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Take a Deep breath

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Izuku had never been one to back down from something difficult.


When his Quirk manifested and it was discovered that all he could do was have more stamina than other kids, that didn’t stop him from dreaming of becoming a hero.


To him, his Quirk was a way that he could out-last any of his opponents! If he could be stronger and faster for longer than his opponent could, then it would be simple for him to win his fights!


But even his determination came with a downside. The other kids didn’t seem to agree with his reasoning, one boy especially. Bakugou Katsuki, Izuku’s oldest friend, didn’t seem to think that his Quirk was good enough to be a hero.


And he made sure to regularly remind Izuku of that, like what was happening right now. Izuku hit the ground roughly, grunting as his stomach flared up in pain. “How’s that stupid Quirk of your helping you now, Deku?”


Bakugou kicked Izuku again and laughed, his cronies following along. “Seems like the only thing it’s good for is letting me kick your ass for even longer!”


As the foot struck him, Izuku rolled along with the force of the kick, making it both hurt less, and pushing him out of Bakugou’s melee range. As he finished rolling, he jumped to his feet.


Bakugou growled at that, approaching slowly, his hands sparking. “You should really learn to stay down Deku! Getting up just makes me wanna kill you even more!”


Izuku took a deep breath and lowered himself to the ground. He didn’t know why he felt so calm right now, in the face of imminent pain by explosion, but he felt the clutter in his brain quiet down as he stared Bakugou in the eyes.


When he felt that Bakugou had gotten close enough, Izuku ducked down and kicked at the gravelly ground beneath him, sending up a cloud. Bakugou swore loudly as he dust got in his eyes, before the winged croney flapped and pushed the dust away.


Izuku had already sprinted off, and the trio of bullies knew from previous experience that while they could beat Deku in a fight, or more accurately, Bakugou could beat up Deku, Deku could outrun them all.


Growling, Bakugou waved at his cronies to follow him, before walking off the other way.



That was not an isolated incident.


Every couple of days, Izuku would find himself in a fight with Bakugou and his cronies, although, eventually it just ended up being Bakguou and. Izuku all the time as the cronies stopped joining in.


Izuku never won, but he wouldn’t say that he lost all the fights. By the time he was thirteen, he could safely say that fighting with Bakugou every few days had actually been a positive thing for him.


His combat instincts had been cultivated through the years of fighting the boy, and his ability to think outside of the box had grown into something Izuku was proud of. He knew that he wasn’t able to beat Bakugou with strength, but he was able to outsmart the boy.


There was the time that he tricked Bakugou into hitting a fire extinguisher while Izuku dodged behind a pillar, coating both Bakugou and the room in white foam. Because the teachers only saw that Bakugou was covered in it, they assumed that he set it off on purpose. He still wasn’t punished too harshly though. But Izuku was still really proud of himself for that one.


Unfortunately, even with his smarts, there was sometimes just nothing he could do but fight Bakugou head-on, like he was now. After Izuku had gotten a few points higher than him on a test, Bakugou had tracked him down after class and attacked him.


Bakugou had him backed into a corner, fist heading towards Izuku’s gut. Izuku turned to his side, lessening the impact slightly before sending his elbow out towards the boy’s face. Bakugou blasted himself back with a small explosion, which doubled as an attack, making Izuku wheeze.


But now that there was space between the two boys, Izuku could get free. He knew that Bakugou had to plant himself securely to effectively use his Quirk, which meant spread feet and a lowered body.


As he saw Bakugou swing at him again, his hand sparking, Izuku saw his escape route. He kicked off the wall behind him and dove towards Bakugou, rolling underneath his swipe and sliding under his legs, before pushing himself up and sprinting off.


He clutched his stomach as he ran, the sounds of explosions behind him getting quieter and quieter.



He needed to be better at fighting if he wanted to be a Hero, he knew that. 


But while he had the quick mind and eagerness to learn, there weren’t many martial arts dojos in a reasonable distance to his house that were cheap enough for him to go to consistently.


Ever since his dad had abandoned them, He and his mother had been living on the checks his dad sent back, and the meager earnings that his mother made helping out their neighbors with cooking and cleaning.


Which meant that there would be no formal training for Izuku, not for now. At least, that's what izuku thought. As he made his way home, he spotted a traffic jam up ahead, with a police barrier holding back the civilians.


He looked around for a second and quickly ducked into a side alleyway to go around the fight (he wasn’t in the mood to watch any right now). It was fairly normal, up until he got to the halfway mark.


Just before he passed by it, a door on the left side of the alleyway was smashed into pieces by an unconscious body flying through it. Izuku let out a yelp and backed away, noticing the slight burn marks on the man.


Moving towards him, he tried his best to wake the man up, but he was interrupted by someone laughing loudly. “-old you I cou- oh, uh, hey there kiddo! Don’t mind him, we’re just practicing some of our drills! Gotta keep practicing if you wanna be a better fighter, am I right kid?”


Izuku looked up at the man confused before he put the pieces together, and his face lit up like a Christmas tree. He hopped up and down, allowing himself some hope. “Did you say drills? Is this a dojo?!”


The man looked back inside for a second and seemed to have a silent conversation with some of the people in the room, before shrugging. He turned back to Izuku. “Yea, this is a dojo kiddo. Why you wanna know?”


Izuku’s smile grew even wider, and his slow hopping morphed into excited vibrating. “I’ve been looking for a Dojo to learn at for years! All the ones near my house are really expensive, and we don’t have a lot of money!”


Izuku put his hands together in a praying motion and bowed to the man. “Would you mind if I came in and watched for a bit, and got some info on costs and stuff? Learning a martial art is a key step to me becoming a Hero!”


The man looked stunned for a second before he raised his hand, motioning for Izuku to wait, while he picked up his unconscious friend. “Just give me a sec kiddo, gotta check with the owner of the dojo before I can let you do that, you feel me?”


Izuku nodded and placed his schoolbag on the ground, sitting down next to it to wait for the man. He only had to wait a few minutes before the man came back outside, but this time he was accompanied by a much older man.


The older man was wearing traditional Monk robes and an extremely tall green hat, in stark contrast to the first man’s modern workout gear. Izuku immediately got to his feet as the older man walked over to him. 


The man looked him up and down and hummed. “You are the boy who wishes to watch us train to determine if we are a suitable choice for your education, correct?”


Izuku nodded his head, staying bowed. “Yes sir! My name is Izuku Midoriya, and I wish to observe your session! If I may be so bold, how much does this training usually cost? My family is not the most well-off.”


The man hummed, stroking the goatee on his chin slowly. He tapped Izuku on the top of his head to make look back up. “Do not keep your head towards the ground, young one. How will you watch us if your eyes are on the floor?”


Izuku quickly looked up at the man, stars in his eyes as his smile grew even bigger. He nodded super fast and followed the old man inside. “Thank you so much, Mr....” Izuku froze up in embarrassment as he realized he didn’t know the old man’s name.


The old man just laughed, patting Izuku on the shoulder. “Don’t worry boy, I didn’t tell you my name yet, so I’m not offended if that's what you’re so worried about. Now get that look off of your face. The names Messina, Jim Messina.”


He waved the boy inside as he moved back towards the doorway. ‘Now come on, you wanted to watch us, didn’t you?”


Izuku followed him inside and was surprised at what he saw.



As the people went through their drills, Izuku could swear that they were glowing.


The colors seemed different for each of the students as well. Was this all of their Quirks? Was everyone in this Dojo related? If that was the case, could Izuku even use this style of Martial Art?


Messina chuckled at his expression, before smacking the boy in the back of his shoulder blades. “Chill out kid, your gonna scare away all my students if you keep mumbling like that.”


Izuku looked up and let out an ‘eep’ when he saw a few of the students looking at him. He bowed and apologized loudly before Messina yelled at them to get back into their proper forms and continue.


He walked with the boy over to a set of chairs in the corner and sat down. He patted the chair to his left and leaned back. Izuku moved over and sat down on the offered chair. Messina than started talking.


“So, before we let you start watching, I should explain what exactly it is we are training here, just in case you don’t like the idea of it, so we can save time. We are training in the ways of Sendo and Hamon, a pair of intrinsically linked techniques that can allow for numerous potential use in combat. Here’s a basic idea of how it works-”


Izuku nodded and listened the whole way through Messina’s speech, but almost couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Using your breathing to circulate energy that was similar to the sun’s rays through your body to increase your combat potential sounded like something only a Quirk could do, but there were almost 20 people in front of him proving that wrong.


He listened as Messina recounted some of the ways that he had used this ‘Hamon’ before in the past, such as making a cup of water holds its shape even when out of the glass, to pull himself up out of a pit filled with oil with just his fingertips.


The longer that Izuku listened for, the more he knew deep down that this was what he wanted to do. An adaptable style that can affect the world around them without the use of a Quirk? Izuku was getting more excited by the minute.


Messina ended his explanation a few minutes later, and could see from the look in Izuku’s eyes that he wanted to join the Dojo. There was just a few more things he needed to ask first. “Alright, now that the explanation is out of the way, I need to ask you a few questions, is that ok with you?”


Izuku nodded, and Messina started asking his questions. They were pretty much what Izuku had guessed they were going to be. How old he was, what was his intended career path, etc. But when they got around to the questions about his Quirk, Messina stopped.


“How exactly does it increase your bodily functions? You already told me you had increased stamina, but you haven't revealed what exactly gives you that stamina.”


Izuku smiled. He knew this! He had done a lot of testing into exactly what his Quirk did, through various different trials, and had finally figured it out. “Well, Mr. Messina sir, my Quirk allows more oxygen to safely flow through my bloodstream.”


“My doctor said that my blood is capable of safely holding around double the amount of oxygen that everyone else does. This gives me more stamina, better reflexes, less anxiety, et cetera”


As Izuku looked up and saw Messina’s shocked face, he blushed. “I did a lot of research into my Quirk. I want to be a Hero and to be one you have to be able to use your Quirk to the best of your ability, right?”


Messina nodded, smiling. He had found exactly the kind of student he was looking for with this kid. “Hey Izuku, did I explain how exactly that Hamon travels from our lungs to our extremities to fuel our attacks?”


Izuku shook his head. “No sir, you didn’t.”


Messina let out a booming laugh. “It travels alongside the oxygen in our blood! Kid, if you started training in the ways of Hamon, I think you might end up being one of the strongest users to ever exist, and I’m counting our sponsor among that group!”


Izuku’s mouth dropped open, and some of the closer students stopped in shock at the statement. Izuku closed his jaw, turning his gaped mouth into a ginormous grin. “You really think so?!”


Messina nodded. “I do, Izuku. How about this, because of your monetary issues, I can teach you how to use Hamon for 1130 yen a fortnight (~$15). I would hate to lose a student with potential like yours just because they were a little short of cash.”


