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Shigaraki couldn’t believe it. According to a report given by the newly returned Himiko Toga and Twice, from their mission at the Shie Hassaikai, the heroes had shown up to try and stop Overhaul, but they had failed.

They had failed.

After thwarting the League of Villains plans for so long they couldn’t even manage to stop some startup background villain? It was pathetic. Even worse that little nuisance Deku had somehow managed to not only fail in his mission to stop Overhaul, but had gotten himself kidnapped as well.

Shigaraki wouldn’t have this. Not after all of his careful planning and plotting. Deku was the worst kind of hero, one that believed in the good of others, and who would try to save people with a smile on his face. He was the type of hero Shigaraki wanted to destroy, and only he could destroy them, no one else. He wouldn’t let Overhaul shift the scoreboard like this.

If it got out that Overhaul had managed to not only successfully stop a bunch of pro-heroes but also kidnap a hero-in-training, Shigaraki’s reputation would be ruined. The League of Villains could barely manage an attack on the pro-heroes as shown when their USJ attack failed, but they also fucked up the kidnapping of one Bakugo Katsuki.

So if Overhaul managed to get away with this all successfully, everyone would jump ship and leave him behind. Why stay with the League of Villains who have suffered defeat after defeat at the hands of pro-heroes when Overhaul was right there absolutely destroying them and winning?

Shigaraki couldn’t let this happen, not after everything he’s been through. His Sensei put his trust in Shigaraki to make his dreams a reality and he wouldn’t fail him. Not like this. Luckily for him however, Shigaraki had a pretty good idea of where Overhaul would be keeping Deku. After not only having gone to multiple bases of theirs himself, but also having stealth masters like Twice and Toga scope the places out, he had a pretty good understanding of their territory.

That’s how he ended up outside one of Overhaul’s facilities disintegrating any yakuza who approached him. This was a walk in the park! He was batting away any yakuza like flies, and quickly making his way up the building. With that thought in mind, that’s when some random low-level yakuza managed to hit him right in the ribs before shoving him against a wall.

Shigaraki reached right for the pest’s neck hoping to disintegrate him, but his arm was grabbed and slammed painfully against the wall he was pinned against. That’s when the yakuza started to talk, as if Shigaraki would care about what some mindless weak first level goon had to say.

“Look at you, you’re still a kid, huh? Barely past 18 I’d say and yet you think some gross looking punk like you can take us!” the man sneered, “Don’t worry I’ll make this quick, I’ll kill you with my own hands so you’ll never get to see the boss.”

At that moment Shigaraki slammed his head forward, bashing his head straight into the Yakuza’s forehead. With that, the man’s grip loosened enough for Shigaraki to shake himself free and to reach out for his face with all five fingers. Really, it was the man’s own fault. He should have just killed Shigaraki right away instead of ranting about his opinion on him. Now he was dead and he had no one else to blame except himself and his own raving stupidity.

Dusting himself off a little bit, where the scum had touched him, he continued to make his way through the building. Taking a left, then a right, then heading up a stairwell, he was making good progress. He’d be there any minute now, and after that small bump he was experiencing no more issues. More Yakuza members continued to engage him but he took care of them easily enough. Really, Overhaul shouldn’t just let any punk or goon join his gang, it was clear that a lot of these guys guarding the building were just low-level threats. Most likely Overhaul in the attack with the pro-heroes had lost a lot of good fighters and was now relying on the small workers to keep things running smoothly. Which made everything easier for Shigaraki.

That’s when he heard a voice quietly down the hallway, “It sounds like I shouldn’t have been so generous towards you...I refuse to touch anybody who is filthy and tainted like that. Luckily for you, you seemed to have only recently become dirty...I can fix that.”

Overhaul. That was Overhaul. “Quirks are a disgusting disease that have infected the whole population, and yet people seem to relish in them. Showing off their quirks as if they are anything to be proud of. However you, you were once Quirkless. I was originally going to simply kill you, but I think an arrangement can be made between us. After all, it is so very difficult to find quirkless and untainted individuals nowadays…”.

