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The Little Mikleo

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The following morning, Zaveid found the boat captain heading to the boat.

He looked into the ocean and nodded slightly to Lailah and Edna who were waiting in the water.

Lailah swam a little closer to shore.

"Oh sir." She said.

The captain turned around, and went wide eyed.

"Oh miss, are you in trouble. Let me help you." He said walking into the water.

"You'd do that for little old Me? I'm flattered, just one thing sir." She said, batting her eyelashes.

"And what would that be miss?" He asked.

She took a deep breath and flipped her tail above the water.

"A….a mermaid!" The captain fell backwards.

"That's no way to react to a beautiful woman." Zaveid walked right behind the captain and picked him up.

"Wh-who are you?" He asked.

"That's of no concern, I think you need a little nap." Zaveid said. He used a strange leaf and held it to the captain's nose.

It took a few seconds, but the captain passed out.

"That was unpleasant." Lailah shuddered.

"He's out, I'll put him on my boat." Zaveid said, lifting up the poor guy.

"Step one done. Lailah, you've got to go get Michael. Hurry, Sorey and Heldalf are gonna be here any minute." Edna said.

"Right! I'll see you soon." Lailah said. She dove deep under the waves.

"Zaveid hurry, we need you on that boat." Edna said.

"Got it. I'll be right back." Zaveid, ran and set the original captain on his boat, then quickly ran back to begin prep on the next steps of the plan.

"Can you drive it?" Edna asked, yelling up at the boat.

"Luckily this is easily manageable. I can do it." Zaveid yelled back down.

Edna looked into the distance.

"Sorey is coming. I trust you Zaveid." Edna said.

"For Mikster." Zaveid said.

Edna nodded and dove under the waves.

Zaveid walked out once more to greet Sorey.

"You're highness. Ready for your trip?" He bowed.

"We're ready." Sorey said in that monotone voice.

"We're?" Zaveid played dumb.

"The Prince and I." A deep voice appeared out of nowhere.

"Ah, welcome sir. How might I address you?" Zaveid asked.

"You will not address me as anything, do not speak to me, do not speak to the Prince, you will steer the boat and that's final." Heldalf threatened.

"A-as you wish sir…" Zaveid stuttered.

This Heldalf was as bad as Edna and Lailah said. He had to keep calm, this is for Mikster. Zaveid sighed.

"Time to go." Sorey mumbled out.

Heldalf followed Sorey into the boat and they just stood as far away from the Captains wheel as possible.

Zaveid took a deep breath and went to his post. They set sail.


Mikleo blinked awake. His head lightly pounded, and his body was all stiff and sore.

"Ugh…" he groaned.

He stood up slowly off the floor and stretched. He felt worse than yesterday.

Mikleo suddenly went wide eyed.

"Sorey!" He yelled.

Mikleo ran out of the room and headed towards the beach.

He frowned, he saw the boat already left, it was far off in the distance.

"I'm too late...Sorey." Mikleo quietly began to cry. He gently fell to his knees.

He was interrupted after some time by a hand to his shoulder. He looked up, it was Rose and Dezel.

"I'm sorry about him. He left a while ago, and to be honest, it wasn't like him at all." Rose frowned.

"Sorey was acting quite strange yesterday, and it's a real shame he didn't stay. He really liked you, ya know." Dezel said.

"But he liked someone else. He told me." Mikleo sniffed.

"Yea, some mysterious boy with violet eyes, who will probably never show his face again." Rose said.

Mikleo stood up and wiped his eyes.

"That boy did come back." Mikleo said.

"Wait? He was real?" Dezel asked.

"How do you know?" Rose asked.

"I know because...well, that boy was me." Mikleo said.

Rose and Dezel stared with eyes wide, mouths dropped.

"Wait!? What!?" They both yelled.

"Believe me or not, but it's true." Mikleo said.

"'re eyes. Their blue." Rose said.

"They are now, but they're originally purple. I made a mistake, one that's got Sorey in danger. I'm so sorry." Mikleo stood confidently, tears still in his eyes.

"You're serious, I can tell, you can tell us the story another time, but now we've got to help Sorey." Dezel said.

