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"Hmm...You don't sound very convincing, A-Cheng~"

Lan Xichen watched in amusement as Jiang Cheng gritted his teeth, hands clenched in fury. Jiang Cheng took a deep breath and tried again. 

"Please, Lan Xichen... We really need your help," he said, irritated.

"Well...That was slightly better. I suppose I could hear you out," Lan Xichen smiled genially.

Jiang Cheng didn't waste any time. "Wei Wuxian and I have been investigating the corruption of the LanlingJin party. We had enough evidence of murders and rapes to arrest politician Jin Guangshan and even convict him and his minions. But suddenly, all the evidence disappeared and the Yunmeng Jiang police force started getting hurt one by one. Wei Wuxian had the idea to ask the mafia for help but he got hurt in the latest attack and he's in the hospital," Jiang Cheng paused, breath shuddering. Lan Xichen watched intently, taking in the delicious way the pretty officer's eyes shined with tears. 

"My brother getting hurt is the last straw. So I'm here to ask the GusuLan mafia for help," he finished.

Lan Xichen tapped his chin thoughtfully, leaning back in his chair. He didn't say anything for a few moments, trying not to smile when the officer became visibly annoyed.

Lan Xichen finally sighed. "That's all a very touching story A-Cheng. But why us? And why should we help you?" he asked.

Jiang Cheng scowled. Lan Xichen couldn't help but think the officer was adorable. Like an angry kitten with tiny claws.

"We've investigated GusuLan before. You guys don't traffic children, kill innocents or rape people. Even the prostitution houses are consensual and well taken care of. Which is more than we can say for any mafia. You're illegal but...humane." Jiang Cheng huffed begrudgingly. Lan Xichen smiled, feeling oddly smug.

"Don't look cocky! Illegal is still illegal," Jiang Cheng snapped, seemingly unable to hold back his temper. Lan Xichen laughed in suprise.

"As for why you should help us... Well we're willing to make a deal with you. What do you want in return?" Jiang Cheng proposed hesitantly.

Lan Xichen's eyes darkened. A deal...Interesting.

He watched the officer shift uncomfortably with the sudden tension in the air. His eyes slowly trailed down the officer's body. Jiang Cheng was undoubtedly beautiful. He looked more like a model than a police officer. He had features that he had likely gotten from his mother, pretty eyes and plump lips. His body was slender, with a slim waist and a surprisingly full bottom. His legs were endless and looked made to be wrapped around someone's waist. 

Lan Xichen remembered the first time he met the police officer. Lan Xichen had been called into the station on a suspicion. He hadn't been worried. GusuLan mafia were discreet with their operations. They were strict with their rules and had never slipped up even once.

The police had always been oddly intimidated by him. They seemed to think his genial personality and the lack of evidence of inhumane crimes were hiding something far more sinister. They were wrong but Lan Xichen enjoyed using their fear to his benefit.

He had been sitting relaxedly, watching the officers avoid eye contact and rush through the interrogation. Then they had brought in another officer, clearly a rookie. They had told him to observe the interrogation of GusuLan mafia's leader and learn. The rookie had turned to him with a buring hot glare that he had never experienced in his life and Lan Xichen had felt a spark of arousal.

Jiang Cheng had never been scared of him, even as a newbie. He had glared at at him, pretty lips pressed in a thin line. And Lan Xichen had wanted. To own and to break.

Now Lan Xichen slowly rose from his chair. He made a small gesture and all his bodyguards filed out. Jiang Cheng looked adorably startled, eyes darting to his men leaving. He turned back, confused.

Jiang Cheng jumped when hands grabbed his hips, Lan Xichen having taken advantage of his distraction to move behind him. "A deal, you said. If I accept, are you sure you're willing to pay the price?" came a dark murmur, a burning hot kiss pressed to his neck.

Jiang Cheng shivered, half scared and half tuned on by this sudden turn in events. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" he yelled panicked, trying to shift away but failing as the grip tightened.

"I'll help with your LanlingJin issue," came the husky reply. Jiang Cheng froze, heartbeat rabbit-fast in both hope and dread as he waited for the punchline. "In exchange... I want you~"

Jiang Cheng gasped, from the words and the way Lan Xichen had pressed up against him, crotch grinding on his ass, and mouth trailing down his neck. "W-Wait asshole-" he stammered, eyes involuntarily fluttering.

Jiang Cheng stumbled when he was suddenly let go, Lan Xichen standing calmly in front of him, composed and not a single hair out of place. In contrast, Jiang Cheng looked like a mess, pupils blown and face flushed.