Shigaraki had heard enough. Making his way quickly down the hallway, he disintegrated the door keeping him from Overhaul. What he saw made his vision turn red. Overhaul was leaning over Deku who was lying on the floor in nothing but a baggy white button up shirt. His hero outfit was gone and he didn’t see it anywhere in the room. Why Overhaul would decide to make him change out his clothes he didn’t know. Probably some sort of fucked up intimidation tactic. If you needed to take the clothes of your enemy and push them into the ground to make them feel threatened clearly you weren’t a very good nemesis. All he had to do was put four fingers on Deku’s neck to get him trembling, yet Overhaul can’t even manage that?

The yakuza really were pathetic. Without thinking he ran into the room and punched Overhaul straight in the face as hard as he could. That’s when he glanced over to the ground and made eye contact with Deku. Time seemed to freeze and for a moment it was just the two of them. The boy was trembling, and the shirt he was forced to wear barely covered him, just reaching to his mid-thigh. There was a bit of blood smeared on his face but he couldn’t tell if it was his own or someone else's. The lightning in the room made his normally messy and tangly hair look soft and curly instead. Was he losing his mind? Cause he could swear he could count each of Deku’s individual freckles on his stupid soft face. Was his face always that squishy looking or had the stupid hero just gained weight recently?

Deku looked surprised. Then again anyone would be shocked if they had managed to get themselves kidnapped by a villain only for another villain to stop in and punch their kidnapper. Looking over his shoulder he saw that Overhaul was cradling a bloody nose on the ground and looking at him with murder in his eyes. This was gonna be a whole thing wasn’t it? God. He just wanted to go home and play Animal Crossing for fuck’s sake.

“Shigaraki look out!” Deku cried out from the floor reaching out with one hand towards him as if hoping to magically help him, luckily his shout of fear was enough for Shigaraki to dodge the attack that Overhaul had flung at him. Okay, no more thoughts about video-games or about how soft Deku looked, which is a perfectly normal thought to have about your nemesis thank you very much, he had to focus. Dodging another attack he quickly in one fluid movement ripped off his own hoodie and threw it to the side in order to distract Overhaul. Quickly shifting to his left side he came in for an attack, which failed as Overhaul managed to counter it just in time.

“Why would you come for me?! Why would you do that, it doesn’t make sense!” The hero-in-training cried out as Shigaraki continued to dodge Overhaul’s attacks. Stupid little hero distrtacting him from his fight with Overhaul, he needed to win this or it would be game-over for both of them.

“Hey idiot! Let me focus! The last thing I need is some stupid hero wannabe distracting me from this fight and getting us both killed. Go change and put on my hoodie, it will probably smell a little musty, but it’s loads better than that white formal shit this guy’s making you wear,” he yelled to Deku as he jumped to the side in order to avoid Overhaul’s incoming fist.

“You’re an idiot!” Deku cried out sounding torn, but Shigaraki didn’t have time to focus on that as Overhaul tripped him and he plummeted to the ground. Shigaraki swiftly rolled over, dodging Overhaul’s incoming foot trying to pin him down. Bouncing back up unto his feet he dodged another attack, trying to put some space between them so he could think.

“Well this isn’t going anywhere,” Overhaul sneered glaring at Shigaraki as if he had just deleted his best save file from his favorite video-game, “how about we end this fight right now.”

“Yeah...let’s end this. I have places to be and I don’t want to be late because of low-tier newbie scum like you,” Shigaraki grunted, rubbing his face and eyes before focusing back on Deku who was hastily putting Shigaraki’s hoodie on. The sight of the ruffled hero wearing his clothes made his stomach tighten, but from what he couldn’t tell.

“You know, hero, this could be something you won’t want to watch. So try and get out of here would ya,” he said coolly before turning his back on the bundled up teen. With that he charged Overhaul, attacking him head on. There’s no need to be afraid, Deku. He came here to destroy the yakuza who think they are better than him. Better than the League of Villains Sensei gave to him. Entrusted to him. They need to pay for their arrogance. No one is better than the League of Villains. Surely you’ll understand that after this fight. He’s only saving Deku because it benefits himself. He’s only here because he knows that if Overhaul got away with destroying a UA Student when he couldn’t, his reputation would be ruined. So he better not get any funny ideas. He doesn’t like him. Not at all.

With that thought in mind, Shigaraki finally managed to trip Overhaul up and his five fingers gently, and just barely, grazed by Overhaul’s face. However, that was enough, and just like that, the fight was over.

