. And this was his students first day too, they were sure to be just as energetic as he was.

He was also looking forward to gossiping with Shinsou when he got home, so there’s that.

“Ok Minoru, you got this! It’s just introductions- nothing to worry about! You’ll be the best teacher ever!” He pumped his fist into the air with a cheer.

“Does the best teacher ever talk to himself all the time?” Mineta squawked and turned to the door with his hand over his heart.

Two kids were standing in his door watching him. A boy and a girl. The boy, the one who spoke, was tall. He shouldn’t emphasize on his height, everyone was tall compared to Mineta. His blond hair was brushed back, and he had eyeliner under his eyes. Or maybe they were bags. One of the two. He didn’t look angry, but he certainly looked like a smartass.

‘Don’t form bias off the bat, Mineta. That’s a recipe for disaster.’

The girl didn’t have much of an expression. She was just below the boy’s chest. Compared to the boy’s dull blond, her blue hair stood out like a beacon, drawing attention to her easily. Her red eyes were framed behind round glasses. Oh wait-.

“You are,” Mineta pulled out the list he had made the night before to recognize his students. “...Chisora... Minamoto, right?” The girl nodded and moved to take a seat. Mineta ran his finger down the list. “Right. And you are Luci-.”

“911.” The boy stated and shuffled towards the window desks.

Mineta froze and watched… 911 take the third seat. “Like… like the American police?”

“Yep.” He popped the ‘p’ and leaned back into his seat. He smirked. “Nice to meet you Sensei.”

‘Not Bakugou, but on the way there.’ He slid his eye over to Chisora, accidentally meeting the girl’s eye. ‘At least there’ll be one good student.’

“Chisora, will you be using sign language to communicate?” Mineta signed as he spoke. Chisora flushed.

“Oh, no sir! I can speak just fine, I just didn’t want to interrupt.” Mineta nodded and turned his attention back to his list. Yeah, she’ll be the good kid.

“This is Class 1-M, right?”

Mineta hummed and checked off the two students as the voice came from the door. “Yes, welcome! Give me your name and,” He glanced with a smile that slowly fell. “take a seat… any… where?”

He was looking at a body with a frying pan head. Seeing it on a picture is one thing. Seeing it in real life is another.

“Thank you. My name is Inoue Oishii.” The frying pan turned to speak outside the class. “This is the correct class, come on in.” Inoue then moved towards the back. Well, Mineta wouldn’t have to worry about his students seeing past him.

A kid with the features of a monkey ran into the room laughing, followed by one with hands hanging where their ears should be and another with a long forehead. So long it tappers off into a cone. The monkey boy stopped against the podium, pushing up the glasses that had fallen. Mineta smiled at the energy and checked off his list.


“Yo.” Mineta smiled at the boy. “I know. Got a nickname?”

“Monkey is fine!” He pulled the pair that came in behind him closer with his tail. “This is gremlin. I don’t know the other guy.”


The kid with the hands hanging from their lobes rolled all three of their eyes and pushed Monkey away with a smirk. The hand lobes lifted towards Mineta, their actual hands brushing their bangs out of the way. Mineta shook them gently.

“I’m Gremlin, sensei. Nori Iwasaki. Nice to meet you.” Mineta hummed and checked their name from the list with his free hand, adding yet another nickname. Gremlin allowed themselves to be pulled by Monkey to seats next to each other. Mineta turned to the cone head.

“Hey! Can I get your name?”

The cone head fiddled with his bag absently. “I’m Jimmy Cranium. My friends call me Stinky.” He gave the teacher a smile, then moved to sit in the back.

Mineta’s mouth opened and closed repeatedly, before he checked off a name. He… was not going to call a kid stinky. He’ll find another nickname for him soon enough.

Then there was screeching in the hall. It was muffled but loud, and his students all glanced towards the door. It was getting louder and louder, and the students that were lingering in the halls latched their attention onto it. The source walked through his door.

A small bunny boy was ushered into the classroom by a taller, rounder, rabbit. The smaller was chubby and shook with nerves, his whiskers twitched at everything and the ears were pressed onto his head. The taller, a jack rabbit, held a letter in his hand and an instrument case on his back. The case was screeching.

The boy with the case pushed the quivering bunny to take a seat and passed Mineta the letter. “The principal asked me to give you this. My younger brother was originally supposed to be in General Ed, but he was good enough to be transferred into class with us.” He then placed the case down gently and began to unzip it. It quieted, then giggled.