He leaned over to the table next to him and grabbed something, handing a sheet of paper to Izuku, which was a registration sheet with the updated pricing for him on it. Izuku thanked him profusely before hunkering down and watching the rest of the session.


And while he watched the students train their Hamon, he had a bizarre feeling of belonging, as if he was meant to find this Dojo. The feeling was with him all the way back home and stayed with him as he was falling asleep.


Closing his eyes, he smiled and dreamed of battles with villains, his body surrounded by green Hamon.



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“What is this, Izuku? Why did you bring me to this alleyway?”


Inko was incredibly confused. Izuku had come home much later than usual last night, more excited than she had seen him in a long time. But even with that excitement, he had rushed off to bed.


Then he had woken up at almost the crack of dawn and had made breakfast for both her and himself. She knew her son was a nice person and might just be doing it to help her out, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that he was trying to butter her up.


Then, at lunchtime, he had practically dragged her out of the house and brought her to a dingy, dark alleyway between their apartment and school. She loved her son, that wasn’t in any doubt, so she had tried her best to follow along with his mumblings.


Something about a cheap dojo, people glowing while training, and something called Hamon? What did ripples have to do with anything and why had Izuku brought her here?


Izuku stopped his mumbling and looked up at her, smiling. He pointed towards a door on the left-hand side of the alleyway that looked almost brand new. “We’re going in here! There’s someone I need you to meet!”


Inko stopped walking, making Izuku jolt as his hand was suddenly pulled behind him. She put on her ‘Stern Mum Face™.’ “Izuku, I will not go a step further into this alleyway until you explain yourself, young man.”


Izuku was shifting back and forth, looking upset, but nodded. “Alright. So I was walking home the other day and I had to come down here because of a villain attack, don’t worry, I’m fine! But when I came through this alleyway to avoid it, I found a really cool Dojo!”


Inko hummed, thinking as Izuku rocked on the balls of his feet, smiling at her while his eyes were wide with excitement. He did seem really excited about this and she knew how much learning how to fight well enough to be a hero meant to him.


Sighing, already feeling in her bones that she would end up regretting this decision one day, she nodded. “Alright Izuku, take me to this ‘dojo’, and I’ll consider allowing you to join.” (She had already accepted that she was going to let him join, but he didn’t need to know that.)


Izuku was almost bouncing up and down as he thanked her over and over again rapidly, moving towards the door. Inko followed him, getting curious as she heard a sound akin to static coming from the doorway.


Izuku pushed the door open quickly, running inside with a smile, and Inko followed him in. And when she saw the people glowing, she had to do a double-take. 


How were these people glowing? Was it their Quirk? How was that man holding water in the air with his fingertips?


What the hell had Izuku gotten them into?



“Yes sir, I’ll make sure to keep you updated on his progress. Alright, goodbye, sir.”


Messina hung up, clicking the phone shut and placing it down on his desk. He had already gone through his own personal Hamon practice for the day and was just waiting for Izuku to arrive with his mother so he could get her approval to train the boy.


He hadn’t done the ‘Forced Ripple Breathing’ on Izuku yet, but he could already feel the boy’s potential in his bones. He had felt the same feeling when Lisa Lisa had brought Joseph and Caeser in for training many years ago.


He stopped for a moment to reminisce about the pair, but was called back over by his students. He was overseeing the training of a few of his regulars when the door opened and Izuku came running in.


Messina couldn’t stop the smile that jumped onto his face at the sight of the boy. He just exuded an aura of happiness and brightness, like his smile could light up anyone’s day. Hell, if they had Izuku back in Rome, he might have been able to get Kars to surrender with his smile.


And then he saw the woman that followed him in, a skinny, green-haired woman that was glancing around the room in awe. Guessing that she was Izuku’s mother, he moved around a pair of students sparring and walked towards her.


Izuku waved at him as soon as he saw him, his smiling growing even bigger. “Mr. Messina! I brought my mum here like you asked me to! So she can give her permission and stuff! Mum, This is Mr. Messina, the trainer here!”


The woman was obviously still a little freaked out about this whole thing, so Messina motioned over towards the couches in the corner, shooing a few of the students that were sitting down. After they left, he did a small bow.


“Greetings, Mrs. Midoriya, it is a pleasure to meet you. I’m sure you have questions, and I am here to provide answers where I can.”


And boy did she have questions. She wanted to know the specifics of everything . He had thought that Izuku would have at least done a little bit of explanation, but apparently he had just dragged his mother out of the house and into the alleyway without telling her anything.


So that's how Messina spent the next half-hour of his time. Inko turned out to be just as naturally curious as Izuku was, she just had different priorities. Where Izuku was excited to learn about the art of Hamon, Inko was worried about costs. Normal parent stuff.


“Don’t worry, Mrs. Midoriya. I see great potential in Izuku for the art of Hamon and I don’t want to let that potential go to waste. I’m willing to allow him to train with us for only 1130 yen a fortnight.”


Inko just gasped at that, eyes wide, tears starting to form. She had no words. What was she supposed to say in response to such generosity? She tried to thank him, but it ended up more like a blubbering mess of happy noises as she squeezed the man in a hug.


Messina just patted her on the back as she cried, accepting her thanks. After a while, he extricated himself from her surprisingly strong grip to see Izuku bouncing up and down in his chair, his smile almost literally glowing.


Messina stood up, motioning for the Midoriyas to do the same. He shifted uncomfortably, knowing what he had to do next if Izuku wanted to start training in Hamon. “Alright, there is one thing I need to do now and I need you to be incredibly still, Izuku. Can you do that for me?”


Getting a nod from the boy as he froze up, Messina glanced over at Inko. “And please, stay calm while I do this, Mrs. Midoriya. This is all so Izuku can access Hamon.”


Inko cocked her head to the side in confusion as Messina walked up to Izuku,


“Forced Hamon Breathing!”


And punched him in the chest.



Izuku was instantly winded.


Messina had left his pinky finger extended and it had robbed Izuku of his oxygen. Messina brought his hand out almost immediately, leaving Izuku to gulp in as much air as possible. That was when something amazing happened.


The second that Izuku breathed in, it was almost like his body was set on fire. Green energy of various shades poured off every part of Izuku’s body, shrouding him in bright green light.


Inko gasped in response to both the hit and its effects, and the sheer brightness of Izuku’s Hamon made the other students stop and watch. Izuku finished the breath, and the light surrounding him dimmed, before fading entirely.


Izuku was taking deep breaths, but was no longer using Hamon. His eyes were wide open as he stared at his hands, the vibrations and heat that he had experienced a moment beforehand still fresh in his mind.


His chest stopped hurting a few minutes later, but he was so happy and confused and excited about the feeling of power he had while he was using Hamon that he hadn’t even registered the pain.


Inko had been silent for the whole time, feeling faint as she had just seen her 12-year-old son ignite and be perfectly fine. It was like she was seeing something click together seamlessly. Deep in her heart, she could already tell that this was what Izuku was meant to do.


She turned to Messina and gave him a small bow, before reaching into her wallet and bringing out 1130 yen, handing it to the man. Izuku’s vision snapped upwards at the transaction, his smile growing.


Messina smiled as well as he took the money off of Inko. He was still in awe of the raw potential that Izuku had for Hamon. No one he had ever done the ‘Forced Hamon Breathing’ move on had ignited like that before. Maybe some light for the stronger students and some sparks for the weaker ones, but nothing like Izuku.


Going into his contacts on his phone, he scrolled down the list until he reached the ‘J’ section and sent the video of Izuku’s Hamon potential being tested to the club’s sponsor.


Turning back to Izuku, he grinned, holding out his hand for a high-five.


“Alright then, Izuku! Let’s turn you into a master of the craft!”



<New York City, Early Morning>


“Of course, miss! The penthouse suite is just fantastic! I’m sure you and your husband would fit in excellently!”


The man on the phone pulled open a curtain to reveal his tall, muscle-bound body, clad in some of the finest pajamas that New York had to offer. His shaggy brown hair hung limp as he moved towards the bathroom.


A blonde woman groaned from her spot on the bed as the curtain was opened and the light of the early morning reached her eyes. “Oh c'mon, sweety! It’s a Saturday! Do we really have to get up this early?”


The man was quiet for a moment as the client gave their goodbyes, before hanging up the phone. He moved back into the bedroom and smiled. “I know, but I have some business to attend to today, and you said you wanted to be up early enough to call Holly for a check-in, didn’t you?”


Susie Joestar let out a huff as she crossed her arms, pulling the covers over her head and hunkering down. Her husband, Joseph, laughed in response. Moving over to the bed and flopping down onto where she was, he reached under the blankets and started making tickling motions with his hands.


“Joseph! No, no tickling! C’mon, that's not OK it’s to- Hahahahahaha! Stop it! Hahaha!” Joseph pulled down the covers and grinned at his wife, before sitting down on top of her.


As she laughed and tried her best to push him off of her, he continued. “Messina called me last night. Apparently, he met a young man who’s Quirk allows for incredible potential with Hamon. He said he would be sending me a video of the boy when he gets initiated into the dojo he set up over there.”


He grumbled as he closed his fist, shaking it at the roof. “Those damn Japanese better be grateful that I sponsor that damn dojo! If Messina hadn’t wanted to continue the art when he moved there, I wouldn’t have paid for it!”


Susie eventually was able to wriggle her way out from under Joseph and smacked him across the shoulders. “Look at you, finally acting your age, you grumpy old man! Just cause the Hamon keeps us looking young doesn’t mean we aren’t old!”


Joseph just laughed as he started to get dressed. “I am not old , woman. I am like a fine wine, I just get better with age.”


Susie finally rolled out of bed and nodded, rolling her eyes. “Sure you do, Mr. ‘I still wear tank tops in Winter’.”


Joseph gasped at her. “I’ll have you know that using Hamon makes me run hot! It’s not my fault that I’m just insanely fashionable while I work-out!”


Susie pulled on a jacket and headed into their kitchen, nodding to their cooks as she sat down. “So, why are you so interested in a boy who’s good at Hamon? Are there still more vampires running around that you haven’t told me about?”


Joseph just laughed, but it was a little off. Luckily, Susie didn’t notice it. “Oh no, you don’t have to worry about any more vampires or Pillar Men my dear, definitely not!”


“I just want to support the art of Hamon!”


He wished he didn’t have to lie to her, but there was still one threat that he was trying to sniff out.



In the darkest recesses of a century-old castle, a hag meets a powerful man.


She swears loyalty to the man, knowing his brilliance, and becomes the first of his minions.


Her son is the next to be initiated, with more and more people joining the man’s forces as the weeks go on.


And one day, after an expedition out of the castle, the hag brings the man an arrow unlike anything he had seen before.




Chapter Text

2 months had passed.


Izuku had been a student of Hamon for 2 months and Messina was astounded at his progress. He hadn’t had anyone that had progressed in the art this quickly since Lisa Lisa had brought Caesar and Joseph to himself and Loggins to train, all those years ago.