Lan Xichen smirked. "Do you agree to the terms A-Cheng?" 

Jiang Cheng glared hatefully, ready to reject and storm out of there dramatically. But he thought about his brother's broken body lying pitifully in a hospital bed. And what if the Jins got bored of hurting police officers and went after his jiejie next? How could he live with himself?

He eyed the mafia leader warily. "What does 'wanting me' entail? For how long? And what will happen to LanlingJin if I agree?" he questioned.

Lan Xichen hummed, walking back to his armchair and lounging on it. "We can pay off the press to ruin the Jin party's reputation and take them down. Jins probaby pay the press to shut up but we can pay more. We can put whoever you wish in jail...or better yet, kill them." He continued, cutting off Jiang Cheng, who had opened his mouth to protest. "I know you think arrest and jail is the more righteous method, but even you have to agree that the law system is flawed. People can get away with things with enough money. And what will a few years of jail do? They'll get out eventually and you'll be right back where you started," Lan Xichen chided gently.

Jiang Cheng's mouth snapped shut. Lan Xichen was right, no matter how it hurt him to admit. "You're right...They deserve it. It's not like they're innocent," he tried to comfort himself. He bit his lip nervously, noticing how Lan Xichen looked even more hungry at his words. 

"W-What about my first two questions?" he asked.

"I want you as in I want to own your body. Bring you immense pleasure, and ruin you for all other men. Overload your mind with rapture until the only thing you know is me," Lan Xichen said darkly. Jiang Cheng swallowed, eyes wide. "As for how long...How about a year?"

Jiang Cheng was at a lost for words. Why do I feel aroused? He struggled with a response, knowing the Wei Wuxian would kill him for agreeing to such a dangerous proposition. But he didn't really have a choice, did he? It was his job to protect innocent people and his family from the Jins, and sacrificing himself was a small price to pay.

"I accept the deal Lan Xichen," he whispered, feeling like he'd sold his soul to the devil.

"Excellent," Lan Xichen purred.


Lan Xichen admired the beautiful sight of his A-Cheng glaring at him, tears in his eyes as he was bounced up and down on Lan Xichen's hard cock.

He looked absolutely delicious, nipples puffy and abused, the pale skin of his plump ass red from impact.

Jiang Cheng never stopped being angry and prickly even when at the mercy of Lan Xichen. He fought against commands, and glared when he lost and was taken anyway. It was hot. Lan Xichen got aroused every time those beautiful eyes tried their best to kill him.

Jiang Cheng dug his fingers into the mafia boss's shoulders, trying to hold in any embarrassing sounds with clenched teeth. Lan Xichen forced him to bounce faster in retaliation. "Ahh! Haah!" he moaned lewdly, back arching. 

Jiang Cheng couldn't believe this was happening to him. The perverted leader had wasted no time after their deal was sealed, spending the following days stuffing him full of cock whenever he could. 

He clearly hadn't been kidding about ruining him. Jiang Cheng was ashamed to admit that it felt way too good, and it made him infuriated. He tried his best to resist angrily but the mafia leader made it into a game and took joy in overpowering him and then fucking his brains out.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you looked at it, Lan Xichen kept up his end of the deal so Jiang Cheng couldn't back out. Lanling Jin's dirty laundry had been aired across the nation, filling up news channels and newspapers. The public was out for blood, and were ready to take action themselves, clearly having zero faith in the police force. Jin Guangshan was hiding in fear. Lan Xichen had promised they were close to their goal.

And Jiang Cheng couldn't do anything but thank him with his ass.

He sobbed, coming hard as Lan Xichen hit his prostate repeatedly. He couldn't even keep up his glare anymore, mind hazy from too much pleasure.

Lan Xichen watched his beautiful pet fall apart, pretty thighs shaking, eyes wet and mouth dropping open obscenely. He collapsed onto Lan Xichen's broad chest, exhausted.

Lan Xichen patiently waited a few minutes, before grabbing his waist and starting to bounce him again.



Lan Xichen had delivered his promise promptly. He himself had personally seen to the murder. Jin Guangshan's death had been ruled as a 'suicide', attributed to his shameful deeds coming to light. LanlingJin had fallen apart and Jiang Cheng's brother was back to his annoying self.

When Wei Wuxian had found out what he had traded in exchange for help, the idiot had wanted to kill Lan Xichen for daring to touch his little brother. Jiang Cheng had smacked him on the head. It was a fair deal he had agreed to, and he wasn't a coward to back out now. 