“Right.... What are your names?” He opened he the letter, but didn’t look away from the slowly opened case.

“I’m Izzy, that,” he nodded back towards the other bunny. “Is Vic. And this-!” He turned the case over quickly, letting a body fall out with a squawk. “This is Chello.” He finished tiredly. The body was shaped like an actual cello, strings and all, except it had a head were the tuning was supposed to be.

Mineta pushed the fact that a child came out of a case to the back of his mind and checked off the names, adding Vic to the list. He had only one pair of siblings here after all.

“17 students then!” He gave a smile to Vic, but it fell as the bunny seemed to hide away from his glance. Scarlet pulled Chello from in front of the podium, and sat down in front of Vic. His body certainly blocked the view, but the youngest seemed to relax a bit. Chello slid into the seat diagonal to Vic and beside 911. They began to talk at the blond and the bunny, forcing them both to speak.

Mineta peeked at the door before taking a look at the letter.

Mineta-kun, I am terribly sorry. At the last moment, we came across two students that were perfect for your class. I will deliver their files by the end of the day! Please take good care of them!

Yours truly,


Beside the principal’s signature was a stamp of a mouse. Maybe a drawing.

“Another one? 18 students?” Mineta mumbled in question, bringing his list to eye level.

“Yep, I’m Number eighteen.” Mineta slammed the list onto the podium in fear. A few students giggled, including the one who spoke. “Sorry. I’m Aara.”

Once he caught his breath, he looked at the girl. She seemed to have fair skin, but a closer look showed that it was pale. Her eyes were hazel and- and… was her pupil a skull?

He was still wondering this even as she glanced at him weirdly and walked away. Then a loud presence walked into the room.

“Hey~! So these are my new classmates, huh? It’s a pleasure to meet all of you~!”

Somehow, without looking, Mineta already knew who the newcomer was. “Avery Cummings, go ahead and take a seat.”

Gremlin snorted and covered their mouth. “C-cummings?”

If the tall- oh holy shit he was giant! The teen was jacked, even bigger than Shouji! If Avery was surprised, he didn’t show it, instead smirked at Mineta. “Oh, you’ve heard of me~?”

“Nezu said to keep a close eye on you.” He tried his best to give him a stern look, but it couldn’t quite reach it. The sheer… size left him in shock. Someone shuffled towards him from the door. “Please don’t blind any of us.”

Avery chuckled and moved to sit. “I wouldn’t. I’ll just leave you all wanting and waiting~.”

Mineta sighed and turned to look at whoever walked in. No one was there. He frowned and lifted his list.

Someone cleared their throat. “Down here sensei.” Mineta peeked down at the bottom of his stepladder. There was a hedgehog, about his size when he started U.A himself. He was a head shorter than Mineta.

A head shorter-

Shorter than-

If he wasn’t professional he would have squealed in delight. He’s met people shorter than him once before, but now he had someone he could be taller than on a daily basis. The hedgehog pat his quills and raised an eyebrow.

“You okay, sensei?”

“Oh. Oh! Yeah I’m fine, you are…King correct?” King nodded and Mineta checked off his name. “Alright, take a seat wherever.”

Minoru quickly counted off. “Twelve done, six to go.” He quickly glanced around. Aara had moved up to speak with Scarlet and 911. Chello had pulled Vic to talk to (bother) King, much to the small boy’s annoyance. Jimmy and Chisora watched the two, while the bunny tried to run away. Gremlin and Monkey were inadvertently boosting Avery’s ego even more. Inoue watched them, pulling a pencil from his bag and placing it in his head.

“Six more to go…”

“Students? You have three more.” With all the previous surprises, Mineta merely turned his head tiredly. Three arms were waiting for him. One stretching past the door, the other metallic, and one detached from a body. Mineta took in a deep breath.

“Okay, one at a time.” He shook the detached arm. “You are?”

“Link.” Link had dark skin like Scarlet and Chello. His hair was in an Afro, almost hiding his eyebrows. His ears looked like a lambs and his eyes lacked pupils. “Your reaction was pretty boring, you know that?” He popped his arm back onto his body and walked away to sit. He slid into the seat behind Stinky’s, patting the tip of his forehead as he passed.