He almost couldn’t believe it. The kid had such a knack for Hamon that Messina was having to figure out new ways to test him nearly every session.


It had only taken the kid a couple of weeks to learn how to consistently cover himself with Hamon and release it with his strikes! How was he supposed to teach Hamon to a kid that seemed to instinctively know how to use it already?!


“Mr Messina! Look at this! I did what you said to do!”


Oh dear lord, he figured it out already?! Messina was almost scared of this kid. He knew that the kid’s Quirk would be helpful, but he massively underestimated the kid’s ability to learn! He looked over to Izuku’s section of the dojo, half-hoping that he was lying.


But nope; Izuku was as honest as ever. He was standing with his feet planted wide, the fingers from both his hands submerged in a large chunk of water, about 3 litres, holding it up in mid-air as his arms glowed with a bright green light.


Messina felt like crying, honestly. It had taken him almost two whole years to cultivate his Hamon enough to hold that much water up when he first started training, but the combo of Izuku’s Quirk and his natural aptitude for the art of Hamon made his progress terrifyingly quick.


Messina walked over to the boy. He nodded to him, and Izuku let the chunk of water drop back into its container. Sighing, Messina sat down and motioned for Izuku to do the same. “Izuku, I'm running into a small problem with your training here.”


Izuku was looking panicked near immediately, so he raised his hand. “Don’t worry, it’s not technically your fault, and it’s not about your payment or anything else like that. Sorry if I’ve spooked you.”


Izuku just nodded, calming down slightly. He didn’t want to cause problems for Messina, especially after he agreed to train him for so little payment! “Sir, is there anything I can do to help?”


Messina just chuckled. “You could become a less amazing student, but that's about it. The fact of the matter is Izuku, you’ve progressed more with Hamon in these last two months than most people progress in a year.”


Izuku was shocked, his mouth wide open as he stared at Messina. The man then continued. “Honestly, you’re at the point where I would let you fight almost any of the students here for practice. You might even win through sheer strength of your Hamon.”


“But what you need now is refinement and control, and there is only one person I believe is capable of helping you achieve the level of control I expect from you. He’s actually the sponsor of this club!”


Izuku was just nodding along, staring at the man. Was he really doing that well? He was just trying to do whatever Mr. Messina told him to and it just sort of came to him!


Messina continued. “I was actually going to video call him in a minute and request that he come to help train you and I would like you to join me. But remember, I can’t promise that he will agree to help. He is a very busy man.”


Izuku put his hand up, a reflex from school, waiting to ask a question. Messina chuckled. “Yes, Izuku? What do you want to know?”


Izuku just smiled, still filled with happiness at the fact that he was doing well with Hamon. “Who is this guy you keep talking about. Is he really good at Hamon?”


Messina let out a booming laugh. “Good? He’s better than good, kid! He’s one of the best we’ve got!”


“And his name is Joseph Joestar!”





“You alright here, sweety? Don’t want you coming down with a cold now, do we?” Susie Joestar whipped out a handkerchief for her husband before passing it over to him.


Joseph just shook his head, wiping his nose with the handkerchief and smiling at Susie. “No, I’m feeling fine! Maybe someone’s talking about me! I wouldn’t blame them though, since I am pretty fantastic.”


Susie giggled as they reached their front door. “That you are, Mr. Joestar. Anyway, I know you have that meeting with Messina to get to, so I’ll let you get on with that. Do say hello to him for me, though! It’s been ages since I’ve last seen him.”


Joseph just nodded, smiling, and giving her a kiss on the cheek before she exited the doorway. “Will do. Now go enjoy your shopping trip! Don’t drain our bank account too much, you hear?”


When he heard her response, which was a quick shout of “No promises!” before the elevator to the ground floor closed, he chuckled softly before heading back towards his office space. Messina had texted him the day before about an issue with the Hamon kid he was training.


So they were going to have a video chat and discuss options. He didn’t know much about the kid, other than that his Quirk made him a potentially excellent Hamon user. He had been waiting for the boy to progress with his study of the art before meeting him though.


Apparently Messina was having trouble with him? Was he just not picking up Hamon and wanted his advice on helping the kid? Cause he knew that he wasn’t able to waste time on weak Hamon users, not when DIO was still out there somewhere.


Or was it the opposite? Was the kid grasping Hamon more than expected? As he had that thought, he felt the little ‘ding’ of his Quirk activate in the back of his head.

Joseph Joestar.


Quirk: Hint.


It allows him to get a ping when he’s on the right track about an idea, thought, or plan. Listed as mildly precognitive, as it seemingly knows which route will grant Joseph success, but gives no further information.

Humming, he started feeling a little excited to meet the kid one day. If his Quirk was right, and so far it had never led him astray, then the kid could definitely be a future candidate for what Joseph was currently calling the ‘Fuck DIO’ squad.


He wasn’t stupid enough to allow a twelve-year-old to hunt a century-and-a-half-year-old vampire, though. Maybe when he was a little older and had some further training.


Reaching his desk, he logged in and read through his emails. He was still waking up a little bit and he didn’t want to be all groggy and stuff on a video call. It was just bad form! His years as a businessman just wouldn’t let him.


After he had woken up a little more he clicked into the ‘Dissonance’ app and went to Messina’s profile, before hitting the button to start a video call.


His Quirk went off again, much louder than it had before. Like, almost enough to make him wince in pain, loud. Was helping Messina with the kid’s training really that important to his own future?


This kid really was something.



“Joseph Joestar?! The owner of Joestar Homes, one of the biggest real estate agencies in America?!”


Messina just chuckled. “The very same, kiddo. Honestly, I’m a little surprised that you know about him! You seem way more interested in Heroes than businessmen.”


Izuku blushed and ducked his head, twiddling his thumbs. “Well, Joestar Homes was one of the main companies that gave housing to victims of a fight between All Might and a villain named “Thanos” in New York a few years ago.”


“The villain's Quirk allowed him to erase things from existence if he touched it with his hands and a lot of buildings were deleted during the fight. Joestar Homes built like 4 high-rise apartment buildings and gave the victims free housing afterward.”


He gave a shy smile and raised his head to look up at Messina. “And even if a lot of the money for that was donated by the Speedwagon Foundation, it was still really heroic of them! And when I heard that the order to build them had come directly from Mr. Joestar, I grew to respect him.”


Messina nodded at that, smiling at the boy. “He’s definitely one that deserves respect. He’s been through a lot to help protect people, more than most people will ever know. But yeah, he’s the main sponsor of my dojo and a master with Hamon.”


Izuku was bouncing slighting in his seat at that. He was going to meet Joseph Joestar! Sure, he wasn’t a pro hero, but with the amount of good things he had seen Joestar Homes do over the years under his direction, he was definitely a hero of sorts.


Messina was about to continue when he felt a vibration in his pocket. He checked out the caller ID and saw that it was a video call on ‘Dissonance’ from Joseph. He smiled at Izuku. “Alright kid, here he is. Put your game face on!”


As he tried to ignore the frankly adorable attempt to replicate All Might’s face by Izuku, he tapped on the ‘answer call’ button and was greeted by Joseph’s smiling face. “Ah! Joseph! It’s good to see you again. How is Susie?”


Joseph just smiled back at him. “It’s good to see you too, Messina! Susie’s doing well, she actually asked me to say hello to you for her. I think she’s a little nostalgic at the moment, with my mother in the hospital and all that.”


Messina just nodded solemnly at that. “A shame to be sure, but she’s had a good run. Anyway, I wanted to speak to you about that student of mine; the one with the beneficial Quirk?”


Joseph hummed, nodding, then smiled. “I’m going to assume it's the one who thinks he’s being sneaky by peeking over your shoulder?”


Messina whipped his head around as Izuku yelped and ducked down out of the camera’s view. Joseph laughed. “I thought so. So you’re the prodigy, eh Greenie?”


Izuku just put his hand up to his ear and frowned. “Sumimasen, watashi wa eigo ga amari tokui de wa arimasen!”


Joseph put his palm to his forehead and chuckled. Realizing that the boy was still young, he probably hadn’t been taught much English just yet since that was more of a middle school thing. Changing to Japanese, as he had learned it so he could visit his daughter, he tried again.


[AN: for the rest of this section, assume everyone is speaking Japanese]


“Sorry about that my boy. My name is Joseph Joestar, and you are?” He chuckled a little at the smile the boy grew when he heard him use Japanese.


The boy did a quick bow to the camera, before rising again to answer him. “Izuku Midoriya, Mr. Joestar sir! I just wanted to tell you that I’m a fan of yours! Your humanitarian work all over America is inspiring!”


Joseph and Messina both laughed a little at the display, causing Izuku to pout. “So, kiddo. I hear that you’re getting too good too quickly for old man Messina here to keep up! Your Quirk must be even more helpful than I thought!”


Izuku blushed and rubbed his arm as he ducked his head. “Well, I mean, I guess it helps with the amount I’m able to use, but the techniques just sort of come to me! They just feel, I don’t know, right?”


Joseph nodded, smirking. He knew that feeling well. According to Mr. Speedwagon, Joseph himself had used Hamon for the first time when he was just a few years older than Izuku was now, and the feeling of using had been so natural he hadn’t even noticed at the time.


If this Izuku Midoriya was similar to him in that respect, with the combo of natural intuition and a Quirk that meshes perfectly with the art, he could probably end up being one of best, if not the best at Hamon in the world with proper training.


“Good to hear you’re doing well, Squirt. Now, I’m going to assume that you didn't call me to ask me to find a trainer for Izuku. I’m guessing that you want me to oversee his training myself?” The ping that his Quirk gave him told him everything he needed to know, really.


Messina just nodded as Izuku lit up, a smile splitting across his face. Joseph couldn’t call it anything other than adorable, really. “Yes, sir. I’ve tried to keep up with him, but Izuku is improving too quickly for me to follow, especially with all the other students that I need to teach.”


He sighed, giving Joseph a small bow. “Lisa Lisa always talked about your talent with Hamon, and while I was focused on young Caesar, you were the one to defeat Kars. I recognize that you are one of the best we have and I would like you to pass on your skills to Izuku.”


Joseph just hummed, looking at the bowed man, before grumbling. “Get up, old-timer. Just cause I’m getting up there doesn’t mean I want people bowing to me. I’ve already decided that I’m going to help the boy.”


Izuku was vibrating in excitement at this, his smile almost seeming too wide for his face. Joseph just laughed. “I have a business meeting in a few weeks over at our new Japanese branch. I can just extend my stay and help train Izuku for a while, is that OK?”


Messina smiled, nudging Izuku. “Fine by me, Joseph! How about you, Izuku?”


Izuku was nodding so fast it was almost like his head was blurring. “Yes! That would be fantastic! I’m so excited! Thank you so much for this, Mr. Joestar! I won’t let you down!”