"Dezel? Are you serious? You're just gonna believe that?" Rose asked.

"Rose. I'm sure. Look at him, this is the most serious he's been this whole week." Dezel said.

Rose looked and saw the seriousness of Mikleo's stance and facial expressions. It was the truth.

"Then what do we do?" Rose asked.

"So you know Meebo?" A voice called out.

They all turned their heads towards the water.

"Edna…" Mikleo gasped.

"Who are you?" Dezel asked.

"You can call me Edna, but right now. There's a Prince we must save, and fast, It'll be sunset soon." Edna said.

"But Edna…" Mikleo sighed.

"What is going on?!" Rose asked.

"This is part of that long story. I have till sundown...or….I…" Mikleo took a deep breath. "I turn back into my true self. A merman."

Rose and Dezel laughed.

"Funny, what's really happening?" Dezel asked.

"Right, like you're a merman." Rose said.

"Will you two shut up?" Edna huffed.

Dezel and Rose paused.

"Wait a second…" Dezel said, thinking about the current situation.

"No…" Rose also pieced it together.

Mikleo nodded and turned back to Edna.

Edna lifted her tail up and splashed Rose and Dezel.

"They're real…." Rose gasped.

"I can't believe it." Dezel sighed.

"Meebo, come on we've got a boat to catch." Edna said.

"But how? I can't swim with these." Mikleo gestured to his legs.

"For once, and only once. Grab onto me, I'm swimming us to the boat." Edna said.

Mikleo gasped, this was serious. He nodded, removed his shoes and socks, and walked into the water, he grabbed onto Edna.

"You two keep and eye out, we might need some help later." Mikleo said.

Rose and Dezel shook their heads, to get refocused.

"You got it. Dezel I have a plan, let's go." Rose grabbed his arm and dragged him to the castle.

"Lets go Edna." Mikleo said.

She nodded and they were off.


"You're such a lousy Prince. You don't look like much." Heldalf chuckled, circling Sorey.

Sorey just stared.

"Just you wait you useless child, once the sunsets and that brat is mine, I'll make sure to destroy your castle without him watching." Heldalf said.

Zaveid just watched as normal as possible. He tried not to draw attention.
He saw the necklace on Heldalf's neck.

Zaveid went back to steering, he went to a slowdown and dropped the anchor. The boat coming to a stop.

"Why have we stopped?!" Heldalf yelled.

"It's getting late sir, we should be heading back." Zaveid said, stepping out on deck.

"We turn around when I say we turn around!" Heldalf boomed.

Zaveid took a step back, as Heldalf yelled in his face.

"Sorry Sir. I'll fix it right away." Zaveid lied.

He turned around and in the distance saw Edna and Mikleo coming up close. He pretended to trip and lowered the rope ladder.

"You clumsy fool, fix us right now." Heldalf said, he turned back and walked towards Sorey.

"No matter your incompetent captain, once we get back, you can say goodbye to that little brat you have a crush on." Heldalf laughed.

"Okay Meebo, Zaveid lowered the ladder, climb up it." Edna said.

"Zaveid knows?" Mikleo asked.

"Yes, now just go, and please be careful." Edna said.

"I will. Thanks Edna." Mikleo said, he grabbed the ladder and began clumsily climbing.

"Why have we not moved?!" Heldalf yelled.

Zaveid quickly ran up behind Heldalf and put him in a headlock, he grabbed the necklace. Heldalf growled and threw him off. Zaveid winced, and held the necklace close.

"WHY YOU! Just what do you hope to accomplish here?!" Heldalf said.

"You've done something very bad, to someone I deeply care about." Zaveid said.

Mikleo climbed all the way up and fell to the deck.

"You!" Heldalf said, hearing Mikleo fall.

Mikleo shakily stood up and caught his breath.

"You, don't just stand there get that necklace back." Heldalf pointed at Sorey.

Sorey still controlled did what he was told.

Heldalf angrily approached Mikleo.

"You, you really think you have any shot in even landing a hit to Me? You're puny, you're scrawny, and you're weak."

Mikleo just watched Sorey and Zaveid fight.

"Hey Mikster, he's tougher than he looks." Zaveid struggled.