“Shigaraki,” Deku whispered looking up at the villain, his small form was trembling, “ killed him.”

“Yeah...I did,” he grunted out as he slowly got up and stretched, “it doesn’t matter though...he was going to kill the both of us himself if he got the chance. You can’t follow in All Might’s footsteps if you’re dead, now can you Deku.”

Slowly making his way over to where Deku was still crouched down on the floor, he reached out for the teen with four fingers.

“Now, let’s get out of here. I doubt you wanna stay here with a dead body by yourself, right hero?” Shigaraki didn’t wait for an answer and instead grabbed the teen’s wrist and hauled him to his feet. Deku had to have been in shock cause he didn’t have any visual reaction to the rough-housing from Shigaraki; and instead let the villain guide him out of the room and the building. Finally, once they were outside and Overhaul’s facility was starting to fade away into the background, Deku spoke up.

“I-I’m,” Deku stuttered, biting his lip, “I’m glad you saved me. I’m glad you won and not Overhaul. Overhaul is...he isn’t...he’s bad. Of course, I’m not saying you aren’t a bad guy too, you’re a villain afterall, a pretty nasty one at that, it’s just he’s…” and Deku started to trail off into incoherent mumbles where Shigaraki was barely able to catch the gist of it. Shigaraki is bad, but not the Overhaul kind of bad, according to Deku. Apparently, he had a kid or something? Who fucking knows, really. Shigaraki doesn’t, that’s for sure.

That’s when Deku started to stumble on his feet a bit, at first Shigaraki ignored it, content to keep on moving, but then it started happening more frequently, and that was annoying.

“Hey, you okay there Deku?” Shigaraki snarked trying to hide the concern in his voice, “if we don’t keep on moving, we won’t be able to catch the trains before they shut down for the night.”

Of course at that moment Deku had to collapse to the ground. Shit. Fucking shitty hero couldn’t even stay up on his goddamn feet. Did he have to do everything around here? Crouching down to the ground, he picked Deku up carefully, making sure not to touch him with all five fingers. The teen was completely knocked out, he must have been exhausted from his fight with Overhaul. Losing that battle and getting kidnapped also probably didn’t help matters either. He’ll just have to carry Deku somewhere safe bridal style.

There should be a nearby park they could stop at. He could get Deku to lie down at a park bench and then properly examine him and any wounds he might be hiding. So that’s what he did.

Now that they were actually there, he was starting to feel kinda unsure about...well...everything. Was it normal to rescue your nemesis from his kidnappers, and then to bring him to a park to try and figure out why he collapsed out of nowhere? It probably was. He was just overthinking stuff. The only reason Deku being hurt made him feel nauseous was because he wasn’t the one who hurt him. Yeah, that’s it. Only he could hurt Deku and get away with it. He’s his nemesis after all.

Looking down at Deku’s passed out form lying on the park bench, Shigaraki realized one very crucial thing. He didn’t know where Deku was hurt or why he passed out. Oh god, was he going to have to undress him? Oh no. Just no. The poor hero didn’t even have any pants on, just Shigaraki’s baggy hoodie on. Luckily with their height difference it covered the teen quite nicely but still. He wasn’t undressing his comatose enemy. Just...just no.

Instead, Shigaraki came to a much simpler and easier solution to figuring stuff out. He grabbed Deku’s shoulders and started shaking the shit out of him. This is much better. Luckily, him shaking Deku like a maraca managed to get the teen to wake up.

“Oh,” the teen mumbled, clearly exhausted and barely incoherent, suddenly his eyes snapped open, “Oh god! Stop! I’m awake, just...enough!” Deku cried out trying to shove Shigaraki away but being too weak to really do much of anything.

“Oh good you’re awake,” Shigaraki grinned looking down at the teen he was still shaking, “you weren’t doing much of anything before so I thought you might’ve been on the verge of death, but with that shouting of yours I know that’s not true.” Shigaraki laughed, pulling the teen’s face into his chest. Deku tried to say something but it was incoherent as Shigaraki just pressed him more tightly against him. He was glad the hero was alright. He’d be really pissed if after all that he just died. Besides, who else could be his nemesis? No one else in UA was quite as squishy or soft as Deku.