Joseph just laughed, giving him a thumbs up. “I’m sure you’ll do fine! If you’re giving Messina a run for his money, then I reckon we’ll make a master out of you! Oh, and can you send me a few more videos of Izuku using different techniques, Messina?”


“I would like to see exactly how he is going, and where he could improve. Also, I think Susie is a little curious about him and I wanna show her. She grew up around Hamon users, so she could probably give a few suggestions as well.”


Messina gave a half-hearted salute, smirking at him. “Will do. Give her my best alright? See you in a few weeks!”

Joseph nodded as he ended the call, the last thing he saw being Messina’s salute and Izuku waving so fast he literally couldn’t see the kid’s hand. 


He smiled to himself. He could tell that he was going to like the kid. The fact that his Quirk kept going off whenever he thought about training the kid pointed to the fact that it was a great idea. 


Wondering why his Quirk was taking such a liking to Izuku, he quickly tested a theory, imagining the possibility of fighting DIO alongside Izuku after he had gotten more training in Hamon.


The ‘DING’ from his Quirk that went through his head at that moment would leave his ears ringing for the rest of the day.


Chapter Text

“So you’re going to visit the boy in Japan, then?”


Susie and Joseph were sitting at their dinner table and had been talking about various little things, and the conversation had eventually turned to Joseph’s upcoming trip to Japan. He had told her that he was going to be spending a little more time there than he had originally planned, and why.


He nodded in response to her question and smiled at her. “I will be! His name is Izuku Midoriya, by the way. I’m actually glad you brought it up! Messina is going to be sending over some videos of him performing some techniques, and I’d love for you to join me in evaluating his skill.”


Susie nodded, finishing her mouthful of roasted pork before smiling brightly at him. “I’d love that! It’s been far too long since we’ve just had a night together cuddled up on the couch watching movies! Even if we’re just going to be watching a novice Hamon user.”


Joseph downed the rest of his drink and smiled back. “It definitely has been too long. I can take tomorrow off work and we can make a date out of it!”


Susie just laughed and nodded, and they continued to make small talk throughout the rest of the evening. Eventually, they both went to bed, Susie falling asleep almost as soon as she hit the pillow, while Joseph was up for a little longer.


Using Hamon made it so he had a little bit more energy than normal people throughout the day, and even if Susie was doing her own Hamon training under his tutelage, she still had less energy than him.


He smiled as his wife pulled the blankets off of him and went full starfish mode, her hand over his face. He really did love her. He would be eternally grateful to himself that he had been able to resist making a huge mistake a year or two prior that could have cost him moments of happiness like these.


Moving her hand off of his face, he pulled out the second blanket from his bedside table and covered himself in it, eventually falling asleep.


He dreamt of volcanoes, Pillar Men, and Germans, along with an odd, tangled mess of purple vines.



Izuku was getting nervous.


So far, he had been able to hold back from showing Bakugou his Hamon by outsmarting him and escaping, like he always did in their fights.


But right now? He was in an empty classroom, with Bakugou, Wings, and Fingers, and it was getting harder and harder to avoid them.


He had been trying to beat Bakugo in a fight without Hamon before he revealed his new abilities to the boy, but it seemed that if he wanted to get out of this without being thrashed, he would have to use Hamon.


And to be honest, he was getting sick of Bakugou harassing him every few days just cause he had a ‘weak Quirk.’ Maybe if he won in a head-on fight Bakugou would leave him alone?


Sparks appeared in Bakugou’s palms as he stomped towards Izuku. “Scared, Deku? Gonna run away again? How do you expect to be a Hero if all you do is run, you coward!”

Izuku dodged under a swipe made by Fingers and moved past the boy, getting a bit of extra space in between him and the trio. He laughed. “You’re calling me a coward? Who’s the one who has to grab two other people just to guarantee victory?”


Bakugou growled at that, but it got Izuku the result that he wanted. He turned to the two cronies and pointed towards the door. “Extras. Leave, NOW. Deku wants a 1 on 1? I’ll kick his ass all by myself.”


Izuku dropped further to the ground as the two cronies left, getting into one of the stances he had been learning to fight with using Hamon. He looked around the room and saw that whichever teacher had been in here before had left their scarf on their desk. That was what he needed to get to win this fight.


He knew that Bakgou was good with brawling, but Izuku felt confident that with his Hamon, he could actually win this one. But he would have to fight smart, and time everything correctly if he wanted his plan to work.


Hearing Bakugou growl, he leaned to his right, letting Bakugo’s hand fly past his head, the explosion going off behind him. Obviously Bakugou hadn’t expected Izuku to dodge so subtly, as he had now overextended slightly.


Izuku charged up a low amount of Hamon into his arm as he ducked down, and in a flash, brought his elbow up into Bakugou’s sternum, letting out a cry. “Rebuff Overdrive!”


Bakugou shot back from Izuku, groaning in pain due to the unexpected force of Izuku’s strike. He landed at the base of a table, back smacking into the metal leg, forcing the oxygen from his lungs, or at least, whatever was leftover from Izuku’s attack.


Rushing away from the wheezing boy, Izuku grabbed the scarf from the table and pumped a small amount of Hamon through it to test its conductivity, like Messina had told him to when using an improvised weapon.


It seemed good enough, his Hamon passing through it fairly easily as he moved it around like a snake. Wrapping it around his neck loosely and moving it as best he could with his Hamon, he raised his hands into a fighting stance.


Bakugou had gotten up by now to see Izuku glowing with green energy, the scarf around his neck like a snake hunting for prey. “And just what the fuck do you think this is Deku?! Do you think you can just lie to me about your Quirk for 8 years?! You looking down on me? Huh?!”


Izuku just scoffed, moving towards the blonde as the scarf reared up, ready to strike. “You really think I care enough about you to keep up an act like that? Not that you deserve to know, but this is a fairly new development.”


Izuku got into striking range and grabbed one end of the scarf, pumping it full of as much Hamon as he could. “And now that I have this new ability, I’m not going to let you or anyone else keep me from being a hero, you got that, Katsuki?


Bakugou’s eyes widened slightly as the scarf shot towards him, on fire now from the sheer intensity of Izuku’s Hamon, almost as fast as he could see. It struck him in the chest, as Izuku swept his legs, using his moment of hesitation to his advantage. “Serpentine Overdrive!”


Whatever Bakugou had been planning on saying in response was cut off as he hit the ground so hard he bounced a little bit, his impact added to by the fact that Izuku’s Hamon had detonated some on the sweat on his chest where the scarf had touched. Not a lot, but enough that he was propelled into the ground a little harder than normal.


WIth Bakugo winded once again, Izuku used his Hamon to direct the scarf around his arms and behind his back, wrapping Bakugou up like a set of handcuffs, and pumping some Hamon into it so it would stay that way for a while.


Izuku then turned his back to Bakugou, and all the shit that he had to deal with because of the boy. He walked away, stopping at the doorframe. “See you at UA, jackass.”


And then he left.



Izuku was feeling a rush like no other.


He had won! He had fought Bakugou head-on and won! He had beaten Bakugou in a head-to-head fight! That had never happened before! Would this change anything? 


Oh god, he swore during that fight!


He continued to have his small breakdown as he walked, almost on autopilot. His body directed itself through the streets in between his school and the Dojo.


He was so distracted by his fight with Bakugou that he almost didn’t even notice himself enter the dojo and head towards his small section near the corner. He was snapped out of his mumbling when he felt a hand on his shoulder.


“Well, you don’t look very calm. What's got your mind all jumbled up, squirt?”


That wasn’t Messina. Wait. It was today, wasn’t it!


Whipping around towards the voice, he came face to face with a 6’5” wall of pure muscle. He had to look up a little bit to see the person’s face, and his own face broke out into a smile at the sight.


“Ah! Mr. Joestar! I‘d forgotten that you were arriving today! It’s so good to meet you in person! I’m really looking forward to learning from you!” He was almost bouncing up and down as his whole attitude changed, his fight from earlier fading from memory.


Joseph just chuckled, patting Izuku on the head. “I’m glad you’re so excited! I’m also looking forward to seeing just how good we can make you at Hamon!”


A smirk grew on his face as he leaned down to Izuku. “But we’re not going to go into training straight away! I want to get to know you a little better before I start teaching you how to kick ass and take names.”


Joseph had to hold in his laughter as he saw Izuku gasp when he said ‘ass’. This kid was so freaking pure he felt like he was talking to a dog in a human body. He motioned towards the doorway, putting his coat back on.


“Cmon then, let’s go wander around the shopping district and chat. Messina says you’re an angel, but I’d like to start this mentorship-thingy or whatever this is right.”


Izuku just nodded, following Joseph. He was glad that Messina had notified him that Izuku’s mother - Inko he thought her name was - had signed off on this, otherwise, he would have felt like he was kidnapping Izuku.


While they headed towards the shopping district, Joseph and Izuku made small talk the whole time, getting to know each other better.



This wouldn’t be the last time that they would spend a training session doing something like this.


When Izuku asked why they didn’t just train with Hamon 24/7, Joseph explained to him his philosophy when it came to most things, but training and hard work specifically.


It’s always better when you have to do less.


He explained that by getting to know Izuku better, understanding what made him tick and what drove him while out and about during the sessions where they seemingly did nothing, he was reducing the amount of trial and error they would need to do while practicing.


To himself, Joseph would admit that the fact that he had been struck by his ‘dad instincts the second he saw the boy was part of the reason. He had a feeling of wanting to both protect Izuku, and teach him enough that he could sit back and watch him kick the shit out of bad guys.


Overall, Joseph’s original trip to Japan, which had just been a 3-day trip to set up a firm in Tokyo, ended up being almost 4 months long as he oversaw Izuku’s training personally.


And that was only the first trip.


It became almost a habit for Joseph to look for available time to go over to Japan to work with Izuku. He wasn’t even really surprised at himself when he realized that he was starting to think of Izuku less as a student, and more as a son.


Which was an odd feeling for him. He was almost 70 years old! And sure, the Hamon training he had been doing rigorously (at the American Hero Commission’s urging, originally) had kept him and Susie looking fairly young, it was still odd to find himself thinking of Izuku as a child when he had a daughter in her 40’s.


But really, he didn’t mind. Inko, who he became fast friends with on his various trips to Japan, had quickly seen the improvements that Joseph made on Izuku’s life by giving him a positive male role model that wasn’t All Might, and welcomed him and Susie into the Midoriya family.


Susie had taken a liking to Inko especially, and would sometimes accompany Joseph over to Japan just to spend time with her and Holly.


And so 3 years passed since Joseph first met Izuku.


3 years of training. 3 years of acting like the father that Izuku never got. 3 years of watching this small 12-year-old boy grow into a confident and capable 15-year-old.


3 years of watching Izuku master Hamon quicker than anyone he had ever heard of before. Mr. Speedwagon had told him stories of his father’s exploits against the villain ‘ Dio’ , including Baron Zeppeli and Jonathan Joestar’s own Hamon training.