“I’m Kaitlin!” The long arm shook his as the owner fully walked into the room. A girl that’s body was shaped like a slapstick cartoon. Her brown hair was tied up into a ponytail. Her eyes were large and the pupils were black. Before Mineta could welcome her, she jumped away to a seat.

“Okay, then…” He grabbed the last hand. “I already know you’re Jotaro.” The robotic boy gave him a smile. Brown material that was reminiscent of hair flopped over his left eye, and the rest was pulled up into a ponytail as well.

“Are we late?! We’re not late are we!?” A girl slid into the room, pulling two other inside. They pushed Jouta onto the floor, but Mineta crossed off the last three names. The last three.

Mineta perked up and looked towards the newcomers. “Names?” One of the students, the one that was helping Jouta up, skin was tinted purple and their hair, a darker shade, covered their eyes. The girl with the noodle hair glanced around the room.

“I’m Hero.” Stated the purple child. They brushed Jouta off then moved to the back of the class with Monkey. Yo latched onto their arm quickly and they turned back to the previous conversation. Okay then.

The noodle girl was already in conversation with Scarlet. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, a few noodles that were shorter left out to form a bang. Mineta pulled up his list to get her name.

‘Sobar? Your parents knew what they were doing.’There was a note next to Sobar’s name. Shinsou probably wrote it.

Mineta’s head shot up and met the amused glance of Sobar. She- he began to laugh, burying his face into Scarlet’s shoulder. Mineta turned to face the last student in an attempt to ignore the laughter and the embarrassment.

“Y-you’re Nove, correct?” The laughter grew louder as he stuttered. Nove was tall- not taller than 911 or Scarlet, but pretty damn close. His skin was also black, and his hair was white, hiding cat ears. A tail swayed behind him lazily. His eyes were yellow, black marks on his cheek ended at his jaw.

Nove snorted and stated his greetings before moving to a seat.

Mineta tucked the list into his back pocket and looked across the room. His students, kids that were looking to him to lead and teach them. Oh, the responsibility made him worried, but he would try his best.

He smiled and stood straighter. A few students unconsciously followed his lead.

It wasn’t going to be easy, but he was going to be the Aizawa-sensei to these kids that Shouta was to him. He opened his mouth to start the introductory speech, but paused as Jouta raised his hand.

“Uh, yes?”

Jouta dropped his hand and glanced around. After some encouraging looks, he spoke. “Mount Lady or Midnight?”

Mineta winced. He probably had some sort of trauma after his internship with Mount Lady, and Midnight was just- he shuddered. He shouldn’t talk about something like this with his students, but without him meaning to, his mouth opened:

“Miruko, all the way.” He slammed his head into the podium and groaned. Way to lose your job on the first day, Minoru.

Surprisingly, a hum of approval rang across the room. Mineta picked up his head and watched his students stand up one by one with applause. Some had the audacity to cheer. The little shits.


“Hitoshi they cheered. Cheered! As if I was accepted into some clique!” Mineta groaned and fell back onto his friend, looking through the new files of his students. “We moved on like nothing happened, went through the introductions to U.A. and all, but I remember it. I remember it all, Toshi.”

His friend’s sigh rang from the phone. “I can’t wait to tell Aizawa.” He snorted and took a sip of something. “You were so excited. I hope you don’t end up regretting this.”

“I won’t.” He closed the last file. “They’re good kids, I can tell. A little strange, but in a world with quirks that’s to be expected.”

Shinsou hummed and took another sip. “I have patrol, Noru. Get some rest, good luck tomorrow.”

“You can just say your tired of talking already.”

“I…. I don’t have the social energy to talk anymore. Sorry.”

Mineta snorted and picked up his phone, his thumb hovering over the ‘end call’. “That’s fine, Toshi. Goodnight~, have a nice patrol and I love you~.” He hung up before his friend gave his usual disapproval with his affection.

“Okay Minoru, it was just the first day. Tomorrow will be different. You’re gonna be the best teacher ever! Plus Ultra!” A neighbor hit one his walls and yelled. He jumped with a squeak. “Sorry!”

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“Shouta, what’s this I hear about you expelling almost half your class yesterday?” Mineta glanced up from his inspection of Link’s file to watch his sensei get chewed out by Present Mic. The regularly tired man grunted and shimmied in his sleeping bag, trying to fall back asleep. The blonde twitched, and Minoru reached across the desks for the earplugs Midnight was kindly holding out for him.