“I’m...I’m sorry,” Deku mumbled out from Shigaraki’s chest, now that made him pause. Why was the hero apologizing? Unless he was simply apologizing for being a terrible hero, and for being part of a rotting society, then he can continue right ahead and apologize. However, he doubted it was that.

“You did all,” Deku bit his lip and proceeded to bury his face into Shigaraki’s chest willingly, he was not blushing, he was not blushing, he was not, “you rescued me when...when I didn’t deserve to be rescued. I failed at every aspect of my mission. It was just like Nighteye said...I’m not good enough. I couldn’t even save one little girl! Now I don’t know where she is! I-I lost sight of her when Overhaul defeated me...when he kidnapped me. You saved me! Even though you shouldn’t have…”

Okay that was enough. Shigaraki didn’t need to hear the self-deprecating talk. Not from his nemesis. His nemesis had nothing to be ashamed of, he was powerful and always tried his best. He wouldn’t choose a weakling for his nemesis now would he. With that thought in mind, Shigaraki slapped his hand over Deku’s mumbling mouth and made eye contact with him.

“It’s tried your best and that’s what matters to you heroes right,” Shigaraki huffed awkwardly unsure of what to say, “ you have already done a lot of things that would make you a ‘hero’. Not being able to rescue one person doesn’t negate...fuck...what am I saying? Listen, Deku, it’s not your fault you lost the battle. There were a lot of other factors at play and really it should have been the pro-heroes responsibility to rescue this...little wasn’t your responsibility. You’re just a student, don’t get a big head and think you’re anything more, okay?” Shigaraki hated this. He never knew what to say to other people, and now he had to comfort a hero. A stupid hero.

“Th-Thank you…” Deku stuttered out, a small blush forming on his cheeks and spreading down to his neck. Oh fuck. He looked like a strawberry. A really cute strawberry. Shit, does he always get this pink when people comfort him? Maybe he should do it more often if it gets him looking like this. Wait. That’s gay. Okay enough.

“I’m...I’m fucking hungry after all that fighting. I’m sure you are too brat. Now if you’re feeling alright can we please leave this shitty park and get somewhere warm.” Shigaraki struggled to get out, looking everywhere except Deku’s blushing face. Quickly getting up off the park bench, he grabbed Deku by his waist and proceeded to pick him up.

“W-Wait! I can walk just fine! I’ve been in much worse situations before, so I can handle myself just fine! Walking out of a park should be fine, I mean…” Deku started to mumble off again, and not wanting to hear it, Shigaraki threw the hero-in-training over his shoulder and proceeded to leave the park. Deku didn’t take too well to this and started to hit Shigaraki in the back. It didn’t hurt too much considering how weak and tired the poor boy still was, but Shigaraki couldn’t help but be offended. He was going out of his way to help the hero and this was what he got. Typical selfish heroes.

Eventually Deku quieted down and instead buried his face into Shigaraki's neck while mumbling some nonsense he couldn’t understand. God, he was so cute. Just mumbling like that into his neck. He could smell him. He smelled like vanilla and fruit, what kind of fruit though...wait. No. No. No! Deku was his enemy, and you didn’t think about how your enemy smelled! Unless if they had really great shampoo and you were interested in buying the same kind, then honestly go for the throw. Wonder about the smell all you want. However, this was not that kind of circumstance! God, this was a nightmare. He just wanted to go home and tend to his cherry trees in Animal Crossing, but he was stuck babysitting a hero. He couldn’t wait to get to a restaurant.


“Here you go! Fried noodles, extra large, with an egg sunny-side up!” The waiter bellowed happily, placing down two orders of the dish, one in front of Shigaraki, the other in front of Deku.

“Thanks, dig in Shigaraki,” Deku murmured quietly reaching for his chopsticks, “you must be tired after all that fighting, you should eat lots to regain your strength.”

“Eh? You’re the one in rough shape Deku or did you forget. You should be eating more than me.” he smirked, twirling his chopsticks in his hand.

“Hahaha...I guess, yeah,” Deku awkwardly chuckled, scratching at his head with one hand, “anyway, we should eat up. It smells delicious. T-T...Thanks for paying by the way. I didn’t have anything on me...Overhaul took away all my stuff when he kidnapped me. I-I can’t believe you keep an emergency supply of money in your shoe. You know, you’re actually pretty well organized for someone of your age…” Deku then began to trail off as he continued to mumble on about responsibilities and whatnot.