Jonathan had gone from almost a total novice to capable of destroying a zombie through a wall in as little as a month, and it seemed that even if they weren’t related in the slightest, Izuku had a similar grasp on Hamon that Joseph and his Grandfather had.


Izuku had quickly outgrown the small, hole-in-the-wall dojo that Messina had set up, capable of easily thrashing most of the students, and outsmarting the others. Even Messina himself had lost to Izuku on the boy’s 14th birthday.


Now, Joseph had to wait as Izuku completed the event that would change his future.


Joseph, Susie, and Inko watched from the car windows as Izuku climbed the steps onto UA’s campus, ready to start the Entrance Exam.


Joseph gave the boy a wink and a wave when he turned back to them, knowing that he would be able to overcome any challenge that awaited him.

Chapter Text

Izuku was pumped.


3 years of Hamon training had all been for this. Well, mostly for this, but that was a whole other thing. He was here at UA! Ready to take the entrance exam!


He passed under the first of the arches and quickly spun, sidestepping a loose brick that had been sticking out of the ground. As he spun, he saw a girl with brown hair watching him, looking as if she had been about to reach out and grab him.


He noticed the pink pads of her fingertips and realized that her Quirk probably would have helped him if he had tripped. Winking at her, he shot her some finger guns before finishing his rotation, continuing forward.


He entered the building, waving at the girl again as he headed towards his seat, which seemed to be on the opposite side of the room to hers. He looked around for his seat before finding it…


Right next to Bakugou’s.


He threw his bag onto the floor, gaining the blondes attention. Bakugou turned to him and snarled, crossing his arms. “Fuck you Deku, you should just go home.”


Plopping down into his seat, Izuku let his arms go out onto the armrests, accidentally elbowing Bakugou’s arm. “And why would I do that? Someone has to beat you score-wise, might as well be me!”


Bakugou growled again, but didn’t respond, focusing on the front of the room instead. Izuku shrugged internally, not pushing him. If he wanted to focus on the test, Izuku would let him. He wasn’t evil .


The explanation went fairly quickly, even if some blue-haired kid interrupted after a while, yelling about UA being ‘improper’ or something. It essentially boiled down to fighting three different types of robots, and avoiding the fourth type.


Izuku wasn’t naive enough to believe that the infamous Nezu would make such a simple test, so he knew that there was probably a catch, and a big one.


So after getting flipped off by Bakugou, and returning the gesture, he boarded his own bus, and started psyching himself up.


It was robot fighting time!

“Yo yo yo! Look at that dude-erino, he’s absolutely glowin’!”


Aizawa sighed as Present Mic entered the room. He seemed to do that a lot around his friend, actually. Quickly flashing ‘Erasure’ at him to quiet the man down, he looked back at the screen to see who the peacock was talking about.


Eventually, he saw him. A green-haired kid glowing with green energy as he went through warm-up movements reminiscent of Tai-Chi. He was about to just file the kid away as someone with a flashy Quirk and some training when he saw that the cloth wraps the boy wore around his hands were sparkling slightly with green lightning as well.




Was that Hamon?



Izuku was aware that there were people staring at him.


It was something he had been expecting, really. He did glow bright green when using his Hamon at full intensity, and he was doing that now to prepare himself for the test ahead.


And prepare he had.


He had actually been able to trick a 2nd-year support course student into telling him what he was going to be fighting. It had been pretty easy, just some subtle compliments about her eyelashes and how ‘sparkly’ she was and she was basically an open bar of information.


And so he had prepared what he called his ‘ass-kicking outfit.’ A black, padded shirt to help in case he got hit by any of the robots, with his blue, short-sleeved hoodie over it to make him look more casual.


He had a black beanie on his head, padded to help protect from impacts and long black cargo pants that were tucked into his red boots, with various items in each of the pockets. He also had a small length of rope hanging from his belt.


On his hands was a very precious item to Izuku. It had been a gift from Mr. Joestar after he had beaten Messina in a fight, apparently ‘proving himself worthy’ in the process. They were thick, amber hand wraps made from the yarn of the ‘Sathiphorosia Scaraba’, an insect whose yarn could conduct Hamon at 100%.


For someone like Messina or Mr. Joestar, they were useful in allowing for slightly ranged attacks, but for Izuku, who’s Hamon strength had increased drastically since he started training, they allowed for incredibly powerful hits from a distance.


It was one of the reasons that he treasured them so much. They showed that Messina and Mr. Joestar trusted him enough to allow him to use them, and that made him feel really good. He was glad that he could be so close to his dads teachers.


He was about to finish up when he felt a hand about to hit his shoulder, and quickly ducked down and sidestepped, moving out of the way. He heard the sputtering of the kid who had approached him and open his eyes, groaning as he saw the blue-haired kid from the explanation.


“What do you want? We all have to prepare and you’re distracting me.”


The blue-haired boy sputtered some more as his arms chopped around at high speeds. “I’m distracting you? You’re distracting all of us! You’re glowing is harmful to our own concentration!”


Izuku just raised his eyebrow at the boy, crossing his arms. Looking around, he spoke up. “Alright guys, show of hands if you were majorly distracted by me preparing. I know some of you were watching, but like, raise your hand if I distracted you from preparing completely.”


He waited for a moment, and when there were no hands raised, he shrugged his shoulders, turning back to the boy, who was looking a little betrayed. “Sorry! Seems like the only one interrupting people’s preparations is you.”


The boys arm chopped down, and he seemed like he was about to speak again when a siren went off.




Izuku didn’t wait to hear the response from the other applicants, he just turned around and bolted into the open gates, chuckling as he heard the stampeding crowd behind him.



“Computer, get me eyes on Applicant #2262”


Aizawa hummed as the computer focused in on the green-haired boy as he tore through a few 1 pointers. The boy then jumped off and threw something at a 2 pointer, right before the head exploded.


Rewinding a bit and zooming in on what he had thrown, he slowed the video down enough until he saw that it was… a bit of rope? That couldn’t be right. He went back half a second and saw that before the rope impacted the lens, it was completely straight, and glowing with the sparks of Hamon.


“Hamon allows the user to do a shitload of things kiddo, things that most people think are exclusive to Quirks”


Aizawa coughed a little bit, shaking his head as he tried to dispel that memory. Now wasn’t the time for flashbacks, it was the time for examination. He was about to move to the next student when he was nudged.


He sighed and looked up, noticing right away that Nezu was smirking at him. Aizawa groaned, already feeling the start of the headaches this year would bring him.



“That’s 36 points!”


Izuku smiled as he shot another clipping of string out at the visor of a one-pointer. He had put just enough Hamon into it to make it rigid until it cracked through the glass, where it would become loose again, and jam the internal mechanics of the robot.


It was how he had been getting his points. If it didn’t work with the first bit, then he would just grab another bit of string from one of the pockets in his pants. He let out a breath as he leaned back, dodging underneath the swipe of a two-pointer.


He jumped into the air after its arm passed him completely, landing on its ‘shoulders’. Plunging his fingers into the gap between the head and the body, he pushed his Hamon to around half of his maximum strength and ripped the head off of the body. “And that’s 38!”


He must have been talking louder than he thought he was, because after he said his score to himself, other people started calling out theirs. The blue-haired kid from the start was on like, 42 points, while the brown-haired girl that was ready to help him when he almost tripped was on 38 as well!


He was about to move on when he spotted someone about to be hit by a bit of falling debris. Grabbing the rope off of his belt, he flung it at them like a whip before filling it with Hamon, wrapping up the debris with it and placing it on the ground, safely.


The boy, who had black hair and sharp teeth, smiled at him widely and gave him a thumbs-up, before running off to fight another robot. Izuku saw that his skin was all spiky as he did. Hypothesizing that he had a Durability Quirk, Izuku guessed that the boy probably would have been fine even without his help.


Shrugging, Izuku moved onto the next area. That was when the world started to shake. As Izuku turned the street corner, he- 





Ochako was actually having a pretty good day.


She got to UA earlier than she expected to, thanks to a Villain-free train ride, and she hadn’t even forgotten any of her workout gear for the practical exam! She had even tried to help someone who she thought was going to trip, but they handled it.


So, with high spirits and a positive attitude, she took to the written exam. There were a few questions that stumped her, but for the most part, she was able to answer them all! That was much better than she expected to do! 


Maybe her parents were right, and she was worried about it way too much?


Then came the practical exam! A very loud boy interrupted Present Mic’s speech, and then that same loud boy harassed the boy who almost tripped out front while he was preparing himself! 


She had been doing really well in the practical exam as well, lifting robots into the air, throwing them into buildings or dropping them, etc. But it was when the zero-pointer came that her troubles started.


At first, she barely noticed the rumbling around her, but as debris started falling onto the robots she had targeted, she started to look around, worried. But it was only when the shadow of the giant robot covered her that she realized what a bad position she was in.


She didn’t even have time to run away, only to turn around, before some debris landed on her leg. She let out a yelp of pain involuntarily as her leg broke, the ‘crack’ audible even over all of the chaos around her.


Tears filled her eyes as the rumbling got closer. Was she really going to die like this? Surely UA wouldn’t allow that, right? But they hadn’t stopped the robot yet! Surely they wouldn’t let it crush her, surely!


Luckily for her, she would never have to find out if UA would allow applicants to get squished.


She heard a grunt of exertion as a bit of rope, glowing with bright green energy, darted past her, before it lifted up, pushing the bit of debris off of her leg. She was still crying, so her vision was blurry, but she was sure that the person that entered her vision was the boy from before, smiling widely at her.


For some reason, his smile made her feel like everything was going to be okay.



Izuku held his smile as he picked up the girl.


He had already retracted the bit of rope and put it back on his belt to clear up his hands. Now that the debris wasn’t holding her down, he would be able to carry her to safety. Hopefully. The Zero-pointer was a lot closer than he expected it to be.


“Ahh! I can’t die here! Not to some robot!” Izuku looked down at the girl in his arms, before looking back at the robot. Looking down again, he suddenly remembered a story that Mr Joestar had told him once.


He smirked at the girl. “Don’t worry! I won’t let you die here! I will just have to employ the pinnacle of strategic thinking!”


The girl looked up at him, hope glinting in her eyes. “You have a plan to beat the zero-pointer?!”


Izuku laughed. “Beat it? No! My plan will get us an outcome even better than that!”


As the girl watched him turn around, he put his Hamon onto full blast, pumping it into his legs. “Now, watch as I employ my mentors most coveted technique!”


He dropped closer down to the ground, before sending shockwaves through the bottom of his feet, sprinting away from the zero pointer at top speed. And to top it all off, he let out the infamous cry of his mentor as he performed the sacred technique.


“N I G E R U N D A Y O!”


Chapter Text

Ochako sputtered as her hair was forced into her mouth.


