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In a World of Hope

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When my mother, the Queen, told me that my friend had disappeared on her quest and hadn’t been heard from since, I knew exactly who she was talking about. I’d already heard about what had happened from my friend, Plait. But hearing it from my mother made it sound official. Like Frallan was really gone. Of course I was devastated, but I was being entrusted with the task of healing the prince of Hurtland and I couldn’t let my emotions get the best of me.

“Well, off you go! Take care, my precious Remedy!” my mother said with a warm smile.

I adjusted my band-aid tiara and headed for the door. Along the way a guard handed me a pack with supplies and a map. Waiting for me outside was Plait, who I met at the Saturnian Healing School along with Frallan.

“Plait, hi.”

“Hey Remedy! Wow, a quest from Queen Amelia directly! You’re so lucky…” said Plait, “She’s never even noticed me.”

“Hah, being related to her sure helps.”

“Oh right! I forgot. Well, You don’t want to do this alone. I’ll come with you!”

“You really don’t need to, Plait.”

“No!” insisted Plait, “Maybe if I can prove my healing abilities, the Queen will acknowledge my skill!”

I smiled and nodded. Two healers would be better than one, after all. We then leaped off the platform and landed safely in East Hurtland. Checking my map of the land, I saw that near where we landed was a village, Mild Town.

Upon entering the town, a man walked up to me. “Welcome to Hurtland, Princess Remedy and other. It’s terrible here.” he said.

The blunt honesty of the state of the land was very surprising, but I supposed that I could help some of the people in the village as practice, like my mother said. I sure needed it if I was to heal Prince Hingst. 

We approached a man who was sitting slouched on the side of a house. He groaned and pointed at us, “Can you two help me? I think I’m sick” 

Plait opened her satchel and pulled out a bottle of cold medicine. She attempted to open the cap but couldn’t get it. She tried for around a minute to no avail. I pushed down on the cap and opened it immediately. Plait smiled and handed one to the man.

“Thanks!” Said the man, “I guess I wasn’t sick after all.”

Plait stared at him, “We… just healed you.”

“Nope. I feel fine, I'm not sick.”

We stared at him for a few more seconds but decided to move forward. Inside the house that the man was slouched on was a woman who was exhausted from gaming all day. I told her to go to sleep. There was a poor flower who was surrounded by pieces of glass and a duck with crumbs of bread stuck in its beak, as well as a man who told us about a secret passage in his house. I found a door made of rocks and found inside a chest with supplies in it. 

We explored the town and healed its citizens on the way. I explored every inch of the town, holding some hope in my heart that I would find Frallan somewhere... But she wasn’t there.

Why should I want to find her anyway? I thought I broke up with her. She’s probably fine. I should focus on my quest. 

I left the town on its northern exit and checked my map again. According to it, there were two paths ahead. One to the north and one to the west. Looking ahead, there was no path northward, only a line of trees.

Curiosity got the better of me. “Hey, Plait. Stay here while I check out the forest.”

“Alright,” she said and sat down against the town sign. I entered the foliage. It opened into a grove with a pool, chest, tulip, and… a body. 

“I suffer from a severe case of death” said the body in a raspy voice.

I quickly got to work. Her timing was very lucky, whoever it was could still be saved. After a while, my effort succeeded. 

“Thanks!” the woman I had healed said. “I’m Jenny. Thank you for saving me. I thought no one would find me.”

I smiled and noticed that the tulip I saw earlier was drooping. The flower said that it was sad. Because of reasons. I patted the tulip and pointed at a spot nearby with sunlight shining through the trees. The tulip tilted its ‘head’ but soon understood when I started digging a hole where the sunlight was. It jumped out of the earth and moved over to the new space, it seemed a bit more happy than before. 

“Hey, healer” said Jenny, “I know you, you’re that Saturnian sent on the quest, right? I heard people talk about you before I got lost here. Let me come with you!”

I tilted my head, “You want to come? You’re not exactly a healer.”

“Please, it’s the least I can do after you’ve healed me from such a state.”

I agreed reluctantly and led her back through the trees.

We met back up with Plait and I introduced them to each other, “Jenny, this is Plait, my friend from school. Plait, this is Jenny, she almost died.” Jenny and Plait nodded and shook hands.

We took the eastern path that passed over a bridge and soon found ourselves in Fall Town.