Mikleo looked to Heldalf, then back to Sorey and Zaveid.

Heldalf reached forward attempting to grab Mikleo, but was stopped when a surge of power hit his arm. He yelled out in pain.

"What?" Mikleo asked himself.

"Heldalf! Step away from my nephew!" Michael yelled.

"M-Michael?" Mikleo gasped.

"Michael, what a surprise. Look at you, up above the surface. A miracle, truly." Heldalf laughed.

"You've got some nerve messing with my family Heldalf." Michael said.

Mikleo ducked around Heldalf suddenly and jumped quickly tackling Sorey.

"Zaveid, NOW!" Another voice yelled out. It was Lailah.

"What?!" Heldalf turned suddenly.

Zaveid stood up and smashed the necklace.

"NO!" Heldalf dove attempting to catch it.

Sorey gasped and blinked rapidly.

"W-where am I? Mikleo?" Sorey asked.

Mikleo and Sorey stood up, and Sorey looked around.

"What is happening?! Who are all these people?" Sorey asked.

Suddenly Heldalf stood up tall, he was back to his usual looks, the dark shadows around him, the glowing yellow eyes. The necklace was shattered on the deck. The violet mist left Heldalf, as well as the white hair.

They glowed brightly in the air and suddenly swirled around and began surrounding Mikleo.

"Mikleo?!" Sorey tried to reach out, but he stopped.

The black hair Mikleo had turned from black to white with those Aquamarine tips, still short, and Mikleo blinked as his eye color changed back to his beautiful violet shade.

"Mikleo?" Sorey asked, seeing the new look. "You...your eyes. It was you all this time?"

"Sorey, I'm sorry, I'm so, so, sorry." Mikleo said.

"Hey, hey, I'm not mad."

"But, I-" Sorey shushed him.

"Mikleo I-" Sorey began, but was cut off.

"FOOLS! DO YOU HONESTLY THINK IT WAS THAT EASY! YOU'VE LOST! YOU'RE TOO LATE!" Heldalf boomed and gestured to the sky.

"Oh no…" Zaveid said.

Mikleo gasped, it couldn't be. The sun was...He was too late.

"What have you done?" Sorey asked, looking at Heldalf.

Heldalf smirked and looked at Mikleo, he snapped his fingers.

Mikleo suddenly cried out in pain, his abdomen cramped. He gripped his arms around his torso.

"Mikleo!?" Sorey went back over quickly to help.

"S...Sorey…" Mikleo wheezed out.

"What's happening?!"

Mikleo just shook his head and cried out again as pain shot through him.

"Mikleo!" Michael yelled. "HELDALF LET HIM GO!"

"Oh poor stupid Michael. He and I made a deal, a deal that he lost." Heldalf laughed, he turned to Mikleo and snapped once more.

Sorey saw Mikleo falling slowly and went to catch him, but saw his legs were turning blue.

Mikleo groaned as pain just kept coming, and he felt his legs turning back into a tail.

"Mikleo?" Sorey asked, seeing a tail in place of legs.

Mikleo looked up, sadness flooding his eyes. Heldalf stomped over so fast and he grabbed Mikleo by the collar.

"You useless fool, never did I imagine that I would have the mer Prince caught so easily." Heldalf laughed.

"Let him GO!" Sorey yelled.

Heldalf used magic to throw him to the ground.

"Humans make me so sad, they think they can take me."

Heldalf used giant claws suddenly to rip the clothes Mikleo was wearing to shreds.

"MICHAEL! Take a look at your pathetic excuse of a nephew. Cause this is the last time you'll ever see him!" Heldalf laughed.

"Not if I can help it!" Michael yelled, he used some magic to call upon large waves and storm clouds.

"Ha! You think you can defeat Me? That's rich." Heldalf laughed, he threw Mikleo into the ocean and used his own magic to trap the poor boy in a bubble of dark magic.

"Mikleo!" Sorey yelled, trying to get up. Heldalf really knocked the wind out of him.

Zaveid went over to help Sorey.

"There's nothing you can do, he's too powerful." Zaveid said.

"But Mikleo….he's in trouble." Sorey said.