“SHOUUUU! Are you seriously telling me that only HALF OF YOUR STU-!” The shouting stopped with a quick glance of red eyes.

“Yes Mic, only half of my students made the cut.” He yawned. “Nothing new, and at least it wasn’t an entire class right?”

Mineta turned away as Mic began to pout. Midnight smirked at him gently. “What’s the matter big boy?” Mineta’s face flushed, but he hid it behind the files in his hands.

“Nothing.” Aizawa peered out of his sleeping bag to watch Minoru. That would be weird to think about for a while. They were in the teacher’s lounge with Mic and Nezu. Mineta bit his pen as he glanced at a file again. “I just… I don’t want to scare my students like sensei did. It was effective, but it seems unnecessary.”

Aizawa sighed and unzipped his bag, pulling himself out. “What did I say about calling me sensei at work?” Shouta glanced over the file of one Inoue Oishii. Shouta barely blinked at the frying pan he had for a head. He’s seen much stranger.

“Not to. B-but! What should I do?” Mineta asked. “Any advice?”

“You became a teacher without an idea of how you would teach?” Mineta winced and stared at his desk. Nemuri glared at Aizawa and made aborted hand motions to the younger boy. Aizawa sighed.

“You don’t have to teach exactly like me. My methods aren't for everyone. So,” Aizawa waved his hand dismissively. “...Figure it out.” Mineta nodded and slouched into his chair with a groan. He bounced back quick.


Mineta stared at his students, all dressed into the training uniforms. They all stared back with excitement and apprehension. He had already decided that he wasn’t going to follow in his teacher’s footsteps and cause his students to stress over some fake expulsion. A lot of their quirks hardly did much for boosts to their actual physicality, meaning he’d only have a few numbers that were above average.

He certainly wasn’t mad about that, it meant an easier job done. But he still had to have their average.

“Alright then! I need a volunteer! I’m supposed get your numbers for your physicals with your quirk- butbutbut-!” He frantically called as a few of his students began to slump over and groan. “I know a few you don’t have quirks that help with that and that’s fine! Just think of this as getting your averages to see where you can improve, cool?”

He picked up his clipboard. “Now we’ll start with a simple 50 meter dash, and work our way up. Any volunteers?”

‘Please, please, someone volunteer.’

“I can start us off sensei!” Making their way to the front of the crowd was Iwasaki, smirk firmly in place as usual, and ear lobes curled into determined fists. “If that’s all cool?”

Inwardly, Mineta sighed in relief. “Of course! But I’ll need another student too.”

“I’ll go just to get it over with.” Oishii pushed through to stand near Nori. The shorter of the two huffed out a breath of laughter while Oishii was quiet and blank. Like a frying pan.

Shaking off that thought, he gestured for the pair to line up. When they looked at him, he nodded and pulled out his timer. “And start!”

Iwasaki darted forward, easily taking the lead, but Oishii was staying behind them. Already, Minoru could tell they were out of breath.

‘That’ll probably be a common thing today.’ He thought, writing down their times as they passed the camera. He absently jotted down a note to focus on stamina.

“Alright then! Nori-san, Inoue-kun, 6.39 and 6.50 respectively!”

Iwasaki hummed. “Could have done better, but whatever.” Oishii nodded in agreement, or Mineta thinks he nodded, and they both moved back into the crowd.

“Now that you’ve gotten an idea, who’d like to go next?”

Two hands shot up into the air with enthusiasm. Kobayashi and Chello. They waved their hands around with giggles even as they skipped to the starting line. Mineta chuckled.

“You two ready?” With twin nods of approval, the timer started and so did the tests.

The pair’s excitement seemed to rub off onto the other students, everyone clambering for the chance to show off next, with the exception of Vic and Chisora.

Vic, surprisingly, made the quickest time, 2.57. Unfortunately, Mineta wasn’t able to witness it for himself as a loud shriek from behind him made everyone turn in shock.

“What’s wrong?! Is everything alright?!” Mineta’s questions died down as he stared at the siblings in the back. The older bunny looked tired as he held the instrument child in his hands, the cello snorting in laughter.

“Sorry sensei.” They stated in unison.

With a sigh of relief that his students weren’t dying his second day, he turned back to the track, to find Vic at the end, and Jimmy running through a cloud of dust. Minoru blinked in surprise, and rushed to the camera

“H-huh. Vic has the fastest with a 2.57.” Someone whistled lowly, impressed.