The wind rushed past them as the boy carrying her kept running, his steps making whooshing noises as the glow of his Quirk rushed down his leg and slammed into the ground, propelling them forward faster than he could run by himself.


They weren’t out of danger yet, though. Even with the boy’s speed, the debris that was created by the Zero-Pointer crashing through buildings landed all around them. Ochako let out a yelp as a small bit almost hit her, before the boy carrying her changed positions, taking the rock to the shoulder.


She saw him stumble for a moment, gritting his teeth before the glow that had been focused on his legs showed up on his shoulder for a moment. His expression softened slightly, and the glow returned fully to his legs.


She was about to ask what he had just done when he shook his head at her, smiling. He gave her a wink, and mouthed out ‘later’ . Accepting that, she hunkered down further into his hold as he sped up again.


After that, the rest of their escape was pretty much a blur. Her ankle was still hurting, and the spikes of pain she was getting every now and then as the boy ran with her were taking her focus away from the world.


She snapped back to awareness as she felt a warm feeling on her ankle, chasing the pain away. Now that she wasn’t being plagued by a shattered ankle, her vision cleared up, seeing an old lady retracting her lips for her leg.


Her nausea caught up with her, and with the wombo combo of a strained Quirk and the tiredness she felt from healing, she fell unconscious. The last thing she was aware of was the sensation of being picked up again.


That, and the brightest smile she had ever seen, framed by curly green hair.



“Honey! Your acceptance letter has arrived!”


Izuku laughed at that, pausing the game he was playing―an old All-Might themed platformer―and put the controller down. Opening the door, he left his room and headed towards the kitchen.


As he entered the kitchen, he couldn’t help but be a little surprised to see that Auntie Susie was sitting opposite to his mum. That was of course, until he flared his Hamon out of instinct, sensing someone behind him with the vibrations.


Ducking down quickly, he planted his hands on the floor, using Hamon to make sure he didn’t slide around, and kicked backwards with both his feet. He heard a grunt as he kicked muscle, and then laughter.


Performing a hand spin, he rotated himself and pushed off the ground, landing on his feet facing the prone form of Mr. Joestar vibrating as he laughed. He nudged the man’s shoulder with his foot. “Did you really steal my mail just so you could be here to see me open it, old man?”


Inko let out a chuckle as Izuku held out his hand, helping the man up. Susie was laughing out loud, slapping her hand on the table. “Izuku, sweety, attacking Joseph after we were kind enough to bring the mail in for you! It’s pure coincidence that we’re here, I promise .”


Rolling his eyes, he slid into a chair next to his mum, grabbing the envelope that was sitting on the table. Joseph sat down next to Susie and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her in for a side hug. “Go on then, squirt, Open it!”


Izuku stuck his tongue out at the man before ripping the envelope open. As he did so, a small metal disk dropped out of it, letting out a soft ‘thud’ as it hit the table. It spun for a moment, before it landed flat, then beeped.


Izuku laughed as Joseph grunted and closed his eyes as light spewed from the disk, showing a holographic image on All Might’s face layered over his own. Izuku quickly spun it slightly so that it showed on the wall instead, and the video started to play.




Inko leaned forward and turned the volume down slightly, using her other hand to cover her ear. All Might was an absolutely amazing hero, yes, but god damn , was he loud.




Joseph leaned over and clapped Izuku on the shoulder, getting a smirk from the boy in return. Susie and Inko just squeezed him in a small hug, letting him go when All Might continued.




Izuku’s smile was so big and bright in that moment that none of the other three could look at him without suffering from blindness. It was so bright that it might have well been the actual sun.


The scene changed on screen, All Might and the gaudy green-screen effect disappearing as camera footage replaced it. Izuku smiled again as the girl he had saved showed on screen, looking nervous.


“Um, excuse me? Present Mic? Is it ok if I ask you something?”

There was a shuffle and the bottom half of Present Mic appeared on the screen. “Of course you can, little listener! What's the haps, chaps?”


“The boy who saved me, I’m not sure what his name was, but he had green hair, was all muscley, and he glowed! I wanted to know if it was ok for me to give him some of my points!” The girl on screen bowed, continuing her rant. All 4 of the people watching were silent, watching intently.


“Yo yo yo! I know who you’re talking about kiddo! And while I gotta commend you for your courage for doing this, I can’t let you give any points to him.”


The girl looked like she was about to speak up when Present Mic interrupted her. 


“But you shouldn’t worry a bit about it, little listener! Glowstick’s well on his way to getting in, he doesn’t need your points!


And then, Present Mic dropped to the floor, propping his head with his hand as he stared directly into the camera. “Tell him the surprise, All Might!”


Joseph and Susie burst out laughing, with Inko chuckling as well. Izuku had found it funny as well, but he was too focused on the ‘surprise’ to laugh. The screen then changed again to show All Might smiling at him.




Inko let out a cheer as various clips of Izuku saving people through the exam were put on screen. Joseph gave him a thumbs up when he saw how well he was manipulating the rope with his Hamon, and Susie crushed him in another hug.









He wasn’t really sure when he fell asleep, or even when he woke up.


The last thing he could remember was fire all around him, and the feeling of sadness mixed with hope and happiness. But now he was in a dark space. His body felt more powerful than had ever been before, and he didn’t know why.


The void around him shifted slightly, just enough for him to feel off-kilter. It felt like he was meant to be here, but also not? Like he was taking the spot of something else, but fit perfectly anyway. 


Confused, he started wandering the void, trying to figure out what was happening.



Izuku carefully pried his window open, making sure to be silent.


He climbed out the window and shut it again, making sure to leave it unlocked for when he came back later. It was 11 pm, and the sun had gone down a while ago. 


Izuku climbed down the fire escape as quickly and quietly as he could, landing in the alleyway between his building and the next. He walked out onto the street and started patrolling.


It had been about a year since Mr Joestar had told Izuku the true purpose of Hamon, why it had been created, and what he had used it for. He had been confused for a long while, thinking that Mr. Joestar was messing with him, but he trusted Mr. Joestar too much to believe he would lie about something so serious.




Hamon was used to kill Vampires, and beings that Mr. Joestar called ‘Pillar Men’. He had told Izuku the entire story of his own bizarre adventure, ranging from his time in new york with the current mayor, Smokey Brown, to working with a german mercenary group to hunt down the ‘Pillar Men’.


Izuku had been in awe of Mr. Joestar’s retelling of his battle with the near-immortal Kars. The fact that he probably wasn’t even dead didn’t escape Izuku. With the ability to use any living creature's abilities, Izuku was fairly sure that he could have used a Quirk, or multiple, to survive the emptiness of space.


But what had worried Izuku the most was the fact that Vampires had the capability to create Zombies. While they lost some brain capacity, they were stronger than the average person with a strength Quirk, practically immune to regular weapons, and would follow their sire’s orders without questions.


But what had made him worried was the fact that with how Mr. Joestar explained the Zombies, Izuku was fairly sure that he had found where a few of them were hiding.


So he was going to go hunt them.



Izuku reached the edge of the city, spotting the warehouse.


It was a busted up old thing, covered in wear and tear, as well as signs of neglect for many years. For the entire time Izuku had been alive, he had never seen it being used by an actual company, only as a haven for petty criminals.


Or at least, he had assumed they were petty criminals at first before he saw one's face. Covered in rotting flesh and blank stares, they moved quickly but inefficiently, making jerking movements, as if they weren’t in full control of themselves.


He did a quick check around the perimeter to make sure that there were no zombies outside waiting to ambush him when he went inside and was happy to find none. He moved to the front door, charged his leg up with Hamon, and kicked it down.


It went clattering through the warehouse, which Izuku could see had been completely emptied, other than a few shelves lining the walls. In the center of the room was a small circle of figures, hunched over.


The figures, around 7 of them, looked up as the door clattered towards them, jumping to their feet. One of them leaned down to pick up the door, probably to use it as a weapon against him.


Izuku rushed forward as the Zombie who picked up the door screeched in pain, the Hamon he had put into it flowing out of the door and into the Zombie. Izuku watched in awe for a moment as the Zombie literally disintegrated.


But he didn’t have time to focus on that, as the other Zombies neared him. He exhaled, letting Hamon flow through his entire body, as much as he was able to muster. As he ignited at full power, the inside of the warehouse was lit up like daylight.


Izuku had been training his Quirk-enhanced Hamon for 3 years. At this point, his full-strength Hamon was enough to rend through most of the weaker metals. And it was bright enough that Izuku would never have to be afraid of the dark ever again.


The Zombie closest to Izuku wasn’t able to slow down in time to avoid him, running straight into the Aura of Hamon around him, disintegrating instantly, before he had even laid a hand on the boy.


Izuku lashed out at the Zombie behind the first, catching it right in the face. Like the one before it, it started disintegrating before Izuku’s fist had even touched it, but when it did, it nearly exploded from the Hamon.


The Zombies behind those two were hanging back now, scurrying around to search for things to throw at this boy. While they had lost the capacity for independence the second they had been turned, the instinct of Self-Preservation allowed them to act on their own.


Izuku smirked, feeling confident in his ability to take out the Zombies. One of them came back with a bit of metal pipe and swung at him, but he was able to see it coming and sidestepped the swing, planting his foot on the pipe and pumping it full of Hamon.


The Zombie wasn’t quick enough to drop the pipe and screeched in pain when the light traveled over its body, quickly falling to pieces. A few of the others tried to throw things at him, but with his training and reflexes, he was able to dodge out of the way of most of them.


And even when he was hit with a bit of wood, his Hamon dulled the pain, and helped him to heal the cut it had made quickly, practically negating the attack.


It wasn’t long before Izuku had destroyed all of the Zombies after that. His Hamon was stronger than anyone that had come before him, and he was excellent with its application.


But as he finished destroying the last of them, he heard a whooshing noise behind him. Turning quickly, he dropped to the ground as he saw a rock flying towards his head, faster than any zombie had thrown it before.


When he recovered, he jumped back up and saw his next enemy.


Standing in a business suit, with an unconscious woman over his shoulder, was a man with dark black hair. His red eyes flashed in the doorway, and Izuku could see the fangs in his mouth.


“Well, well, well, what have we here? It seems as if a young hunter has entered my nest and slain my servants.”

Izuku felt fear as the man took a step forward, but he refused to let it overwhelm him. He stood up straight, and put his hand down to his hip, grasping at his plan B. He didn’t know if he was good enough to fight one of these in hand to hand.


He flipped back the long coat he was wearing, revealing the sword pinned to his belt. Pulling it out of its sheath, he got into a battle stance and stared his opponent down.


The man just laughed in response, the sound sending shivers down Izuku’s spine, throwing the woman he was carrying off to the side.


“I’ll just have to punish you for that, won’t I? Servants don’t come cheap nowadays.”


Then the vampire crouched, and lept towards the roof.

Chapter Text

Joseph sighed as he leaned back in his recliner. 