"Then let's help him." Zaveid said.

"Help him!? That's rich! You two can watch me destroy him."

Micheal used magic to lift Sorey and Zaveid into the air, trying to help. Heldalf snapped his fingers, and the boat they were on shattered like glass.

"I suggest you give up now Heldalf. This won't end nicely." Michael said.

"Me? Give up, never." Heldalf boomed.

He and Michael began shooting at each other with various powers, Mikleo was inside one of Heldalf's spells. He sat up slowly, as there was still some light pain.

He looked up and saw Sorey and Zaveid being protected by Michael's magic. He then saw Heldalf was maybe one push away from falling, if he could distract Heldalf for just a second, Michael could probably end this fight. How to get out of this stupid bubble.

Mikleo looked around, he still had some shards of clothing on him, one piece in particular was a button Heldalf sliced in half. Maybe it could pop the bubble.

He used his hands to see if the bubble was fragile, it felt like it, so he decided to try breaking it open.

He stabbed the button into the bubble and it somehow was working, so he kept at it.

When the bubble popped, he used all the strength he could to jump and attack Heldalf.

"Mikleo!" Michael yelled.

Mikleo shoved Heldalf and the two of them went below the surface.

Lailah diving in after them. Michael looked at Sorey and Zaveid and dropped them into the ocean, near a large piece of broken ship to float on.

Michael dove in after them.

"What was your name again?" Sorey asked.

"It's Zaveid, your highness." Zaveid said.

"Did you know Mikleo?" Sorey asked.

"I did, we're friends."

"Friends help friends right? And I need some help to save Mikleo." Sorey asked.

"You can count on me Sorey."

Below the water Heldalf shook his head.

"You brat! How dare you!" Heldalf threw Mikleo into some rocks. Mikleo winced in pain.

"Mikleo!" Lailah swam over quickly.

"I'm okay. Just some bruises probably." Mikleo said.

"Well now, the little shrimp has been doing very naughty things Michael. Did you know that?" Heldalf asked.

"Michael I'm sorry, I...i didn't mean too, I didn't know he'd do this." Mikleo cried out.

"What deal did you make Heldalf? Let me ask you that." Michael asked.

"Your little screw up traded his freedom, for legs, so he could go see that idiotic human Prince. Alas, he lost, and will henceforth belong to me." Heldalf said.

"What say you and I make a deal?" Michael asked.

"Michael, don't do This." Lailah said.

"I'm listening." Heldalf said.

"What Mikleo did wasn't for nothing, he found something he truly cares about, he did whatever it took to help him achieve his goal, and I? I did nothing but try to keep him from doing what he enjoyed. So I ask you. Heldalf make a trade. Me for Mikleo's freedom." Michael said.

"Michael! NO!" Mikleo yelled.

"It'll be okay, Mikleo. I promise." Michael smiled gently at him.

"You're actually suggesting I take you, instead of the poor excuse of a nephew you have? My, my, you must have gone insane. Let's do it." Heldalf laughed and held out his hand.

Michael secretly sent some magic up to Sorey, knowing that he'd be the only one to stop Heldalf.

Michael then swam forward and shook Heldalf's hand. Bright red lights shook everywhere and the water was becoming violent.

Up on the surface Sorey saw something bright coming close to him.

"What is this?" Sorey asked.

"It looks like a tiny star." Zaveid said.

Sorey grabbed it. It shone brightly, a voice rang in his ears.

"Sorey, Heldalf may be powerful among the sea, but to you humans it's another story, please help us. Help Mikleo." Michael's voice whispered.

"Mikleo…" Sorey sighed.

"What are you thinking Sorey?" Zaveid asked.

"I've got to save them." Sorey said.

"With What?" Zaveid asked.

"With some help from us." Rose's voice yelled in the wind.

"Rose, and Dezel and….uh." Sorey smiled.

"Edna!" Zaveid smiled seeing her in the water.

They came in a boat, the sky darkening, and waves crashing.

"Get on." Dezel held let down a ladder.

Sorey and Zaveid climbed it, and caught their breath.

"Mikleo is still down there. I have to go get him." Sorey said.

"Sorry, it's gonna be rough down there. Are you sure?" Edna asked.