“That’s that last thing I expected,” Avery started hautly. “You know, with how chunky he is.” Sobar nudged his side, but it hardly fazed the bigger boy. Chello’s face twisted, but Izzy’s grip nor expression didn’t change. Mineta sighed and pulled out his pen.

“Next test.”

“Beep. 9.43.” Oh right. Jimmy.


Grip Strength. Avery winked at whoever cared to watch him as his muscles flexed and the device strained in his hands. Yo and Nori snickered between themselves while they worked the strengtheners. Jouta nearly broke his.

Standing Long Jump. Unsurprisingly; Vic, Izzy, and Kobayashi did amazing, but only the older bunny cleared the box between the three. Kate also cleared the box, using her arms and body as a slingshot.

‘Slapstick must be wonderful.’ Mineta thought watching the girl fly across the field.

Repeating Side Steps. No one passed with flying colors like he did, but Hedgehog was certainly trying. Maybe it had to do with height.

“Will he have enough energy to continue?” Hero asked, worried for the small boy. Unfortunately, she was within earshot. King slumped over in despair, and Mineta nodded in understanding. It hurt when a cute girl didn’t believe in you.

Ball Throw. Mineta tossed the ball up to land in his hand as he stared at his clipboard. He wasn’t expecting to have any eye catching or mind blowing results from this test. Though Nori was definitely stronger than most of the class, their quirk didn’t help much, so Mineta didn’t hold anything high up on his expectations.

It seemed his darling students planned on shattering that.

Minoru jolted down Chisora’s meager 25.4 meters with a smile as she passed the ball to the next student. With the exception of Kate, Nori, and Jouta- the average distances of the ball were all something a quirkless person could achieve. Not that that was necessarily bad. He shook his head and focused on his class. Aara stood in the center, glancing at him in confusion.

“Sorry about that, Aara.” He waved the distance meter absently. “Whenever you're ready.”

The brunette nodded and turned. Then her skin steamed. Her eyes glowed, and as she leaned to pitch the ball, the ball shot from her hand in a stream of water. Mineta’s jaw fell open as the ball flew. The beep of the machine startled him more than it should have.

“8-87.3.” The girl hummed then shrugged, falling to the back of the crowd where she came. The students stared at her as she passed, but she soon faded into the background like a ghost. Mineta cleared his throat and tapped at his clipboard. Aizawa had placed them in ranks, scaring them away from last place with threats of expulsion. Currently that spot was held by Jimmy. It would be so funny, but so inappropriate to do that to them. But the shock would be precious.

…Nah, he wouldn’t scare his kids like that. Today at least.

Mineta grinned brightly at his students as they whispered and giggled. “Thanks guys! This should make the rest of our time together easier. If you want, i’ll put up the rankings when we get back. Head back inside and change.”

“How much do you wanna bet I made first?” Avery asked loudly, leading everyone inside. Nori snorted, nudging a giggling Kate in jest. Avery hardly reacted.

“You must be eager to lose money, huh?” Chello asked mockingly from behind Lucien, dragging a whispering Vic behind them. 911 snickered, but quieted after a look from Chisora.

“Is that jealousy I hear? There's no need for it, it's good to admit someone else is better than you."

"I think they mean when you ate shit trying to look good for bunny boy back there." Avery’s face flushed as 911 and Chello laughed. They all looked back towards Izzy, who was caught in conversation with Aara.

“You two are so-!”

“AYE!” Everyone jumped and stared at the tiny boy within the crowd. Hedgehog stood letting go of Chisora's leg. “Finish this at lunch, fuck! Y'all are loud, I am hungry.”

Avery's face scrunched up into a scowl. "I hope you don't mean that sorry excuse you called lunch yesterday?"

Mineta shook his head softly and rushed off to the teachers lounge, ignoring the new argument about ramen.

Chapter Text

Nori blinked before straightening up, clearing their throat. “Well, that’s… fair.”

The moment lunch was over, the students rushed back towards the classroom, excited to see the rankings. Yo and Nori overtook the class easily, laughing as they pushed each other to enter the room. The once clean board was covered in everyone’s names, and Nori immediately searched for their name at the top.