Taking a sip from his glass, he made his left hand move around a bit, enjoying the sight of his robotic hand moving in ways no human could recreate. Except maybe David Shield. Maybe he should give him a call? 


It had been quite a while since they talked. Didn’t he have a daughter Izuku’s age?


Joseph smirked, lightly slapping himself on the face as Susie entered the room, dressed in her pyjamas. She came and sat down next to him, wrapping her arms around him and resting her head on his chest.


“Why are you hitting yourself? If you wanted to get rough you could have just asked.”


Joseph chuckled at that, squeezing her into him for a moment. “It’s not like that, although I’ll be taking that as confirmation that you’re in the mood for later. Just my dad senses trying to set Izuku up.”


He put down his glass and sighed. “Honestly, sometimes I forget that he’s not actually a Joestar! I’m surprised by how much I feel like his dad.”


Susie laughed, snuggling into him further. “I know how you feel. Sometimes it feels like Holly and Inko could be sisters! It doesn’t hurt that they pretty much consider themselves sisters nowadays.”


They both laughed about it for a bit, before Joseph’s phone started to ring. He grabbed it and smiled. “Well, what do you know! Speak of the devil and all that.” 


“Betcha Izuku’s done something stupid again!”



Izuku dove to the side as the Vampire crashed down next to him, making a crater in the floor.


He felt something swipe towards him and instinctively flared his Hamon all over himself, scooting backwards. Turning around, he saw the Vampire in the process of pulling his hand back quickly, yelping in pain.


“What the fuck was that? Hamon doesn’t hurt Vampires! I saw that with my own eyes back in Rome!”


Izuku made sure to keep his Hamon fully flared up as he took a step back from the Vampire, moving to his right and picking up his sword.


Spreading his Hamon into the sword as well, Izuku got back into his stance. “Don’t know where you saw that, dumbass, but Hamon was made to kill Vampires.”


He relished the sight of panic in the Vampire’s eyes even though it was only there for a moment. He planted his foot in front of him and swung his sword, letting Hamon flow through at full intensity, before pushing it out of the blade.


“Hamon Slice!”


It was a technique that he had created when he started practicing with a sword. For the most part, it was something that only he could do, because his Hamon was much stronger than any who had come before him due to his quirk.


It was similar to how he would increase his running speed by firing shockwaves of Hamon out of his feet while running, but it used the blade to send a small burst of Hamon-infused air forward instead.


Unfortunately, this caused the air to glow bright green as it shot forward, making the attack visible. Izuku seemed to have underestimated the Vampire’s reflexes slightly, as he was able to drop to the ground, the Hamon slice traveling over his head.


The Vampire pushed himself up, jumping to his feet. Izuku refilled his sword with Hamon. Now that he knew that the Vampire could dodge his Hamon Slice, he would have to get closer to him, something that made him a little nervous.


Zombies were easy; they were weaker, dumber, and more susceptible to Hamon than Vampires were. Izuku knew that he could fight Zombies, but this was the first Vampire he had ever seen.


Hell, Mr Joestar had told him that he and the Mercenary group had used UV lights to kill all the remaining Vampires when he fought Kars. He had told him that there were none left. So where did this one come from?


He didn’t really have time to ask him directly, or figure it out himself, as he had to quickly lean out of the way as the Vampire threw something else at him. It was about to smack into his hip, even with his dodging, so he sent out a burst of Hamon at full intensity, reflecting it away from him.


Izuku didn’t know if he could beat a Vampire 1 on 1 normally, so he used a tactic that Mr Joestar had taught him: baiting his opponent. “Well, I gotta say, this is one of the slowest fights of my life! You’re not even coming close to me! Are all Vampires this cowardly? Or did your sire just choose a wimp?”


Izuku smirked as he saw it working, the Vampire baring his fangs at him and growling. But even with the brave face he was putting on, he could feel the shiver run down his spine.


The Vampire rushed over to Izuku’s right, confusing Izuku, until he saw what it was going towards. A pile of loose objects, perfect for throwing at him. 


Izuku started moving instantly, trying to stop him from reaching it, or getting close enough to shoot out another Hamon Slice, but wasn’t quick enough to stop him.


While he was quick enough to dodge a few of the items, reflecting some others with his Hamon, he wasn’t quick enough to dodge all of them, allowing a small length of rebar to spear him through the hand.


Izuku was forced to drop his sword because of this, and watched as it bounced away from him, too far for him to reach right now. “Fuck!”


Due to his surprise, his Hamon dropped in intensity for a moment, and the Vampire took that chance to hurl another item at him. Izuku let out a yelp as he felt something impact his chest.


Shooting backwards from the impact, he gasped as his back hit the concrete wall, winding him. He wheezed and tried to pull himself up, knowing how dangerous it was to not have his breath for Hamon.


Before he could stand up though, he felt a hand wrap around his throat, squeezing slightly, preventing him from breathing properly. Izuku gagged at the foul smell coming out of the Vampires mouth.


The Vampire sneered at him. “A wimp, am I? A coward? Look at you, helpless without your little light show. Go ahead! Try it! Push me off of yourself and kill me, right here and now.”


As Izuku squirmed in his grip, he laughed, squeezing a little harder as he turned around. “You can’t! Without your Hamon, you’re nothing more than a useless whelp compared to me!”


“I’ll show you what happens to people who insult Lord Massimiliano Velardo! Future king of Japan!”


Izuku felt the grip on his throat loosen for a moment, before it vanished altogether. It took him a moment before he realised it was because he had been thrown. Still a little light-headed, it took him a moment to react.


He braced himself for impact, not having to wait too long before he felt himself slam into something due to the Vampire’s strength.


The window he had been thrown at broke, sending shards of glass flying out into the street. Izuku hit the ground hand, yelling out as he bounced, as something in his arm made a loud ‘crack’ noise.


He screwed his eyes shut due to the pain, and eventually came to a stop, slamming into a fire hydrant, and was able to use it to push himself to his feet.


He had to admit that seeing the Vampire right in front of him as he opened his eyes made him jump.



“Izuku? You left your lamp on, sweety!”


Inko checked the clock, seeing that it was only 11:20 pm. Izuku had stayed up much later in the past completing homework―or just browsing hero forums―so when she had gotten up to go to the toilet, she wasn’t surprised to see the light under his door frame.


Getting no response, she knocked on the door. “Izuku, sweety? It’s time for bed, OK? You need to be well-rested for tomorrow; you have a full-day training session with Joseph, remember?”


Still getting no response, she opened the door slowly, peeking into the room. “Izuku?” Seeing that his bed was empty, she started to get worried. She checked the bathroom, kitchen, everywhere in the house.


She didn’t find him.


Panicking slightly, she pulled out her phone and called Joseph, who was staying in a hotel on the other side of town. It didn’t take long for him to pick up the phone, as he was a bit of a night owl.


Before he could even get a word in, Inko spoke, panic filling her voice.


“I think Izuku is doing something stupid.”



Izuku only just managed to move his head to the side, avoiding the hand that was chopping down at him.


It cleaved right through the top of the fire hydrant, the noise of bending metal filling Izuku’s head as he dodged to the side, water spewing into the air from the top of the broken hydrant, soaking the both of them.


He scooted backwards as Massimiliano grunted in frustration, getting a second to catch his breath as the Vampire struggled to remove his hand. He started to flare his Hamon as much as he could, relishing the warmth it brought.


Massimiliano eventually ripped his hand out of the fire hydrant, growling as he saw the glow around Izuku growing brighter and brighter. He lunged forward, but Izuku kicked out, catching him in the chest and sending him back a bit.


Izuku was disappointed that it wasn’t enough to vaporise the Vampire yet, but he was still recovering from his landing. As Massimiliano growled, recovering from the kick, Izuku pushed his drenched hair back out of his eyes.


“Well now. Looks like you’ve fucked up, Massimiliano . You let me get my ‘little light show’ back up to fighting strength! Big mistake on your part. And you handed me the perfect way to kill you too!”


Massimiliano lowered himself to the ground, his wet hair falling over his face, making him seem more like a wild animal than a ‘sophisticated’ creature. “Oh, yeah? And what's that, you little fucker?!”


Izuku smirked, placing a finger on his forehead, like he had seen his mentor do so many times before. And while he wasn’t able to get hints like Mr Joestar was… he was good at predicting his opponents. “Next you’ll say: You’re still dead, you little whelp, whether you have your Hamon back or not!”


“You’re still dead, you little whelp, whether you have your Hamon back or not! Wait what?!”


Izuku chuckled, feeling his Hamon returning to him at its full power. He flared up to full power, smirking. “It’s too bad for you that you’ll never get the chance to make good on that promise!”


Thrusting his hands forward, he released a blast of Hamon at full intensity. Not aimed at Massimiliano directly, but at the water molecules falling around him. Sparks of green energy jumped from water droplet to water droplet, encasing Massimiliano.


Izuku smirked as he gave the Vampire a salute with his fingers, Blasting his Hamon again. As Hamon shot at Massimiliano from every direction, jumping off of the suspended water droplets, Izuku let out a cry of triumph.




Izuku was abuzz with energy.


He winced as his broken arm twinged, and pumped some Hamon into it to repair the damage. It caused a small jolt of pain, but by the end of it, his arm was as good as new. His jacket, on the other hand, was covered in cuts and shards of glass.


He had just killed a Vampire. He had just killed a Vampire! By himself! Not only had he exterminated seven Zombies, he had fought a Vampire 1 on 1 and come out on top!


Sure, it was close, and it only worked because Massimiliano wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, and he had come incredibly close to dying…


Izuku could feel his Hamon slipping as he started to hyperventilate. He started chuckling, looking at the pile of dust that was slowly being washed away now that the water was falling like normal.


He stood up shakily, feeling tired as the rush of adrenaline faded from his system. He moved out of the hydrant’s line of fire, heading inside the warehouse again to retrieve his sword.


Slipping it back into its sheath, he started walking back home. He avoided people where he could, not wanting to even have to try and explain what he was doing out in the middle of the night with torn up clothes and a sword.


He eventually reached his building, and climbed back up the fire escape. Pushing his window open as quietly as he could, he swore under his breath as he realised he had left his lamp on.


Flicking it off, he put his sword under his bed and jacket back in his closet. He moved towards his bed but was interrupted by his door slamming open. He jolted, looking over at it, seeing his mum, as well as Mr and Mrs Joestar, who were smirking at him.


Inko gave him a smile, but Izuku could feel the anger hidden in her gaze. In a misleadingly calm voice, she asked him a question.


“Izuku Midoriya. Where have you been?”

Chapter Text



Inko smiled at him, but Izuku could feel the anger hidden in her gaze. In a misleadingly calm voice, she asked him a question.


“Izuku Midoriya. Where have you been?”



Izuku froze.


But could you blame him? Three out of his four parental figures had just caught him sneaking back into the house, covered in blood and glass shards, his outfit torn to shreds. His mind raced as he thought up a way to get out of this.