Besides... Lan Xichen had never treated him badly. He had only ever made Jiang Cheng cry in pleasure, not pain. And he seemed to enjoy Jiang Cheng's temper without getting angry or violent, which was more than he could say about his own previous boyfriends. He was so kind to him...

...He must be losing his mind, if he thought Lan Xichen wasn't that bad.

"You look amazing like this A-Cheng. My perfect slut."

"F-Fuck you....Ahhh~"

"I do want to fuck you darling~ Not yet though. Patience"

Lan Xichen watched in amusement as Jiang Cheng whined, trying to escape the vibrations of the toy shoved deep into him. His round ass jerked side to side, unintentionally enticing.

His arms had given out ages ago, and he was now moaning into the sheets chest-down, ass high up in the air like he was presenting an offering.

He still had his adorable temper though.

"L-Lan Xichen you b-bastard- Nghh~ No more- It's too much~ AHHhhh~" he pleaded.

Lan Xichen decided to indulge his pet, turning off the vibrator. Jiang Cheng's legs spread and his ass sunk down slightly in relief.

"Say thank you," he said, smiling.

"...Thank you," came the petulant answer.

"Now, now, how are we supposed to thank properly?" Lan Xichen tsked. Jiang Cheng raised himself shakily, vibrator still jostling his soft insides. He scowled, moved to bend over Lan Xichen's lap. Jiang Cheng took Lan Xichen's cock between his pretty lips, still sending a death glare even as he sucked and licked. 

Lan Xichen groaned. That hot mouth might kill him one day. He loved that Jiang Cheng had become so obedient, his anger just a front to make himself feel better about submitting to Lan Xichen's perverted requests. Lan Xichen enjoyed the token fight put up though. A toy with no personality wouldn't be fun.

He noticed the glare, trying not to laugh. He grabbed the remote, turning the vibrator on.

Jiang Cheng moaned at the sudden onslaught of pleasure. He shook his head in denial, wide teary eyes begging Lan Xichen to grant mercy. In response, Lan Xichen put the vibrator on maximum speed.

Jiang Cheng's eyes widened. "MMMMPH!!" he screamed, muffled by the cock down his throat. The vibrations felt like heaven on Lan Xichen's cock. Jiang Cheng's body convulsed when the toy pressed up against his prostate, making his mind blank out in red-hot pleasure.

He came explosively, eyes rolled back, lips slack around the cock he was sucking. The visual was enough to make the mafia leader shoot his load down A-Cheng's throat. He remembered to turn the vibrator off, but Jiang Cheng had already passed out. Lan Xichen cleaned him up but smirked and left the vibrator inside him as a wake-up present.

When Jiang Cheng's eyes fluttered open, the first thing he saw was Lan Xichen's handsome smile, before the vibrator was switched back on.


As perceptive as Lan Xichen was, it wasn't difficult to figure out the core of Jiang Cheng.

Jiang Cheng was clearly attention and praise-starved. No matter how he fought it, a little bit of either was enough to make him putty in his hands.

Lan Xichen was consistent in his efforts to make A-Cheng dependent on the pleasure he gave him. He wanted to make sure Jiang Cheng couldn't live without it, without his touch, without his presence. Jiang Cheng clearly wasn't used to affectionate lovers, and he took full advantage of that.

He took advantage of Jiang Cheng's insecurities about his brother, who was effortlessly better at figuring out difficult cases even though Wei Wuxian had less experience as an officer. His father, the police chief, clearly favoured Wei Wuxian more, which left his A-Cheng feeling hurt and heartbroken.

After LanlingJin's downfall, Jiang Cheng had been shell-shocked. As Lan Xichen had mostly hid his involvement of all the evidence being published, the success had been attributed to Officer Jiang Cheng. Apparently, his father had ackowledged and praised him for the first time he could remember.

Lan Xichen used the opportunity to subtly offer his help whenever he could. Surely, Jiang Cheng would like to make his father proud again?

It was easy to make Jiang Cheng willingly indebted to him. He agreed to extend the year of servitude more and more for every person Lan Xichen helped him expose. 

Lan Xichen really had to thank Jiang Fengmian. Jiang Cheng was willing to do anything for his father's acknowledgment, and he saw Lan Xichen as a saviour for helping him, not noticing the cage slowly closing around him.

He didn't even realise how much police confidential information he was giving Lan Xichen, a mafia boss. He was so naive, it was delicious.

All he needed now was for Jiang Cheng to need help similar to what had happened to Jin Guangshan. He would use that to chain him to Lan Xichen forever.