Shigaraki interrupted him, “Well, when I was little, my father said to always do that, you never know what could happen out there, especially with a quirk like mine.”

“ were a daddy’s boy then?” Deku chuckled lightly reaching for a napkin, not noticing the way Shigaraki tensed up. His biological father meant nothing to Shigaraki, nothing at all. Though there was no way Deku knew that, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to tell him that. Sensei was the closest thing he had to a father, but he imagines bringing that up would only upset Deku. With Sensei being the mortal enemy of all heroes and all.

“Well, you’s just one of those memories from childhood. Not much else to it. Though I guess the advice has stuck with me all this time…” Shigaraki trailed off remembering how terrible his life before Sensei was. The glares, the fear that followed him everywhere, god, there was so much fear.

Deku seemed to come to understand that he was making Shigaraki increasingly uncomfortable and reached out for him with one hand. Grabbing onto Shigaraki’s hand, making sure to only grab four fingers, he gives him a reassuring squeeze.

“You father wasn’t always around much when I was young, and overtime...he left completely. However, I still remember some things he said to me, no clue why though.” Deku smiled up at him a bit awkwardly, hoping to reassure the villain who rescued him, before continuing to eat his noodles.

“When we’re finished though...the two of us should split up. I’m sure you want to get back to your...base of operations...and I want to get back to school. We can take the train.” Deku spoke quietly, hoping to not upset Shigaraki, afterall he still didn’t know for certain why Shigaraki rescued him. He was probably hoping that Shigaraki wouldn’t kidnap him like Overhaul did and instead let him go.

It seemed the waiter had overheard and chose that moment to speak up, “What? The last trains left already. You could probably take a taxi though.” The waiter said cheerfully, picking up their recently finished plates.

Oh...Oh no.
“ much money do you have left? Any’s enough for a taxi,” Deku looked up at him, a bit panicked, “surely it’s enough, right?”

“ it’s not enough.” Shigaraki said slowly, scratching at his neck. Great. Just great. He could have just sent the hero-wannabe on a train and everything would be peachy. Now however, he’d have to stick by this idiot’s side even longer than he originally wanted to. He couldn’t leave Deku to fend for himself all alone in the city at night, right after he’d been kidnapped. Having a meal probably helped him recover a bit after the fight, but he was still pretty banged up. If someone decided to attack him he’d be completely useless.

“Shigaraki, should we...look for a place to stay?” Deku murmured so quietly that Shigaraki almost didn’t catch it. A place to a hotel? If Shigaraki didn’t have enough for a taxi then why would he have enough for a hotel? Is Deku really that dense? However...if they went to a hotel...they might be able to afford it. Shigaraki felt a blush rise to his cheeks. Oh god. Could he really suggest that though? Bringing a hero-in-training to a place like that. With someone like him. His heart was beating so loudly, he was sure Deku could hear it across the table.

“I might know a place,’s a very open place. Not really a place a young hero such as yourself outta be.” he smirked up at Deku trying to look more confident and condescending then he really felt. Deku gulped, a blush forming on his cheeks. He then bit his lip and started to twiddle his thumbs. God, that stupid hero looked so aborable he could crush him right now.

“I mean...if it’s just for the night, that should be fine!” Deku squeaked out, his blush getting redder and redder. Deku then stood up abruptly, making the chair screech behind him, “W-Well! We better get moving! We don’t want them closing down on us too! Hahaha, right?! Let’s go!” Deku quickly stammered out, looking more flustered by the second. He then reached out and grabbed Shigaraki’s wrist, proceeding to drag him out of the restaurant.

Oh, this poor hero. Of course Deku would be the type to get easily embarrassed like this. He’s probably never even heard of half the stuff that happens at those hotels, but he’s blushing as if he’s just discovered what sex is. Maybe he could...nope! He’s a villain and Deku is a hero! In fact, if Shigaraki was smart about all this, he could probably suffocate Deku with a pillow when he falls asleep. Then he wouldn’t have to deal with the brat anymore. However, all Shigaraki’s traitorous brain came up with was Deku suffocating on something else…


“Hey! Look Shigaraki, this place is o-open and it’s the c-cheapest one we’ve seen so far!” Deku stuttered out, he was so red and hot at this point, Shigaraki swears he could see steam coming off the poor hero.