“Oh! Hey guys! Did I not tell you? I got a call from Messina earlier, he was having trouble sleeping, and I was too. I was just out training with him!”


That would sate them. They loved Messina. Sure, he would probably have to pay the man to uphold the lie, but that was fine. As long as his family believed him for now, he would get out of this alive.


All hope died as his desk chair swiveled around, showing Messina with a smug look on his face, his arms crossed. “Oh really? I don’t remember making a call like that.”


Ah, so this was what a near-death experience felt like.


He took a step back from his mum, who looked like she was about to explode, and raised his hands trying to placate her. He needed a new excuse. “Uh… Um… she was really kinky?”


Everyone in the room froze at that. A moment of silence passed before there was a thud. Izuku and the others looked to the thud to see Joseph on the ground, crying with laughter.


Inko stood up, poking him in the chest as Susie helped Joseph recover. “Izuku Midoriya! Do not lie to me! Where have you been?!”


Izuku fell backwards to avoid more poking, ending up sitting on his bed. Inko stared him down with her hands on her hips. Izuku sighed. “Fine. I wasn’t lying when I said that I was training my Hamon!”


Joseph interrupted. “What, you get in a fight with a construction company? And lost? I thought you were better than that, but maybe I was wrong!”


Izuku huffed. “No! I was hunting Zombies and a Vampire showed up!”


He instantly clapped his hand over his mouth, closing his eyes and hunkering down for the lecture he knew was coming.




Joseph and Messina’s voices overlapped, reverberating around the room. In a flash, Joseph had pushed his way past the other three and was patting Izuku down checking for injuries. “Are you OK? Where is the Vampire now?”


Izuku blinked, expecting anger, not concern. He pulled Joseph off of him and shook his head. “It’s dead. I was able to kill it with my Hamon. But it did get the drop on me initially. I thought you said all the Vampires were gone?”


Joseph nodded slowly, hand moving to his chin. “I assumed that they were, but I guess I was wrong. That's annoying. I spent almost 10 years hunting them down. Sucks to find out that I didn’t get them all.”


Inko coughed. “Yes, that does suck, but can we focus on the issue at hand! Izuku went out on his own and hunted Zombies! And he fought a Vampire !”


Izuku let out an ‘eep’ as he felt himself get smacked over the head with a Hamon infused hand. He turned to see Messina looking upset. “Your mother is right! How could you be so irresponsible Izuku?”


Izuku looked down, the tone of voice that Messina had hurt more than the slap had. The disappointed look on everyone’s faces hurt even more. “I… I didn’t think it was going to be this dangerous.”


“I knew how weak Zombies were to Hamon, and since mine is stronger because of my Quirk, I thought that I could take them all out fairly easily. Which I did! I got all eight of them! I just wasn’t expecting a Vampire to be there.”


He stood back up and bowed deeply. “I’m sorry that I didn’t tell any of you about this. I know I shouldn’t have gone on my own. It almost cost me badly. I won’t make this mistake again, I promise.”


There was silence for a moment, and he kept his eyes screwed shut, waiting for another hit, or for a lecture, or something, so when he heard his mum start crying, wrapping her arms around him and squeezing him in a hug, it took him a moment to overcome his surprise and hug her back.


“Izuku! I won’t lie and say that I’m not upset, but just know that I’m so glad that you’re OK! Don’t scare me like that again!”


Izuku could feel tears starting to form in his eyes as he hugged her, and he burrowed his face into her shoulder. “I’m sorry for making you worry! I didn’t mean for it to get so dangerous. I promise, I won’t go hunting Zombies or Vampires like this again.”


All 5 of them stayed there like that for a few more minutes, in a big group hug.


None of them noticed Joseph looking guilty when Izuku made his promise.



Izuku ended up getting grounded for a week.


It was actually less of a punishment than he had been expecting. He was able to move freely about the house, study, train with Hamon, even watch the news to analyze heroes. The only thing that really changed was his contact with Mr. Joestar.


There had been radio silence from the man since Izuku had been caught that night, not a single peep from his or Susie. He wondered if the man was upset with him. Had he really messed up? What if Mr. Joestar didn’t want to train him anymore?


He was pulled from his thoughts by a knock on his doorframe (part of being grounded meant no locked doors), and when he looked up, he saw a very stern looking Joseph.


“Mr. Joestar! I’m so glad to see you! Is everything OK?”


His worry grew when he didn’t get a response, Joseph entering his room silently instead. He moved to Izuku’s bed and sat down on it, wringing his hands. There was silence, except for the soft whirring and clicking that his cybernetic hand made.


Izuku moved over and sat down with him, crossing his legs and waiting for the man to be ready to talk. They stayed like that for a little while, sitting quietly, before Joseph let out a huff, and spoke. “Izuku. Have I ever told you the story about my grandfather and his adopted brother?”


Izuku shook his head. Mr. Joestar had told him a lot of stories, ranging from his battle against Whamuu, to the unstoppable Kars, even to a man named Ceaser, his old best friend. This was the first he had heard about Mr. Joestars grandfather though. “No, sir. You’ve never mentioned him.”


Joseph nodded, sighing. He pulled out his wallet and handed Izuku a picture, showing a blue-haired man with a bright smile on his face next to a blonde man with piercing red eyes. “The man on the left is Jonathan Joestar, and the man on the right is Dio Brando.”


“Jonathan’s father took Dio in when he was twelve, a favor to Dio’s father, who had saved his life many years before. But Dio was not a good person like Jonathan was. Hell, even Dio’s father only saved George Joestar because he woke up halfway through Dario robbing him.”


Izuku looked at the picture, wondering why this was all relevant. Why tell him this now? And why look so conflicted about doing so?


“Jonathan’s father had bought an artifact the day that he was rescued, a stone mask that would release spikes when blood was placed on it. And while I’m not exactly sure how he figured it out, Dio discovered the Mask’s purpose.”


Joseph looked up and frowned, a serious glint entering his eyes. “The stone mask had one use, turning the wearer into a Vampire. It was created by the Pillar Men, you remember Kars? Well, he made them so that they could feed on the Vampires.”


Izuku’s eyes widened. “Wait, did you just say ‘feed on them?”


Joseph nodded. “Yea, apparently humans weren’t strong enough for them to be a viable food source for the Pillar Men. But why Vampires were created doesn’t really matter now, the only thing that matters is that they exist.”


He then pulled out another photograph, seemingly taken from behind Jonathan and Dio as they fought. Jonathan was using a sword with a bright, golden hilt, the blade sparking with Hamon. 


Izuku looked at the picture, seeing Dio Brando being bisected by Jonathan. Looking closer revealed the blood-red eyes and fangs that he had. Izuku shuddered, images of Massimiliano grabbing his throat surfacing for a moment.


He felt Joseph’s hand on his shoulder, a small smile on the man’s face. “I get it. The first fight with a Vampire is never easy. I’ve spent most of my adult life hunting them and even then, some have been problematic.”


He wrapped his arm around the boy’s shoulder, giving him a squeeze. “I know it looks like my grandfather killed Dio here, but he didn’t. Jonathan may have won the battle, but Dio won the war.”


“Dio escaped Jonathan’s final attack by voluntarily splitting his head from his own body, and was carried off by one of his henchmen. He later ambushed Jonathan and Granny Erina on their honeymoon cruise, and Jonathan sacrificed himself to save the people on board, including my mother, who was a baby at the time, and my father, who was an unborn infant.”


Izuku nodded, enthralled by Jonathan’s tale. He sounded like a true hero, willing to sacrifice himself to save people. He looked up to Joseph, looking the man in the eyes. “Why are you telling me this now?”


Joseph sighed, taking the photo back from him. “I’m telling you this because there are reports that Dio may still be alive. One of the investigators at the Speedwagon foundation has a Quirk that notifies him when large-scale events happen, and he said that ‘some-one whose influence could affect the world’ had awoken from a 100-year slumber.”


Joseph frowned. “And while that alone doesn’t prove anything, an old friend of mine, a fortune teller from Egypt, contacted me a little while ago claiming to have been attacked during the night by a blonde man with a voice like silk.”


He nodded to himself solemnly. “And seeing as Dio’s Quirk is ‘Silver Tounge’ , I’m fairly certain that Dio somehow survived all these years, and is now trying to gain power, possibly to use against the Joestar family.”


He unraveled himself from Izuku, instead placing his hands on the boy’s shoulders. His face was serious, his eyes with a steely glint. “I know I have no right to ask this of you, but I’ve used my Quirk to ask questions about this, and it’s lead me to ask you this.”


Izuku nodded, waiting for the question. Joseph paused for a moment, before continuing. “I’ve still got quite a bit of preparing to do, but sometime around the end of your second term at UA, I am planning on setting out to find Dio, and finally kill him.”


He looked Izuku right in the eyes. “When I do, I would be eternally grateful if you would join me. You’re not obligated to, but my Quirk seems to think that you’d be an incredible asset in the fight.”


Izuku stared back at the man who had filled the spot of ‘father figure’ in his life and felt indignation rise in his chest. “What the hell?”


Joseph flinched, stammering. “It’s ok if you don’t-”


“What makes you think I’m going to let you go fight the century-old, super-powerful vampire that killed your grandfather by yourself, did you old man? ‘Not obligated?’ fuck that! I’m basically a Joestar at this point, so any threat to you is a threat to me!”


Izuku stuck his hand out towards Joseph, a smirk on his face. “Of course I’m coming along. I can’t have you getting yourself killed now, can I? Mid-year break. We’ll hunt him down, and get revenge for Jonathan.”


Joseph took the boys hand, before pulling him into a tight hug. “I’m so proud of you Izuku. You’re more courageous than anyone your age I’ve ever met. I’m glad I can call you my student.”


Izuku slapped the man on the back. “Old man, let go of me, or I might suffocate! Can’t have my lungs be damaged can we?”


Laughing together, Joseph led Izuku into the lounge room and handed him a can of soft drink, turning on the TV so they could analyse heroes together.


Joseph smiled to himself as he watched Izuku pull apart a new hero’s Quirk. He couldn’t be prouder of his son. He stood up and moved towards the kitchen to grab another can of drink for them.


On his way back, he let out a grunt as he dropped his can, but before it hit the ground, the purple vines that had been showing up around him shot out of his arm and wrapped around it, pulling it back up to him.


He sighed as he reached the couch again, handing Izuku his can and staring at his arm. He wished he could tell other people about it, but who would believe him? No-one else could see the vines and it was hard to make them appear at will.


And really, who was going to believe that he somehow sprouted another Quirk at the ripe old age of 70? He would have to call Avdul later and see if he had found any more information about the vines like he had asked him too.


Just what the hell was going on with him?


Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed the chapter! While this isn't a perfect example, these images (from reddit) are a pretty good idea of waht Joseph looks like in this fic! Maybe just a few more wrinkles, but its pretty close!