1st: Jouta 10th: Soba
2nd: Nori 11th: Aara
3rd: Yo 12th: Isidore
4th: Avery 13th: Tsubaki
5th: Lucien 14th: Chisora
6th: Kaitlin 15th: Inoue
7th: Felix 16th: Chello
8th: Link 17th: Jimmy
9th: Victori 18th: King

“Fair?! The robot got first! How is that fair?”

Chisora pat King’s head in sympathy as she glanced down the line for her name. “But being a robot is his quirk.” The hedgehog huffed. “Considering the circumstances around this test, being last isn’t so bad.”

“I don’t think he’d want to hear that from you, number 14.” Link stated with a snort. Chisora blushed and apologied.

“I’m bothered by the rankings too.” Avery said, floating closer to the board. “Wi-.”

“You’re in fourth!!”

“With my strength, I obviously should have been in second at least.”

Isidore stepped away from the board, narrowly missing Chello pushing Bic into him. “Bear in mind that this calculates all of the tests together. You did horribly at the side step.”

“Well he’s too big to move side to side anyhow, even as a ghost.” The instrument muttered in front of him, taking a whack to the head with a resigned ‘ouch’.

“And you didn’t take to the toe-touch well either.” Izzy paused, fiddling with his ears. “I guess the ghostliness doesn’t help with flexibility.” He shrugged and turned to sit, but was stopped by his younger sibling sliding into his path. Already, he sighed. “Yes, Chello?”

“He cheated!” Chello shoved their finger towards Jouta, just to have it slapped away by Izzy. “No one said we could use weapons!” Izzy gently shoved them aside.

“The rules were to use your quirk. My quirk just so happens to be able to make cannons.” Jouta said, rolling his eyes.”

Chello groaned, grabbing Vic again and shaking him as the oldest of the trio took a seat. The young bunny whined and tried to pull out of their grip. As one of his main assailants were busy, Avery took the time to speak again.

“Forgetting about my own placements, I have questions about a few others.” The large teen turned and pointed a dramatic finger at Lucien who sat resting at his desk. “Lucien! There was no hint of your quirk at all today! How in the world did you get 5th?”

“Actually,” Monkey leaned over the podium towards him. “What is your quirk?”

Slowly, Lucien’s eyes opened and narrowed into a glare. Monkey swallowed hard and slid backward off the podium away from the boy. “That,” He hissed. “Is none of your fucking business.”

After stating his piece, he buried his head deep into his arms. Monkey chuckled nervously and ran to hide underneath Sobar who huffed. Nori rolled all four of their eyes at Lucien’s attitude.

Hero glanced at each of her classmates quickly, with every twitch and movement backwards they made due to the rising tension. Her eyes caught onto the movement of Felix’s shoulders. Laughter.

“A-anyways.” Kate shook out her body and began to bounce in place as she smiled. “I’m pretty proud of my score.”

King frowned once more and Jimmy groaned. “Well of course you'd say that. You aren't in last.”

Silent froze mid bounce then smiled and coiled the two boys up in her tube arms. “Well that sucks! But it’s good to keep in mind that your scores are of your own merit and totally not by the bias of the author.”

King stopped struggling as he and a majority of the class stared at the girl in confusion. “What did you say?” Even Lucien’s head was up. Silent looked around and shuffled nervously under the attention.


“You said-.”

Mineta slid open the door and clapped for attention, startling the students except a few. “Alright guys. The bell rang two minutes ago. I thought you’d be seated.”

Everyone sheepishly slid into their seats, glancing at Kate nervously as they did. Mineta’s head tilted.

“Did something happen?” The students shook their heads no. Yo’s hand threatened to raise, but was promptly pushed down by one of Nori’s. “...Right. Anyways.”

“We have a new student! He’s-”

“Nezu’s just dropping them on you, huh sensei?” Link asked.

Mineta gave a lopsided smile, as he waved in the figure outside the door. “I guess he is. Don’t tell him that thought. Students meet your new classmate!”

The boy that walked in was average height, only an inch taller than Hero. With black hair and green eyes. He looked-.

“Boring.” Felix yawned out, ignoring the giggles and gasps from around the class. “Just say your name so we can start class.”

The boy waved off the comment without any care. “I’m Walter Benedict. Please take care of me.” With that he bowed. Chisora and Isidore stood and bowed back, apologizing for their classmate. Waving it off once again, he took a seat in the open desk up front.

Mineta sighed and clapped for attention again. “Now then, let's get started.”