“I-I’m sure everything will be fine. Come on, let’s go i-inside! I...I don’t wanna hang around out here much longer…” Deku trailed off looking around them suspiciously. A lot of people passing by were leering at the hero, as he was still just wearing Shigaraki’s hoodie. Of course, the hoodie covered everything, but it still left him looking cute and vulnerable. It probably was a good idea though to get inside. The longer they stayed out here in this part of town, the more likely trouble was to come up.

“Yeah let’s get in.” Shigaraki huffed, grabbing Deku by his shoulders and pulling him inside. He made sure to keep Deku right beside him as they entered. The hero was cute, and he was sure a lot of people would notice. Deku then flipped himself around and buried himself into Shigaraki’s chest, hiding his face. Hah. So after all that tough guy talk and stuttering, he decides to wimp out and close his eyes. He guesses that's fair. He is a stupid wannabe-hero afterall, he’s probably not used to being in a place like this.

Still, Shigaraki would be lying if Deku hugging himself close to him didn’t make him blush. He could feel his pants tighten as Deku continued to rub and bury his face into his chest. He quickly got them a room.


“Hey, I’m messing with the AC. How do you prefer it? Hot or Cold?” Deku said jumping onto the room’s bed before rolling off to the side to fiddle with the AC box by it.

“Um...I think I prefer it if it’s a bit cold…” Shigaraki trailed off, enamoured by Deku who was still on the bed. When he had jumped and rolled on the bed his hoodie had ridden up, showing off his pale legs and his...ass. He couldn’t see all of it, but he was pretty sure that Deku had a bubble butt. God, just the thought of those legs wrapping around him, only to lower that thick ass onto his...and that’s enough! He needs to calm down. Nothing was happening here. God.

“Great, me too.” Deku chirped fiddling with the box some more, “come on, don’t just stand there awkwardly! We won! At least somewhat...I mean, you defeated Overhaul and rescued me. We made it safely through the bad parts of the city at night, and both of us were injured while doing it. We did it though!” Deku exclaimed clearly excited to finally be somewhere safe, he was no longer on the streets unsure of what was happening next, and he wasn’t being kept by Overhaul anymore. It seems Deku’s bad mood over what had happened with his mission was finally starting to fade. That or he was just so tired he was becoming erratic and unstable. Shigaraki thought both were equally likely.

Shigaraki stiffly made his way over to the bed before throwing himself onto it, his weight caused Deku to bounce up a bit in the air. Deku laughed as he bounced from the movement and grabbed onto Shigaraki’s arm to stable himself.

“Bouncy bed huh…” Deku chucked leaning in closer to Shigaraki’s arm. God. He could feel Deku’s warmth coming off him. He was pressing himself so closely into his arm. Why though? Maybe he liked his touch? No that couldn’t be it. He was probably just shaken up after all that had happened today, and he was leeching onto Shigaraki, the one who rescued him from all of it.

He could hear his own heartbeat in his ears. Deku started to talk again but he wasn’t hearing a word of what he was saying. All he could focus on was the way Deku pressed himself against him. He was so warm and soft. He had a light blush to his cheeks as well. He kinda looked like a strawberry, and god did he want to eat him. He was like the embodiment of sunshine, with his sun kissed skin and freckles. No matter the circumstances he was in, he always managed to maintain a smile. It was something Shigaraki hated about him. However, he’d be lying if he said that smile didn’t make him feel lightheaded.

Shigaraki leaned over and suddenly made eye contact with Deku. Time seemed to freeze as Deku finally stopped mumbling and instead just stared back at him. He could hear his own heavy breathing...or was that Deku’s breathing? He couldn’t tell. Their breaths were mingling together and he could swear he could smell the noodles that Deku had had before. He gulped and leaned in slightly.

Suddenly Deku spoke up, breaking the moment, “Y-you have so many scars, Shigaraki! What from?” Deku leaned in and looked at Shigaraki’s neck, which had some small scars from when Shigaraki got especially annoyed and started scratching at it. “Do you have anymore?” Deku questioned.