He had set the trap and Jiang Cheng was about to walk right in, out of his own choice.


Some time had passed when things finally got very interesting.

"Hmm..?" Lan Xichen questioned distracedly, busy sucking a mark into A-Cheng's elegant neck.

Jiang Cheng arched, back pressed against the wall. Lan Xichen was torturing him, only thrusting up very slowly. He tried to push his hips down.

Lan Xichen smacked Jiang Cheng's ass in admonishment, making Jiang Cheng squeeze his lovely legs around his waist tighter. "Slower. And speak up if you want me to hear you, precious."

"I-I said-," Jiang Cheng tried to snarl but it came out pitifully. Lan Xichen laughed in amusement, thrusting up into Jiang Cheng roughly a few times just to interrupt him.

He was rewarded with his pet's voice cracking up with lewd broken moans.

"Speak up A-Cheng~"

"Bastard- Ahhhh~ I....I-I said...Mmm I n-need a....a.. f-favour- Ohh~"

Lan Xichen was intrigued by this. Jiang Cheng was usually straightforward with his requests. Asking in the middle of sex was unusual. Almost like Jiang Cheng was trying to distract himself.

"The answer to your question will be yes, precious, but you need to work for it," Lan Xichen smirked, stepping away from the wall. The sudden lack of support at his back made Jiang Cheng tighten his grip on Lan Xichen's neck in panic. The grip got even tighter, when Lan Xichen started walking to his office, with Jiang Cheng still stuffed with cock.

"AHH! No! Uh! Uh! Uh!" Sobs echoed throughout the house, as Jiang Cheng was bounced and impaled with every step forward. Lan Xichen just laughed at him. As they reached the office, Jiang Cheng came, limbs weak and held up only by Lan Xichen's strong grip on his ass.

Lan Xichen deposited his dazed lover on the loveseat, moving to lounge on his armchair.

"Come please me and ask your favour A-Cheng," he commanded. He watched hungrily as his poor lover stumbled up on shaky legs, still teary from his orgasm. He kneeled at Lan Xichen feet obediently, forgetting to even glare as he swallowed down his length eagerly.

Jiang Cheng moaned, eyes closed in enjoyment. Lan Xichen yanked at his pretty hair roughly. Jiang Cheng's resistance was fun, but there was something extra special when he submitted without any pretence and took pleasure in being slutty.

Lan Xichen felt close quickly and yanked his cock out, aiming his hot seed on his lover's pretty face. Jiang Cheng blushing, but still sticking his tongue out to catch some was enough to make him come. He admired the sticky white coating his plump lips and dripping down his chin, and then watching in dark arousal as Jiang Cheng used his fingers to clean up his face and lick them clean.

He yanked Jiang Cheng up into his lap. "That was absolutely gorgeous~ Now tell me what you want," he purred.

Jiang Cheng shifted uncomfortably, before biting the bullet. "I need you to kill someone for me."

Lan Xichen inhaled sharply. "A-Cheng...?" Was this finally happening?

Jiang Cheng growled in frustration. "You were right okay?! The justice system sucks. I spent so long gathering evidence of a serial child rapist and they just let him walk free because he's young and regrets it! He needs to die!" Jiang Cheng snarled.

Lan Xichen's eyes darkened. Surely no prettier sight existed than A-Cheng naked, glowing post-orgasm and talking about murder.

He lunged forward, kissing his pet roughly, until he was gasping for breath, lips swollen.

"I will kill whoever you wish. But in return, you will stay with me forever," he replied, waiting with anticipation.

Jiang Cheng's eyes widened, before he turned his face away. "Okay," he blushed, trying to fight down a smile.

Lan Xichen fought down a smirk of victory.


"Ahhh! You should be careful on Thursday, they're planning to r-raid the border warehouses- Mmm~"

"Thank you for telling me~"

"And- ohhh~don't thrust so hard- uh uh uh~"

"Moan for me more, my little slut~"

"S-Shut up- And I have another list of people who got away scot-free- Ahhh!!"

"I will take care of them for you precious. Spread your legs wider for me~"

"I'm going to come~ No wait slow down!! Nghhh-"


Lan Xichen smirked, looking at the police officer clinging to the wall for dear life as he was fucked mercilessly from the back.

He cruelly slapped a round ass just to see him arch and whine like a pretty little slut.

Who knew it would be so easy to corrupt a police officer? An informant and a fucktoy all in one, right in the palm of his hands.

What a perfect plan.