"If I don't help. I'll never see Mikleo again, I can't let that happen." Sorey said.

"Sorey you can't, look at this storm, we gotta go back." Dezel said.

"Not a chance." Sorey said, he looked around and grabbed a crossbow before looking at Edna in the water.

"Sorey don't!" Rose said.

Sorey looked back at them and just jumped back into the waves.

"You're a friend of Mikleo's right?" Sorey asked.

"I am, let's help him." Edna said. She dove under the water.

Sorey took a deep breath and followed her.

He wanted to gasp, under the surface was Heldalf creating waves, and damaging rocks and coral.

"Oh no...Michael is gone..Meebo!" Edna saw him thrown into another rock. Along with Lailah.

Sorey took aim and shot his weapon, it got Heldalf. He cried out in pain.

Sorey then realized air was a thing and went up for some.

"You...that useless Prince." Heldalf grumbled.

"Leave him alone." Mikleo yelled.

"You need to be quiet, and You! Get out of my way." Heldalf swam up quickly and grabbed Edna throwing her near Lailah.

"Edna...Michael, he traded his life for Mikleo's. We're in trouble." Lailah said.

"There's got to be something we can do." Edna asked.

Mikleo swam quickly up, seeing Heldalf going after Sorey.

"Mikleo don't, you're injured." Lailah tried to yell out.

Mikleo didn't care he swam as fast as he could and got to Sorey.

"Sorey, you need to go back. Heldalf took my uncle, we're in danger. Save yourself." Mikleo said.

"No! I can't leave you." Sorey said.

Under the surface Heldalf used his power to its limit and transformed into a giant version of himself.

"No one can stop me now. I alone now rule the oceans!" He boomed.

Sorey and Mikleo looked up in horror.

"You pathetic brat! You've been ruining all my plans!" Heldalf yelled, he used a wave to toss Sorey far into the ocean.

"SOREY!" Mikleo cried out.

Heldalf created stronger waves, ones that towered everywhere.

Sorey was struggling in them, he got thrown under and saw all kinds of boats and ships getting unearthed.

The spell from Michael shone in his hand again, it directed his eyes to a ship who's front had been broken just perfectly to form a giant knife basically.

He used all his strength to get in that boat.

Michael's magic faded, and Sorey laid on the old deck just to catch his breath. Once he did, he found the boat's wheel. He just prayed that the waves would take him near Heldalf.

Heldalf had also grabbed Mikleo again and threw him into a whirlpool that hit straight to the bottom floor of the ocean.

Having a tail on dry land isn't the best thing ever, so Mikleo was struggling.

Suddenly however.

Sorey got right in the path of Heldalf.

With one last small burst of Magic the tip of the boat turned incredibly sharp.

Sorey turned the wheel so fast it went right into Heldalf's abdomen.

He screamed out in pain, he crashed down into the waves and all his magic went with him.

The sky's cleared of lightning, the waves began calming down.

Mikleo swam up and saw Sorey in the waves again. He swam over and grabbed him, both of them covered in various bruises and cuts. Out of exhaustion Mikleo couldn't go any further. A large flat rock was in front of them.

A wave splashed them up onto it, and both of them passed out.


A spark of light under the waves brightly shone in front of Edna and Lailah.

"So he's gone." Michael reappeared.

"Michael. You're alright." Lailah said.

"I am, now. Edna." Michael looked down at her.

"Yes?" She replied.

"I need you to fill me in on what my nephew has been up to. Please." He smiled gently.

"As you wish." Edna said.


"Do you see him?" Dezel asked.

"I don't. I don't see Mikleo or anyone else either." Rose said.

"They'll be alright. I swear it. I have an idea on where they went." Zaveid smirked.

"Where?" They both asked.

"Head towards the beach where you found Sorey after that boat wreck. It'll take some time, but he'll be there. Safe and sound." Zaveid said.

Rose and Dezel just nodded and headed that direction.


With Heldalf defeated and the ocean going back to normal. The sun just as always, began rising in the distance. It was a rough few hours, everyone exhausted. Yet, now Heldalf was gone. The darkest threat to a happy ending was defeated at last.