“Of course I do you idiot. I’m a villain afterall, all villain’s have scars of some kind,” Shigaraki stated before lifting up his shirt, “See?” He gestured towards his chest which had multiple scars littered across it. Some from the USJ when Sniper shot at him, some from when Stain got mad at him and decided to stab him, and many more.

“Oh...yeah, I’m...I’m sorry,” Deku spoke nervously, slowly Deku reached out towards him, “do they still hurt?” Lightly. Deku started to touch his scars lightly, tracing them. Shigaraki then fully removed his shirt. Deku seemed a bit taken back by Shigaraki’s sudden movement but calmed down quite quickly. Again, he started to trace and feel Shigaraki’s scars.

“You know...I have some scars too. Not from villany of course, but from hero work and...other stuff.” Deku mumbled off, his voice getting quieter. He liked Deku’s mumbling, it was like background noise, the kind that you’d want to fall asleep too. Slowly, he reached out and started to trace the scars on Deku’s hands and arms.

They stayed like this for a few minutes, just feeling each other. Deku started to reach up for Shigaraki’s face, and began to trace the small scars lingering under his eyes. This made Shigaraki groan lightly, feeling Deku’s smooth fingers on his rough face. Slowly they started to descend downward until they were tracing the scar on his lips. Shigaraki started to tremble.

“Sorry, my hands are shaking,” Shigaraki said, looking away from Deku and at his own trembling hands that were still wrapped around Deku.

“It’s okay,” Deku whispered leaning in closer to Shigaraki’s face, his fingers still tracing his lips.

“You’re so small Deku,” Shigaraki murmured, feeling up Deku’s back, he had scars here too. Slowly Deku’s hoodie, or well technically it was Shigaraki’s hoodie, started to move up as he felt the hero’s back.
Soon the hoodie had risen up past Deku’s hips exposing him. Shigaraki couldn’t help but look down, he was fairly average down there. Not small really, but not big either. Just average.

“Can I…” Shigaraki trailed off, not sure of what to exactly ask for or how to phrase it. Deku was still looking intently at Shigaraki’s lips and finally seemed to come to a conclusion.

“Yes, you can,” Deku murmured so quietly it was practically non-existent. At that moment Shigaraki reached down towards Deku, wrapping his hand around Deku’s dick, while Deku leaned forward into the touch while also placing his lips on Shigaraki’s. They stayed like that for what felt like hours. Deku slowly kissed him as Shigaraki leisurely moved his hand up and down on Deku’s cock. He tasted just like he smelled, like vanilla, and he could finally taste the fruit he had smelled before. Watermelon. He tasted like watermelon. He could also taste the noodles they had had before. His tongue slowly moved past Deku’s parting lips into his mouth, feeling him out. Deku’s hand then reached down to Shigaraki’s pants and he started to unbuckle him. Deku then broke the kiss, and before Shigaraki could miss the contact, Deku was leaning down towards Shigaraki’s clothed cock and began breathing hot air over it.

Deku started mouthing at the material, feeling Shigaraki’s dick with his mouth. Deku then opened his mouth and gave a tentative lick at his underwear. Slowly Deku started to lick all over the material covering his dick. Shigaraki started to pant as Deku got more enthused in his activity of feeling up Shigaraki’s underwear. Shigaraki started to pump Deku’s dick faster and harder, which just made the teen more flustered. Deku started to moan lowly, wiggling his hips towards Shigaraki’s hand as he stroked him harder.

“Please,” Deku whispered looking up at Shigaraki through his lashes. The teen was now eagerly thrusting himself into Shigaraki’s hand while licking and drooling all over Shigaraki’s crotch. Shigaraki gave a low moan at Deku’s begging, squeezing Deku’s dick a little harder than he meant to. However, that just caused Deku to give off a low moan of his own.

Deku then proceeded to climb into Shigaraki’s lap, sitting straight up on Shigaraki’s still clothed dick. The hero then started to rock his hips into Shigaraki, bouncing in his lap. Shigaraki felt his dick tighten more than he thought possible, as his hands left Deku’s dick and instead went down to rub and feel his ass. He slowly started to rub his cheeks and pull them apart, as Deku gave a low desperate moan bouncing in Shigaraki’s lap faster, rubbing his ass across Shigaraki’s hands and crotch.

