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In a World of Hope

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We entered the town and split up. Plait and I would go around healing while Jenny would stock up on supplies and food at the local store.

A pair of twins sat outside of a house, both looking sad.

“Am I Romeo? Or am I Lambo? I’m so confused!” one of them said.

I noticed that they were wearing shirts with letters on them. One of them wore a red shirt with a big maroon ‘R’ on it, the other wore a lime shirt with a big green ‘L’ on it. I pointed this out and they looked at each others’ shirts.

“Aha!” said the one on the red shirt, “I must be Lambo!”

“And I’m Romeo!” said the one with the green shirt.

“Thank you!” They said in unison.

I thought they might have gotten it switched up, but they looked happy.

We met back with Jenny at the store. Luckily the shopkeeper was healthy, although, as Jenny told us, he kept making bad jokes and laughing loudly. She also got us cups of tea and some food.

Outside the store sat a sad green blob. It made a noise that sounded like, ‘Blr blr blr’. I handed him my tea and he ate it. Not drank, he ate the cup with the tea inside it. 

“Thanks, I lost my voice.” it said.

We found another blob who said that it thought it smelled a little. I wasn’t sure how to help, but I gave it some coins so he could get something for that. I watched as the blob went into the store and left with a pile of mud. He rolled around in it, saying, “Thank you, healers! Now I smell more than ever!”

We decided to take a break and sat down under the shade of a tree. The trees, I had noticed, were a beautiful spectrum of colors, from red to yellow.

“I guess that’s why it’s called Fall Town,” Jenny picked up a vibrate orange-red leaf and studied it, “I wonder if it looks like this all year round?”

“Don’t trees change colors when they’re preparing for wintertime? It’d be weird if they were.” Plait pointed out.

“Huh, I guess so.”

The sun was beginning to go down and I was right on schedule. We needed to find somewhere to stay and Jenny pointed out a cave nearby on the map.

Upon entering the cave, we could hear the echoing dripping of water somewhere farther on. There were two round pathways to the left and right that formed a circular structure in the middle along with rock pillars holding up the ceiling.

Although it was dark, by the torchlight I could vaguely see a kentaur girl down the left corridor.

“I suffer from stubbed toe illness!” the kentaur girl announced as we approched.

Plait gave her a band-aid from the supplies and applied it to where her toe hurt. I didn’t think that it would work, but to my surprise the girl smiled and said, “My toe is all better! Now I can continue kicking rocks around!”

We walked around the circular structure and found ourselves at a workbench with another kentaur, a boy, crying near the workbench.

“I think I might be from Earth,” he cried loudly.

“Er, I don’t see the problem. It’s fine if you were born on Earth.” Jenny said quietly.

The kentaur boy stopped, “It’s so clear now! Since I am a mythological creature and mythological creatures don’t exist, I must not exist! Nor does my problem!”

Jenny frowned. I was going to check if he was okay, but he seemed strangely joyful.

Along the left pathway I discovered a rock door similar to the one that was in Mild Town. Behind the door was a small room where we set up our blankets as makeshift beds.

Everyone else fell asleep. I stayed away a little while longer. I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened to Frallan and where she was. Eventually, though, I lied down and closed my eyes.