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The Little Mikleo

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Waves splashing, wind blowing, clouds covering the sun to create fog. A boat sailing swiftly through the salty ocean waters. A young prince smiling happily through it all.

“Isn't this great? The salty sea air. The wind blowing in your face? A perfect day to be out at sea.” The young prince said smiling embracing the winds running through his hair.

“You get a little more excited about these trips than I do.” A young woman said.

“Rose…” he sighed.

“I see why you like them though. This is great. The sea king must be in a friendly mood today.” she smiled sticking her arms out and smiling.

“The sea king?” Sorey asked.

“Leader of the mer-people, you know half human half tail.” She smirked.

“Don't you go filling his head with even more nonsense Rose." A taller man said walking towards them.

“Dezel. Welcome back. Have a nice nap?” Rose asked.

“For your information, I'm doing some research on these waters. We haven't been out this way before. I don't want to run into anything unnecessary.” he huffed.

“That's our Dezel. Always looking out for us.” Sorey smiled.

“Ugh….just be ready for the party tomorrow. It is your 18th after all your majesty.” Dezel said walking away.

“Yea, yea. We're on it.” Rose said.

“Yep. We won't let you down Dezel.” Sorey smiled.


Meanwhile under the waves an underwater world. A secret castle was lit up, mermaids and mermen entering a type of concert hall.

“Your highness, are you excited for today's performance?” a woman with long hair said.

“Of course I am Lailah, I'm excited to see his progress.” A middle aged man with short brown hair and a blue tail in place of feet smiled.

“I guarantee you won't be disappointed Michael” Lailah said. Then under her breath she whispered. “If only he'd bother showing up to rehearsal once in a while.”

“What was That?” Michael asked.

“Oh nothing, nothing. Don't fret over it. Just thinking out loud.”

It seemed to get dim suddenly. A light on stage highlighted some young mermaids singing a beautiful ballad. After a few moments a shell came up and they all swam around it.

All at once they said.

“A gift to these waters with a great talent. We are happy to introduce. The young prince Mikle-OH!” they gasped. The shell was empty, the young prince wasn't inside.

Lailah looked over at Michael with worry on her face. His eyebrows twisted in anger.

“Mikleo!!” he yelled.

However Mikleo was wandering around a ship graveyard. Long white hair with aquamarine tips swam around examining things.

“Meebo, wait up. I can't swim as fast as you.” a young mermaid with blonde hair said.

“Edna...will You ever stop calling me that?” Mikleo sighed.

“Nope.” she smirked, elbowing him in the hip.

"Stop that. Let's keep going." Mikleo rubbed his hip.

Edna was a young looking mermaid for her age, she had short blonde hair tied into one high side ponytail with a piece of seaweed. A shimmering yellow tail behind her as well.

“Why are we here again, it's shark season you know.” Edna said.

“Because I wanted to get out of the palace, and stop worrying about sharks they aren't around here.” he said heading toward a boat.

Mikleo examined the boat, deciding to swim inside through an open window. A beautiful aquamarine and purple tinted tail flowing behind him. Edna following through after him. Mikleo looked around and his eyes landed on a shiny item.

“Wow. Hey Edna check this thing out.” he smiled looking at it.

“What even is That?” she asked.

“I don't know, but I bet Zaveid will.” Mikleo smiled.

They heard a loud bang suddenly.

“What was That?” Edna asked.

“Calm down it's an old boat it's probably breaking apart.” Mikleo said swimming into another room.

In the corner of the next room was another item. Mikleo picked it up and put in into a bag on his waist. Edna next to him looking into a trunk they found. The room suddenly went dark. Edna turned around eyes widening.

“Meebo…shark.” she whispered.

“Edna there's no….” Mikleo turned around to be met face to sharp white teeth.

“Shark!!” they both yelled quickly swimming under the shark out of the room. The shark swimming and biting after them.

“Get back to the window!” Mikleo yelled swimming faster.

They went as fast as they could the shark not giving up. The two sped through the window the shark breaking the wall down. Swimming for basically their lives, an idea hatched. Mikleo noticed a metal ring on other ship. He lead the shark through it. The shark got stuck inside it. Mikleo stopping to catch his breath.

“You okay Meebo?” Edna asked swimming up next to him.

“I'm okay. Thanks for checking. But now, I want to know what these new findings are.” He said

“Let's go see if Zavied’s in his spot then.” she smiled looking back at the shark then sticking her tongue out at the creature.

They swam a bit and started heading up to the surface. They saw Zaveid, he was resting on his boat

“Zaveid!” Mikleo smiled swimming towards him.

“Hey! It's Mikster and Edna. How are my favorite fish friends?” he smiled, he walked to the side and let down a ladder for them.

They climbed up, and rested on the boat.

“We're good, and I have more findings. Can you help us out?” he said grabbing his bag and putting the contents in front of Zaveid.

“Aha! Wonderful finds, let's dig through these shall we.” He said.

“What's your take?” Edna asked.

“This is a hairbrush, for humans scalps."

“A Hairbrush.” Mikleo and Edna said in unison.

"Looks like you found some utensil pieces, we humans use these to eat food.
This is a fork, a spoon, and a knife. The knife is sharp, so be careful." Zaveid informed.

"So cool. Thanks Zaveid. How about the last one here?" Mikleo dug one medium item out of his bag.

"Oh man, someone really let this one go, this is your fancy pipe. We use these to kick back, and relax. Usually with others, or alone with some nice music." Zaveid said.

"MUSIC?!" Mikleo and Edna screamed at each other.

"That was today wasn't it Meebo?" Edna asked.

"Oh I am in so much trouble. Zaveid you can keep that pipe, I gotta get back." Mikleo said, packing up the rest.

"Best of luck Mikster and Edna. Till next time." Zaveid said.

Mikleo and Edna dove back into the water and swam quickly back home.


“Because of your reckless behavior-" Michael yelled.

“Crazy and reckless behavior.” Lailah chimed in.

“The whole production was ruined. Your tardiness caused a downfall. I just don't know what I'm doing to do with you.” Michael said angrily.

“It wasn't his fault your highness. We were attack by this shark. It chased us for quite a while. Then we-" Edna quickly covered her mouth.

“Then you what?" Michael paused, then clicked the idea when he saw Mikleo's bag. "You went up to the surface again. Mikleo we've been over this!”

“Nothing happened…” he frowned.

“But it could have. Mikleo do you have any idea what would happen if you were seen by one of of those barbarians!?”

“Michael they aren't barbarians. They're humans.”

“We're no longer discussing this. You are forbidden to ever go back to the surface again!” he yelled.

Mikleo went wide eyed. “But Michael-"

“Do you understand me!?” Michael yelled.

Mikleo just bit his lip and swam away.

“Do you think I was to hard on him?” Michael asked turning to Lailah.

“How I see it your highness. He's at the age where he needs constant supervision. He's far more curious than others, but that's just another reason to keep an eye on him.” Lailah said.

“You are absolutely right Lailah. He needs supervision. You're just a one to do it.” Michael perked up.

“I beg your pardon?”

“You are perfect for this job. Lailah I want you to keep an eye on Mikleo. Make sure he stays out of trouble.” Michael said.

“Oh...okay.” Lailah slightly frowned.

Michael dismissed himself and Lailah went towards Mikleo’s chambers. However she was halted when she saw Mikleo and Edna looking around and heading off towards an exit point of the palace.

“and just where are they going?” Lailah asked herself, following behind them.