Fuck. They needed lube and now. Shigaraki reached towards the bed-side post and quickly started rummaging through the drawers which he knew would be filled with supplies. While he did this, Deku continued to bounce and grind himself on his lap, making Shigaraki impossibly hard. Finally, grabbing the lube, Shigaraki squirted a generous amount on his fingers.

He didn’t waste any time at all and immediately parted Deku’s cheeks to insert one finger. Deku moaned loudly as if Shigaraki’s one finger was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and immediately started grinding himself down on the finger. Fuck. He didn’t expect the night to go like this at all. He also didn’t think Deku would be this hot and horny but here they are. He wanted to stuff Deku with his cock. Make him feel every inch of him. Till he’d be reminded of Shigaraki everyday for the rest of his life.

He quickly slipped in two fingers, then three, and was met with little to no resistance. Deku’s hole just kept sucking his fingers back in, desperate to be filled.

“S-Shig…” Deku moaned obscenely, as he fucked himself on Shigaraki’s fingers. Shigaraki started to pant and felt himself get hotter, as if that was even possible. Shigaraki slipped his fingers out of Deku and before he could do much of anything, Deku reached down and started to pull off his underwear. His erect cock quickly flew out, poking at Deku. Deku then quickly sat over Shigaraki, aligning his hole with his dick.

“W-Wait...I don’t want you to hurt your-” before Shigaraki could finish, Deku slammed himself down, taking all of Shigaraki in. The two moaned loudly together and stayed still for a moment, letting Deku get used to the feeling of being so full. Deku then started to slowly move his hips, starting a filthy grind where he rubbed himself all over Shigaraki.

Shigaraki panted loudly at the sight and reached for Deku’s hips. Lifting him up slightly, he helped Deku to bounce on his dick. They started off slow, with Shigaraki helping Deku to maintain a steady pace, as he moved the hero up and down on his cock. However, they soon both became impatient, and sure enough, Deku had grabbed onto Shigaraki’s shoulders so he could bounce on his dick faster, while Shigaraki helped him to go harder.

Soon Shigaraki was grabbing Deku’s hips tightly enough to bruise and slamming the hero down on his cock. With every hit Deku mewled and moaned obscenely loud, mumbling loudly, begging Shigaraki to hit him harder. To fuck him harder. All Shigaraki could say in response to that was to grunt and moan louder himself. Grabbing Deku’s hips, he forced him down once more on his cock roughly, and then kept him there. Having the hero twitch and wiggle around him, trying to get more friction. Deku continued to wiggle and pant in his lap before leaning in and licking Shigaraki’s lips. Shigaraki then came to the feeling of Deku’s hole clamping down on his cock, as Deku licked his lips, trying to slip into his mouth.

“Oh god,” Deku moaned loudly, feeling Shigaraki’s cum fill him up. A little bit trickled out of Deku’s ass, and Deku moaned as if wishing to keep it all inside his hole. Shigaraki then wrapped his hand around Deku’s dick and started pumping him as if his life depended on it. Deku then came with a loud moan, shooting cum all over Shigaraki’s fingers. Shigaraki then removed his hand, bringing up his cum soaked fingers to Deku’s mouth, offering them to him.

Deku didn’t hesitate, and quickly pulled Shigaraki’s fingers into his mouth. He could feel Deku’s tongue swirling around his fingers, licking up the cum on them. Even when he had swallowed all of his own cum, he continued to suck on Shigaraki’s fingers, looking at the villain heatedly.

After a few minutes of this, Deku finally started to separate himself from Shigaraki, pulling Shigaraki’s dick out of him. A bit more of Shigaraki’s cum dribbled out of him, one thick glob running down out of his hole. Shigaraki reached for it with his finger, tracing the glob of cum, before sliding it back up and pushing it back into Deku’s hole. Deku mewled softly at this and lightly wiggled his ass towards the villain. God, he could spend his whole life playing with the hero and he knew he’d die happy. Deku then chose that moment to lie down and hit the pillows. Within minutes, the hero was asleep. Shigaraki just hoped that when the hero woke up the next morning, he wouldn’t regret what they had done. Maybe they could even have a second round.